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Andrew Bolt's Blog,7/7/18; Israel blamesd Hamas for the deaths of children the IDF killed; Men Bolt doesn't know; Godzilla and Carbon Monsters; Welfare, Sexism, Nantes, France; China and Conservatives; Scotland's heat; Tehan; Uni, Salmonella;

  Israel blames Hamas for deaths of children its soldiers killed | The Electronic Intifada

Crude propaganda Andrew Bolt turns to when portraying Israel and it's IDF as victims of Palestinian terror. Israeli soldiers have to shoor Palestinian children.(ODT)
 Israel has resorted to crude propaganda to deflect blame for the deaths of Palestinian boys and girls hit by bullets fired by its soldiers.
This week Israel claimed that Hamas uses candy to lure children – who pose no conceivable danger to heavily armed soldiers in fortified positions – to the boundary fence.
Palestinians should apparently view lethal sniper fire as a natural and inevitable phenomenon at the boundary fence, not unlike the weather.
Meanwhile, Israeli military spokesperson Ronen Manelis told the French National Assembly that Hamas sent a 7-year-old girl wearing Mickey Mouse pyjamas to infiltrate Israel from Gaza.
“There is only one reason behind this, simply to confuse us and have us kill her,” Manelis claimed, according to a video of his speech published on the military’s Twitter account.
Hamas would have scored a propaganda victory against Israel through the girl’s death, Manelis suggested.
“But we were able to identify her and to understand that it was a provocation,” he said, praising the army for giving water to the girl and sending her back to Gaza with a friendly goodbye.
It is twisted logic that suggests that Hamas is to blame for the killing of Palestinian children when it is Israeli soldiers aiming at them and pulling the trigger.

 Illustration of a hand reaching over a woman walking along a street

  A man raped me, another tried to. They were not animals. They were men | Amy Remeikis | Opinion | The Guardian

 They are MEN Andrew Bolt just everyday MEN (ODT)

And when I talked about it, again, the questions came. Why were you out walking so late? How were you walking? What were you wearing? Did you smile at him?
And again they meant: “What did you do wrong, so we can avoid the same mistake?” What action did you take, so this won’t happen to me? How do I help my loved one stay safe? How can I stay safe?
I wrote as much in my victim impact statement to the court, asking the judge why must the conversation immediately turn to my actions, instead of the most obvious one – why are men attacking women in the street? In their homes? In parks, and on public transport, and in taxis and on doctor’s examining tables?
A friend told me it’s because he thought they were not men. That they were animals. “How do you even begin to reason with an animal like that?”
But he’s wrong. They are men.
They are sons and brothers, and fathers and boyfriends and husbands and friends and co-workers and the guys around you in the cafe.
We know they are because the few who face the justice system get character references about how they are good guys, who are good sons and brothers and fathers and boyfriends and husbands and friends and co-workers who made a mistake.


The new Spectator Australia is out now.  It covers story is a  warning of the danger of green power. But do not miss some other very insightful and important reads, particularly Daniel Pearl on  the real war behind this debate over "Western civilisation". It's that old struggle  between individualists and collectivists, freedom and authority.
5m Link

Yes, the RETURN of Godzilla we understood he or she was invented for humor forgotten and returned over and over again. This is the equivalent except it's for Abbott's sake and not even for fun but for his RETURN  and like GODZILLA. It must be pissing rain where ever Bolt is if he's blogging.

 Anti-Welfarism forgets that welfare is greasing of the cogs of Capitalism, Corporate crime. Bolt's is the whinge that the citizenry the 99% of the world expects tooo much. Forget the fact that corporatism has increased it's wealth at the expense of the rest of the world as Karl predicted it would. The very economic nature guarantees it's collapse. Bolt complains about every welfare dollar spent to bandage up the system, even his boss Rupert Murdoch said something bigger needs doing in the US or the edifice of Capitalism will come crumbling down. Trump is doing less for the welfare of the citizenry but more for corporations and policing the planet. A trillion dollars more in fact on defense plus more on the security of not just the state but countries demanding a more socialist change. It's a road long traveled and one to bound failure patching up the potholes. Since WW2 has America done anything militarily successful?
Well, forget the Public Service for a moment. Compare the ABC and News Corp in Australia and the US or anywhere else and ask which organization is less sexist systemically which has spent hiding it's inbuilt misogyny.
Police shoot a black man in Nantes in the USA. Rodney King moments around the world and Bolt turns anger into the victimization of Authority. He is a naive exemplar of how Israel blames Hamas for the IDF shooting Palestinian children as a necessary action to protect themselves. When it's convenient Bolt is the first to say colour tribalism and culture don't exist in a Secular nation but he's the first to tell you it's the nature of them the other to be dysfunctional Aboriginal Culture, Islam, and Black Africans Bolt can't assume their religion and avoids mentioning most are Christians because it doesn't fit his narrative. His ommissions are glaring but what does he say of media "others" Glaring in that police racial profiling has been turned into an unfortunate "accident" rather than the strange report Bolt is displaying here which suggest the police were acting in a defensive nature. Bolt fails to ignore the details that in fact have come out about the killing. No mention that the officer has now been charged with manslaughter.
 Guess the shooting by police in America of the Australian woman didn't get the attention from Bolt as this shooting did because the cop was black Muslim and also charged with manslaughter. There seems an enormous Bolt bias omitting the facts as the police actually saw to interpret what happened. Bolt believes he's wiser from halfway around the world as he was when he wrote about the shooting in Orlando. Dumb is dumb and Bolt proves it. 
John Howard, Gina, and Australia's Federal and state governments seemed only too happy to sell this country and it's businesses to China. China saved us from the brink of political disaster. Now that they aren't continuing to do so due to their own internal political changes it seems the LNP are using China as a Godzilla to try to save their butts. News Corp has always been anti- China since Murdoch had to leave and Wendy left him so bad publicity and fear has always been the fuel with which to do it.


The ABC pumps out a "comedy" - a sneering attack on men. Watch, because I have something to say about it.


Makes me wonder even more about the scientific case for global warming: "U.K. meteorologists won’t be declaring a June 28 temperature reading as the hottest recorded in Scotland since the early 20th century after discovering... a stationary vehicle with its engine running was parked too close to the observing enclosure." In fact, an ice-cream van.
“Australia has reached an ­unusual point where the tools of oppression — sowing the seeds of division, conquest, manipulation and cultural division — are being wielded by the minority against the majority,” Mr Tehan said. " Tehan 
Doesn't anybody find it strange that our Census suggests that the practice of Christianity is, in fact, shrinking so fast it's become just another minority among other minorities that make up our nation? It's not the majority that Bolt and Tehan would have us believe that's for sure. It is, however, more like an appendix of unknown use other than to right-wing patriots who want to shore up some political kudos by fragmenting as many others as in the hope of gaining some support.
The closest Institution that seems to claim to be the most Christian is, strangely enough, the one that's meant to be the most secular the LNP Government which is still dominated by white European men of wealth with a colonial bent but no Melbourne Club in which to be found.
Bolt's link is WND
"WorldNetDaily is an American news and opinion website and online news aggregator which has been described as "fringe" and far right as well as politically conservative. The website is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories."
You can't be more brainless and useless than Andrew Bolt who still claims he was educated at Adelaide University which is "fake news"
 Bolt's Banner certainly doesn't indicate Bolt's very first sentence "Probably coincidence, but has this been studied?"Bolt
Ban is in effect Ban in effect (South Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Queensland, and Western Australia.
The least Salmonella is found in WA, Tas, Qld, NT  all bag ban states. Vic and NSW are higher with bans. So what's Bolt on about?


 The Cullen skink at Pure South Dining, Southgate, is very tasty and looks infinitely prettier than it sounds. The chef is Scottish, so it figures. Bolt
Apparently the Scottish are culturally inferior to Bolt. Weird Dutch food: Herring-Ice-Cream sure comes just as close. The Cullen skink is an individual choice but the herring -ice-cream is national.

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