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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog 17/6/18; Straight back to the Furture and Coal for Bolt; No teams for Australia says Dutchman Bolt; You can't be a Black conservative

Image result for Cartoon BP promotes Coal
Andrew Bolt has turned to publicity from the fossil fuel industry itself to prove fossil fuels are the best. His argument is a reminder of when Cobb and Co proved horses remained more popular than cars before macadamized roads were built for cars. The fact is Industry, Finance and Investment sectors of the world Capitalists and Socialists on this planet seem to think otherwise. No matter what is put in the way of Green Energy by the likes of Trump and Pruitt or conservatives like Abbott the drive forward to Green Power has reached the tipping point.
The article if that's what it can be called looks more the size of a banner from a dying Tobacco industry crying out that tobacco is good for health you just don't know yet. The EU is sick to death of irresponsible Fake News and so is Trump it would seem. the difference the Germans hope to legislate against it. Trump is scared of any such legislation as is Bolt as it would decimate Rupert Murdoch's News Corp business model that the news is whatever serves you the best for a dollar. LNP conservatives and the IPA proved they were Trumpsters yesterday when they voted to privatize the ABC except of course for the non-commercial bits.

Internationalism vs Nationalism an argument that can be asked of Andrew Bolt one day he's Australian the next he waxes lyrical and tells us he's Dutch and dreams of retiring on a barge in the Netherlands. Hypocrisy isn't a word in Bolt's lexicon and he's ready to change colour on any other day whenever it suits him.
 He approves of Internationalism when it comes to Multinational Corporations like Murdoch's Media and even stands up for Murdoch the American owning the largest media company in Australia. But he's totally against Multiculturalism it would seem and uses the German world cup team to make his point. Why didn't he do the same to the Australian team because it would probably mean there wouldn't be one if Bolt had his way or a tennis or Olympic team for that matter. Look just how unlucky they were against France and not a word from Bolt. Nor a word from him on the monarchists on any Australian team referring to the Queen as "Your Highness" Who doe Tony Abbott actually represent when he bows before the Queen and the Pope? All Bolt is doing is waving his extreme Nationalism in plain sight but contradicting himself as he does it and to whom his loyalties lie. He bows to Abbott who brought Knights and Dames back and Knighted a Greek Prince he calls his own.

 There is no "we " when Bolt singles out that a "black" politician has crossed the line even when she's conservative, Yet he ignored the times when Tony Abbott dipped into the public purse to go to weddings birthday parties and had to pay some $14K back. The difference is plain to see she's "black" Abbott's not.  Well in most Australian eyes he is more so than Gichuhi.
 Bolt even suggests it's "your " cash as if he doesn't belong here and to tell you the truth he doesn't. There are far more deserving asylum seekers who came by boat that would show greater loyalty to Australia than Andrew Bolt does. You see in Bolt's ideological Thatcherite roots there is no Australia No Society only Andrew  Bolt the individual and those individuals that make up his side on any one day. No principles just whatever it takes to win on the day and that's showing that the country is rotten to the core and only his 10% can fix it. There is no 'we' only 'me' in Bolt's Australia and no blacks on his team even if they are conservatives.

Fear Mongering

 Bolt the paperboy is back with his PAYWALLS to the financially crippled Australian the largest mill-stone in the Murdochian Australian stable. However, you can't even get the chance to check the claims made by this post taken from that most respected UK Rag called the Inquirer because when googled all roads lead back to the Herald Sun. What we have id a bit of fearmongering telling us that we could become like London when in fact the opposite is true here. Bolt has a habit of taking information from the other side of the planet and saying "it too could happen here". Was there a doppelganger Bolt in Sth Africa decrying Australians to be allowed to visit their nation when the axe murderer was recently found guilty not of just murder and being schooled here?
Remember the days when accepting whites from other parts of the world spelt danger it was called Colonialism and they came by boats. Billions of dollars worth of poisons are found daily on Australians and even more, aren't found each day. Poisons that kill hundreds of Australians and the numbers are increasing Crystal Meth, Heroine and other synthetic drugs, and Andrew Bolt does not complain because these aren't brought in by refugees. Isn't it strange that if one refugee is found to be suspected of a crime Andrew Bolt raises Cane but not so Australians of the kind he likes? He posted this and a number of other posts today to show he truly is an ugly Australian with an IQ near zero jumping from the micro suspected acts of individuals to the Macro condemnation of the politics of a whole nation on just a selected allegation.
Trump also regards Kim as a great man and Nth Korea as a great country that the world has overlooked but not so Iran that has no nukes and hasn't fired any. Yet Israel is a top 5 nation in the world that does and keeps it secret assists terrorist and sends agents across borders to assassinate and rendition those it considers it's enemies. There is something strange in Bolt's thinking.
Another PAYWALL. However, the banner says it all and it will be headlines today in all the Murdoch media. The Liberal Council that has no authority over the government voted to sell the ABC but only the "good bits" not the non-commercial bits but SELL them to WHO  one might well ask.Liberal calls to sell ABC nothing but 'pure self-indulgence'

Friday, 15 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 16/6/18; No Bias Found.. But you need to find reluctantly admitting that; Bolt knows how to act when pranked; EU and a vote for Common sense; Universities get rid of Ridd;

"Regarding the overall handling of the email probe itself, Inspector General Michael Horowitz extensively reviewed decisions about whom the FBI and DOJ interviewed, how they sought evidence, how they decided to grant immunity to certain people, and so on. Without endorsing all these choices, he concluded that overall, they were “not unreasonable” and seemed based on investigative judgment calls — not political bias, as President Trump and many on the right have often asserted."

So here is Bolt's lead to his post "I am allergic to conspiracy theories. But the evidence now is overwhelming - thanks in part to the extraordinary  new report by the Department of Justice inspector general - that there is a dangerous bias against Trump in the FBI." Bolt. Straight out of the barrel after 3 weeks away with BS and a lie. The DOJ report clearly stated that the investigation requested by the FBI and Comey himself showed there was No political bias found. Bolt simply uses his old tactic of admitting that no bias was declared only after he's written it up as if there was and even then he fails to admit the truth of the report by the DOJ. Simply batting for a side, not any truth or principle. No mention that James Comey actually requested the DOJ investigation.

 "The IG report clearly states that its investigation “found no evidence that the conclusions by department prosecutors were affected by bias or other improper considerations”; and yet, the president’s sycophants in right-wing media are spinning the report to claim that “anything that Mueller is doing” in his probe of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia “is tainted” by the IG’s findings."
 Bolt makes no mention that Manafort Trump's campaign manager in the 2016 election has had his bail revoked and jailed for witness tampering.
Bolt certainly didn't support the glitter protest he was succumbed to in Lygon st did he wanted them arrested when in fact he was the one who turned violent. I'm sorry women attending an abortion clinic are stressed enough without the type of haranguing we have seen them face by Bolt's peaceful protestors who have been known to kill people. These women don't like Bolt turn on those as viciously as Bolt did and attempt GBH, do they?

Bolt fails to mention that Donald Trump agrees with Europe.

 Bolt doesn't believe there's any difference between Soapbox Corner the MCG, a University and the media like News Corp advertising and selling product called "news" even when only less than 40% of the nation consider they getting what's being advertised is news and not just fanciful "opinion". If he were sold a car without an engine he'd be in court the first to complain about it. What are the chances he allows that verbal freedom and BS to flow freely in his house?
It's about time media like Breitbart, The Herald Sun, Sky News or even the ABC are held to task particularly when they sell a false product as News Corp does on countless occasions and feels justified in doing so. They have simply twisted the English language for a cent's sake.
 We've heard Bolt vilifying the South Sudanese here in Melbourne entertaining himself when mocking and laughing at the idea of a Sudanese Beauty Pageant and doing so sponsored by the IPA not as "comedy" but as pure bile and racism on a podcast with his son James who seemed more embarrassed for what it was his father was on about naturally in conversation.  There is a certain amount of responsibility that has gone missing when a shit show like the Bolt Report presents itself as "debate" but is little more than single-minded propaganda that compares itself with the ABC's The Drum or Q&A. Have you ever heard Bolt calling for the release of Julian?
It's about time we came to our senses instead of allowing ourselves to vanish down the American Fox "News" rabbit hole that will take us to the USA Wonderland of truth which is little more than a chase for a dollar and calling Hollywood and Disney Land essential news.

 The long siege of Julian Assange

When  Gandhi was asked about "Western Civilisation" his response was " that would be a good idea" in much the same way Bolt supports turning University Science Departments into structureless opinion spaces rather than spaces developed with a method of debate in mind. According to Bolt Peter Ridd's public profile and statements about Marine Science at James Cook are in themselves Scientific and as such methodologically correct, unlike the rigorous research that has and continues to be done.
The debate Bolt put's forward about correctness seems to be the neoliberal one that James Cook will suffer for having sacked Peter Ridd who in fact gave science away to focus on politics. One would have thought that James Cook and the ANU were, in fact, upholding the standards of their university's integrity and standards by their rejection of Ridd Lomborg and the Ramsay Foundation. Tony AbbottThe real Peter Ridd Inside the AEF, the climate denial group hosting Tony Abbott as guest speaker | Environment | The Guardian
"Trump gave a free-ranging press conference the likes of which we seldom, if ever, see from a US president." Kenny
 No, Donald Trump exposed himself in front of the media at the Kim Summit. The reason he knew the media by first names and pointed to questions from a very English speaking and respectful media was apparent in that they were White House selected. We didn't hear the normal announcement before a question who they represented only Trump calling out "Is that you John" people on a first name basis.
Bolt's tacking like a drunken sailor here his first post is Germany's want to restrict "Fake News" and praising Trump for restricting American MSM coverage to simply media that Trump likes such as Fox. In the hands of Murdochian's Trump's BS becomes "Kenny makes a great point on Trump's much-mocked communications style:" a smokescreen for "lies".
"I doubt I am alone in thinking there is something refreshing in this, despite the obvious risks." Bolt. Yes you heard it a press conference that was an in-house produced "show" is deemed "refreshing" by Andrew Bolt
 Bolt can't help but reveal himself can he "But, of course, the diversity Guthrie actually wants more is of skin colour and accent. Not opinion." Bolt One only needs to compare his show and The Drum to understand the meaning of the word "diversity" as opposed to the meaning of " Racism" when he opens his mouth.

Rest in Hell


Andrew Bolt honed his 'skills' in journalism as an obit writer because he preferred opinion to fact as it was less demanding. No doubt he enjoyed these tidbits of non paid writings. One wonders why they drew his attention

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,15/6/18; ADF is "scrambling" ; Humour; Climate deniers welcome Tony Abbott yet again while the headlines read the opposite in Antarctica;

Key witness at war crimes probe sent 'mafia-style' threat

Special forces member sent a letter threatening retaliation if he did not recant his testimony, sources say.
  • by Nick McKenzie & Chris Masters

The Defence Force is scrambling to deal with a suspected ''mafia style'' plot by a small number of special forces soldiers to threaten and intimidate witnesses assisting an inquiry into war crimes.
Defence sources have confirmed that a key inquiry witness and member of the Special Air Service Regiment was sent a letter earlier this week threatening retaliation if he did not recant his testimony to an inquiry led by NSW Supreme Court judge Paul Brereton.
The alleged war crimes occurred in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2013, but other instances of less grave suspected misconduct have occurred in Australia or other locations overseas over a longer time frame.

" Andrew Hastie completed selection for the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) in 2010 and was subsequently posted to 1 SAS Squadron in 2012 following completion of his reinforcement training. He deployed with the Australian Special Operations Task Group Rotation XIX in 2013, commanding B Troop who were fighting Taliban in southern Afghanistan." Wikipedia

 New One Nation Induction Booklet Now Comes With Handy Resignation Form – The Shovel


Tony Abbott

 Inside the AEF, the climate denial group hosting Tony Abbott as guest speaker |

The AEF’s YouTube channel has just 11 subscribers and has posted only one video, from December 2016.
In May 2017, the AEF lent its logo to a letter to US President Donald Trump to offer “enthusiastic support” for his commitments to withdraw from the UN Paris climate agreement. But between July 2017 and February 2018, there was virtually nothing posted on its website.
Much of that website, including the “Climate News” section, is content from former Institute of Public Affairs fellow Alan Moran and postings that variously dismiss human-caused climate change and renewable energy, in particular wind power.

Ridd has been a director at the AEF since 2005. That’s a neat segue into the AEF’s history.
In late 2004, the Institute of Public Affairs – by then already pushing out climate science misinformation – held its “Eureka forum” to work out how to push back against “environmental fundamentalism” that, it claimed, was “denying farmers, foresters, fishermen, prospectors, miners, beekeepers, 4WD enthusiasts and others access rights, property rights, water rights”.
 The IPA listed Andrew Bolt as a world expert on Climate Change in Alan Moran's Book of facts trying to promote Climate Change Denial (ODT)

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 14/6/18; Why should we trust Trump given the evidence of his record?

 After What Trump did to Iran and Canada, why Should N Korea trust Talks with Him?

The Iran deal in particular was closely negotiated over the course of years. Iran gave up 90% of its nuclear enrichment program in return for an end to economic sanctions. While the other member states of the UN Security Council did lift UNSC sanctions, the Republican-controlled Congress not only did not lift unilateral US sanctions but actually slapped more on.

Or take Canada. As I wrote on Friday:

Trump also repeatedly insists that the US runs a large trade deficit with Canada, importing more goods from that country than it sells to its northern neighbor. Those in the US who make that argument are typically counting third party goods imported into the US through Canada, which Ottawa considers an unfair accounting. The fact is that the US-Canada trade is almost equal, and if you count both goods and services, it is the US that runs the surplus.
 Israel is certainly nuclear equipped. It's human rights record has been abominable and it has without question supported al Qaeda based and affiliated terrorist groups. Donald Trump has never once questioned his involvement or support of this increasingly oppressive Nation. His acceptance of Nth Korea seems not to be based on any moral grounds but simply pragmatic ones given his hostility to Iran that has denuclerized and hasn't currently the human rights record that Israel and Nth Korea have. The article asks why Nth Korea should trust Trump when the question might well be asked why should anybody trust Trump given his contradictory record. Even Vice President Pence seems to have significant opposite opinions as to what occurred in Singapore and it's consequences for the region in terms of what will occur. According to Pence, the War games are still on. The confusion continues. (ODT)

Trump-Kim summit: Mike Pence contradicted Trump on ... - The Guardian

Trump contradicts US military stance on Korea war games - AP News


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,13/6/18; Back to the future old style propaganda not of Hitler or Stalin not from Germany or Russia but made in the USA; White House Inc;

 Trump, Kim co-star in US-made propaganda film

Simple Old  Style Propaganda Made in the USA backed up by Murdoch Media

  Hannity has attacked Clinton’s 1994 North Korea deal for months. Experts say Trump’s deal -- which Hannity loves -- is even weaker.


For months, Fox News host Sean Hannity has falsely disparaged the Agreed Framework of 1994, a deal brokered under President Bill Clinton to freeze North Korea’s nuclear program, as an example of the U.S. “sucking up and bribing world dictators.” Now, experts are criticizing the terms of President Donald Trump’s agreement with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un for conceding more than the 1994 agreement did and for being weaker on denuclearization. But, as expected, Hannity has been praising Trump and the agreement he signed with Kim, saying their summit “exceeded all … expectations.”
The joint statement that Trump and Kim signed on Tuesday fell short of the U.S. demands going into the summit; the deal does not include standards for complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization as the U.S. hoped, and Trump offered a concession to the North Koreans by suspending U.S. military exercises with South Korea.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump at the White House in June. 

Welcome to White House Inc

 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made over $82m outside White House roles | US news | The Guardian


Condos On The Beach! Trump Makes A Deal, Saves The World


Mr Trump, who was a developer before he became president, focused on one particular economic prospect for North Korea: real estate.
“As an example, they have great beaches,” he said during a news conference after his meeting with Mr Kim. “You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean. I said, ‘Boy, look at that view. Wouldn’t that make a great condo?’”

“You could have the best hotels in the world right there,” Mr Trump continued. “Think of it from a real estate perspective. You have South Korea, you have China and they own the land in the middle. How bad is that, right? It’s great.”


Monday, 11 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's blog, 12/6/18; Tony Abbott's Marionettes, Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free; White collar Crime;

 $500,000 wind farm experts provided no advice in two years  

Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it
You play the guitar on the MTV
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nothin' and chicks for free
Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Lemme tell ya them guys ain't dumb

 Abbott's Culture War set up committees to look good but do nothing. Bribe Universities to take false experts on Board such as Bjorn Lomborg. Who will jump at $4mill, The Ramsay Center bribe at the ANU? Uniforms, Flags, and  Monuments. If this doesn't smell sound and feel like fascism what does? (ODT)

 A $500,000 scientific committee created by the Coalition government to monitor the health effects 
 of wind turbines held one face-to-face meeting in two years, failed to provide any official advice and had its work repeatedly rejected by research journals.

  ANZ cartel case: The art of the flip and why bankers have turned snitch - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

There still remains a huge difference in stealing a Mars bar in the NT  in a suit and tie than in bare feet and a tank top or simply not paying a fine. (ODT)
Prison garb and white collars
In the legal world, it is called "the flip" or "the rollover". And it has become the primary tool in anti-trust and cartel investigations globally.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog 11/6/18; Former Spy Chief to investigate the investigators, Is this the whitewash? Bolt's applied statistics prove an abnormality; Culture Wars of the reactionary right;

  Former spy chief heads new Defence inquiry into 'war crimes'

 One might well ask whether the third investigation commissioned too investigate the other two is intended to be a government whitewash given Irvine was Australia's former spy chief. (ODT)

SASR sources claim the man with the prosthetic leg was machine-gunned by a soldier that, for legal reasons, Fairfax Media will call "Leonidas".
Leonidas is also implicated in the killing of a detainee three years later in September 2012 during a SASR mission in the village of Darwan. Leonidas allegedly kicked handcuffed detainee Ali Jan off the edge of a small cliff, badly injuring his face, according to claims of two Defence Force insiders who witnessed the event.
As the detainee lay injured, hands still bound, the two witnesses say Leonidas was party to the decision among soldiers to “get him out of his misery”. The claims have been backed by the relatives of Ali Jan who were interviewed this week by an Afghan journalist on assignment with Fairfax Media.
Fairfax Media has confirmed the Irvine inquiry was commissioned by army chiefs earlier this year amid concerns raised in leaked defence reports of an entrenched culture of impunity within the nation’s Special Operations Task Group.
It is the third investigation into the special forces to be launched in two years.


 Mormon church 'politically neutral' amid Liberal Party power shift

  These is the exact approach to applied statistics Andrew Bolt loves to use to prove minority groups in Australia don't belong, are dysfunctional, unrepresentative of Australia and demand intervention.  It seems his beloved LNP  and mate Michael Kroger's party has been taken over and infested by such a dysfunctional and extremely unrepresentative minority. An Australian fringe cult unknown to ordinary Aussies.    (ODT)

 The Sunday Age last week revealed that at least 10 of the 78 people elected to the state Liberals’ administrative bodies are Mormons – representing almost 13 per cent of the organisational wing, compared with just 0.3 per cent of Australians who are Mormons.


  ANU's 'Western Civilisation' decision: A reactionary feast for the rabid right


 How Reminiscent is this when Tony Abbott tried a $4,000,000 bribe any Australian university to provide a department for his favourite Climate Change opinionator, Dr Bjorn Lomborg. An academic whose qualifications were sufficiently borderline to question his ability to be a tutor let alone the head of a newly bought department whose ideas Abbott wanted to be taught as an absolute. Lomborg seems to have disappeared off the world map since Tony Abbott's efforts failed to raise him and place him on his anti-climate change pedestal. The Ramsay Center seems exactly the same act of bribery yet again to push yet another relative concept to have Western Civilization position treated as an absolute on the history of civilizations at ANU. Despite the bribe, they declined, preferring their academic integrity instead. (ODT)
The decision has outraged the reactionary right. It is evidently the end of civilisation as former prime ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott know it. They have gone "full mental jacket".
For example, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) pontificated that the ANU had sacrificed Western Civilisation on the "Altar of Leftist Warriors". Crikey's Emily Watkins has set out the details of the many explosions of confected outrage from the rabids. That was written before The Weekend Australian’s front-page article, a two-page "Culture War" special and an editorial, all angrily condemning the decision. Only moderate Liberal, Peter van Onselen, on another opinion page, backed the ANU’s sensible decision.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog.10/6/18; Denials by soldiers turned politicians; What happened in Afghanistan?;

'Blood the rookie': On his first deployment, he was told to execute an elderly, unarmed man 

A Special Air Service Regiment trooper on his first deployment to Afghanistan was pressured to execute an elderly, unarmed detainee by fellow higher-ranking soldiers as part of a "blooding" ritual, according to defence insiders who were witnesses at the scene.
And on the same mission, another man with a prosthetic leg was killed by machine-gun fire. His plastic leg was souvenired and later taken back to SAS headquarters in Perth to be used as a novelty beer drinking vessel.

 Australia's ugly turn in Afghanistan

 As evidence takes shape, obvious questions emerge pointing to command failure. How were these breaches allowed to occur? Who knew, and what was done, or for that matter left undone? The conundrum clearly consumed former Special Operations commander Major-General Jeff Sengelman, whose own questions initiated the inquiry. While some senior comrades won’t thank him, the rank and file should take comfort that the objective is not all about hanging some lowly trooper.

  1.  Afghan villagers allege family members were killed by soldiers

     Three villagers ended up dead after a team of Australian soldiers descended on a small Afghan community. What happened that day is now the subject of a secretive high-level inquiry.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 9/6/18; Buying a job, your way into the slavery of Franchising;


 'You've got to play to the base': Why the ABC is a political football - Politics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

 In other words, for both sides, the ABC has moved from just being a perennial subject of political dissatisfaction to an election issue in its own right.

By contrast to Senator Fifield, who has now lodged his fifth complaint to the ABC in five months, the Government as a whole stays publicly silent about the antics of News Corp, even as ministers and their advisers privately moan about them.

It feeds stories to the News Corp papers in the vain hope it will appease a beast which might otherwise turn against it, or in the deluded view the papers carry an influence in key electorates recent elections suggest is illusory.
There is plenty for anyone to be irritated about at the ABC, just as you can be irritated by the antics of News Corp.
The difference, however, is that the ABC still strives to deliver a diversity of information, analysis and opinion to its audiences.
Not everyone will always like the opinion or the analysis. But if it is informed and informative, it is doing its job.
News Corp has increasingly opted for a marketing strategy that appeals to a narrow political demographic, and one which suits the commercial interests of its owners.
If the ongoing attack on the ABC is indeed driven by market forces, it is time to consider the case that public broadcasting has never been more important as a public good.


 'Inherently unfair': the human misery of franchising

 The inquiry heard a cross-section of witnesses, including lawyers, franchisees and a mediator, all proffering different views. Some believe the sector needs reform, others believe the high-profile scandals - 7-Eleven, Retail Food Group, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Caltex, Mortgage Choice, Foodco and Craveable Brands - are a few bad apples and the code is working well.
Whatever the case, there is an imbalance and under the current system there is little recourse for redress.
Franchising in Australia is big business. There are 1120 franchising outfits and 79,000 franchisees, which is four times as many franchisors per head as in the United States.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's blog, 8/6/18; Why does MSM media simply accept Israel's explanation "we have to kill them"? Tony Abbott's legacy and Fifields response;

His death followed threats from Israel’s internal intelligence agency that he could face assassination, his family said.
Izz al-Din was shot in the neck and left to bleed for half an hour before he was transferred to an Israeli military vehicle, where he was held for another quarter hour before receiving any medical attention, according to prisoners rights group Addameer.
Denying medical treatment to injured Palestinians is a common practice of Israeli occupation forces that has often led to their deaths – and is a war crime if done intentionally.
“We tried to reach the martyr to provide aid,” Muhammad Tamimi, a relative who witnessed the killing, told Quds News Network, “but as soon as we reached him, we were attacked and prevented by Israeli forces.”
“What happened to our son is liquidation in every sense of the word. We witnessed the criminal will of occupation soldiers to deliberately kill him,” his family told Wattan TV.
Local media posted photos and videos of family members and villagers mourning his killing:

Netanyahu excuse" We have to kill them. We have no other choice" and mainstream media doesn't even bother to question that.Netanyahu even goes on to say Hamas wants us to kill unarmed people. So why accomodate them? No proof is ever offered to Hamas forcing Palestinians medics, the press women and children to walk to their death.(ODT)

Why do you have to kill them?' Israeli PM grilled
Ex-leader of Britain's Conservative party put a tough question to Benjamin Netanyahu and he didn't like the answer.
  • by Latika Bourke
  • Why does MSM whitewash these crimes against humanity?



    Want fibre to your home? It'll cost you $1.2m, couple told

    A couple living outside Melbourne, about 7 kilometres from the nearest fibre connection, are told they will have to pay up to $1.2 million to have the NBN's best service connected to their home.

     "The best way to put this is that NBN want you to shut up and live with what you've got. 'Anything but fibre' is the motto. That's how I feel."

     Fifield's response was that "no that's not true".

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,7/6/18; The stupid case of Epistemology and Peter Ridd; The tipping edge;

‘The massive coral bleaching in recent years was no cause for concern, because coral grew back, [Ridd] claimed.’ Bleached coral on the Great Barrier Reef near Port Douglas, February 2017.

  Peter Ridd's sacking pushes the limit of academic freedom | Gay Alcorn | Opinion | The Guardian


I hate to say it because we know what this is really about. The cause of Ridd has been championed by those parts of the media and certain institutes – well, the Institute of Public Affairs – that have done all they humanly can to stop serious action in this country against climate change.
They have no interest in fair-minded coverage of the weight of scientific evidence, now overwhelming, that human action is causing global warming, and that urgent action is required globally to limit its dangerous impacts. Their interest is ideological, with an endearing lack of self-awareness in their charge that the “warmists” are the ideologues. They leap on the 3% or so of scientists who argue their colleagues have got it all wrong and would risk everything on those odds.
So, it is not that these Ridd champions – Andrew Bolt, Terry McCrann, the Australian, which now reports as fact that Ridd is a “marine science whistleblower”– have any inherent concern about academic freedom.
James Cook's actions are premised on the belief that the University is greater than just the individuals within it and unlike Thatcherites Society or the University does exist and it's patterns of behaviour are there to deliver outcomes beneficial to everyone in the excercise and methodology of in this case Marine Science. Science and it's methods of scepticism being the essence.
Ridd however demands a bigger space and the breakdown of the rules of discourse declaring the university as meaningless. As did Thatcher when she said there is no such thing as Society only individuals and the power they and their interest groups can enforce. Ridd refuses to see James Cook as a Collective wants to bring down it's structure and tradition like a house of cards. What's odd is here we have a conservative fighting for academic anarchy and being supported by the right wing traditionalists of the Murdochians media. However James Cook isn't simply soapbox corner nor does it feel the need to be reduced itself or it's reputation to one. So they are assisting Ridd in his right to remove himself and to find a soapbox from which to continue his opinions and be heard. In other words they are did him a favour by sacking him. He has found the forum  or ear of public opinion but that's all (ODT)

 Tipping point': Unilever to run Australian plants on 100% green power


 Consumer goods giant Unilever says it will run its Australian manufacturing plants entirely on clean energy within two years, with the country having passed a "tipping point" where going green is no longer a financial disadvantage

It won't be long before NewsCorp stands a lone voice on fossil fuels and even Andrew Bolt will fall over the tipping edge

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Andrew bolt's blog,6/6/18;They robbed the nation and got away with it; Renewable energy is no longer just a highway to the future but a freeway a cheaper and cleaner one;

Was the CBA really taken to the cleaners with its $700 million money laundering fine? 

 Why is everyone so pleased with the outcome of CBA's breaches of money laundering and counter terrorism laws and what did we learn?

They got away with a fine less than 10% of their profits and the shareholders will pay

Key points:

  • $700m fine mid-table by global standards, but well below record $12bn settlement
  • The agreed statement between AUSTRAC and CBA doesn't point the finger of blame
  • Australia lags the world in extending laws to lawyers, real estate agents, accountants and small business

 The Light of a Thousand Suns:" India has 5 of World's Largest Solar Farms, Plans Huger

 India is not forging ahead on the solar front as fast as China. But in 2017 for the first time more solar capacity was installed than new coal. India intends to have 275 gigawatts of renewable capacity by 2027 and is counting on solar to provide two-thirds of it. This configuration differs from Germany and the US, where wind far outstrips solar progress so far.
But India is innovating by auctioning 2.5 gigawatts of wind-solar hybrid power, combining the two. The advantages of wind-solar are that the installation cost is 15% less than pure solar or pure wind, and they are significantly more efficient together (wind often picks up at night or in cloudier seasons, replacing lost PV generation).
Coal and gas for electricity generation now make up two-thirds of India’s capacity, but in ten years it will fall to only 43%, according to Mercom and the study. "

Why can't Adani sell his brand new state of the art coal-fired Billion dollar power plant that Andrew Bolt claims are in demand in India and is both an economic and social necessity? Adani can't even sell it for his asking price of 0.20 cents because it's simply on its way out before it was completed. The rate of change to renewables is even faster in China and these two nations represent 33%  of the world's population. (ODT)

  Once charged with killing Palestinian teen, two soldiers will likely walk free | +972 Magazine


Murdoch Media

 Greg Sheridan Political Editor for Murdoch's economically bleeding Australian clearly stated his confidence in the Israeli courts and the IDF to be able to carry out objective investigations into the deaths of Palestinians killed by Israel's forces. on Q&A (ODT)

 Israeli soldiers shot 16-year-old Samir Awad eight times in the back, killing him. After a two-year delay, they were finally indicted. Now the prosecution has announced that it is dropping the charges against them.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's blog, 5/6/18; Lawbet is a product when shares in legal cases are offered for sale the clients always pay; The big Con: We the real poor of Australia are being mis represented and misunderstood says Gina; Fifield's attack on the ABC finds an audience reaction that would have him booted from office;


Fifield and the ABC: This attack is not the best form of defence

The attacks on the ABC by Communications Minister Mitch Fifield have irked readers.
Andrew Bolt does the same when he purports to attack the ABC in the name of "fair and objective media commentary. The ABC charter is to provide balanced news coverage and it does its panels are set up in the format of a debate whereas Sky News is set up in the format of promoting a side for the purpose of influence its audience isn't offered any choice.

The law seems in recent times to have found an alternate economic niche in the market. What would appear to be working class or left-wing law once ignored by legal business models? To be labelled a left-wing lawyer was to be seen as a legal aid advocate or poor. It seems that that's not so much any more since the financial structure behind legal cases has changed. It seems to have become an area of investment wagering on contingent cases in which the lawyers no longer put up the bulk of the money and clients forward pay by guaranteeing a substantial portion should they win. Investors do the rest. It Sounds like LAWBET to me where investors can take part for a share. Capitalism is surely an inventive system in taking workers surplus even when disguised as aid.
My daughter couldn't afford a lawyer when injured but she could come up with the premium on an insurance policy that guaranteed the legal fees. She was awarded an $85,000 settlement plus costs in the case and received $50,000 1) shouldn't she have been returned her $2000 and got the full $85,000? After all, she was awarded the costs or 2) was that the investor's profits? 3) The narrative was totally controlled the business model in which justice "seemed" to have been charged. (ODT)

Two multimillion-dollar wage theft group actions will be filed in the Federal Court on Monday on behalf of hundreds of Australian door-to-door and direct sales workers.
The young workers were allegedly paid well below the legal minimum wage for sales and charity fundraising for international direct marketing companies AIDA and Credico.

Gina Rinehart, chair of Hancock Prospecting.

 The big con: how neoliberals convinced us there wasn't enough to go around | Richard Denniss | Australia news | The Guardian

 Like Joe Hockey, Rinehart saw the problem of inequality as having more to do with the character of the poor than with the rules of the game: “If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself – spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time to work.