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Andrew Bolt's Blog,12/7/18; Bolt the Ultra- Racist; Abbott destroyed a simple transition to clean energy. He simply destroyed the ETS as he had the NBN,& wants to do to the ABC; Grabbing the limelight an ugly man;

When it comes to rape  Bolt demands the use of "some". When it comes to crimes by "whites" he again ignores it altogether, He rarely talks about corporate crime which tends to be 99% per cent"white" and he never mentions colour or race. The consequences of white crimes have lead to family breakdowns, bankruptcy, suicides and mental health issues for it's victims but that's not violent or brutal enough to report and then for Bolt, it's the action of an exceptional few and not the potential of the collective.
 However, let African youth put a foot out of place it's as if all Africans are Australia's public enemy number one. They're black and there are hordes of them and if that's not reported in the way Bolt wants the media source is said to be in some sort of cover-up liars and pretenders.
Bikies fight, drug gangs kill each other, football fans fight and but drive-by shootings occur and in Bolt's world however only Black Africans matter and it seems as if Melbourne is the centre, why is that? Is it because there is only one Andrew Bolt ultra-racist and he's here reporting it in those terms? The length of his report here indicates just how desperate Bolt is to find evidence for his conclusions to tell us black Africans aren't wanted and don't fit.
1) He starts with 2 incidents have Bolt repeating himself making out it's more.
2) He stretches events out and goes back to 2009 9 years to collect evidence
3) He justifies mentioning race, tainting the collective and thus punishing all but not so "white men" to them it's an exceptional "some" and that collective are victims of false accusations by women. They aren't animals sexual predators they are just men.
4) The police are "pretenders". As are "many" politicians why would that be? When Bolt's offensive narrative of reality isn't true? The only truth is the extent his false narrative is permitted to be played out on Murdoch's soapbox News Corp and which allows him the loudness of voice.
5) If one person in a family of four is a repeat offender the specific statistics for that family look bad and the Bolt principle is to blame the family you have to. He does the same with Aborigines it's their Culture. 
Bolt's a repeat liar, been found so in our courts lost defamation cases. Bolt logic then says his whole family is worthy of suspicion and that blame they are a spoilt collective in Australia and don't belong. No, in his case the opposite is his truth they are victims of false accusation. He doesn't point out any positive of African Australians, does he? " African/Australians tonight, who, in my experience, are highly educated, freedom-seeking, contribution making and generous of spirit in a traditionally Australian way. Most are smarter, more genuine than those who seek to tear them down
Bolt spends a lot of time telling us how good he is (off a small base) but he uses the same statistical method to vilify a whole community when it could equally be praised as he claims he is.
6) Bolt is clearly a part of the racist minority who use " necessary descriptors" to explain exactly who he is. He's driven by his minority political position exemplified by that senseless unAustralian group of politicians like Abbott, Dutton, Andrews, Guy, who found the Cronulla riots a means to garner votes by crying wolf out loudly in the community. 



 WHITE GANGS TERRORISE AUSTRALIA - Politicians Refuse To Acknowledge Problem! - » The Australian Independent Media Network

 A gang of predominantly white males has been threatening our way of life and making people feel unsafe in their jobs. The IPAx gang has instilled fear in a great many Australians but our current Federal Government refuses to admit that there’s a problem, in spite of the fear that they instill in many people. For example, the ABC are so intimidated that they frequently invite them onto their programs, claiming that they do so in the interests of “balance”, when we all know it’s simply so their presenters don’t have to be afraid of going out to dinner with the PM.



Column Why did so many of us — from Australia to Kenya, America to China — worry for days whether these total strangers could be saved from their flooded cave in some part of Thailand we’ve never seen and never will?
 44m LINK

Bolt is the claimed agnostic who doesn't know if God exists but is also Christian both supporter and denier who nevertheless believes in miracles. What a confused wanker he is.
 Technologies progress, science, coupled with ingenuity, rational planning and bravery saved those boys. The thousands Bolt's talking about certainly didn't fit in the cave nor fill a stadium and gave advice.
 However if those boys and their families wished to come to Australia Bolt would be the first to stop them and say they weren't Christian, didn't speak the language well enough, and basically weren't a part of his Aussie dream family even if they were persecuted, near death for any other reason. They'd be turned back with Bolt Dutton and Abbott leading the chant.
 Bolt on any other day calls that ingenuity backed by science just another Religion. He belittles people wanting to save children from danger and death and lauds their incarceration. But here he is today wanting to become the centre of the media stage singing Hallelujah What an ugly man this Andrew Bolt is. What a nasty little man who offers no hand out himself but wants some of that glory in his personally hypocritical editorial praising himself by standing on the shoulders of his opposites.



 Firstly is Mark Lynas a Climate Scientist, no? So rest assured Bolt isn't attacking the science. He is simply another Bolt, an opinionator who unlike Bolt has readily admitted to not having read peer-reviewed science.  But I can guarantee Bolt hasn't either. He hates academic research dealing with facts and verification. Lynas also unlike Bolt is prepared to say he might be wrong and that's the point Bolt will try to present doubt as he rarely admits the error of his ways. If he's wrong Bolt generally moves on in silence. However, Bolt gives Lynas the credentials as he gives himself "experts in the field" and consequently spokespersons for and against  Global Warming. False, from the get-go.  Lynas will find himself part of the Bolt show. however.  Bolt will raise Lynas to the level of expert in order to raise himself as one when neither are and both make a living from opinion only. 

 So here we have Andrew Bolt jumping on the anti- Science bandwagon again after watching applied science and technology save 12 kids and their coach from death and applauding the decision-making process that delivered a successful outcome. The process Bolt calls "just another religion". Probability and not certainty drove those divers and doctors to take the risk and predict that they might save those kids from imminent death. Bolt yelled Hallelujah but no such chorus saved those kids. Bolt went apeshit praising the multicultural efforts in saving those children but underlying everything was cold hard pragmatism guided by science to beat otherwise hostile physical conditions. 
However, his principles flip when it comes to the "predictable certainty" he demands of Climate Science and the associated technologies and research agreed on by 97 % of scientists and not priests like Bolt who simply denies them what he cheers in Thailand.
Bolt shows he bats for a team rather than any logic and rationality delivered to us by those same people that developed the capabilities that saved the 12 kids and their coach, scientists and yes 97% of them that confidently predicted possible success. 
Andrew Bolt is a true bundle of contradictions a denier yes, but not a sceptic, a religious nutter who claims to be an agnostic someone who doesn't know and is uncertain but then turns to faith for  his reason to doubt to really hide the fact it's paid interest that actually drives him allied with the IPA's and News Corp's.  He is totally undereducated ignores true scepticism, Scientific Method. He is simply an opinionator who is little more than a paid puppet of lobbyists whose idea of critical analysis is simply, single-minded promotion of donor interest in a particular political outcome and cause spelt out by the associated members of the IPA an organization started by Murdoch's father as far back as 1943 which has become far more politically active today in the 2000s. Bolt's not a swinger just a one-eyed huckster with a tin ear and no respect for his audience unlike Lynas whose prepared to consider and read what Bolt doesn't. QED it's why Bolt's ratings are so small and he says they are great "off a small base". It's why he's not an international speaker but is, in other words, part of a small right-wing minority.

Repetition doesn't make things true. The reason we have a mess in power generation and price is because there has been a total disruption in the smooth transition to clean energy and that disruption has been largely political and caused by none other than Tony Abbott and the demolition of the ETS and his failure of all consequent attempts to abide by signed agreements he made in Paris. The building of coal-fired plants is simply a further attempt to stall any smooth and coordinated transition to. Abbott did the same with the NBN which he turned into a Frankenstinian mix of an internet system as well with high prices massive complaints and a total confused failure in both the speeds and efficiency promised. Telling us Australian business doesn't need any better it's just a glorified entertainment system we can't afford. It sounds similar, doesn't it?
The damage done doesn't mean continued band-aid solutions are the way to go to fix the mess Abbott put us in. Oh yes, temporary fixes are the conservatives escape valves but the ACCC is only saying that Abbott's solution is just another band-aid and not a fix. Currently, this government seems to be intent on crippling the NDIS as well in much the same way as Abbott did the ETS, NBN and the ABC all this is Abbott's legacy to this country.
Abbott is a Trumpster as is Bolt and their stupidity is seen when one sees them in light of Trump's appointments to head the EPA in America. The recent head Scott Pruitt was told to resign because he was such a political embarrassment. A complete warmist denier and destroyer of funding for anything to do with climate and environmental protection so much so the EPA can't even publish the results of its research. Yes, that was Scott Pruitt who has been succeeded by a coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler.
The similarity to what Abbott did and continues to do is more than striking and it shows just how unoriginal he is. He's clearly a Trumpster and as stupid.


 Western Australia police chief apologises to Indigenous people | Australia news | The Guardian

 Bolt kept quoting W.A police for quite the opposite police attitudes and admissions against the Indigenous Australians guess Bolt will remain silent on this admission. (ODT)
 The Western Australian police commissioner has issued a historic apology to the state’s Indigenous people, saying he took ownership for “past wrongful actions that have caused immeasurable suffering” and fuelled a sense of mistrust towards the force. 'Deeply sorry': 

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