Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Andrew bolt's blog,6/6/18;They robbed the nation and got away with it; Renewable energy is no longer just a highway to the future but a freeway a cheaper and cleaner one;

Was the CBA really taken to the cleaners with its $700 million money laundering fine? 

 Why is everyone so pleased with the outcome of CBA's breaches of money laundering and counter terrorism laws and what did we learn?

They got away with a fine less than 10% of their profits and the shareholders will pay

Key points:

  • $700m fine mid-table by global standards, but well below record $12bn settlement
  • The agreed statement between AUSTRAC and CBA doesn't point the finger of blame
  • Australia lags the world in extending laws to lawyers, real estate agents, accountants and small business

 The Light of a Thousand Suns:" India has 5 of World's Largest Solar Farms, Plans Huger

 India is not forging ahead on the solar front as fast as China. But in 2017 for the first time more solar capacity was installed than new coal. India intends to have 275 gigawatts of renewable capacity by 2027 and is counting on solar to provide two-thirds of it. This configuration differs from Germany and the US, where wind far outstrips solar progress so far.
But India is innovating by auctioning 2.5 gigawatts of wind-solar hybrid power, combining the two. The advantages of wind-solar are that the installation cost is 15% less than pure solar or pure wind, and they are significantly more efficient together (wind often picks up at night or in cloudier seasons, replacing lost PV generation).
Coal and gas for electricity generation now make up two-thirds of India’s capacity, but in ten years it will fall to only 43%, according to Mercom and the study. "

Why can't Adani sell his brand new state of the art coal-fired Billion dollar power plant that Andrew Bolt claims are in demand in India and is both an economic and social necessity? Adani can't even sell it for his asking price of 0.20 cents because it's simply on its way out before it was completed. The rate of change to renewables is even faster in China and these two nations represent 33%  of the world's population. (ODT)

  Once charged with killing Palestinian teen, two soldiers will likely walk free | +972 Magazine


Murdoch Media

 Greg Sheridan Political Editor for Murdoch's economically bleeding Australian clearly stated his confidence in the Israeli courts and the IDF to be able to carry out objective investigations into the deaths of Palestinians killed by Israel's forces. on Q&A (ODT)

 Israeli soldiers shot 16-year-old Samir Awad eight times in the back, killing him. After a two-year delay, they were finally indicted. Now the prosecution has announced that it is dropping the charges against them.

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