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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/10/18; Abbott and the Conservatives need far less of a swing against them to be obliterated;

 The person with the most to fear from Wentworth debacle

The person with the most to fear from Wentworth debacle

"swing even as half as big as the one in Wentworth would likely end Tony Abbott's 25-year career in Parliament. "

"These are ominous signs for Abbott's future. The former prime minister played a key role in the demise of Turnbull and has led the charge against any substantial policy to reduce Australia's emissions. Who can forget Abbott once said the science behind climate change was "absolute crap"?
Warringah sits across the other side of Sydney Harbour to Wentworth but has some remarkably similar demographics. While the Liberal Party risks losing Wentworth from what should be a very safe margin of nearly 18 per cent, Abbott holds Warringah by a much smaller 11.1 per cent."
 The Wentworth wipeout


The Liberals may yet win Wentworth: Dave Sharma is winning an astonishing 64 per cent of the postal votes (after preferences), after winning just 48 per cent of votes at the ballot box. This has so far slashed Kerryn Phelps' margin to 884 votes. But it also suggests that the Liberals' last week of campaigning disasters were critical to the result.

 Bolt can only hope. His banner "Shock" is typical Bolt. All style but little analysis or meaning of his own. What there is, taken from Fairfax's Age with a panic coating inserted by Bolt for, style like a cheap suit. The intent is to claim he was right and if the dominoes fell his way to brag incessantly. If wrong buried not mentioned again it's a Bolt method repeated time and time again. It's what has been called loose commentary by wiser men. 
Generally, over the years Bolt's been wrong yet claimed the high ground as he moves on as if nothing happened. This swing against Sharma no matter win or lose has been a disaster and no more so than for Bolt's conservatives and his foremost dog in the forthcoming poll in 2019 Tony Abbott. The referencing of Abbott as Bolt's dog, by the way, was Andrew Bolt's. He used it when Abbott lost his leadership and Turnbull was facing his first election. Bolt said he's lost interest in politics as he hadn't a dog in the race.
Dr Phelps had a lead of 1626 votes in the update posted by the Australian Electoral Commission at 6.45pm on Sunday, securing 37,719 votes in two-party terms compared to 36,093 for Mr Sharma.


Surely the Wentworth disaster will force the Liberals to draw a line. Right through Malcolm Turnbull’s name.  The former prime minister must be damned as a traitor and unwelcome at any Liberal function after what he’s done to them - and not just in Wentworth.


 It seems as if all Liberal leaders die and are placed on the totem pole of shame by Conservatives. Using the laws of cause and effect, however, Dutton, Abbott's puppet tried to roll Turnbull it wasn't the other way round. Here we have Bolt attempting to frame Turnbull for the result in Wentworth. The dominoes fall in an order clearly seen by the electorate and the electorate voted the Liberals out not Turnbull. Bolt's never really been a leader when it comes to either commentary or news he relies on the opposition to cherry pick from and lead his work. In this case it's been the Fairfax Age and more often than not the ABC.

What did I say in my last night's post above? Bolt would choke before saying he was wrong. The "shock" of a near win has been left behind forgotten replaced by " the AEC has updated the count, by my point remains.". Bolt has placed himself as the leader on the media podium above all other commentators.
He ignores the fact that he was wrong. He not only ignores the fact that the defeat was a historic 19% but he ignores the fact that if it had been the "election" not the Liberals would have been gone but all the Conservatives would have been gone.
The postal vote only tells us that those voting from overseas simply don't have a clue as what is happening on the ground here in Australia. It tells us how this country's events media wise go simply  unreported. We are a backwater even in Murdoch's Anglosphere and that Andrew Bolt is a media star only in his own lunch time and hasn't an audience. The sacking of Turnbull has actually saved the Menzie's Party.

 Top Five Ways Trump Enabled MBS Murder of Journalist Khashoggi
In all of this Bolt fails to even mention why the POTUS Donald Trump has declared the Saudi explanations as reasonable that the arms deal struck with the Saudis by the Obama Presidency will remain in place and  how it came to be that Donald Trump, Israel and Putin enabled, set the framework for this gruesome event to take place and lie about it. How is it Bolt always edits the full story and deflects it from the reality of why did the Saudis only now feel so entitled?
FeaturedTop Five Ways Trump Enabled MBS Murder of Journalist Khashoggi
 For Congress,Saudi Arabia’s offing Khashoggi it isn’t Terrorism; Imagine if it were Iran

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/10/18; Tony Abbott's gift to the ALP Bolt predicted a close call; From the Bondi Life Saving Club to the Inercontinental Double Bay;


'Ignore them': Liberal MP issues warning to colleagues who listen to conservative media


Liberal MP Craig Laundy says too many of his own colleagues are listening to right-wing commentators, warning they risk ending up out of step with mainstream Australia.
The high-profile moderate backbencher said the party had been pushed into toppling Malcolm Turnbull by conservative media voices and this trend could become cemented in Liberal Party policies unless MPs started ignoring what he said were fringe views.
He specifically pointed to commentators “dominating The Australian newspaper and Sky [News] after 6pm”.

Bolt's weird isn't he?  He argues like Monty Python's Black Knight that it's no time for compromise after the Wentworth drubbing of a 20+% swing still acting as if it were a message wanting the Conservatives to take over rather than having dug a deeper hole for the party than they already have. No compromise he says but in the same breathe arguing "But even the conservative Liberals face tough questions. Most know how to demand, but not how to persaude."Bolt
 It seems he's a contradiction arguing for a necessary compromise rather than the traditional persuasion by heated threat. What he does reveal is that a new young generation of conservatives will emerge in no short time and will form what won't be the Liberal Party.  However, he doesn't dare reveal its name The IPA Party who have always been the string pullers of the current conservative battlers in the Monkey Pod Room Abbott, Dutton, Corman, Abetz, Andrews and a few others. Bolt is simply calling for the death of the Liberals as we know them with the disenchanted too gutless to split.
Abbott was always there wouldn't leave with a punch drunk mix of political revenge and hope of a comeback sometime after 2025 his faith in miracles over intelligence has never faltered thinking he will still be exonerated in history by continuing to bear his personal cross up his personal Calvary to the sound of electorate booing.
In the meantime Andrew Bolt is pretending to be a moderate commentator gone into hiding saying " some blame this disaster on the Liberals lacking all sense of conviction; others on the Liberals moving too far Right."Bolt
One might ask given his enthusiasm for James Patterson and Tim Wilson is he having his son who it so happens also works for the IPA groomed?

Image result for Image of Tony Abbott and a booing electorate

  Wentworth byelection: Kerryn Phelps kicks Liberals into minority government

  Independent Kerryn Phelps has ended the Liberal Party's dominance in the blue-ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth, plunging Prime Minister Scott Morrison into minority government.
The swing against the government was so significant, at least 20 per cent, that within 90 minutes of polls closing it was clear that Liberal candidate Dave Sharma could not win the seat.

Tony Abbott's gift to Labour

  Defeat was 'big price' for leadership coup, Morrison admits

 Liberal Party MPs say their historic Wentworth by-election result is "devastating" and represents the price of a leadership spill, as the blue-ribbon electorate changes for the first time in decades

The strongest Political swing against any government in history and Andrew Bolt called it close!!  Morrison spoke at the Intercontinental in Double Bay and Phelps celebrated at the Bondi Life Saving Club. That says it all Australia.





Friday, 19 October 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/10/18; Noah apologised Bolt never did for laughing at Sudanese women on his son's IPA podcast; Chasing Triggs to her greave;


Andrew Bolt tries to climb the moral high ground only to find, he slides to the lowest of low points. Bolt on an IPA podcast with his son mocked and laughed a the very idea of a South Sudanese beauty contest. The worst of it he dragged his son into his joke. He spent months defending a racist cartoon of Leaks and he of all people takes it upon himself to accuse Trevor Noah of Racism. Noah apologized for his remarks Andrew Bolt would never apologize for his. As for Trump, he does wear his moral bankruptcy on his sleeve and America will punish him for it. 

 Bolt balls out mockers ho, ho. Just take a look at his comments on Trevor Noah above and he's staring at himself in the mirror. The greatest joke of all Bolt claims that he refuses to enter the Wakely Award as if for a second he's be voted a nominee.
I've always said when Bolt has no point to make he tends to elongate his commentaries as if believing his words will actually be read if not his conclusion at least will sink home and people will be conned into believing the rest is evidence of a sort for those that do continue to read they are most likely to be trapped into a hidden PAYWALL or a get out clause at the end of his pretend treatise. 
Bolt somehow tries to convince us that the role of the AHRC is conciliatory to pacify the uproar that occurred between parties when it's not.  It's that of mediation and in the case Bill Leak and the complainant it was a success. The parties could have taken their issues to court. Melissa Dinnison wasn't the only person to bring a complaint against Leak to the AHRC. Further, there is no evidence that it was Triggs who acted as mediator. 
 Bolt has tried to build a mountain out of a molehill that Triggs is compelled in retirement not to socialize with people she'd met previously note how carefully he presumes an association existed while on the job because of a meeting some years after Trigg's retirement. Note how Bolt takes the position of judge and jury when he announces it's "Irrespective of the fact" that evidence is not required to conclude guilt.
 Irrespective of the fact Triggs had left the AHRC by the time she socialised with Dinnison, this buddy-buddy relationship with a complainant and her gratuitous condemnation of Leak’s cartoon simply confirm the longstanding perception of AHRC partisanship.Bolt
We know Bolt prefers the respect put out by Neo-nazi groups and ultra-right-wing groups who support the policies of Zionists wanting to cement the Jewish State of Israel calling for the end of the global diaspora of Jews. Bolt prefers we define ourselves as a White Christian Nation surrounded by coloured by threatening Islamist Nations in the Pacific region. The fact that Israel's strict definition of who it regards as its citizens ought to be applied here in terms of Religion and Color and should be written into our Constitution. The very thought that Bolt regards 'respect' as the opposite of 'surrender' speaks for itself.     

When Bolt can't find the data he's looking for in Australia to prove his Islamophobic hatred he will search the globe. When he can't say Muslim he will say 'mainly' Muslim instead. and like he does with Muslims and Africans here he will fail to show that the majority of crimes committed are by the White  Christians. Bolt's "plague" actually amounted to 120 offences over 7 years and committed by 20 men on 15 girls. One person committed almost 50% of all the offences over that period. 
Bolt claims thousands of victims
"action was not taken due to a range of factors including difficulties in getting the girls to cooperate, a warped belief that they were consenting to what happened to them and misplaced fears over being branded, racist."
Bolt lumps his story in such a way as to suggest that thousands of girls in hundreds of towns were exploited by hundreds of Muslim gangs which is not the case. Some towns like Telford guessed 1000 cases could have occurred over a 40 year period. 
Bolt loves to sensationalize all matters as if they sexual predators were exclusively Muslim as if all Muslims, are recently arrived immigrants and as if the native population were somehow under attack. What happens in the UK as far as Bolt is concerned doesn't just stay in the UK which has a population of X3 times Australia but nevertheless Bolt turns this into a migrant Muslim story for our benefit and the benefit of anti-immigration politics. 


Nikki Haley is the real deal - and the real Indian: "When Haley took the microphone, she joked that the 2017 dinner was hosted by 'boy scout' Rep. Paul Ryan...  'You wanted to spice things up again - you wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test.'" Haley's parents came from India.  


Tongue in cheek Bolt certainly doesn't believe Republicans would choose an Indian as their Presidential nominee. He simply mimics the opportunity to laugh at Elizabeth Warren for the fact that she just might become the Democratic Nominee. America would support Michelle Obama running against Nikki Hailey that would be a one-woman race.


Thursday, 18 October 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/10/18; Magpies : In how many ways can Andrew Bolt reveal his Hypocrisy? ISIS in Syria ;

Magpie on green grass

 If you love feeding magpies, your kindness could be killing them - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


 On any given spring day around Australia you can spot cyclists and pedestrians ducking, weaving and running for cover to avoid swooping magpies.

 Andrew Bolt loves feeding his local Magpies despite this warning. It show the kind of Australian he really is.

Image result for Image of Israel

Bolt has misread the Australian Jewish support for the "right-wing" Zionist influenced policy to move our embassy to Jerusalem and acknowledging it as Israel's capital. News Corp's publicity that Morrison was weak for saying it was just under consideration rather than an actuality has brought a reaction that has in fact angered the Jewish community in Wentworth which was always divided on current Israeli. Furthermore when Goys like Bolt declare what it is they ought to think it goes beyond anger and will result in a protest vote not against Turnbull but against the divisive right-wing of the Liberal Party.
 Bolt fails to recognize we aren't America and never have been and we are Australians first some of who also happen to be Jews. Bolt it seems speaks for nobody other than that minority in the Liberal Party, He is an agnostic, dual passport holder that hates socialism yet dreams of retiring to a much more socialist nation than Australia the Netherlands. He complains incessantly about the country in which he was born Australian Jews don't. Bolt even dreams of a barge in Amsterdam a city double the population of Melbourne with over 50% of who aren't even Dutch and 35% not from a Western Culture. Ten million tourists pass through Amsterdam yearly so much so the AirBnB industry has driven the locals out of its centre. Bolt complains about Melbourne but dreams of the Netherlands how hypocritical is that?
 He says supports Israel but then also dreams of a country noted in history for killing more Jews as a % of its population than even Germany. Neo-Nazis are great supporters of Israel as is Bolt. In America, they are quite open about it and speak of it as the new Final Solution. However, that's America Bolt and not Australia.
 The ALP  is morally and ethically correct in not supporting the shift of our embassy to Jerusalem as it would play into the hands of the Israeli Zionists and international ultra- right wing which in 2018 seems to have found a very strange and threatening bond.


Bolt's links come from Murdoch Media
 ISIS, Israel and US backed rebels have attacked Russian backed Assad forces in Syria with the help of US intel and logistics. One wonders who has been supplying ISIS forces with weapons it certainly hasn't been the Russians.
 Yes it's terrible but not as terrible as the number of Yemenis slaughtered daily with the aid of American logistics and never really mentioned by by Western MSM. Strange that Bolt seems to overlook the fact that indiscriminate numbers of women and children have been killed. However he emphasizes that several numbers of Europeans and US Nationals have been taken hostage, no figures have yet been supplied. Why is it that Putin has been the one to break this news One asks what were these Europeans doing there in the first place? They certainly weren't tourists nor there it seems to assist ISIS
" The area has been under attack by the US-led coalition and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for the last month. But the offensive has been met with heavy resistance from around 5000 ISIS fighters."
It seems Trump had spoken too quickly when he declared the war won against ISIS who are also in Afghanistan giving the Americans a difficult time as well Israel secretly armed and funded 12 Syrian rebel groups, report say  Haaretz Trump hardly seems concerned that the Saudis America's and our allies are torturing and murdering people and are doing it on a wholesale basis. ISIS is using the hostages as bargaining chips for unstated demands which Putin has failed to disclose. "State news agency Tass Wednesday cited an unnamed "diplomatic-military source" as saying the hostages were seized in a raid on a refugee camp and were demanding Syria free IS members.

 The hostages it seems were taken from refugee camps that housed people Andrew Bolt claimed were simply economic refugees that didn't need to be given asylum in the West. So why does he seem so concerned now?

 Islamic State have captured 700 hostages in Syria overnight.

   ISIS murderous history: Terrorist group takes 700 hostages

ON TUESDAY, Donald Trump made a bold declaration, declaring victory. Only two days later, that lie was proven deadly wrong.
That’s what US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday.
But fast forward to today and we hear reports that far from being defeated, Islamic State has this week captured 700 hostages and says it will kill 10 of them a day unless the group’s demands are met.
It’s understood that members of IS attacked a refugee camp last week, leading to the hostages being taken. Among them are Europeans and US citizens.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Andrew Bolt,s Blog; Andrew Bolt abuses our fauna; Repeating Andrew Bolt's repeating his conviction under Section 18 C&D; Murder in Istanbul, Turnbull, Morrison and the LNP let's not mention Abbott;

Magpie on green grass

 If you love feeding magpies, your kindness could be killing them - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


 On any given spring day around Australia you can spot cyclists and pedestrians ducking, weaving and running for cover to avoid swooping magpies.

 Andrew Bolt loves feeding his local Magpies despite this warning. It show the kind of Australian he really is.


Bolt's flipping again just recently he was in full agreement with Pauline Hanson playing the victim crying out it's alright to be white. Bolt cried in pain like the elephant man "I'm white I'm not an animal" and claiming center of the victim-hood stage. We looked and said "we know it's a white world. So WTF are you on about? "
Here he is flipping again and saying Native Americans have stolen his "victim-hood" and Elizabeth Warren wants some of it but doesn't deserve it. Is it the 1% or the 99% that defines Warrens  victim-hood is it her whiteness the 99%. Bolt can never make up his mind and be clear on it. He flips from one to the other form one moment to the next. Word games is his style but they lack meaning.
 Warren however knows who she is and who she identifies with, empathizes with and with whom she doesn't and it's not racist idiots like Andrew Bolt who'd she'd have for breakfast. in any reasoned debate.
Bolt's DNA of which I'm sure he's proud is I understand pure idiot why? Because Bolt actually believes in the DNA test.


Image result for Image of Elizabeth Warren


 Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, a hot contender for the race to become the next president of the United States, claimed to be a Native American and was feted for it. Then she took a DNA test. Uh oh. My column here.


Andrew Bolt the Dutchman was convicted for racial vilification under Section 18 C & D  of the Racial Discrimination Act by Judge Mordecai Bromberg who found Bolt guilty because he was loose with his facts, a liar, a vilifier and simply a sloppy journalist. Bolt distraught immediately declared himself a victim of the left and has tried to have his conviction overturned ever since. The Dutchman, however, has shown his true colours and repeating himself by turning his bile on Senator Elizebeth Warren suggesting she was elected because she claimed to be a Native American. Yesterday this man in suit and tie who preaches respect and manners above all else in debates called the Senator  Pocahontas today Microwatha in attempts to belittle and smear a woman he doesn't know and has had no dealings with and the American public support. Bolt simply became another heckler no different to those white hooded men in the US that also wore suits after slavery was made illegal. Bolt became what he alleges he's not a racial bigot,
Bolt once called a number of Indigenous Australians liars and charlatans because they too had pale skin and they used it for their benefit. Basically, Bolt is using the divide between the US and Australia to run the same argument which simply shows him to be a coward for one and two he's arguing a case for reverse racism benefiting from being a minority but falsely. 
However, Bolt even claims to be Indigenous but is unjustly not recognized for it He also claims to have been educated at Adelaide Uni none of which are true. The man surely has a very twisted mind that if Senator Warren was an Australian citizen and took Bolt back to court he just might be facing a contempt charge and you never know your luck in a just and fair country be made to serve time at the government's pleasure.
Racism isn't defined by biology despite the fact biology has been tried by racists to justify their superior positions. Racism is the structurally systemic pattern of behaviours supported by cultural beliefs that attempt to justify a hierarchy power and privilege and it's historical in nature and flows from the elite wealthy and powerful down in order to not lose any elements of their rights of status  Put simply opportunity is not shared with persons of colour. Racism never flows in the reverse. Hate prejudice and dislike might but that's not racism and Warren identifies with just that. Just as Andrew Bolt identifies by his words and actions with the KKK

Bolt was serious when he claimed to be an Indigenous Australian more so than Stan Grant, Cyril Rioli and Australian of the Year Adam Goodes. However, he's shown no historical evidence for his claim. Senator Warren actually has and it's not a DNA test that Bolt seems to think is central to her argument. It's the furore that Racists have raised in denying her claim that and the problem they face denying it. She has the support and recognition of Native Americans. Native Americans recognize Warren's claim while no Indigenous Australians recognize Bolt's and nor do any other Australians. Bolt seems to feel his argument has some power when it doesn't. It does however in the sense it magnifies him as the racist. It reminds us he was when convicted of vilification previously here in Australia for the same thing. It just makes him out to be the coward he is because he feels throwing the same abuse over the Pacific and feels safe doing it. He's simply an ugly citizen of this country who identifies with being Dutch a far more leftwing socialist nation than even we are. So with all his complaints, he's turned out to be a two-faced hypocrite as well.

It isn't a coincidence that the Saudis paid $100 million to their enablers the US just after Trump was heard stating that Khashoggi was killed by unknown rogue elements of the kingdom. Two weeks out from the 2nd term elections Prince Salam knows he's untouchable. He could quite openly turn and reveal the true extent of the US assistance in the slaughter and famine that is presently going on in Yemen.


South Park takes the Elizabeth Warren DNA test. You, too, can become a celebrity victim with just 1 per cent of some approved minority.


The beginning of the last century medical definitions were used to define race intelligence and justify slavery. Bolt has in his usual fashion flipped the argument to justify his name calling and smearing of Warren. Bolt with some pride tells us he identifies with being Dutch yet no DNA test will prove he is. He flaunts his Dutchness as a celebrity would and somehow lays claim that he is, therefore, more cultured and somehow less of a peasant than ordinary Australians are. He tells us he's been educated at Adelaide University yet he offers no proof and there is more evidence that he was not. He says he has the right to claim he's Indigenous but isn't recognized as one. He claims to be a member of the Australian elite yet he doesn't get much recognition there either. Has Andrew Bolt even been elected by others as part of their peer group? Senator Elizabeth Warren has and is recognized for her achievements DNA or no DNA Andrew Bolt is an example of been recognized for little more than his job at Murdoch media but not much more than that a loner maybe.

 One thing you can be certain of as black is black Bolt stole what he regards as humour from somebody else. Generally, he can be found cracking jokes about the South Sudanese and applauding racist ones about Indigenous Australians.
The longer Bolt's posts are the greater the desperation Bolt sounds like a cult figure on a street corner yelling but not being heard. No more like Jeff Goldblum at the end of the movie The Fly yelling desperate to be heard.

 Is this and Odd Spot or is Bolt suggesting something Islamophobic here? The US was very much into rendition kidnapping innocent people and flying them to various countries to be tortured by western trained inquisitors. Is Bolt suggesting Melbourne is a hub for torture training?

It's true but Bolt masks the historical reasons for doing so. Abbott became PM on the back of Labor's loss the instant he stepped into the position of PM he broke all his electoral promises and wanted the IPA's policies put forward as the government's real platform. The reaction to his first budget and his broken promises drove Abbott into his PM's office and he shut the door so much so his MPs lost all communication with him and they certainly let him know. They voted him out of the leadership and it wasn't by one vote or by accident.
Abbott didn't leave but the broken promises and the skulking behind closed doors continued in the form of sniping and revenge so much so that even his own Liberal members in Warringah took a 30% swipe at him. 
So what's pure and simple Abbott wants the ALP to have the keys at the next election in the hope of regaining the leadership of a party disgraced by the division he's maintained in the Party. Politics is not just a short-term game when the short term was a failure. The IPA  and News Corp aren't there for the short term either but for some inexplicable reason Tony Abbott remains their man but definitely not the public's as will be shown at Wentworth and was shown in Warringah.

 Turnbull isn't dead to the Liberals he was their only hope those dead are the Monkey Pod Room. Those that didn't have Bernardi's guts to leave and were always waiting in the shadows to mutineer. Wentworth will be indicative of the heartfelt reaction against the pathetic moderates who didn't stand up and allowed Turnbull to step down. Turnbull is certainly not dead the smell stench and odour of death is here and it's still ingrained in the very right of the Liberal Party.

Bolt wants  the ALP to be handed the keys now. The time couldn't be quicker for him to see Abbott have yet another go at destroying the Liberal Party. History tells an extremely clear picture of who Tony Abbott is and what he will be remembered for since he was 18 and that's a wrecker. Can anybody remember any singular moments when Abbott was ever regarded as an Australian hero, icon or treasure. He was never in the running for even really being considered a great human. What might be remembered is Murdoch's shonky efforts  to sell him as one and getting caught at the con.