Australia’s the banking sector is a haven for government ministers, prime ministers, state premiers and a slew of top bureaucrats. Our Revolving Doors investigation into this most mollycoddled of industries begins today. We expose, not those who have “taken the money and run”, but those who have run for the money.

The media is aghast at a recent incident in a remote part of Central Park, where a white woman dialed 911 after a black man allegedly threatened her over her dog and began to film her. The woman, Amy Cooper, is being subjected to 2 minutes of hate. She has been nicknamed "Karen" -- a... Read More
 The American Civil War really accomplished nothing it seems even as far North as New York. What we see here is not just Striker expressing Amy's side of things but a true New York KK Klanner and anti-Semite who starts his response with blaming the Jewish Press wrapping his right to be a racist with 3 three examples of why Blacks deserve everything they get in his multicultural city of 10 mill. He's even joined by 2 supporting commentators one who suggest Blacks in Central park are even more suspicious if they claim to be "birdwatchers" and carrying dog biscuits. Simply put these arsewipes justify poor white Amy's reaction to Cooper simply on the basis of his colour and yes that's Racism
Statistics are freely and loosely quoted here as well but they certainly don't relate to crimes committed by black Americans against the white population of NY, do they? Hispanic or American doesn't matter to Striker being black is the single most significant factor as far as he's concerned and it's the key-based only on arrests but not on convictions. It certainly has Striker showing us the face of Racist NY.

The video of George Floyd's death, captured by a passer-by, went viral. Within 24 hours local authorities sacked the four officers involved in the arrest. But it begs the question, what might have happened if this didn't take place in broad daylight


Has Australia really avoided 14,000 coronavirus deaths?

Fake News



Terry McCrann to Premier Dan Andrews: "It is of course purely coincidental that the virus erupted... in Europe in the one major country that had signed up for your same Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with China and in the exact region which had developed the greatest ‘China partnership’ with some half-a-million resident Chinese expatriates."
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McCrann show's just what China hate means and how irrational he is as an economist. McCrann somehow suggests if the EU stopped tourism isolated and locked down they might have avoided COVID or what he, in the best of Trumpian terms, declares is the China virus. However, his is a wild shot that totally dismisses the fact that his best country in the world and head office USA has actually the global record holder on deaths and spread without the numbers of Chinese tourists passing through the country. Nor can McCrann stomach the thought that Victoria has been the most successful economic state in this country since the LNP took over Federally despite the LNP withholding funds promised. People have rushed to be here in the hope of catching the excess of success caught here.


COLUMN China’s dictator is either incredibly dumb or has a lethally dangerous plan. Why is Xi Jinping acting so brutally that the world now hates China?  His indifference to that reaction is frightening. It suggests he either wants us cowed or outrage as part of an ultranationalist tactic to rally Chinese citizens behind him.
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 The worst record registered of spreading the COVID and threatening a lockdown virus has been the USA and lead by a leader who today is globally reviled and that's Trump. He's had his State Secretary Pompeo circling the planet warning historic friends and enemies alike with either turning their backs  or threatening even more drastic and harsher measures. Should anyone be surprised that it's his and our Murdoch media spreading the threat of the American virus and amplifying the spread of the Trump threat?


Victoria's tough lockdown laws came in only after the coronavirus curve was suppressed. Now it seems true of Norway, too.  Camilla Stoltenberg, director of Norway’s public health agency: "Our assessment now.... was that one could probably achieve the same effect – and avoid part of the unfortunate repercussions – by not closing." 
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Yes, Bolt is doing his best and fails to mention the whole of Norway has a pop of  Melb and that social distancing comes naturally to them particularly when the virus was encountered in the middle of Winter and into Spring. It's easy to say that one might probably "have achieved the same effect – and avoid part of the unfortunate repercussions – by not closing.".What Bolt doesn't reveal is why Stoltenberg felt the need to make the comment in the first place.  

Norway had a very low infection rate before the lockdowns had occurred she noted.
"If we manage to lift the most restrictive measures without the spread of infection growing over the summer, behavioural changes and weather changes from the autumn onwards could still cause the balance to shift so that the infection again increases," it said. 
There remains more ifs and mights that Bolt chooses not to reveal.



Booze before prayer? Lousy priorities: "Religious leaders are calling on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to allow more than 10 people to ­attend places of worship, in light of the imminent relaxation of ­restrictions that will allow pubs, clubs and restaurants to seat up to 50 people."
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Does Bolt think he'll garner subs with this post that Australian Christians will follow him now that he's he's shown his god botherers cred again showing this whiskey drinker is no longer an agnostic but is banging on the chapel doors?


The claim: "A 30-year-old Queensland man has died from coronavirus, making him Australia's youngest COVID-19 victim." The politician, desperate to justify her absurd border ban: "Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk... urged anyone in the area with flu-like symptoms to get tested urgently." But did this man really die of the virus? It doesn't add up.
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This is just a worm on Bolt's compulsory subscriber hook and offers no information other than News Corp are cheap marketers offering a cheap and worthless product.