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Andrew Bolt's Blog,10/9/18; Bullying; Total utter racist bullshit is todays early theme by Andrew Bolt; What is individual and what is systemic Bolt doesn't seem to know;

 Internal Investigation Finds Liberal Party Doesn’t Have A F*cking Problem With Bullying, Ok? – The Shovel

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Bikers riot in the ACT, Richmond supporters beat each other up in East Melbourne, ram raids occur for alcohol, cigarettes across Melbourne, and ATMs and Andrew Bolt doesn't seem to notice simply because they aren't black, African or Sudanese youths their good old white kids. Andrew Bolt's real intent is to promote systemic racism in our Immigration policies by creating an atmosphere of stranger danger about black African kids because they stand out. Vilification of this minority just might cause the pushback seen in Cronulla in 2005 created and fueled media giant Alan Jones and happily wanting to be used by Scott Morrison back then for Liberal political gain. Morrison you see is a Social Conservative and had no shame in having Alan Jones artificially stir up the Lebanese and the alt-Right white Nationalist extremists and have them wage war for his electoral benefit. Bolt has happily no eagerly stepped into Alan Jone's shoes today to do the same to the Sudanese Community in Melbourne.  However, it's not working they are fighting amongst themselves as teens have been doing for decades but now with the assistance of social media. Bolt calls instances of normal weekend gate crashing rioting and anarchy on the streets of Melbourne exceptional if African but which occurs elsewhere on any weekend around Melbourne
"Dozens of young party-goers, described as being of African appearance, fought in corridors and in the foyer of the Neo 200 complex in Spencer St on Sunday morning."Bolt
Bolt gives laser attention to whatever Africans do today just as he once did  Muslims when he used anything connected to Islam in the hope of creating some pushback. Today, however, he's not as regular and has turned on the Sudanese instead because even he realized he was sounding more like Chicken Little telling Australia Waleed Aly was a terrorist sympathizer. Immigration is his current focus and not terrorism when it can be shown more deaths have occurred at the hands of our Immigration Minister than at the hands of the Islamists in Australia. So much so that even Nigel Farage the ex-UKIP leader has warned people like Bolt to shut up or they'd be losers if they declared Islam the evil rather than Islamists. Islamists aren't as visible as black Africans. Declaring a war of civilizations is futile according to Farage. Mind you Abbott hasn't heard that message and is pursuing the Ramsay Foundation agenda as if a war of civilizations exists. Bolt seems to have reluctantly heard Farage's message and Africans have taken the brunt and become his new racial targets despite the fact they are Christians and on average more educated than him. Why do the media demonise African Australians? 
Well because it's in the main Murdoch media so what else can we expect "Murdoch to use his media empire to campaign against his political rivals. Murdoch media is run as a political party and is a ‘cancer eating at the heart of democracy’.
Amazing, isn’t it, how Murdoch can campaign against Labor every single day and suddenly when he decides a Liberal PM has to go, he’s crossed a line! Well, at least we’re talking about this now, and it’s all out in the open, so I can stop being called a conspiracy theorist.
The bad news, of course, is that Labor still has to deal with the fact that whether Murdoch wants puppet Turnbull, Morrison, Dutton or Abbott in the driver’s seat of his political arm, he most definitely does not want Bill Shorten. Now that the dust has settled, Murdoch’s minions are back obediently carrying out the core-business of ‘Killing-Bill’. Victoria Rollinson
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now that their preferred candidate for PM failed yet again the need to fixate on the up and coming election to ensure he becomes opposition leader once again. We can expect to see increased racism, Climate denial, union bashing and terrorism to be returned to the front page.
Melbourne scape 
So it was all bullshit. Total and utter bullshit. New official statistics confirm that the alleged Victorian crime wave – an outbreak of criminality supposedly so intense that, at one stage, Liberal MP Craig Kelly wanted road signs on the border warning travellers from New South Wales about the danger they faced – never existed.
On the contrary, Victoria’s safer than at any time in the past ten years, in line with a general decline in crime across the nation. As Fairfax’s Peter Martin notes, ‘at 1392 offenders per 100,000 people over the age of 10, Victoria’s offence rate was Australia’s second lowest, bettered only by the Australian Capital Territory.’
Crime in Victoria is not increasing. Rather, the new figures mark the fourth successive annual fall. That’s right. Contrary to just about everything you’ve read or seen on TV, crime in Victoria’s been declining for years.

Politics to Bolt  doesn't seem to be real To Bolt it's simply a battle of narratives reality remaining untouched "THE signs aren’t good, and Scott Morrison must now realize he cannot win the next election until he says something bold."Bolt
It's what the electorate is sick of paying for poor theatre! Theatre of the cold and distant we felt take over when Tony Abbott took over the opposition and Labor lost an election that Abbott certainly didn't win. He was the scriptwriter and producer of a game called Liar's Poker creating fear no policies that could pass to become our most do-nothing PM for years and his party threw him out in a landslide party turnaround. No Morrison doesn't need to say something BOLD he needs to say something REAL.
Oh Bolt's disparagement is obvious Serena was throwing a tantrum but that's it she wasn't bullying the white race there was nothing systemic in what she was saying nothing to appeal and have the match overturned and replayed. Bolt, however, is showing his stripes look at the thread of his posts so far and the media bias against the color Black. The Sudanese are his reason our Immigration policies need to be more racist. Our police more racially focused and our nation declared Western Christian and White when it's not it's a multicultural one.
 "Amazingly, journalists actually applauded, as if this fabulously rich and entitled superstar bully really was a heroine of the oppressed.
Blame the poison of the victim movement. It seems we now have different rules not just for the rich but for women and, dare I say, black women, particularly." Bolt
Bolt has turned a tennis tantrum by a superstar into something that rese=mles the speech a KKKer and a Nazi might be heard to say when an individual's bad behavior is converted by Bolt into a racist shitstorm for the benefit of his ultra-conservative followers no doubt he will be using this all week as some proof that white males are the cultural victims of a game called tennis in which we witnessed a less than better moment from one of our heroes.


 Amazing Obama promised something would be done about ClimateChange in the USA you know that warming that Bolt declares hasn't been happening and if it has it has nothing to do with us so forget it. It seems Bolt does believe it's happening but all he says is still is forget about it.
It seems it's hard to forget when 1000 demonstrations occurred around the world and some 30k attended the on in San Francisco. Where was Bolt's mob they weren't marching in opposition were they? I'll tell you where they were trying to bury the fact by not reporting it in Murdoch's media, in fact, hiding it behind inane commentaries like this.
That's why there was a 29% swing against them because they were really ALP that's like Geelong and Collingwood really didn't lose their finals games because some of their players were really playing for the Damons and West Coast. Dumb is dumb but Bolt is dumber.
 So apparently Bolt is calling his mate Abbott a liar and that the era of the assassin isn't over. That Abbott isn't standing behind Morrison to unite the Party as he said he was. That Morrisson saying the healing of the Party wasn't anything significant at all and Abbott is really there to put him on his knee and use him like a ventriloquist's dummy or throw him away unless.....


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The federal Liberals have women complaining they can't take the pressure of being an MP. The NSW Liberals on Saturday also lost a safe seat contested by a female candidate under a female Premier. So how does this turn into a debate on how the Liberals need more women in politics? 
No the argument isn't women should be more like men it's time the system is changed because it's failing us and if Bolt is such an economic rationalist as he claims to be on Climate Change and Immigration why then isn't he demanding that change when we are the most expensive nation to govern just 24 mill people? When since Abbott was elected PM we have got nothing done and that meritocracy has given way to what seems like a failed lawyers picnic of careerists being paid for no service. Even Andrew Bolt spent the past 5 years documenting the government's failures rather than their achievements and he claims here they are, men, who are in power because they are the best we have when he thinks the very opposite that they are shit and the system needs changing for the conservatives but not women. How many contradictions can he pack in to show he's a moron?
"Instead, it's built around the whingeing of a Banks or a Lucy Gichuhi, neither of whom has impressed as politicians or have yet offered a single example of this bullying they now allege."Bolt
Now, this folks is coming from the biggest Media whinger in the Murdoch stable the king of whiners who keep telling us the cream is on the bottom and prevented from rising. Rather than calling for quotas directly Bolt warns that if Conservatives aren't allowed to run the Party they will walk out or they will destroy its change by threat. However here he's saying the cream has risen to the top and their men no change is necessary it seems except his. Empathy is not a word in Bolt's dictionary he has a tin and misogynistic ear.

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No, the Media didn't rush to defend Serena the crowd did the crowd that loved her and watched a magnificent champion fail that test of manners Bolt holds so high but a seething mess inside. Remember his tantrums the look on his face when the referee on the day was a judge by the name of Mordecai Bromberg. Bolt called the Jew a Labor hitman in the Australian Judiciary. He called the system unfair and against him and hasn't stopped doing so since to remind us what a victim he was. In fact, Bolt was doing a Serena, however, he was never a champion and the nation didn't sympathize with him apart from some thug mates like Tony Abbott that made some false promises about what he would but didn't do, which for Abbott was normal, as he was noted for being a "gunna" who actually did nothing.
" Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg are giving a lot of no-but-yes waffle. "Bolt
Bolt's hypocrisy, arguing lack of merit when it comes to women but not when it comes to men losers and still whining today. How about that for an example of a No-Yes-But.
No-Yes-But the cream hasn't risen to the top, No-Yes-But the conservatives need to be more Socialist and the Government cross the line and interfere with the free market and guarantee prices are cut and renewables stopped despite what the industry and the finance sector is saying. The people ( the fossil fuel lobby and mining lobby ) are in pain.
The Liberals won't be destroyed by agreement, they are simply continued to be threatened by a conservative minority and continually harassed by Abbott who swears it's not him. However, they can't even try for another spill today to see if that magic number 43 can be reached.  
" Conclusion: unless this changes fast, the Liberals simply cannot fight for what most conservatives want. They are not fit for service."Bolt
The trumpeter for the Monkey Pod 12 leading a nihilistic charge of the unmeritorious charge one Bolt isn't the same as that of the 13 unmeritorious women.

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