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Fighting Fake News with REAL,9/11/19; News Corp posts $306 mill loss. Commentators are failing to rate and their incompetance showing;

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 News Corp posts $306m loss as Robert Thomson blames 'sluggish' Australian economy for downturn

The reality NewsCorp/IPA/LNP keep hidden (ODT) "Revenue at News Corp Australia declined 11 per cent for the quarter, which weighed on the overall revenues from the media giant's news division. News said the revenue weakness in news was driven by "weakness in the print advertising market, primarily in Australia. 

At News Corp's first-quarter results on Friday, the company said its loans to Foxtel had increased to $700 million, but it expected to reach an agreement with external lenders in coming weeks to restructure the payment schedule for Foxtel debts, which rose to $2.3 billion last financial year.

Kicked off 2GB, Self -Produced Podcast a Failure, His a recruitment site for subs only. Sky and Foxtel failing = "It's Time"  News Corpse fails to recognise. Will gambling save them Bolt won't! News Corp, Fox Corp "Need to get REAL"

The result was affected by 'pronounced currency headwinds, a particularly sluggish Australian economy and property market'.

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp says it has sealed a debt rescue package for its financially challenged pay television business Foxtel as the media giant posted a $306 million loss in the first quarter.


The ABC's Leftist bias is now so out of control that even the Sydney Morning Herald must admit it: "The ABC's war with conservative commentators and politicians looks likely to continue with the [ABC]  unveiling... a 2020 TV programming slate almost guaranteed to fire up the national broadcaster's critics." Yes, that 2020 lineup is a disgrace. 
The ABCs current affairs charter isn't there to support Government policy or performance. The Australian public employs them to question, vet and test that performance and do the same for those who claim to be doing the public some service.
Unlike private media, the ABC acts for all Australians by keeping a critical eye on aspects of Australian concern. It's intended to be there as a counterweight to private media that today moreso than in the past appears to act without shame for specific community interests in order to attract funding. This instinctively makes them yes men for the elite and ultimately conservative elements in this country. They act in the interests of the monied and the governmentif they support them. Their success or failure is reflected in their bottom line. It would seem in News Corpse case it has been a failure.
 The ABC is an easy target for Andrew Bolt to try to deflect and cast the blame for his inadequacies on to the ABC. Despite the fact, that ABC funding has for the past 6 years been aggressively cut by the LNP in support of those that fund the Party and gather in associations like the IPA. The public broadcaster, on the other hand, has been required to operate on a budget in 2019 which in comparison is less than what it was operating on in the 1980s. They are doing the best they can under the circumstances while News Corp seems to be failing. The blame can primarily be found in their inability to connect, engage or be trusted by the Australian public. It's clear it can be found to be due to the likes of Andrew Bolt and reflected in his loss of work this past year.
For the past 6 or more years Bolt's fortunes have ridden on the back of the "drovers dog" Tony Abbott who never really won that election in 2013  that Labor lost.  Bolt's imagined success this century has been on the backs of John Howard and Tony Abbott and since their departure, it has been waning and reflected in News Corps bottom line.

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