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Fighting Fake News with REAL 27/5/20; The Frydenberg numbers; Pompeo's Threat, Morrison's Reversal, Plibersek's reminder;

Australia follows US

Mike Pompeo
This is our “Friend for Life” who we go to war and die for. In Trump we better trust!! (ODT)
 ‘We will simply disconnect’: Mike Pompeo and the Australian TV appearance that caused a diplomatic storm | Mike Pompeo | The Guardian

Morrison looks to overhaul industrial relations in wake of COVID‑19
The Prime Minister flags an overhaul of Australia's industrial relations system, labelling it "not fit for purpose" and saying the Government will begin consultations with unions and employers immediately.

Why don't these leaders even begin to consider the arrangements in other nations where such battles simply don't exist and work relations are far superior to that we see here. Germany is an obvious case. But the LNP is so blinkered they'd never consider anything other than destroying any right for workers to associate and form unions. They called for a Royal Commission and when it was completed it was found Unions had no case to answer. That's been totally ignored time and time again even when unions are less than 10% of the private workforce.
German companies require 50: 50 shareholder reps and workers reps to tackle the problems faced by their companies and it works. They also require a minimum of 60:40 gender mix. Why is it the LNP in Australia that refuses to consider options like this?  Does Germany have a more troubled past than we do? 
The fact is the world is shocked at how backward we are when it comes to Industrial Relations!!  Wage, super and benefit theft has been on the front pages of this nations papers for years and ignored. The precariousness of work is greater than it has ever been and we have seen it with the COVID virus. Where is the "sharing" Mr Morrison? The world's leaders have sacrificed a % of their wages  Morrison has stood there and said he wasn't there to set any examples.

The Liberals have spent seven years creating a tradie crisis in Australia – with $3 billion cut from TAFE and training, widespread skills shortages, and 140,000 apprentices and trainees gone.
They cut the budget on scientific research of our most reputed organisations like the CSIRO driving our best and brightest overseas and reducing the numbers of students with aspirations in the areas. Tony Abbott's legacy really has damaged us as a smart nation.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 26/5/20; Spot the difference between Murdoch Press and Ch9 I can't; Save the ABC and get rid of the LNP;

Let's get this straight: our ever-so-responsible Morrison Govt admits a $60 BILLION ‘reporting error’ in JobKeeper! The same Morrison who crowed only the Libs could be trusted to manage Australia's finances? Of course the Murdoch protection racket lets them get away with it…

 Illustration: John Shakespeare

Let's disengage from China ... slowly and carefully

Shaun Carney

Columnist for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald

As China becomes more belligerent in its strategic and diplomatic behaviour – unquestionably, this is happening – it will be in our interests to reduce our reliance on it and to develop new markets, just as we should also deepen our regional partnerships.
But that should be done quietly, without harming us in the here and now. The debate over how we engage with China is one we must have, but it can easily be derailed if our leaders speak and act impetuously.
Because of the Prime Minister's overt global politicking, which China was bound to see as a Trump-based initiative, we've got a barley export industry that's set to fall over and a beef export industry that's also in trouble, possibly with other sectors set to follow.

The quality of our journalism really does stand out doesn't it here is Carney telling us to cut our tie with China but do it quietly be Chinese about it as if China was dumb deaf and blind and hadn't noticed that we were actin as if tied to America's apron strings. America's Pompeo is making hell of a noise threatening us because Dan Andrews is being diplomatic. Somehow Carney believes they haven't noticed. It shows what The Age has become since being taken over by Ch9 a twisted version of Murdoch media rather than an alternative to chasing after their advertisers.
Neighbours stars are dressed in formal wear as confetti falls around them.

'Very white' Australian commercial TV broadcast to Pacific in soft-power push 

Australian television shows like The Voice, Border Security and Neighbours will be broadcast in the Pacific under a $17.1 million soft-power push against Chinese media influence in the region, but critics say local voices should be the priority.

Truly sick aren't we Tony Abbott having got rid of Radio Australia and shredding the ABC giving China the opportunity to provide what Australia did for 75years has the LNP deciding we need to come back and come back with an old patronising South African/LNP version of South Pacific.

 Australian television shows like The Voice, Border Security, Neighbours and MasterChef will be broadcast in the Pacific under a $17.1 million Australian Government project at a time when China's diplomatic and media presence is on the rise in the region. 

Fake News


Terry McCrann: "The head of Treasury, Steven Kennedy, and ATO Commissioner Chris Jordan must both be sacked... The statement put out by the duo jointly on Friday to 'explain' why the JobKeeper program was now 'only' going to cost $70 billion instead of the estimated $130 billion was quite simply an attempted butt-covering disgrace." 
What a load of crap by McCrann and Bolt trying to stick their heads above the parapet to be noticed. These two know that all forms these days are computer-generated template applications. The issue that a program didn't distinguish 1000 incorrect filled boxes out of 9000 is simply bad programming. Readiness to spend $130 bill was declared great policy.
 The cry "sack them" is scapegoating and a walk back on policy and not a technical error. They didn't cry "sack them" when business heads intentionally spent years robbing workers of their wages and Super. Shortchanging them of their benefits and even more. 
Their aim is to sensationalise themselves and not even consider why and what the problem now is. Kennedy and Jordan aren't the excuses for Frydenberg's current error walking back on a promise and policy considered necessary. Scapegoating is easy. However, given Frydenberg and the LNP saw $130 bill as a reasonable and necessary amount to spend to save Australian workers at this time why now is $70 bill being regarded as going over the cliff? The "backdown" in policy is the issue that stands out and not a computer error.
Bolt's made costly mistakes at News Corp to the tune of hundred's of thousands of dollars and he's still with us we didn't hear him calling for the sacking of News Corp's legal advisors or that his mistakes were theirs.  


Hmm. One man seems to have a more practical plan to get people working. Morrison's: "An overhaul of vocational education focused on tradies and skilled workers."  NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrotet's: "Businesses would be given more freedom to spill into... footpaths, into parks and converting streets into marketplaces." There's good science to this.
15m ago
 Let's rather remember how Tony Abbott supported by Murdoch drove science and research and our brightest and best out of Australia and now the LNP figure they have an opportunity to correct that and attract them back with our brag of no Covid-19 here. 
 Only 7 years have passed and Liberals are wanting to turn that around and declaring that there's something urgent and in need of being fixed. 5000 super-smart immigrants needed to be coaxed here using to Covid-19. Scammed without need to change the budget or funding policies Abbott put in place that drove them out in the first place. No need to provide support for the work they declared unnecessary because it interfered with the Climate information and the technologies they didn't want us to know about.  Abbott tried to bribe universities with $5mill to take on the failed CCC and Bjorn Lomborg.
Bolt has ignored his part in media promoting Abbott's plan and turned his attention to the exciting news that the whole of Syndey could be turned into a street market like Lakemba, saying "there's good science to this". He for one wouldn't attend.


Who knew? Democrat Julian Castro employed a certifiable liar to run his communications during his tilt for president. That liar is Sawyer Hacket, whose latest hate-Trump tweet is destroyed with a single photograph.
31m ago 
Trump has smeared himself countless times no lesson learned here. He smears himself each time he steps in front of a camera. Bolt's friend the once pro-Trump Anne Coulter has joined the ranks of smearers of which Bolt was once one until Murdoch's editorial policies changed. Go back to 12/10/2016 and check out what Bolt was doing to Trump then. So he's a self-admitted liar then.


Brendan O'Neill asks who is worse in the Dominic Cummings furore: "The media and the Twitterati have been raging against two parents who were ill, or at risk of falling ill, and who did what they thought was best for their kid in this situation: drove from London to Durham so that family members could assist with childcare if necessary." Read on.
39m ago 
Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places. MP's and the top of the tree are meant to set the example. Bolt believes in the reverse principle that the rules are just for the sheep.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 25/5/20; Migration and the skill set Abbott scared away; $60 Bill and Stuart Robert;

Cartoon: the Abbott insurgency

Migration "reset" looms in budget: acting immigration minister Alan Tudge.



Migration 'reset' looms in budget as government eyes super-skilled talent

The country's former top public servant Martin Parkinson has urged the government to "go for broke" on skilled migration.
Covid-19 seems to have forced the government's hand to admit their lacklustre 7-year policies drove our brightest and best away and haven't encouraged or supported a new future. They now have to admit their previous focus to turn our universities into an export business and homegrown debt facilitators built on fake promises of a future has left a hole. Rather than encouraging real skilled education, they ensured our homegrown talent was driven offshore because any government support of research excellence like the CSIRO was loudly and politically cut. Their current declaration of "opportunity" to attract super-skilled people is an admission that magnifies the hole they created in the first place. Instead of focusing on areas needed to "progress" the past 7 years have left us short of being a "clever" country because so many areas were blocked. We now need to buy the skills of those trained elsewhere because which in the past 7 years we have seen the LNP discourage and deplete.

Tony Abbott's withdrawal of funding of science and research not only resulted in a brain drain from Australia but announced to the world "we weren't interested" in any stretch of serious imagination and at the same time it discouraged our own youth from entering areas of scientific and technological research where there was no support or promise of future work. Abbott publicly focused on importing idiots like Dr Bjorn Lomberg to support his political agendas rather than promoting any real groundbreaking investigation. They turned to bribing universities not with excellence but Lomborg's CCC the Copenhagen Climate Council and the Ramsey Foundation while  Royal Parade in Victoria, once a world-renown government-supported research precinct, was let deteriorate. Now that's come back to bite the LNP in the arse.
What they call an opportunity is a disaster they caused and want to fix in the short term by attempting to buy back what they drove away and wrecked in the first place. How dull are these MPs? Bright minded people won't rush here just because of Covid-19. They didn't come in the first place because they saw a government dismantling the government supports that were there a decade ago and knew they'd be coming to a land of false promises where they weren't appreciated.

via $60 Billion JobKeeper Savings To Be Used To Pay For Stuart Robert’s Internet Bill | The Shovel

 Energy Minister Angus Taylor: “We’re not going to use the safeguard to create a carbon tax.”

Carbon cuts to remain voluntary as minister rules out permit scheme

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has insisted cuts must remain voluntary to avoid any shift in the “safety net” to turn it into a carbon tax.
It's why moner is being spent on "cleaner coal" "washed coal" wasting precious water!!

Fake News


Chris Kenny on the ABC's new climate disaster show: "Australia’s emissions for the year to September 2019 have declined 15.4 per cent since... 2007... It betrays much about the ABC agenda that none of this was ­examined... Four Corners and the ABC insinuate a big lie: that Australian inaction... had an impact on our ­climate." 
Short term thinker and unessential worker and human Andrew Bolt has risen from his 3-day weekend and asks what all the effen fuss is about. It seems the $60 bill blunder hasn't reached him or Chris Kenny yet. Chris Kenny is the "reporter" that told us Nauru was honeymoon island a paradise for refugees.
So what's a pandemic? What's a tornado?  What's a once in a decade storm? What're CO2 emissions anyway and what's Climate Change anyway Bolt asks skies are blue over his house and he's not affected by any invisible wars on some distant planet. Meanwhile, if the houses around the corner were burning you know Andrew Bolt's not the man to lend a bucket of water to anyone knocking on his door. They'd receive a "bullshit piss off" from the speaker at his front gate even while flames were licking his back fence.
Science, in general, is fakery and just another opinion and the ABC is their voice. Everything is just opinion as far as Andrew Bolt is concerned and all opinion is of equal weight. It's the selling that makes the difference as there is no such thing as probability and truth. How do you argue with ignorance you can't it's a waste of time. You simply don't support it. You judge it declare whether it's essential productive. and whose paying to support it. In whose interests it's in and then just walk away because sure as hell people with money aren't buying it these days.
The ABC has style and focuses on the news and what science has been saying these past 70 years. It''s energies aren't spent watching non-productive losers grubbing around for a cheap buck like Murdoch's Herald Sun and Sky News are. Foxtel just cut its prices in the hope of attracting subscriptions because Sky News Chris Kenny and Andrew Bolt aren't attractions. The ABC meanwhile is providing a national service telling Australia what is happening in terms of national and global emergencies to our world our planet and beyond Andrew Bolt's tulip garden. 


COLUMN Feminism once demanded women receive equal treatment. Now it demands women receive special protection. Take Clementine Ford, “Australia’s most prominent contemporary feminist”. On Saturday she complained, “coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough”. But she's been outraged by the "verbal assaults" of Alan Jones against Jacinda Ardern.  
24m ago 
Equal treatment in Bolt's fantasy world is, bad manners, abuse,  guns and domestic violence except when women do it to men or don't submit. When Bolt got was coming to him from his ex he ran for the hills blaming his wife for his own misogynistic bad behaviour and lies. But then that's how Andrew Bolt rolls. Miranda Devine is no longer a friend as she dared step on Andrews toes treating him as an equal. He complained that he had to take his family on holiday to a Muslim country as if he were being abused and not given the respect he deserved. After all, he is the breadwinner and they were just the baggage thinking above their station.


Does China remind you of any other dictatorship since, say, 1939?  It hates democracy and free speech.  It’s rapidly built up its military. It’s jailed a despised ethnic group (Uyghurs). It’s ultranationalist and wants to reconquer territory (Taiwan, South China Sea) that it claims belongs to the fatherland. It even has its Poland — Hong Kong.
33m ago 
I think Bolt hasn't a convincing argument given we are in Iraq, Afghanistan had a go at Vietnam, Helped Indonesia kill a million people and have imprisoned and killed refugees asking for asylum on Manus, Nauru, Xmas Island. The thing is we aren't even doing it for ourselves but America that has a military presence in over 150 of the world's nations and whose business is war and the selling of arms and not the defence. They have been mercenaries for commercial interests for more than 60 years and we have been their apprentices in the hope of one-day profit sharing.


They never checked whether foulmouthed Clementine Ford might not qualify for a grant excluding artists "that seek to... offend parts of the community"?:  "A council grants program that awarded Clementine Ford thousands of dollar is under review after the controversial writer said coronavirus wasn’t 'killing men fast enough'.”  
3h ago

Andrew Bolt can say he admired the conviction of the Barcelona bombers. He can say he wished young Christians showed the same convictions and weren't so gutless. He says these things as a sponsored representative of an organisation News Corp that has been handed cash subsidies to the tune of $30 mill +++and other forms of Corporate welfare and doesn't regard himself as foul-mouthed or an inciter of violence. Yet his organisation Sky News was shut down during the NZ shootings as they wished to profit from the event. Bolt defended them and himself at the time.
This tolerant libertarian "free speech" advocate incited and helped run a far more talented intelligent woman out of the country than he is Yassmin Abdel Magied even after she apologised for any offence. Andrew Bolt was and is an exemplar for "domestic violence"


James Cook  University is going to the Federal Court tomorrow to appeal against a court ruling that it unlawfully sacked Dr Peter Ridd after he questioned the global warming hysteria. IPA Director of Policy Gideon Rozner  has done extensive interviews for a podcast on this astonishing attempt to shut Ridd down. Listen to The Heretic here. 
38m ago 
 Pell made use of our justice system to its full extent. Apparently, James Cook Uni doesn't have the same rights according to the IPA and Andrew Bolt. It's amazing how connected the IPA, Andrew Bolt and his Murdochian's have a mental MODEL of what Australia ought to be but never seems to fit. 

Bolt doesn't point us to debate but a monologue produced, funded and used by a known political body used for garnering subscriptions which also has funded and published Andrew Bolt declaring him an expert on Climate Change. Currently, they are employing and training his son for their media purposes as also an expert like his father?
Amazing Ridd claims all peer-reviewed science, internationally, is a scandal globally and historically labelling the past 250 years as some sort of fraud.  If the opposite is experienced and proven fact then why are we to believe he Ridd isn't the scandal? Where are the verifiers of Ridd's work and in fact why hasn't Ridd published his work and allowed it to be tested? Their answer is thousands of scientists agree but are "In the closet"... now that's convincing, isn't it? Why didn't Ridd tackle his objection in any acceptable scientific way so he too could be peer-reviewed? Ridd simply broke all respectable and accepted international scientific protocols and was used.
The IPA which published Climate Science the Facts (2017) declared Andrew Bolt as a world foremost expert on the topic Bolt was at the time promoting Spencers work that the planet was "Cooling" and not "Warming" the publication was deemed "crowd-funded" and the funders conveniently unknown. It brought things to a head as Andrew Bolt wasn't an expert while at the time was telling us the world was cooling against all evidence at the time apart from Roy Spencer. 
The publication was not in any way science but a selected range of articles against science and condemning the very nature of inquiry and discipline. It was a reductionist effort to simply declare it opinion or in Trump terms today any effort at the truth simply "Fake News".
 Ridd has been used, joined politics and abandoned science for what seems another career altogether. He's abandoned any effort to produce a paper of his research. Nothing has been published or peer-reviewed but rather only sensationalised by media and the backing of the IPA. Another "crowd-funded" publication is due in 2020 we are told a publication that has little regard for science that's certain.

  No photo description available.


More evidence that the Morrison Government's modelling wildly exaggerated the coronavirus threat, panicking it into extreme bans and spending: "Friday’s $60bn job keeper revision takes the cake... The government estimated around 6 million employees would access the [JobKeeper] $1,500 fortnight payment... The true number... is closer to 3.5 million."
3h ago
No mention that their "modelling" was too great from the outset by Andrew Bolt it proves camp followers like Bolt have never been real front runners. Abbott predicted overspending on scientific research such as "the environment" "Great Barrier Reef" and cut back across the board driving our best and brightest out of the country. They turned Australia's CSIRO into an also-ran and drove Royal Parade Victoria's medical researchers looking for jobs. Now after 7 years the brain drain they created has been named an opportunity to advertise "where the fuck are you" to an environment they slashed of funds. That was LNP  and in particular, Tony Abbott modelling for you that Andrew Bolt the anti-scientist trusted!

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 24/5/20; Frydenberg's announcement; At large the in your face hypocrisy of Morrison and Frydenberg;

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Sally McManus @sallymcmanus Just a reminder: This Government proposed laws that would shut down unions for paperwork errors as minor as being a day late. #JobKeeper #Job paperwork mega bungle Austra Unions'

In the meantime, Josh Frydenberg is preparing a Bill to prevent the funding of Class Action suits against Companies as there has been a 325% increase in the past decade or in the 7 years since the LNP came to power in 2013. No mention, however, has been made of the Royal Commission findings since then. Like that unions were fundamentally clean and well managed compared to banks and the business world. Where cultures developed and have led to wholesale theft from clients along with wage and superannuation theft from workers. Together with funding a growing specialist industry devoted to tax evasion.
Remember when  Tony Abbott sacked 1200 well-trained ATO senior investigators specialists in corporate tax evasion and allowed companies to self-assess and negotiate the tax they are prepared to pay?  Not so the unions who were threatened to be shut down for even the most trivial infractions.

A $60 billion error in what was a necessary stimulus is not about to be diverted to the workers they recently turned their backs on. In other words, the urgent stimulus they proposed needed to recycle cash flow back into the economy is now no longer needed. when They bragged about the $130 Bill but now not even 12% of the $60 Bill saved is available to the workers they threw under a bus left out to hang dry and fend for themselves. That's the true nature of this LNP neoliberal beast's need to keep the ultra-right happy. Yet they are proudly re-directing $$ to "new technologies"  subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. That old oxymoronic bullshit promise of "clean coal" has now been re-named "cleaner coal" and they are giving companies money to try to "carbon capture" in the short term rather than "decarbonise" in the long by using renewables.  This smoke and mirror scam is to be sold to us by Murdoch and the newly formed CH9  Media. Propagandists for the IPA and their other lobbyists and donors while muzzling the ABC (ODT)
 Image may contain: food and text

 Image may contain: text that says 'CFMEU COURT VICTORY 'PERMANENT CASUAL' RORT IS ILLEGAL CFMEU Mining Energy'
BREAKING: the Federal Court has delivered a fantastic decision which upholds our win in the matter of WorkPac v Skene.
It puts an end to the 'permanent casual' rort that has become a scourge in coal mining and across the workforce. Our Union has worked hard to clarify the law with this decision and we will now be fighting to restore rights and lost pay for casual labour hire workers who have been illegally ripped off.
A big shout out to our amazing legal team and our member Paul Skene for taking on this fight.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 22/5/20. Sorry Skyhooks Ego is a Dirty Word; Covid not averted by Morrison but he'll take the credit and won't even give it to God;

Fears Of Rush On Malaria Drug Unfounded, After Trump Supporters Unable To Pronounce Hydroxychloroquine

Pharmacists say the President’s claim he was taking anti-malarial medication to fend off COVID-19 has not led to an increase

Worst of the COVID-19 crisis was averted despite PM Morrison, not because of him

While the media has been heaping praise on Scott Morrison's leadership of late, it's important to remember who the real heroes are.
 But don’t worry people, we will hear more about how wonderful PM Scott Morrison is, how he has “saved Australia” and it will be back to business as usual soon, rewarding the wealthy, handing out contracts to all the financial spivs and letting the vulnerable languish in poverty.
But hey, how good is Scott Morrison?

 Fake News

 Over 30 years ago Andrew Bolt's workmates at the Herald Sun described him as an un-Australian social-climbing pretentious twat. Today Andrew Bolt says he sounds like one when he's always been just that a self-absorbed aloof pretentious twat who was raised by a mother who hated the place. Imagine a lover of Shakespeare saying the bard was great here's a LOOSELY translated version of an ode to prove the point. Or Portia's lines loosely repeated on Mercy. Is it any wonder the man never got a degree? He already believed he had one and for years went about telling everyone he was educated at Adelaide Uni when he wasn't. Rowan Dean' was spot on as were his colleagues over 30 years ago. They were wiser and just ignored the social-climbing prick.


Rowan Dean mocked me for saying last night that I liked Tang Dynasty poetry. True, I sounded like as pretentious as all get out. In my defence, here's one example from Du Fu, brilliantly (although perhaps loosely) translated or transformed by Vikram Seth.


COLUMN Sure, they only fired shots over my head, not in it. But nothing since about China’s bullying has surprised me. You know that thing about first impressions? Mine was formed in 1998, when Chinese soldiers told me to stop my boat.
50 years prior to Andrew Bolt's failed single-handed attempt to invade China and being made to fuck off like the scared pissant bunny he really was then and still is. Bolt bullshits us today with the "I'm just awfully shy" crap and his excuse why he's too afraid to walk our streets with us. Yet he "knows" us like he "knows" the Chinese nothings changed has it?  Andrew Bolt is humming LOOSELY the 1970s Sky Hooks song 

If I did not have an ego I would not be here tonight
If I did not have an ego I might not think that I was right
If you did not have an ego you might not care the way you dressed
If you did not have an ego you'd just be like the rest

If Jesus had an ego he'd still be alive today
And if Nixon had no ego he might not be in decay
If you did not have an ego you might not care too much who won
If I did not have an ego I might just use a gun
Ego is not a dirty word
Ego is not a dirty word
Ego is not a dirty word
Unfortunately, Bolt's ego is large but his knowledge of China minute reduced to that single moment when he was  Gulliver and the Chinese were Lilliputians and he fucked off. The greatest miracle if there is such a thing wasn't the work of a single man it was the Chinese revolution that took China from the darkness of a starving nation ruled by a royal dynasty and transformed it into a nation of people living with the basic necessities of life Food, Health Housing Education and increasing freedoms and choices. 
We, on the other hand, see our freedoms shrinking and more of us living with less of these necessities. With Bolt arguing increasingly that education isn't learning about diversity but single-minded training. Had Bolt been on a boat trying to land in Australia 20 years later in 2018 he might have found himself on Manus island rather than just been given a warning to piss-off.


Can you imagine what a gift China would be to the world if it was part of the West and not an authoritarian thuggery at virtual war with it? To me, this Chinese-composed music symbolises all we have to gain from a meeting of the two civilisations.
Yes, what a pretentious twat Andrew Bolt is a royalist who still dreams of the kingdoms and Dynasties of the past. Could you imagine what Indonesia could have been if the Dutch stayed in Indonesia or the British in India or the Qing Dynasty remained in control of China and the Nationalists hadn't overthrown it in 1912? People would still be starving in the streets but free to listen to the music and poems LOOSELY translated by Andrew Bolt who simply wouldn't notice the tight grip held on the throats of starving people around him. He doesn't notice anything here other than his own Private little Idaho
 Bolt has no real interest in people other than himself and the free whiskey he shares with a mate on Thursdays behind the televisions protective screen.
Ego and ignorance certainly are dirty words.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 21/5/20; Time wasting do nothing LNP are trying to stall what has been accepted as inevitable.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Snowy Hydro power station in Tumut.

 Spend and delay the inevitable change to clean green energy and keep the IPA and the donor's onside screw the voters Murdoch will handle them and CH9 will chase Murdoch. All that's necessary is to kill the ABC.

 Government's tech roadmap reveals its talent for wasting time


Why do rich countries have such high coronavirus death tolls? 

Australia has been a standout success amongst other wealthy nations in managing to contain the coronavirus. But there are some simple reasons why others in our cohort of privilege have failed so badly.





COLUMN We can’t keep being bullied by the timid and terrified. They can go social distance themselves. If the rest of us want to risk the infinitesimal chance of catching the coronavirus at a restaurant, pub, hotel or B&B, then let us. If you’re too scared to join in, then stay home. But lift these bans now.
15m ago 
 What a bullshitter Andrew Bolt is. Australia's No1 media social distancer claims he goes to restaurants, pubs, hotels, and B&B. The man goes nowhere but encourages others to do what he doesn't. The first principle of good faith act as you expect others to walk the walk and not just talk.


China's official Global Times gets very aggressive with us, in the typically strident language of totalitarian tyrannies: "This giant kangaroo that serves as a dog of the US, will hit a deadlock with China on trade disputes." But it makes a good point: China won and we lost at the World Health Assembly.
21m ago 
China has won all round. While Australia's LNP pollies claim we have been trade bullied and whipped by the 80% tariff hike on barley because we called for an investigation into Covid-19. They conveniently don't tell you the complaint about the barley has been going on for 2years and not 2 months. The Australian government hasn't replied to the complaints which have now forced China to act according to WTO rules. Rules which had a two-year deadline to do something which was up this week. No News Corp and CH9 ex-Fairfax along with the LNP all howled claiming China would have let it pass had it not been for the push for the COVID investigation. It's strange isn't it China has supported an investigation and joined that push we kept saying they were against.
Now the media hacks to save face are telling us it's a China trick and we have been duped.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 20/5/20; One man's threat to the planet; Corporate Welfare; Cleaner coal vs the carbon tax no committment no balls;

Chinese President Xi Jinping.

'A clear mandate': Coronavirus inquiry backed at World Health Assembly as China signs on

The historic motion was adopted at the World Health Assembly with no objections after China joined at the last minute as a co-sponsor.

But then there was the one-man political judgement and threat to the world (ODT)

On the eve of the virtual debate, US President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw World Health Organisation funding permanently after suspending US contributions in April over the WHO's handling of the coronavirus.
Mr Trump accused the World Health Organisation of an "alarming lack of independence" from China after alleging it ignored credible reports of the virus spreading in December 2019, made misleading claims about human-to-human transmission and repeatedly praised China for its transparency.








The Virgin Brides: fate of airline on a knife-edge as bids lob and cash runs dry

The Virgin Brides: fate of airline on a knife-edge as bids lob and cash runs dry

The government has tossed $130 billion at business, the corporate largesse is dripping all over the big end of town. Even highly profitable $8 billion property developers such as Mirvac are rolling in the free money, yet when it comes to Virgin Australia they are being all punctilious about “letting the market sort it out”. Michael West reports on the future of Virgin.


Government opens door to paying for cleaner coal and gas with climate funds 

Agreeing in principle to the findings of a review of its $2 billion Climate Solutions Fund, the Coalition says its two agencies should support key technologies.

Bit of a joke not committed to decarbonizing at all even what was once "clean coal" is now only "cleaner". They were previously sprung when it turned out the best technologies were only producing coal less than 10% cleaner. The LNP is far from committed to increasing jobs and real clean energy by transitioning away from fossil fuels. The support for these "technologies" is simply a delaying tactic they themselves know won't work and is a compromise in the face of massive divestment from fossil fuels. Strange their traditional user-pay demands aren't being applied here with their avoidance of a carbon tax a much clearer and simpler solution.




When we had drought, the ABC blamed climate change: "Australia's drought crisis... How climate change is affecting what we grow and eat." Now that we have bumper snow, the ABC says it's just weather: "Snow season forecast to be a bumper after drought factors turn... El NiƱo is the biggest driver of drought for eastern Australia."
3m ago 
 The ABC is REPORTING while Andrew Bolt is PREACHING two significantly different agendas. Bolt's, is in fact, doing all the "blaming" and it's of the ABC and journalism and not Global Warming at all. When global science has stated that the planet will experience increasing extremes of weather and it has and is continuing to do so Andrew Bolt is back to spinning like a whirling Dervish pointing to all the backyard media statements that don't report on the local weather and local events that literally have nothing to do with global science in order not to prove the science wrong but to confuse the issue. It's snow dump at the moment You see Bolt's science isn't a matter of probabilities has to be exact and have had to predict that snow dump. Science hasn't proved smoking causes cancer or carbon emissions are even directly connected to the warming of the planet. Science hasn't shown that Covid-19 is a pandemic more dangerous than the common cold. Bolt is neither a sceptic or a critical journalist he's simply a contrarian working for a corporation that hasn't any National Interest other than to profit and it's shareholders and it never made a cent or paid taxes in Australia. Far from even dreaming of profit here, it's been minimizing its losses here not for any monetary gain but power.

However, we have seen record-breaking warming of the planet along with the record-breaking CO2 emissions but Bolt demands for the impossible exactness of science nothing less so any reporting of experts needs to be held to account. Even if we have seen an increase in EXTREME weather floods and hurricanes droughts and fires the science isn't exact and is therefore wrong. Even if we have seen Insurance company and Government policies change declaring areas no longer insurable and watched Morrison make us all pay for the rising costs to temper the political fall out if he didn't according to Bolt he's wrong too because it's an admission that humans have affected climate.  ABC is the wrongest dude in town wronger than Leroy Brown. Simply because it's prevented, News Corp, to control the IPA's political narrative the financial interests of it's members.
 The ABC's efforts at journalistic integrity and trying to make sense of what all the experts are saying rather than preaching an agenda has it running rings around Bolt and showing up Murdoch media for what it is a persuader in plain sight. Bolt's a lazy writer who we see following the American Fox media line and currently backing away from supporting Trump's farcical approaches to Covid-19 because the world is united. Bolt's lazy journalism has him dancing with the Fox and what would he do without the ABC? Lost simply printing the global Murdoch message.
The LNP today backed off any Direct Action on decarbonizing Australia by not introducing the easiest method a carbon tax or user-pays system of penalties for CO2 emissions. Rather they are going to fund "New Technologies" like "Clean Coal" which has now been flipped from the impossible to "Cleaner Coal". However, unfortunately, there really is no such thing unless it were a diamond. However, they are going to go on the hunt for Puff that magic dragon along with Carbon Capture programs. Yes, they are encouraging the huckster line-up for money and anyone who can promise they can build the most convincing perpetual motion machine or turn lead into gold.  We know now they have no interest in funding the cleanest energy programs using the free-est of resources of wind, sun and sea or really creating any new jobs or industries which we now know work. They'd rather chase things that might attract not even votes as much as attracting and retaining their donors who when they say "jump" the response is "how high"?


China bans our barley. Let's now ban its solar panels. Reverse this decision not to punish China: "[The] Anti-Dumping Commission... found that PV modules or panels exported from China ...  were sold in Australia at dumped prices... [but] injury to Australian industry from these actions was negligible." Banning panels has other benefits, of course,
31m ago 
The Chinese solar panel industries would be crippled Ouch!! Is it any wonder Bolt rarely comments on economics. Is Bolt promising any evidence?


Fox's Neil Cavuto goes all CNN on Trump taking a drug to prevent COVID-19: "Cavuto challenged Trump’s new declaration that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine... 'This will kill you.'" Someone tell Cavuto about this Australian trial on 2250 medical professionals: "Evidence is emerging that the drug hydroxychloroquine...  could prevent COVID-19."
1h ago 
Evidence isn't just emerging Trump has discovered it already along with shares he has in companies that produce it some not even American. Yet the FDA in America strongly warns against using this "not fit for purpose drug". However, Bolt's encouraging us to use it which sounds criminally irresponsible. Peter Foster was jailed for far less selling tea as a diet product. Where and what is the Australian Press Council doing in turning a blind eye to this criminal idiocy.

 Only "HOPE" which Bolt has irresponsibly turned into "emerging evidence" when 2250 medical professionals haven't as yet been found and research hasn't begun. So there is no "emerging evidence" other than hydroxychloroquine doesn't help the sick
 Key Points
  • There are hopes hydroxychloroquine, commonly used to treat lupus and malaria, could be useful in the fight against COVID-19
  • Recent research has cast doubt on its effectiveness in treating sick patients
  • Researchers hope this study will shed light on how well it works to prevent people contracting the virus