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 A move to curtail the ABC would only 'punish Australian audiences': Michelle Guthrie

"ABC radio and television broadcasts focus on genres that are far removed from the commercial output. We have no interest in reality TV formats, chequebook interviews and the music genres of commercial FM – programming that draws the biggest and therefore most lucrative audiences for commercial media. Nor are we in competition for rights to any of the marquee sports events. Instead, we complement the market as the trusted, independent source of Australian conversations, culture and stories."


 It's not about privatising the ABC, it's about destroying it

THE ABC EARNS around $100 million a year from its commercial activities (mainly ABC shops). Its annual operating budget is more than a billion dollars. ( relatively the same as 1985 when it was $475mill)
The organisation would not exist without the triennial funding provided by taxpayers (not by Treasurer Scott Morrison, who this week ludicrously claimed that he funded the ABC). You can’t privatise a business that doesn’t make a profit. So let’s call the demand from last weekend’s Liberal Party conference for what it really is; effectively a proposal to close the ABC and sell off its assets, the prime of which would be its broadcast spectrum.
But even that is hardly practical, or likely. Ironically, while the ABC haters with their ideological objections to public broadcasting would like to see it happen, there would be little or no appetite from the commercial television sector for starters.

1h "Geoffrey Luck has observed and worked for the ABC for 70." Bolt. Can anybody make out the meaning of this sentence? Is Luck 90 years old? Must be he writes for the Australian and Quadrant online.
"Won't happen, though, even under the Liberal government. Besides, everyone's an activist now. It's so much easier and so much more fun to take a side than to understand an issue."Bolt Andrew Bolt keeps projecting can't help it as it's all about him as a player for his side.
Back to Luck Mike Carlton knows him "I knew Geoffrey Luck at the ABC. He was a plodding dickhead, justly passed over for high editorial command." MC
"This nutter, Geoffrey Luck, was once an ABC journalist of crashing sub-mediocrity. My boss, briefly, and a right dumbfuck he was." MC

Annapolis Massacre: A moment to Consider Trump’s Opposition to Gun Safety Laws, Hatred of Journalists
Donald Trump

Annapolis Massacre: A moment to Consider Trump’s Opposition to Gun Safety Laws, Hatred of Journalists

Many critics of Trump have been eager to tie his well-known hatred for journalists to the mass shooting of reporters at the Capital Gazette in […]Trump’s incitement of his followers against journalists is indeed troubling, and some reporters covering his rallies have spoken of being fearful when Trump turned the eyes of his mob on them.

Andrew Bolt has taken up the crusade against journalists here like Trump. Our gun laws just may have saved us from tragedy. He pushes many hatreds and claims he represents the real Australia and he has incited Australians to push back no fight back without ever qualifying how. He publicly stated he admired the conviction of the Barcelona terrorists and God-fearing Christians need to have as much. What is incitement if that isn't?



  Press gives Israel pretext to attack Gaza | The Electronic Intifada

Australian Press needs inclusion here as well just read Andrew Bolt's commentaries but even more the lack of commentary on Israel. We can imagine just how much attention kites and balloons would get at International arms shows when they are portrayed by Israel's IDF as deadly. Israel is no doubt copying them to sell commercially. (ODT)

 Journalists in Britain and Ireland often refer to the summer months as the “silly season.” Little of consequence is happening, the media apparently decide, so we can treat trivia as newsworthy.
I’m not sure if hot weather is to blame but much recent coverage of Gaza is quite silly. Perspective has been discarded as kites and balloons have been depicted as major threats.
These are “weapons that are designed to kill,” according to an Israeli military spokesperson quoted in a Financial Times feature. Fixated on these high-flying incendiary devices, the feature omitted a pertinent fact: nobody has actually been killed by them.
Silly reporting of this nature serves Israel well. An aggressive state that has committed a number of massacres this year alone is cast as a victim.
Intentionally or not, the press is offering pretexts for Israel to launch another major offensive against Gaza. Any such attack would then be presented as an act of retaliation – or even of self-defence.
While every form of Palestinian resistance gets maligned, Israel’s weapons industry is treated with the greatest imaginable respect.
Dozens of Israeli firms took part in a Paris fair earlier this month. Eurosatory – as the event is called – was jointly organized by France’s defence ministry and arms lobby.


Is Bolt transitioning to the IPA his natural heartland where bigotry prevails? Check his podcast last September when he publicly mocked and derided the South Sudanese Beauty Pageant. He probably calls it "Locker Room Banter". Here is a man who declares politeness is a principle he lives by what a hypocrite and the IPA seems to have loved it.
Now he's threatening to read our books out loud heaven help us. How many Australians will listen to books read with Bolt's Afrikaaner lilt? Talking about "the morbid love of self" does he intend to fill a time capsule? 


SBS is running a reckless commercial in this very cold winter urging the elderly to turn off their heating to save the planet from global warming. Mind you, green policies already make heating a luxury. Save the planet - no matter how many of the old and frail now die of cold, as we're already seeing. These warmists are idiots.

This says nothing about Global Warming it says a lot however about the increasing poverty in the UK under the Tory Government in the UK. The widening wealth gap speaks to the increased death rate. In the US it's reflected in declining life expectancy. Meteorology, by the way, isn't Global Climate Science Bolt's attempt to associate Green Policies with the increasing death of the elderly is about as statistically intelligent as saying the Labor Party's increased popularity has been the cause. No Bolt the term "fuel poverty" is a misnomer "poverty" is the problem as it is here and it's welfare cuts and the cuts to pensions that's dragging the elderly poor down. In Dickensian England, they didn't blame the cost of wood for the deaths of the poor alone. 
Guess whose ideas Bolt references here Sky News commentators who grabbed on to the newly coined and politically loaded term "fuel poverty" which tries to hide the governments austerity measures.. UN human rights chief to probe extreme poverty in the UK — RT UK News

 Visualizing global warming month by month for 137 years - Axios

The Earth is warmer now than at any time since reliable record-keeping began in 1880, and we're continuing to warm at an accelerated rate. In fact, the Earth is warmer now than at any point in modern human civilization.


Bolt gets desperate when he turns to Anthony Watts blog WUWT. Like Bolt Watts is a businessman without a degree but provides space to commercialise Climate Change denial. He like Bolt attended universities that would both deny they have any right to claim educational achievements. 
This week Bolt entertained William Kininimonth who like Alexander made predictions about epochs and ages which Andrew Bolt applauded as accurate. Human extinction or WK predicted knowing what people will say when looking back a million years seems equally stupid. The fact, however, is the planet is warming, CO2 levels are increasing and the signs of what's occurring do lay on the negative rather than the positive side of progress.
Bolt seems to believe what Andreson is saying because he's the first to stand up and say Germany is wasting it's time too. " (Germany has pledged to cut 95 per cent of carbon emissions by 2050), Anderson warned that those measures were insufficient to stop the extinction of humanity by way of a rapidly changing climate."



Bill Shorten had what I last week called a "word vomit" - a slip which had him commit Labor to repeal tax cuts for businesses with a turnover of $10-$50 million a year. That sparked fake claims that he'd made a "captain's call". Now he's been forced to scrap that policy, a much safer and saner move. But his fate now lies in the polls.

Just how many spits and how many vomits did Bolt's favourite pollie have the went thundering around the world and Bolt was left in his wake crying "He'll Change He'll Change". When you have to make a mountain out of a molehill you know the desperation is on Bolt's side. As for the Polls does Bolt really believe the LNP will best the ALP in a two-party poll or that Abbott will rise and discover anti-gravity. Bolt simply makes it up as he goes along. Maybe he's found a new career reading books out loud for the IPA. He could do that from a barge in Holland.

Bolt couldn't speak of the mass shooting in America by a Christian he had to go to one not reported because it was in Africa Nigeria to be precise. Notice that Bolt didn't find but one of his fans did. However, there is no mention of the history or analysis of Google and you get Christian reports of it and The Spectator writing about to get more anti-Islam traction. There are some 38 million Fulani throughout Africa and they aren't all murdering Christian Farmers.
When analyzed dispassionately the hostilities and their causes and the blame takes on a significantly different picture one that's economic and Climatic in its origin and not just religious. Besides the President of Nigeria is a Fula a Muslim and the Police are predominantly Christian. Bolt's story is far too simplistic to be believed. 
For instance, one of the biggest suppliers of modern weapons in Africa is Israel. Are they supplying the Muslims? The modern weaponry brands aren't mentioned here are they, why?
It followed a trend in the increase of farmer-herder conflicts throughout much of the western Sahel, due to an expansion of agriculturist population and cultivated land at the expense of pasturelands; deteriorating environmental conditions, desertification and soil degradation; breakdown in traditional conflict resolution mechanisms of land and water disputes; and proliferation of small arms and crime in rural areas.[2] Insecurity and violence have led many populations to create self-defence forces and ethnic militias, which have engaged in further violence. The majority of farmer-herder clashes have occurred between Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Christian peasants, exacerbating ethnoreligious hostilities.
 A recent research survey showed 75% of Australians accepted minority group who are citizens as "real Aussies" and 63% accepted even those not naturalized. So given these statistics, Tim is accurate in his assessment of the AG. The commissioner charter is to protect minorities and not majorities or minorities who believe they have the defining rights on Australian Culture. Porter comment did include the racial groups simply by his use of the term minorities along with many others. Bolt's just being pedantic smart arse suggesting he didn't. Scott Morrison put the politicization of race and religion forward to the Party as far back as 2005. Tony Abbott took it up and made it a forefront issue and tactic with Team Australia and Andrew Bolt has been at the forefront of racialism ever since. To say otherwise is typical of what Racists have always done.
" This was unwise, in my view, given the ANU's seeming disdain of Western civilisation and the high likelihood that the money would have been hijacked by the Left to do the exact opposite of the donor's intention."Bolt
Bolt is delivering a character reference for the unwanted approaches of what the ANU regards as a Rapists. Bolt is being insistent that ANU ought to be allowed to be fucked and is missing out. 
You have to remember Bolt has the failed credentials as an advocate for fuckers just as he has a failed credential of being educated at Adelaide University. When universities are reluctant Bolt's there trying to up their skirts. He went on for months promoting Dr Bjorn Lomborg as an alright guy to horizontally dance with. Nobody took him on and he hasn't been heard from since.
You have to laugh here is what Bolt thinks of himself despite being degreeless.

"This is the danger with collectivist movements, which tend to attract the weaker, the dumber and those terrified of confrontation by those who could prove them wrong." Bolt's currently reading what he calls Great Books out loud for the IPA. Given Marx was English and his books influenced the planet in greater numbers than some the bible today is bolt going to be reading that out loud for the IPA?

I heard what Bolt said on his son's IPA podcast last December and that wasn't a joke but Bolt his son and a third party got their rocks off on it. How come he hasn't been sacked? Oh, he wears a suit.

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