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 Trump Accused Of Altering This Chart, Which Is Technically A Federal Crime | IFLScience

About 5000 Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients would be subjected to drug tests across three sites.

Morrison government's new push to revive drug tests for dole recipients

Not enough to want to put Welfare recipients on cashless cards, them as some sort of pariah on the state but have the morality police spend more money than they will save to do that. Merely to show how morally responsible they are. Meanwhile, their snotty brats are proudly wafting about on a hard-earned and well-deserved gap year. First drugs then football, cinema's and their fridges will no doubt be raided at the whim of another government moralist.
No such concerns however for the alcohol, cocaine and drug-addled tax payers who pay their accountants to not pay tax ripping the state off for millions. Who do these moralists believe actually have the money to spend on the billions of dollars of illegal drugs consumed. It's not poor on welfare.
 Jacqui Lambie might have the right attitude, but she isn't right when saying there are conditions on which she might accept policing of the poor and the trickle-down effect over and above the blind eye given the trickle-up effect. There are more drugs consumed in the ACT on any one night fuelling the cash economy than the cost of monitoring 5000 welfare recipients (ODT) 

Controversial plans to trial drug tests for those on Newstart and the Youth Allowance will be revived by the Morrison government when Parliament resumes.
 Jacqui Lambie says she will support drug testing the unemployed if government MPs subject themselves to the same test.
 Taxpayers expect the government to ensure their money is being spent responsibly and that welfare recipients are using it to put food on the table, send the kids to schools and pay the bills rather than on drugs."

Juan Davila's artwork Holy Family, which has been censored by 9News here, has drawn the ire of Christian groups.


Bulls..t bravery:  "A ... painting depicting the Virgin Mary cradling a giant penis on public display at a Queensland university has sparked outrage... Griffith University Art Museum director Angela Goddard defended the work... 'The role of art is to challenge and push boundaries.'" Then push this boundary: paint Mohammad instead, o brave one.   
Andrew Bolt gets paid for revealing just how stupid he is? In this his attempt to stir up a Culture war about the Papist Virgin. A virgin, even many Christians don't believe in. The Artist, in this case, isn't a Muslim he's challenging as stupid his own faith. Yet Bolt entirely on the attack challenges Christians to offend Muslims telling them to do the same to Mohommed. That's throwing accelerant on trying to start a Culture War.
Yes, Bolt was once a Christian god botherer but now lets Christians they know he's not really one of them but is a limp dick agnostic.  But he then challenges them to do what he wouldn't dare. Yes, he encourages Christians to battle and disrespect Muslims like a crusader with the same conviction as the Barcelona Jihadists did when they killed themselves. Bolt wrote he admired that conviction while calling today's Christians gutless. Well, his clarion call was answered, and it enabled Blair Coteral's right-wing to come out and march openly on our streets and inspire the Christchurch mass shooter.
 Back then, when the shit hit the fan, Bolt ducked for cover and as expected pulled his head in claiming all violence was equivalent, and he hated it not admired it. Well, that was the opposite of his ramblings on Barcelona. The fact is, Muslims challenge Muslims every day just as Christians challenge Christians pushing the envelope of their beliefs but the majority of cultures respect each other's beliefs particularly in Australia, Its called freedom of religion in a non-sectarian Democracy and is an Australian principle and value which Andrew Bolt obviously doesn't hold. He calls abuse and disrespect of others his right of free speech yet disrespects others for doing it in return for them it's not free. We saw how he made Yassmin Abdel Magied pay.
 Bolt is readily offended by Muslims, particularly if they are coloured, his hate is compounded. He's offended by colour but is silent if they are Christians avoiding the fact of his cultural similarity. Has anyone noticed Bolt never calls African South Sudanese Christians or Indigenous Australians Christians why? Because that might just mean they are more culturally like him and wouldn't then really sound as convincing when yelling "Who let them in" It would shine a light on and amplify his racism just a tad too much and dilute his efforts at accelerating a Culture War.
"To try to remove a work from an exhibition is the tactics of a dictatorship rather than a democracy," Ms Rolfe said.
"Juan Davila is one of Australia's most revered and prominent artists
 Davila's artwork has been displayed at New York's Museum of Metropolitan Art, Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Gallery of Victoria.
Why is Bolt making it a cause now because the ACL has taken offence? Bolt was never a Papist the Virgin Mary was never central to the Dutch Reform Church and certainly isn't pivotal to current day agnostics who also offend extreme members of the ACL no doubt. This is Bolt merely posturing for a shekel.

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