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Andrew Bolt's Blog,28/6/18; Murdoch's involvement in the Syria and pro Israel stance; Bolt's Self Projection; Zip Zagging is expected of Hansen and Bolt and their denials; Bolt find death on our roads Convenient; Bolt turns to Texas for help with Austria ;


What a gutless bugger Bolt is using Palestinians as a PAYWALL. 
 The BDF against Israel, it's anti-free speech laws, apartheid policies, and it's state sponsored murder, might have done the same job but that doesn't profit News Corp or Rupert Murdoch who apparently has substantial investments in Genie Oil & Gas in the occupied territories of Syria on the Golan height Genie Oil: The Real Reason Syria Is A World War III Flashpoint - XYZ
" It’s an oil and gas exploration company based in Newark, New Jersey. Now usually commodity exploration companies are what are known as ‘penny-stocks’: high-risk, low-value companies which operate on paper-thin margins run by dreamers and crooks in the hope of striking it big one day like the Rockefellers." 
The reason you will never see anything anti-Israel in News Corp affiliated media 

A quick look at the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Oil & Gas can help us understand what’s going on behind the scenes with the development of the Golan Heights oil fields. The following information comes from their website.
Rupert Murdoch
Founder and Executive Chairman of News Corporation, one of the world’s largest diversified media companies. News Corporation’s holdings include Fox Entertainment, Dow Jones and Company, the New York Post, HarperCollins and significant media assets on six continents.
Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side. Ex-wife Wendy Deng Murdoch is close friends with President Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka, who many see as advocating for Israeli interests in the White House and bringing Trump in line with a pro-globalism agenda.
Rupert Murdoch photo

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Column Bill Shorten is a victim of his own success. Under him, Labor has led the Turnbull government in the polls for a record-breaking 21 months. That’s bored journalists. Remember that when you read about his supposedly career-threatening mistake - when he blurted out the truth about his tax policy. Read on.

Bolt's talking about himself projecting in a very unconcealed and obvious way however unintended. He spent poll after poll telling us how Turnbull was a dud and Shorten was a soda for PM because Turnbull was a dud and the LNP would lose the next election unless the party brought Abbott back. He came to realise that was not going to happen. He realised he couldn't keep sounding like a scratched record. "See, no reporter wants to keep filing the same story at every poll: “Labor leads, Turnbull, flops.” Bolt
So this year it's Bolt who focused on telling us Shorten's leadership was fragile and it's not the first time he did it back before Abbott was dumped when he couldn't keep apologizing for Abbot's stupid mistakes. Bolt was doing this in other ways but nevertheless telling us how " Shorten was going to lose the Batman by-election and then be replaced by his popular Leftist rival, Anthony Albanese?"  However, faced with the silence within the Labor Party and its obvious unity a counterpoint to what's going on in the others Bolt has had no legs to stand on. The Labor Party has been united and Bolt has been sprung and is not saying sorry or admitting his failures but blaming his commentaries as the reporting of others.

  The fractiousness and chaos continue within all Parties, the Liberal, National One Nation and the Greens. Abbott the loyal keeps loudly threatening to vote against his own on the NEG or any other issue he can dream up not quietly within the party but threatening it loudly, as publicly as he can in all the media. There is no such ruckus found under Shortens Leadership. The fact is Bolt is doing a Trump and blaming his faults on others and he thinks nobody notices.
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" Pauline Hanson and Bill  Shorten are two leaders in trouble. But how much exactly? Is the media beating this up? My editorial from The Bolt Report:"
 Yes, Bolt is doing a Trump, flip-flopping like Hansen zig-zagging like Andrew Bolt pretending to be someone else. It's not new he did it when Abbott was PM. When he could no longer excuse Abbott and seem a respectable and readable commentator. Remember Bolt saying that Abbott had got the message and would change his ways. He didn't and he kept tripping up and putting his foot in his mouth. Bolt gave up the excuses and went silent on Abbott and turned his focus on Shorten. Telling us he wasn't going discuss the rumours of rape, theft, etc etc. When Abbott was dumped he spent enormous efforts to raise him from the dead calling him a martyr and focused on burying Turnbull. Well, it's all failed and turned to naught. Zig Zag Zig put the blame elsewhere, deflect it by blaming others. But what is clear and simple Andrew Bolt like any ego-centric knucklehead begins to look like an amateur projecting and speaking about himself because he can't admit he's been wrong over and over again..
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  This stupid banner is meant to attract you because it's just a PAYWALL SCAM

 "We're told the ban will save some turtles from choking on plastic. But a few dead turtles seems a small price to pay for the convenience of a plastic bag." The real Andrew Bolt should crusade and send his message to future shoppers in kindergartens the true value of plastic convenience.

Bolt logic

"Too shocking? But don't even greens think a few dead kangaroos and wombats is a small price to pay for the convenience of driving briskly at night on a country road?"Bolt somehow believes that there are as many cars on our roads as there are plastic bags. Nevertheless, they are working on that too Mr Bolt The future will be driverless cars to reduce his problem of what he calls "the convenient death of humans and fauna on our roads.

With increasing reductions in check out staff and increasing numbers using do it yourself checkouts Bolt futile message of fear sound more like the last agonizing screams of a drowning man.
" Mice, cockroaches, needles, razor blades, dentures and dirty nappies have been found by supermarket check-out workers in reusable shopping bags, with employees told they can refuse to pack unhygienic bags."
Who are the checkout chicks that rummage through everybody's shopping bags anyway? Is Bolt a well-known shoplifter even if he was no checkout person would put their hand in his bags that's for sure.  Besides single-use bags haven't been around since Mary did the shopping in Jerusalem?
Apparently, Bolt believes plastic pollution of rivers and oceans a natural state of progress and is an inconvenience that benefits and is the equivalent of cars on roads. If there were as many plastic bags as there are cars on roads there might not be the problem now experienced with plastic pollution globally. Bolt apparently wouldn't mind living in a rubbish dump as long as his fence line protected him. His neighbours should broadcast his Australian addresses as he doesn't mind a little plastic collecting for convenience sake. Millions of plastic pieces choking Port Phillip Bay

Listen to the sound of Bolt decrying "activist" judges as lefties when they don't give him the result he wants. Judges elected to their positions not by governments but by judges themselves. However, he applauds Trumps chance to select the judges he wants if only Bolt could and then declare them to be objective in a democracy where the separation of powers is meant to be sacrosanct. The fact is Bolt like Mussolini believes judges shouldn't be elected but selected for their politics. He believes that should be the case in all our institutions. Yes, the man surely does believe in Fascism as defined by Benito Mussolini and Tony Abbott was the man most likely to put it into practice in Australia and today Peter Dutton remains his man. Remember the Boomgate incident when Scott Morrison was trying to stop two idiots getting busted.
There is no doubt about it America will feel the effects of Trump into the future but Trump is just the showman who insists on centre stage yelling "come and see come and see the real thing it's me" while the GOP is restructuring the nation without the attention of the media. That's not a government for the people or by the people it's a government for some with and in their common interest only.
" By 24, Sebastian Kurz was a member of the Austrian Cabinet. By 27, he was his country's foreign minister. And by 31, the debonair university dropout with the slicked-back mane and the Hollywood grin became the world's youngest leader." Andrew Bolt has so much in common with him and so much in common with Hitler too isn't it uncanny all were university dropouts. Kurz and Hitler didn't deny it Bolt does, claiming he was educated at Adelaide Uni. Phew, he won't scale their dizzy heights. But he will tell you he was asked.
"Kurz... has repeatedly appeared in public with the German rebels to bolster their zero-tolerance immigration stance and not so subtly take aim at his fellow chancellor..." Bolt would never write something like this never call them rebels they would be the heroes the ordinary citizens of Germany as are Reclaim Australia the UPF and the PLF
 ", Kurz swept to power last fall by mimicking the far-right's policies on the campaign trail, then chose as his coalition partner a far-right party that has frequently engaged in anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric... He did what the Liberals hoped Hanson would do for them but instead, she double-crossed them.
By the way, Bolt like these right-wingers haven't mentioned that the Italians had let a Danish ship land with 108 refugees on it just last weekend. Why would that be? It simply doesn't fit their narrative. Bolt had to find a reference and he found it in the Laredo Morning Times yes in TEXAS the most conservative state in the USA  to make this point seem newsworthy.


The ABC triumphantly declares Senator Fraser Anning wrong: "43 per cent of working age Muslims [here] are not in the workforce, and that is significantly less than the 56 per cent that Senator Anning was quoting. The national rate, by the way, is 24 per cent. So nearly double the number of Muslims aren't working or looking for work."  Double? Wow.

 Bolt's playing with statistics and his favourite used term "OFF A SMALL BASE" he uses it to show how popular his Bolt Report is and the uses the same against the Muslim, Aboriginal and single mothers to claim how dysfunctional they are. Well, Bolt's show isn't making a profit is a tax deduction for News Corp and as such runs on Corporate  Welfare. His income is state subsidised and deserves as much scrutiny if not more because it's a larger annual cost that supporting Muslim migrants into Australia. Bolt seems to be very one-eyed about where our welfare money goes and he seems to think it's to him. On the whole, refugees tend to be more educated than he is more skilled and 63% of Australians see them as real Aussies even before they become citizens. Bolt is the son of migrants that landed in Australia and were given assistance on arrival as well. Yet, Bolt freely admits he never felt part of this country even though born here until he was in his mid 30's. The fact is he doesn't seem to feel he's part of it now and dreams of retiring to a country to which he wasn't born. At least the people he accuses of being slackers are slackers that are grateful for being here unlike Bolt.
Whatever the ABC does to counter bigots like Bolt at least it's with facts and not simply BS


Free Speech, not on Bolt's watch. He knows what boys should be and what girls should be and his tunnel vision is what has stood him in good stead and he has the platform to tell you. He attacks individuals whose views differ from his but makes no admission that Peter Alexanders was also free to act. Who is he complaining about? Peter Alexanders for listening? Or the mother who offered her opinion? An opinion by the way based possibly on the systemic nature of our Culture and Institutions that promote narrow expectations as to what boyhood actually means and by and large history shows us that the fit in our modern world is far too narrow and is increasingly bigoted psychologically inappropriate for beneficial and safe development of children. It's reflected in the entitlement of a mother to state her opinion. Alexanders made a commercial decision not a forced one to accept what was being said and they also are entitled. Bolt's simply out of date.

 First Question what relevance has the picture to the post?
 Second question unanswered is quite clear could Andrew Bolt, Eric Abetz Craig Kelly or any of the Liberal party survive on the wages they earnt in 1985? Well the ABC has been forced to with 6million more people to serve. But they who got a rise today all expect the ABC can.
Tony Abbott lied became PM and cut the ABC revenue by $200 mill. That got rid of Radio Australia and some 200 others. He claimed digital services could replace RA the heartbeat of the Pacific that had connected us to the region culturally for 75 years. Instead, he has let the Chinese in to replace us and he cut Foreign aid to boot to lay down the welcome mat. Abbott became the Pillock and not the Pivot of the Pacific as was intended by the Americans and he will be remembered for that folly that goes unmentioned but the political angst it has created is resounding today.
 The same approach has nevertheless been taken up by Turnbull with another cut of $84 mill showing absolutely no regard this time for regional Australia and expects that NBN Co Abbott's other major $100 bill disaster will be the remedy. The problem now is the NBN is reluctant to do.
Poor no Australian MPs just accepted a pay rise the PM being the highest paid in the world an award no doubt for reducing the services of the most trusted media organization in the country. Who is going to take up the slack? Not NewsCorp that's for sure. So it appears these idiots want the Chinese to come in and do for regional Australia what they allowed them to do in the Pacific.

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