Saturday, 11 April 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL,12/4/20; The Hidden Face of Western Culture; Perth Hottest April ever; News Corp promotes the vilification ofChinese Australians;


 Andrew Bolt's Western Culture looks less Western these days. 

Whose Muslim? Whose Christian? Complexion protectors called Hijabs. Keep your distance.

Scarborough beach in Perth

 Perth endures hottest April day ever, as temperature reaches 39.5C | Australia news | The Guardian

Commuters wear face masks to protect against the spread of new coronavirus as they walk through a subway station in Beijing, Thursday, April 9, 2020. China's National Health Commission on Thursday reported dozens of new COVID-19 cases, including most of which it says are imported infections in recent arrivals from abroad and two "native" cases in the southern province of Guangdong.  (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

The virus might have started in China. But it's no reason to vilify Asian Australians

Tim Soutphommasane
Political philosopher and columnist

A person wearing a mask walking through the rain in New York's Time Square.
The relaxed physical distancing policies of Sweden, which allowed restaurants to remain open and public gatherings to continue, are now being reconsidered. Sweden has recorded more than 10,000 cases and 887 deaths.
Andrew Bolt has been prodding us to relax our policies and get back to work the anti- leftist simply couldn't name the Dutch or the Swedes as the model he prefers. Yet again with eggon his face what he has recommended has failed in Sweden and they are now reconsidering our full lockdown approach. Wait to read Andrew Bolt declare like Trump "I never said that"

 Coronavirus update: US death toll soars while Spain's slows, Boris Johnson making 'good progress' and Sweden regrets weak v




Yet he's extended the "state of emergency" for another month: "Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that there have been just 3 new coronavirus cases diagnosed overnight." Just three? But another month of emergency powers, and house arrest for all? How easy it is to strip a cowed population of their liberties.
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Anti- Science self-declared Social Distancer all his life applies his broadcast voice like an ISIS recruiter trying to convince Australia there is no pandemic in Australia and we should all go back to work while he watches from isolation. The flu season is about to begin vaccines are in short supply. There is no widespread testing for Coronavirus so how do we distinguish between the two. People with the flu demanding to be tested alongside others will be lining up where? Asymptomatic carriers spreading it to 10 others untested without even knowing they are carriers. Yes that's the pandemic Bolt assures doesn't exist.
Basically what Bolt is recommending, but not for himself as he's isolated, is herd immunity for the sake of his shares and job. Sweden has tried what Bolt is preaching and has said they have failed. So why should we now run counter to all the successful medical advice we have had? Herd immunity took 5 years for the Kansas ( Spanish) flu to pass. Each year after it's origin it came back more virulent killing more people than the year before. Bolt doesn't care as long as his superannuation and share portfolio remain intact and he doesn't lose his advertisers. However, COVID-19 is x10++ worse than that pandemic.  So all he's doing is gambling with the lives of most Australians who he doesn't even regard as part of his tribe. If people potentially do as he says and die shouldn't be prosecuted for a miscarriage of information? Afterall wasn't Peter Foster jailed for false advertising a tea?

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