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Andrew Bolt's Bolg,18/4/19; IPA raises it's Medusa's Head; Nauru signed a Pact with the Devil a deathbed Confession; Demolition of 800 year old sacred tree;

I'm tempted to drop publicising Bolt since he's become PAYWALL for everyone else at News Corp. He's been reduced to his correct position of cadet reporter Jimmy Olsen and runner. He does, however, provide a focus on a variety of topics and shows just how emotionally and irrationally conservatives think. They tend to be spoilt children crying fire should anyone suggest they need to share their privileges, power and toys rather than hoard them. He's not really required now but then never was but is even less needed by News Corp it seems. (ODT)

The IPA has called on Coalition candidates to support its manifesto, urging the sale of the ABC.

Australia votes

Coalition MPs urged to sell the ABC and support a flat tax in IPA call


Image may contain: text

Coalition candidates are being urged to endorse a conservative manifesto that also includes pulling out of the Paris climate agreement and scrapping the Fair Work Act
The real financial branch of the Liberal Party the IPA is now showing it's true mettle and teeth. However, will anybody actually take up that promise I hope they do because they will go down like lead zeppelins in the poll? This is Murdoch's voice and, rest assured, you will hear it in the future. Keep the parts of the ABC that politics has no real interest in but get rid of the News and Information that holds back the vandals from rorting and pillaging the country and turning ordinary Australians into slaves. Has Morrison got the balls no that's why Caesar Abbott wants to come back on the shoulders of the IPA? Will, it's parliamentary members arguing about selling off the ABC we can only hope so.

Final days: Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido on The Project.

'Deal with the devil': Former Nauru president's deathbed confession

An emotional Sprent Dabwido bared his soul for the world to see, saying he felt responsible for the deaths of asylum seekers.
The result of the Coalition's opposition to the Malaysia solution  Nauru became a political alternative which the LNP and News Corp sold us as a holiday resort. Chris Kenny said it was a holiday camp whereas the ex- Nauru President described much to his regret a pact with the devil. Why does Andrew Bolt support these descriptions? Why does he tell us he'd be happy to take his family for a holiday to Fukushima and Chernobyl but can't because of time constraints only. Why are these News Corp morons just what they are morons?

Culture and it's beginnings$zoom_1.144%2C$multiply_1%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_0/t_crop_custom/w_1024/q_86%2Cf_auto/433338c12115953d6d377d2acd2e727992e3ea24 

The incident is not the first time the university’s Liberal club has come under the spotlight.
Last year, another senior club official also found himself the subject of an intervention order by a female factional rival. In 2014, leaked Facebook posts from members described women as "sluts", Muslims as "degenerates" and described all feminists as "ugly."
But the timing of the latest stoush - days into a federal election campaign - is likely to be sensitive for a party that has previously been criticised for being out of touch, or for having problems with women.
Melbourne University's Liberal alumni include federal senator Scott Ryan, retiring federal MP Kelly O'Dwyer, and Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O'Brien.

 Young Liberal Instagram 'rich kid' questioned by police after altercation


 Oh Dear, Hear Andrew Bolt repeating himself on the Bolt Report while reading an autocue. It's an echo of what he said two days ago to which replies were already posted. Of course, it's little more than a PAYWALL advertising his show on his blog site. He lives in a closet he calls his Australia is an Indigenous Australian who claims we need do nothing know nothing see nothing outside of our wardrobe. There is no such thing as the planet for which we need to be responsible.
However he continually writes about how the planet outside our closet is falling apart Refugees are invading the EU, Muslims are running rampant in the UK Black racism is out of hand in the USA. These are all significant facts for our man Bolt. But Climate Change outside and inside Bolt's Closet Australia is all Fake News.



"It was a culture being torched, just when the anxious West — from Finland to Australia — feels its civilisation is being thrown on to the fire."
Nevertheless, the truth is Bolt would happily put a bulldozer through this tree if it were standing in his way between himself and a $1. How much is he donating to the restoration of Notre-Dame?

 Demolition of 800-year-old sacred trees compared to Notre-Dame fire | NITV


Video Video interview from The Bolt Report: Peter Ridd, unlawfully sacked by James Cook University after criticising global warming alarmists, explains why so much of the "science" cannot be trusted.


Rudd, in fact, is not a specialist in the GBR. He's not a scientist of note. What has been noted that is that his papers have attracted some 3000 reviews not peer compared with over 40000 peer reviews on real research done on the Barrier Reef. He signed a contract that required him not to put James Cook University into disrepute and abide by academic protocols of his dept which he failed to do. As such he wasn't unlawfully sacked. 
Imagine if an employee on the Bolt Report took over Andrew Bolt's chair at 7pm and was sacked would Bolt be defending his rights so strenuously crowing about what a good commentator he is?
What Bolt fails to tell us here is what the Judge actually said.

“Some have thought that this trial was about freedom of speech and intellectual freedom. Media reports have considered that this trial was about silencing persons with controversial or unpopular views,” Vasta said in his judgement.
“Rather, this trial was purely and simply about the proper construction of a clause in an enterprise agreement.”
 “Dr Ridd was not sacked because of his scientific views. Dr Ridd was never gagged or silenced about his scientific views, a matter which was admitted during the court hearing.”
All this means is that the Physics Professor can stand in the Agora and yell that the earth is flat. The only weight the man carries is that given him by the Clarion of Crap News Corp but none for his content. Ridd's reputation as an academic and scientist remains lowere than a snakes belly. His students should be concerned about what it is he's teaching.


Julia Banks quit the Liberals, trashing it as a party of bullies - but without giving a single example of that alleged bullying. But: "A young female executive assistant working for pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline was paid compensation after making a bullying complaint against former Liberal MP now independent candidate Julia Banks."


So what is Bolt saying here? That Julia Banks knows nothing about bullying? She knows a lot more than Andrew Bolt that's clear. But I'm not about to subscribe to any News Corp story whose primary intention is to bash Julia Banks. Andrew Bolt's been doing it to her while leaving Craig Kelly alone. Put the two cases side by side, and you can clearly judge bullying and actively participating in it.
Bolt's hunt for dirt has been cited in the past that it's a practice of News Corp to have dirt gang look for any information right or wrong to be used against candidates not part of the LNP. The Courier-Mail in Brisbane was caught out doing it and found to be publishing misinformation as news. Why should we believe Bolt's banner isn't doing the same to sell subscriptions while at the same time getting his own personal rocks off bullying Julia Banks.
Bolt, in fact, could be accused of stalking Banks by media given the number of  anti -Banks comments he's made since she left the LNP


Terry McCrann: "Bill Shorten is beginning to look a lot like John Hewson. Indeed arguably, he has already far out-Hewsoned Hewson in not understanding his own policies and how they would directly hit millions of Australians... What Tuesday really revealed is... Shorten is just not leadership material."



McCrann obviously knows very little about Economics but knows a lot about running his mouth off. Australia's foremost Economic research think tank has said the reverse of what McCrann is trying to say. McCrann's opinions really look little more than smoke being blown from his clacker, and if you wanted to light it, it wouldn't burn.  The Bolt should try a little harder referencing if he really wants to sell papers.


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Andrew Bolt's Blog,17/4/19; Bolt best forget about what the Treasury denied; Praising the Fake Speech of a Murdochian; Shh Bolt's the only one here in coal heaven;Bubbles; The fanasy world od Barron Von Trump;



Is Bolt paying or being paid for the advertising being done for his own show? Let's belly laugh "On The Bolt Report on Sky at 7pm:  A priest whose private phone call with Cardinal George Pell was splashed over a newspaper. Who bugged the call, and was this another attempt to poison the public against Pell? "  Bolt
Bolt who works for Murdoch, the owner of the most infamous buggers of phones in British history. We even saw Rupert Murdoch doing the Alan Bond dementia defence back then coupled with the famed Corporal Schulz defence of "I know nothing" defence. He was ready to save his own skin by throwing journalists and even his own son James under the bus if needed. Now, here is his Aussie lackey complaining about being bugged. Yet, he hasn't dared point the finger at anyone just making a noise. This sounds very much like a Murdochian False Flag.

Bolt's once Paywalled Podcast took off like the Israeli Rocket to the moon it crashed. But will it be re-built?

The Andrew Bolt Podcast

The Andrew Bolt Podcastaccount_boxAndrew BoltlabelNews & PoliticsThe official podcast of Herald Sun columnist and TV presenter Andrew BoltSubscribe via RSS


VIDEO: OOPS When Labor is lifting taxes by $387 billion, it's hard for its leader to keep track of them all. Bill Shorten yesterday: "We have no plans to introduce any new taxes on superannuation." In fact: "Labor’s proposed changes to super include: abolishing catch-up contributions for 230,000 workers... and reducing the non-concessional contribution cap."



Typical of Bolt referring to the taxes that Frydenberg swore were costed by Treasury and Treasury declared they weren't. Bolt's effort to take readers down the yellow brick road paved with Murdochian BS. Above is the long term tax costing differences between the two parties that Bolt doesn't want you to know about and the Coal-ition is now silent. That $387 billion was put in a Morrison bubble but not it seems a Bolt one. Treasury denied costing the ALP's tax plans.
So if the whole tax plan was a Frydenberger, one that can't be bought anywhere, why is this small aspect $34 billion worth believing? Did Terry Mc Crann cost it? The great diversion: election arguments about tax




Bolt's an obedient pup cheering "another threat to Western Civilisation as we know it" The waking of good Liberals and Bad in America might confuse Australians because we have lived with the divide for 6 years.
The long-winded speech by Fox Corp CEO in Aus is being sold of course as the only stable force of truth in the English speaking world. However in Australia, and the obfuscation isn't cleared by the clumsy term " illiberal liberals" supposed to mean the "left". Because in Australia that truth remains clear. We have been made aware of the divide between good and bad Liberals for 6 years. We prefer to call them conservatives extreme and moderate and the tail, the bad extremes, have never let the good moderates govern. Apart from the fact neither even if united could. As for Journalism that too has been clear in the MSM battling to be believed with the ABC the most. As for the generation divide, one only wonders were Bolt's kids just brought up trained but never respected for their own opinions?



 "the cost of his vast global warming scheme to slash emissions by 45 per cent. Nor will he say what his scheme will do to cut the temperature. What a fraud:" Bolt
The rest of the world has entered heaven, and their guide leads them to a fence to listen to Andrew Bolt raving to a small group. The guide says shhh! "That's Andrew Bolt and climate change deniers, and they think they're the only one in here."
Bolt's questions are ridiculous on several levels 1) Bill doesn't need to answer Bolt's issue of the "cost of Labour's vast global warming scheme" because he doesn't have one. He as a scheme that contributes to the "world's vast global warming scheme" that shows we are part of a combined effort and team and not entirely as selfish as Boltsters.
2) Bill and Australians as in Warringah know Bolt's question is idiotic as when what can Australia do to cut global emissions won't see the results or profit for decades to come. The fact is Labour, Australia's most prominent corporations, investors and the finance sector are all behind an ETS of some sort an Emissions Trading Scheme which Abbott once turned his back on and now, strangely enough, says he was never a denier. Yet this man walked the globe to find denier group conferences, he could address.
The transition to renewables isn't "a cost" its an "investment" in progress and the bulk of which will be funded privately, as will electric cars the Labour government will do more to assist in that progressive change than the Liberals and certainly more than Boltster thinkers. It's why Bolt's question is that of a coal freak in heaven who is trying to convince Australians are the only ones already there. It's so Trump, so self-interested, so hip pocket so "me' and not 'we'. His irrationality appeal to emotion rather than reason makes it impossible for him to see the nose in front of his face. Shhh, Andrew Bolt also thinks he's an Indigenous Australian.
Climate Change: Experts find 'integrity issues' with Coalition's direct action policy


VIDEOS Curious. As I said in my editorial last night, it was Jonathan Lea of Channel 10 who demanded - without luck - that Bill Shorten tell us the price of Labor's vast global warming policy. But to  Peter van Onselen, political editor of this same Channel 10,  the question was asked by some "travelling journalists".



What are we meant to do with that? Bolt has all but forgotten Tony Abbott's switch to supporting the LNP policy that both once denied was really useless crap. Australia according to them is a stand-alone nation that shouldn't be influenced by the wider world no need to even report about it. I don't think that stupidity is overlooked by telling us "I knew the name of the Ch10 journo ya di da da". It does, however, show the level Bolt operates on.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the campaign trail.

Scott Morrison is forever blowing bubbles ... but bubbles tend to pop

PM has taken to sealing off unpalatable questions inside bubbles. But there's an old song about the sad end to bubbles.

Bubbles like on water matters are convenient ways of ducking the question. How many bubbles can Morrison create? (ODT)

US President Donald Trump's suggestion of using flying water tankers to put out the fire has been panned.

France pans Trump's 'flying water tankers' suggestion

The French agency in charge of emergency management has shot down President Donald Trump's suggestion.
 The French agency in charge of emergency management has shot down US President Donald Trump's suggestion that "flying water tankers" could help put out the blaze at Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, noting that water-bombing could cause the entire building to collapse.
  A man who never knows when to... One Billionaire has pledged 100 million Euros maybe it's an opportunity for Trump to bargain for the naming rights.

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Andrew Bolt's Blog,16/4/19; Bolt's at the forefront of protecting Tony Abbott again; Pell and the Freedom of Press; Amanda don't touch anything it's all ok;


Zali Steggall calls on Tony Abbott to set standards after release of 'sexualised' video

The video, released on Sunday evening, shows the caped conservative crusader 'Captain GetUp!' gyrating and rubbing himself on face of independent candidate.
Captain Get Up reminding us of what TonyAbbott was like when he started in politics touching the arse of opposition women while they delivered speeches. Punching walls a thug of the political arts and its all been documented. Captain Get Up the Ronald McDonald of Conservatism loves the Abbott style and is intent on reminding us of it.  What will Bolt have to say about this? Tony's Team loves...... Zali? (ODT)


PAYWALL  ( Spelling Bolt Spelling)

Yet another sensational and sick banner used to sell subs to the Herald Sun. Andrew Bolt has no morals or ethics when it comes to sticking his nose into the private lives of people, but then we know why? TonyAbbott's team created the slimy video seen above so Bolt decided he had to crawl in the mud and do one better. Not just rub his dirty mind over a billboard but dig into the very personal lives of a broken marriage.

“Such a stark and horrific reminder of where extreme ideology hate and divisive speech leads. My deepest condolences to the families. #warringahvotes #auspol,” Ms Steggall wrote at the time.
What is soooo disgusting about Zali's tweet and the hashtag that identifies her? It's obvious her ex and his wife are Abbott supporters and have responded. However, what is disgusting is Andrew Bolt using this to advertise the Herald Sun that in 2018 proudly posted nearly 3000 anti-Islamic articles with Andrew Bolt being a front runner in writing them. Since 2013 when Abbott became, PM Islamophobia had risen from 9% to 33% of the Aus pop. Where did that encouragement come from other than Andrew Bolt and his beloved Herald Sun that's disgust. That was Tony Abbott. However, let's not escape the Abbott style of politics its expressed by Captain Get UP.
 Zali Steggall, Indipendant for Warringah speaking to commuters at the bus stop,  Pittwater Rd, Brookvale 14th February 2019 Photo by Louise Kennerley AFRÂ

'We support Zali's campaign': Ex-husband retracts tweets criticising Zali Steggall

The Warringah candidate's ex-husband has distanced himself from tweets calling Ms Steggall 'opportunistic'.


The near-destruction of a link to history and a civilisation under threat. No wonder there's grief: "Speaking just hours after the roof of the 850-year-old building caved in, [President] Macron [said] a national fundraising campaign to restore Notre Dame would be launched, and he called on the world's 'greatest talents' to help."  


Bolt's link the Daily Mail a trash rag the equivalent to the Herald Sun. A church is burning and here's Bolt declaring it's "civilisation under threat". It was a wooden building, and it went up in smoke even the Daily Mail isn't that prophetic. A civilisation under threat is the wholesale bombing and destruction of Gaza with 2 million people in it that's under threat. Nevertheless, Bolt loves to lay the seeds of suspicion not on an individual or a group of individuals but a whole collection identified by their skin colour, religion and DNA. The Bolt should submit himself to a DNA test, and he just might be surprised by the outcome that shows he is an Indigenous Australian. 
Bolt loves to let us know what greatness he's achieved over some 30 years in the media. He can't spell. Why was he so late in missing his promised deadline? No radio, no podcast, no blog, is there a surprise coming let's hope it's natural justice.
" The latest Spectator Australia is out now. Sorry, I'm late in telling you. That's why you should subscribe. Great reading on the election camoaign and on the decline of our military tradition. Here are some excerpts."

Bolt is talking about himself when he talks about the NRL Israel Folau and their sponsors. It's not much different from Sky Bolt and his sponsors. How dare his free speech which we know it's not be interfered with by the financial decisions of outsiders like QANTAS. Bolt seems to be on a downward spiral are his sponsors going elsewhere and if sponsors leave is Sky not allowed to drop him for commercial reasons. Doesn't Sky realise Bolts fans will be hurt? After Christchurch, we have all attended to more closely to those like Bolt who is constantly yelling "fire" in a crowded stadium when there isn't one to the detriment to the majority of the rest. Those that fuel that fire like the ISIS media did. He's gone from 2GB gone from his podcast which he seemed to have started in spite and got no listeners and gone from his blog reduced to being merely an advertiser a Paywall but a costly one. Yes, Bolt isn't talking about Folau but himself. 
He's been closed down, and what's embarrassing he's the puppet whose strings are showing. Nothing about the free speech of journalists charged for revealing Pell, Nothing about much at all for the past 3 weeks. Abbott's jump to warmists ignored his politicking on state issues, not federal ones. Drive-by shootings not by Muslims or Sudanese are therefore ignored only Our bullying Culture as a whole is called to task. Of course, his heroes that aren't' allowed are the usual suspects hidden in this rant Abbott, Dutton, Hanson  Milo etc. There is no reverse bullying Bolt's got the microphone.
As for Folau he was called to attend due process and to explain himself as all players are offered he turned it down Bolt cut that part of the tape out and failed to mention any of that. That Folau seems to have chosen to fall on his sword and not want to be part of the Industry. We can hope Bolt will do the same but he won't for commercial reasons.




"Why is Game of Thrones so hugely popular? One reason: it gives us the heroes we thirst for and which these times do not allow." Bolt
What an absolutely simple and meaningless statement What and where are these "politically correct and homogenised societies? Bolt keeps telling us he an Assimilationist, in other words, is very pro- homogenised societies to his taste. He doesn't have to change others do and others according to him should not be allowed in. The heroes in his story are in fact, fascists.

Multiple trials possible over Pell contempt case

Multiple trials possible over Pell contempt case

Multiple trials involving senior journalists are possible as they face contempt of court charges over stories published after Cardinal George Pell's conviction
Bolt missing in action again not crying Freedom of Speech the silence of the ham keeps on repeating himself ( ODT)

Amanda Vanstone
Amanda Vanstone

This is precisely why Liberals can't be trusted. Just taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor won't raise the status of the poor that's true charity free or government driven won't change anything and it might hurt a few borderline rich in the process. However, when you analyse the evolution of the wealth and income gaps in our National economic system, it's clear what Amanda Stone promotes as healthy for Australians is clearly broken. Just walk the streets and open your eyes Amanda and see the need. It's been broken for most of this Century. 5% of the total population who have 70% plus of the wealth would hardly be hurt giving others a leg up. No clearing away the obstacles they have a right to.  60 % are burning, and very few of the rest are on an upward path.

 Labor's plan is hardly a revolutionary one but nevertheless a necessary and ethical one. It at least recognises and addresses the bullshit that conservatives have been spinning for as long as we can remember about lifting boats as solving the problem of the increasing wealth and income gaps. Give tax benefits to the rich and things will improve. Well, they haven't. Conservatives Politicians and ex-politicians seem to be trapped in the circle of their own lies that the traditional rich are innovators and creators of our wealth when they are not. All the benefits flowed to the execs and shareholders, not labour or the needy. They are the inheritors of growth, and their wealth has come off the backs of inheritance, investment interest, capital gains a growing populace overlayed with the myth of Meritocracy. In fact, Amanda Australia has become the most debt-ridden nation on the planet, and the wealthy are the only ones creaming the interest for which the poor are paying 22% plus.
Conservatives are stuck they don't even want repairs done to our currently regressive system, and historically they have done everything in their power not to drive progress. However, when a hint of it arrives, it's generally been due to Labor. Then the conservatives claim it as theirs.
 Keating opened up the country but Howard and Costello still today claim it was his doing. Wayne Swann could never have been the Worlds best treasurer. The only party that has made any attempt to move the nation forward for everyone has been the progressives and they have been in the Labor Party.

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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 15/4/19 Where does Bolt retreat to every weekend?; Abbott's Campaigning on State Issues Hiding;


COLUMN: FOLAU FURORE A sport picks a sponsor to help them field their best team. Yet Rugby Australia has picked Qantas, a sponsor which wants Israel Folao dropped for telling gays to repent. That's not a sponsor that's thinking of the fans.

1h Link

PAYWALL ( Spelling Bolt Spelling)

It seems Bolt has turned to become a Dorothy Dixer steering the discussions away from important issues to trivial ones. He hasn't mentioned Abbott's efforts to reframe himself as a concerned warmist or that he seems to be running his campaign on State, not federal issues. Not a word about the Daily Telegraph's loss to Geoffrey Rush or that Board meeting attended to by the Murdochs. No defence of Dutton or the serial shootings going on in Melbourne, not by anyone Bolt can yell "who let them in" at. Even whistleblowers have been put aside. Julian Assange efforts at free speech have been totally ignored. But a Christian rugby player dropped at the behest of the sponsor is a threat to Andrew Bolt and that we should all be interested in is a smokescreen.
I actually believe Bolt is lobbying to bring back the ACL ultra-Christian Right arguments that were done away with in the Marriage Equality referendum when 75% of Australians voted for Equality. Christianity so big in America politics is very much central to Murdochian/Republican politics that we will now see introduced here in the next 6 weeks.
Imagine this might alaso bother Andrew Bolt that he is cut from gigs because his sponsors no longer want anything to do with him. Now that's also on the cards at the moment. Bolt has been lying low. It would be great if it were the case and the reason why in 2019 we have seen less of Bolt. Gone from 2GB and radio, gone from his podcast after 5 weeks and reduced commentary on his blog. It makes one think that Andrew Bolt is losing his commercial heft. Let's hope so, and let's hope the Sleeping Giants had some influence in the increasing Silence of the Ham.



Herald Sun it seems has taken up the Christian cause that was left behing with the marriage equality referendum. Could this all be a push for the ACL and the fact our PM is a Pentacostalist and their favorite son Tony Abbott is a staunch Catholic. Will this become an attack on the majority non- Christian Nation by the traditional but minority today? Christians are fast becoming and exclusive bretheren plotting behind closed door to stir the agnostic and atheistic  and multicultural pot.



Labor keeps its 52-48 lead after preferences despite One Nation's fall in the latest Newspoll: "Pauline Hanson’s support has nose­dived, handing Scott Morrison the equal-best primary vote for the Coalition since just after the last election but also strengthening Labor’s lead." Hanson will be my guest on The Bolt Report on Sky at 7pm.

37m LINK


A major effort by Sky after Dark to restore Hanson's stocks. Why else would you have her on the Bolt Report other than let her play the victim.



Bolt's playing that old Cherry just because my father was a Nazi doesn't mean I have to say sorry or do anything even when I inherited his ill-gotten wealth. I wasn't a Colonial, I, wasnt a fascist, I wasn't a Mafia Don so don't touch my inheritance. Your racists if you do and I'm the victim.
"So students who aren’t slave owners must compensate people who aren’t slaves, because of what long-dead people once did to long-dead people." Bolt
History has no relevance to Andrew Bolt. He doesn't want to be tainted with the brush of his Nazi ancestors in Aalsmeer. So it's why he claims he's more Indigenous than Stan Grant and Adam Goodes simply because he's older and history doesn't exist.
Bolt beats up the notion that recognition of the past and reparation means sending the innocent broke. That somehow reparation is new and hasn't been conducted elsewhere. But he's wrong and it's still going on. It's is being conducted as we speak by Germany, Japan, and many other countries. Recognition for wrongs done is sharing the blame the oldest families actually benefiting from the watering down of obligation of a nations humanitarian recognition and reparation. That complication according to Bolt outweighs any need for reparation.
"And, confusingly, they must compensate the American descendants of Africans taken as slaves, when the descendants of Africans whose ancestors weren’t taken are on average much poorer." Bolt
Bolt's argument concentrates on America and Afro Americans not requiring reparation because Africans today are much poorer and any reparation will make all other Americans victims doesn't really gell as it doesn't make all other Americans that much poorer but the nation more united.
Bolt's running this argument in America because he want too much attention to the need for any reparation of any sort to Indigenous Australians.
 He's tried the genetic argument "whose Indigenous anyway"? He's now trying on multiculturalism which he hates as defence against reparation. He's quite the swinger is Andrew Bolt. Australian immigrants are innocent of any past doings. Very rarely does Bolt argue a case for multiculturalism I'm Dutch why should I pay. Unfortunately the Inglorious history and Culture that Bolt generally praises so much today has resulted in oppression of Afro- Americans American Indians and in our case Indigenous Australians for over 200 years and that reperation isn't for acts gone by alone but acts that have continued and been supported by the accptance of current privileged. Rights not offered Institutionally to the Indigenous today. What is the reparation Bolt is against it's not a few beads blankets or $$ or the right of true assimilation on Bolt's terms either but respect for history and the recognition of the a legitimate diversity that is a part of us that Bolt has no time for.

John Lord’s Election Diary No. 2: Morrison plays…

Informed Comment

After six years of governance he and the other prime ministers (Abbott and Turnbull) have harvested little to talk about. In fact, demonstrably the LNP has shown that it inhabits a past where its MPs find it difficult to break out of in order to keep up with the rest of us.
My thought for the day
The exchange and intellectual debate of ideas needs to be re energised, and it is incumbent on everyone to become involved.

Scott Morrison And The Function Stupidity of The…

"Functional stupidity: A general reluctance to self-reflect, question our assumptions, and reason…

point may not be quite so obvious when your subject to the cacophony of the combined Liberal/Murdoch Media choir all singing in unison, though not in tune.

All in all, some of these people are going to be pleasantly surprised that the Labor government isn’t going to be “the end of the world” as Terry McCrann wrote. Literally. That was what he suggested. I often wonder if journalists – and I use the word loosely – in the Murdoch stable have great senses of humour and have bets with themselves to see who can come up with the stupidest article and still get published. Or whether they really would make a less suitable Malcolm Roberts replacement in the Senate than Fraser Anning

Is Captain GetUp a help or a hindrance to Tony Abbott?

Is Captain GetUp a help or a hindrance to Tony Abbott?

He arrived as a superhero to save conservative candidates from GetUp! and its progressive campaigners, but the joke has been on the caped crusader.

 Kim Jong-un gives US until end of 2019 to change ‘posture,’ promises to boost defense 

Kim Jong-un gives the US until end of 2019 to change ‘posture,’ promises to boost defence

What Trump calls a high-quality friendship and we call BS (ODT)
The failed face-to-face talks with President Donald Trump raise a doubt whether the US is really committed to improving relations with North Korea, its leader Kim Jong-un said, while promising to beef up the nation’s defence.
Apr 13, 2019 13:17 

Corbyn would be PM and Labour would overtake Tories if elections were held now – poll

Corbyn would be PM and Labour would overtake Tories if elections were held now – poll

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would become prime minister and his party would take over the House of Commons, dealing a crushing blow to the May government should a snap election be held now. 

We are all Julian Assange
We are all Julian Assange
The arrest of journalist and whistleblower Julian Assange by the Met Police in London marks a shameful day in the annals of British justice. 

Media Condemns Julian Assange For Reckless Exposure Of How They Could Be Spending Their Time

WASHINGTON—In the wake of the WikiLeaks founder’s arrest by British authorities on behalf of the U.S. for charges stemming from the publication of classified military documents in 2010, members of the American media condemned Julian Assange Friday for the reckless exposure of how they could be spending their time. “We…