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Fighting Fake News with Real,17/7/19; You can't get more primative than the frat brat Trump bellowing I'm the victim the victim here; The definition of an uneducated bully wanting to take over the schoolyard un supervised;

Donald Trump called the four congresswomen, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (right), socialists who hate Israel.

Trump has publicly grabbed Lady Liberty by the Pussy and Raped her in front of all Americans and heard some cheer. It could well have been a public lynching to set the divide for 2020 (ODT)

Facing censure, Trump insists there is 'not a racist bone in my body'.

US President Donald Trump has said that his tweets suggesting four Democratic congresswomen of colour return to their countries 'were NOT Racist'.

Trump’s America is a 'white man’s country.'

As a Chief Ratings, Chaser Trump gets what he wants, but ratings simply don't reveal any quality or truth. If ever there was a case to send people to be re-educated, Donald Trump sits at the top of the list.(ODT)

If Donald Trump has a theory of anything, it is a theory of US citizenship. It's simple. If you are white, then regardless of origin, you have a legitimate claim to US citizenship and everything that comes with it. If you are not, then you don't.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks at a news conference with, from left, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. "This is the agenda of white nationalists ... this is his plan to pit us against one another," said Ms Omar.

 "he appealed to fellow Republicans to "not show weakness" and to resist a House resolution condemning his words. 

"I don't have a Racist bone in my body!" Trump exclaimed on Twitter, a day after declaring that "many people agree" with his assessment of the four freshman legislators. "Many" as is Trump's want to talk about only live in his imagination they are never specified. He simply has the ratings and the attention of the world in his version of The Hunger Games.
At the Capitol, there was near-unanimous condemnation from Democrats and a rumble of discontent from a subset of Republicans, but notably not from the party's congressional leaders.

Fundamentally Trump has turned his back on policy debate and turned America into a personal slugging match that he hopes will divide the Union, enable violence and declare a State of Emergency. Trump needs a war and America is to be his battleground. (ODT)

Responding to Uighur criticism, Chinese diplomat trolls the US over race

Since when has "troll" become English for truth? As far as detention is concerned Australia seems to have set the bar as low as it can go since WW2 (ODT)
In a series of tweets that began on Saturday, the deputy chief of mission at the Chinese embassy in Islamabad issued condemnations of the United States' legacy of racism, religious intolerance, gun violence, Internet surveillance, income inequality, the problem of sexual harassment and more.



Remember how Mitt Romney’s dumped his foreign policy spokesman, Richard Grenell?: "Conservatives also expressed alarm over... a campaign aide who is not just gay, but has also publicly endorsed same-sex marriage." So I gag at Romney's sanctimonious attack on Trump: "The President... has a unique and noble calling to unite the American people."Bolt

 Bolt ducks the issue and attacks a Republican simply because he hasn't a leg to stand on. If he claims Trump to be right and not Racist, just a plain speaker, he'll find himself between a rock and a hard place morally. So go for a Republican who hates what Trump represents. No principle offered here Bolt like Trump only ever plays for a side and finds it more comfortable to attack individuals. So much so he isn't really saying anything about what's been happening. The fact is Trump's kneejerk racist rant followed his watching Fox and Friends as he does every morning and they are a Klan of Fox Corp and Trump media. 
 The fact is Trump has little ability to address policy, so like Bolt, he strikes out at the individuals too. However, in doing so, quickly shows his  Racial American Dream, but not The American Dream. Bolt does the same and does it regularly but hasn't an audience or ratings Trump has. So now his blog is just a vehicle to sell subscriptions. ODT)


When will Australia's Left realise that the rulers of Gaza are evil? "We demand lasting justice for Gaza," cries the ACTU, attacking "Israeli military attacks" in self-defence. Kill "every Jew possible", says a senior member of the political bureau of Hamas, rulers of Gaza. 
When will realise all Palestinians aren't Hamas, but Israel treats them as if they were and simply kills maims and injures them at will for simply being Palestinians. The voice of the ACTU realises that, and they aren't advocating death in retaliation as the solution. Why is it though the alt-Right have been far more violent than the Left? Why is it Bolt's employers News Corp allow him to continue enabling defending that violence?
Why is Bolt working for News Corp? He's undoubtedly spent years trying to be Australia's, Moral Master. News Corp and Sky are actually in the business of just that. News Corp pushes Bolt's right to be racist, allowing and supporting his most idiotic racist tropes that he's more indigenous than a majority of Aboriginal Australians. That white Australia is the victim of historical lies. News Corp's directors apparently have the right to sell and promote this bigotry even after the courts have declared Andrew Bolt, a vilifier.
As for businessmen sitting on boards and CEO knowing more than their workers about business Bolt shows himself to even be a greater fool and ignorant. Countries with a far better history in general business and outcomes long ago adopted the German model which necessitates a 50/50 shareholder and worker representation and a 40/60 split, either way, one of men and women rather than the adversarial one we support. Our model seems to always encourage the worst of outcomes for workers. 
So yes, what does make businessmen our economic masters? That's definitely the lack of wanted optics on their part as we have recently been witness to. What's wrong with optics or transparency? News Corp is in the business of trying to change and influence optics but is also not in the business of welcoming any investigation. Whereas retailers know the power of the public opinion and realise if 80% of Australians support a change and don't believe in the LNP IPA and News Corp policies they too are entitled to let their clients know. They don't support the call that the Uluru statement is demanding the 3rd Chamber.


On June 11, the ABC slimed Pauline Hanson. Only on July 11 did the ABC correct it: "On 11 June the presenter of The Drum stated that Pauline Hanson had been convicted and jailed for electoral fraud. The program should have made clear that after an appeal to the Court of Appeal, the conviction was quashed." And see where that correction is buried 

No, they shouldn't she was jailed at the behest of Tony Abbott who worked diligently to ensure that she was. Hanson's whole history wasn't really of any consequence as Tony Abbott's at the time. Bolt doesn't off any context to his trivial pursuit.

What's not sad is that the UK and Boris Johnson have publicly stated they don't adopt the Trump position on Iran. I think that's far more important news than what Bolt's flogging here.


Once whites like me joined blacks in fighting racism. Now we're told to support racism, as it's changed from a tool of oppression to a weapon of advantage. That's the message I get from the ABC's Sami Shah and Labor's Linda Burney, now more influential than millions of poorer whites yet defending race-based welfare. Watch their responses on Q&A. 
When did Bolt join blacks in fighting racism? He's continuously claimed to be a victim of it. When has he been told to support racism? Racism has always been a weapon of disadvantage, and pointing that out with a reason to the fact, politely or with anger, is racist and to deny it is racist. Bolt's argument is fake, and if it's the "message he gets" he is racist and is blind to the nation's history. He's little more than a Klansman with a tin ear.
There has never been a white class in Australia no matter their origin or heritage worse off than and treated more poorly than the Indigenous. If Bolt has other statistics historical and current, he doesn't reveal them.


VIDEO  Yesterday: "People are being urged to dob in racists... Victoria’s discrimination watchdog fears racist behaviour — especially towards people of African background and Muslims — is going unreported." Also yesterday: "[Sudanese Australian] Adau Mornyang...   called another flight attendant 'dumb white trash'." And a VCE paper slimed Israel. 
Let's have  Andrew Bolt charged again and let's see if the businessmen at News Corp protect him with their legal teams. If he loses will they refuse to appeal the decision yet again like they did once before? It's time Bolt was tested for enabling others to hate and violence and being directly racist himself.

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Fighting Fake News with Real, 16/7/19; Trump is certainly a reviled misogynist ,and racist leader of a divided Multicultural Nation.He's divided the planet on every level; Trump's advice to Bolt. If you don't like it here piss off.;

'Horrible & disgusting': Trump digs in amid censure of racist tweets about congresswomen

 "It's important to note that the President's words yday, telling four American Congresswomen of colour 'go back to your own country,' is hallmark language of white supremacists," she wrote. "Trump feels comfortable leading the GOP into outright racism, and that should concern all Americans."
In a flurry of new tweets on Monday, President Donald Trump conveniently omitted one piece of advice from a Republican colleague.
 "Relations between the UK and the US are incredibly important but if you are the leader of great multi-racial, multi-cultural society you simply cannot use that kind of language about sending people back to where they came from," Johnson said. "So it is totally unacceptable."

 White supremacists and right-wing media defend Trump’s racist attack on four members of Congress


A magazine cover featuring a woman wearing a black coat standing with her arms crossed.

Trump accuser E Jean Carroll takes on abusive, powerful men

Twenty-five years after a chance meeting with Donald Trump allegedly ended with her being pinned to a change room wall, E Jean Carroll says it is time to change the culture.

 Image result for Image of Andrew Bolt and egg on his face


Andrew Bolt is the ugly Australian tourist that goes into Temples, Mosques and other peoples holy sites with a frosty in hand a singlet and thongs dressed like a bogan and when questioned also bullshits to those that complain that's ok because he does it at home. Home is his only yardstick and screw everyone else. 
He's the Sheila that goes tits ahoy into a beach hut restaurant in Southern India run by a Muslim family when asked to leave or get dressed tells everyone in earshot that's how she and Australians lunch at home. But Bolt is also Trump the Racist prick the mocks the Sudanese Australian community for having a beauty pageant, and he does it on the IPA's radio with his son dragging them to his standard. Yet like Trump, he somehow makes out he's the victim when it's pointed out he's a Racist 'P---K.


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Fighting Fake News with Real,15/7/19; This is all Murdoch Media's promotion of Fake News nothing real here but Distraction Deflection and Omission; How far will they stoop?;

How far will Murdoch Media stoop for attention, not news or information? Anything to have you subscribe to their rubbish and Andrew Bolt has been reduced to what paper boys once did beg people to buy.

Dangerous Liaisons: Fox News Teams up with Russian Agents to Undermine Democracy

With the revelation this week that Fox News helped Russian intelligence agents spread the vulgar conspiracy theory about Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich’s murder in 2016, we have entered a dark and dangerous place. We're at the point where a major American cable news channel teamed up with forces from a foreign adversary in order to damage a major political party in this country. What do we even call this? Treason? The fifth column inside the United States? We are so far beyond Fox News being a useful platform for Republicans to spread bits of partisan misinformation. We're talking about a huge, powerful media entity that essentially aligns itself with foreign agents to undermine American democracy from within. And no, that's not hyperbole. Those are the established facts, per a Yahoo News investigation.
» article continues...

Rupert Murdoch - Flickr - Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer.jpg

 What Bolt will do for this man


There is a new axis of evil, of authoritarian nations. A startling example: Western nations including Australia protest against China's mass detention of Muslims, but China is backed by autocracies, many Muslim. "Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and UAE, countered China’s criticism by the 22 western nations."  


It seems Murdoch needs a to counterpoint the 100s of thousands of people asylum seekers being arrested and put into concentration camps by Israel, The USA Australia and now supported by Western right-wing Governments. 
 The axis of hate in the West has been the voice of Murdoch media. It's gone much further than just complaints of China re-educating people.  Andrew Bolt has been calling to do just that in multicultural for years. He has been, defending the separation of children from Indigenous Australian families for years and denying they'd ever been stolen and put into schools for not just for re-education but hard labour. He's even called for increased imprisonment of indigenous children and been sympathetic to the conditions and treatment their guards had been put through. Even after a Royal Commission was held, he called it a stitch-up of welfare. Bolt's argued for the deportation of Sudanese, Lebanese and Muslims from Australia and been a loud supporter of the imprisonment of  children on Nauru, 
Having cheered Australia on as the model of how governments need to treat people he calls "illegals" he's now raising Cain about the Chinese for doing what he's always supported. Posturing against them if they have invented something "New" and exceptional. 
Andrew Bolt's own cultural origins his generational roots are Aalsmeer a town famous for separating its citizens in a worse way by sending them to death camps. The Dutch sent 80% of their Jewish citizens to death camps and hid the fact until the truth was revealed to the world in the 1980s. How much fake outrage can be shown by Andrew Bolt when his family knew the truth of Aalsmeer?
   Murdoch media believes taking attention away from the Trump ICE raids is good for the Trump Administration and therefore suitable for their bottom line, so China, not Nth Korea or Israel is the better focus.
If they came by boat seeking asylum they'd be on Manus/ Nauru/or Xmas islands. Australia wants the world to think we are "Humane".

As seen through fencing, migrants—including a young child—stand while being detained by Department of Homeland Security police after crossing to the U.S. side of the U.S.-Mexico border barrier, on June 27, 2019 in El Paso, Texas.

As ICE Raids Begin, Advocates Remind Immigrants That 'You Have Rights'

 The reason Andrew Bolt and the Herald Sun is highlighting China (ODT)

Long-feared ICE raids began quietly over the weekend as the agency moved slowly to lead off what's expected to be several days of actions targeting families as part of President Donald Trump's war on immigrants.  

Plans for the raids were made public on July 11. Reporting from The New York Times revealed the scope of the planned raids—targeting 10 cities and thousands of families—and President Donald Trump, in a tweet, confirmed the operation.

Bolt shows how easy it is to wists words and alter facts. The origins of the word Fascism is Right-Wing, and it was brought to the world's attention by Mussolini to describe something he dreamed of, but yet didn't exist. That was a single right-wing government run in partnership as a privatised Corporate State. Antifa is Left-wing and diametrically opposed to being fascists. In fact, they are what America regards as the extreme Liberal Left a counterpoint to the extreme Conservative Right. Statistics and official records in the USA show since 9/11 1) More violence, deaths and injuries have been caused by the Alt-Right in America than any extreme Left group. 2) That the Alt-Right has been given support and defended by media organisations like Murdoch's that have built a myth, lies and fake news about the left to deflect attention away from a current President that has a history of enabling extreme right groups and their violence. The myth that good and evil exist on both sides and therefore, violence is equal to both when the facts prove the opposite. 
Bolt has been known to praise  Islamic terrorists and complain that Christians ought to have the commitments suicide bombers have. He plainly did that after the Barcelona bombings. Now he's complaining about Antifa, what a hypocrite he is.

Yet another child a 6-year-old attempted suicide, and a young 19-year-old man died while in detention in Australia. Panahi and Andrew Bolt team together to distract the attention away from the death of people while in custody in this country and that nobody really cares. They do, and it's reflected in the lack of attention paid by the biggest Media group in this country and their avoidance to treat it as news.
They are the media group who recently steered attention away from the world's mass shootings of Palestinian women and children by Israeli snipers and the maiming of thousands more withholding of medical assistance for the wounded resulting in forced amputations never publicised. Why were thousands of people injured? It was never really asked or reported because it was more profitable not to broadcast the events to the English speaking world unless they were the voice of the Israel Lobby. Body count 1 to 20,000 Palestinians dead and injured.

This plot twist is not uncommon with Australia’s own “stolen generations”, which schoolchildren are taught was the theft by racist officials of up to 100,000 Aboriginal children.
 Andrew Bolt somehow wants us to believe that these were all a willing case of adoption, and it's what occurred to 100,000s of Indigenous children "willingly". That families voluntarily colluded with State Welfare and the Church to take their children from them. This has been Bolt's desperate myth pedalling Indigenous Australians are liars. That they were abused and molested never really raised by Bolt. That they were lied to and their whereabouts hidden from their families or that they weren't really children taken.
Bolt really doesn't delve into the industry created for profit on the backs of a people who were impoverished by this country's institutions and laws and who remain the worst people treated as a group even today. 
Which community group has access to broadcasting fake news, fake history more so than Andrew Bolt's a convicted vilifier defamer who remains in the employ of the largest media in the country? Meanwhile, real journalists are being threatened by the state for printing real news.

“Some (sceptics) even argue that their free speech is being curtailed because they don’t get equal airtime in debates on (global warming),” jeered Peter van Onselen.
“Never mind that 99 per cent of climate scientists say it’s a genuine phenomenon.”
According to Andrew Bolt, this statement is a lie. If so how is it the majority of time given on the Bolt Report and Sky after Dark is to "sceptics". So that's true. When Climate scientists were surveyed, 97 % were found to support the fact that Climate Change was a genuine phenomenon some 3% doubted it and less than that were deniers.
Those two facts alone should spell the truth.
Bolt declares Climate Science is not a science; it's a religion. Most of the sciences and scientists on the planet think otherwise. Why is it Andrew Bolt chooses non-Climate Scientists, a handful, a minority to run his Climate Change denial arguments for him? He can't find Climate Scientists that support his denialist views. Even Tony Abbot declared Climate Change to be real and Bolt never challenged him. Strange, isn't it? A failed university commentator puts himself up as an expert on a topic he really is incapable of arguing with any reason.
The defence force is even warning us about Climate Change, and Andrew Bolt is a great supporter of this Institution. They are currently advising we need to get involved and do something about Climate Change.  Like Abbott Bolt ignores their call.

Electricity prices on the rise despite reregulation of the market

Do something government has done nothing and is doing nothing

 The Federal Government's "landmark" reregulation of power prices has just come into effect, but will it be effective and who is offering the cheapest deals

Key points:

  • The new Default Market Offer reforms, intended to end the "loyalty tax" in the retail energy market, started on July 1
  • The new DMO operates more as price comparison, rather than a price cap as originally intended
  • Price discounting and competition has slowed recently, with retail power prices rising back to levels seen 12 months ago

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Fighting Fake News with Real, 14/7/19; Why Farmers are missing out it's not Alexandrina it's the drought and speculators hoarding water and milking the Gov; Australians can't close Coal mines;

The consequences of fighting fake news

The consequences of fighting fake news

In an effort to stop the spread of fake news, legitimate stories may be suffering in the process.
 To stem the rising influence of fake news, some countries have made the creation and distribution of deliberately false information a crime.
Singapore is the latest country to have passed a law against fake news, joining others like Germany, Malaysia, France and Russia.
But using the law to fight the wave of fake news may not be the best approach. Human rights activists, legal experts and others fear these laws have the potential to be misused to stifle free speech, or unintentionally block legitimate online posts and websites.

Andrew Bolt has spent years at the forefront of what he seems to be apologising for and questioning on his blog site today in an effort for subs. However, these are only intro's to the articles of others that seem to make out that he was never a leading participant in making sexist and misogynistic calls against our PM Julia Gillard.
Bolt regularly made sarcastic remarks against Gillard and her partner and in some way was always dismissive of women he called "frightbats". Is he really defending himself with these intros? The number of times he dissed Bob Brown over the years suggests he's ironic? Is he saying he, Alan Jones and other douche bag jocks actually add to the public discourse in media when they play the individual so facetiously rather than any principle? It brought to mind when Bolt got his rocks off laughing at the very idea of a Sudanese Beauty Pageant on the IPA's radio podcast with his son.
Bolt has been one of the loudest voices heard using the term "Teen Gangs" exclusively for Sudanese  Australians and regularly ignoring the activities of white Australians misbehaving in public. We should all be suspicious when Andrew Bolt claims what he periodically does is suspiciously"unfair". When it comes to Andrew Bolt Tigers never change their stripes. But then again he's pointing to articles in the Herald Sun not written by him that he's forced to do for News Corp.(ODT)


YES but NO Bolt insisted he was and Indigenous Australian more so than Adam Goodes. Adam Goodes was also declared Australian of the Year. Bolt in fact is none of these and never will be little more than an Australian deplorable. Suggesting Noel Pearson is a contradiction Bolt should look in a mirror and reflect who it is he's looking at.

Just answer the question!

By Ad astra  This piece is short and snappy. I know that, like…

Everyone is buying and selling water, yet farmers say they are the biggest losers

As Australia's competition watchdog prepares to study the Murray-Darling Basin's $2 billion water trade, a trip up the river finds irrigators are worried about the market's "unintended" consequences.

Early this century, laws changed so that water could be traded separately to land.
The result allows anyone — corporate investors, superannuation funds, green groups, even celebrities — to buy and sell water.

"I think it set off with good intentions, but like any market, people work out how to bend the rules to take advantage of a system that was never meant to be like that, and certainly we're seeing that in this market in Victoria," he says.
"My biggest beef by miles is that non-irrigators can buy water and just hoard it, collect it and short the market of it.
 With kelpie Sam at his feet, he says there are issues with a lack of transparency about water trading, and farmers who can't keep up with rules that "change all the time".

"The amount of pressure this year from costs and water availability, just the mental pressure of being under so much pressure for so long, it's really starting to take its toll," Mr Gill says.
In a wet year, dairy farmers can pay as low as $40 per megalitre for water in northern Victoria.
Today, it is more likely to be $600.
During the last drought, it reached $1,100.


Water supplies drying up as drought continues to ravage rural Australia.

Across New South Wales and Queensland's southern downs, country towns are approaching day zero, as water supplies dry up in the drought.

 Andrew Bolt's explanation has always been "there's no drought" there is no Climate Change" and the reason water is so expensive "it's not the market trading and hoarding water" "it's Green policies" Lake Alexandrina the example. The man who lives in Melbourne is telling farmers and townsfolk what their problem is and it's all the fault of environmentalists. If he went to any of these areas preaching this he'd be run out of town tar and feathered on the back of a donkey.(ODT)

Sanctioned water theft

Sanctioned water theft

Miners hold the last lump of coal during a closing ceremony of the last German coal mine Prosper-Haniel in Bottrop, Germany on December 21, 2018.

How Germany closed its coal industry without sacking a single miner

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Fighting Fake News with Real, 13/7/19; Shaming Australia the LNP is doing it in a canter; Dutton charges journalists with crime; Corporate Ethics Australia; Solar powered car; Drugs in America;



 Australia is currently leading the world in diminishing the notion of Asylum, Free Press and Democracy and Climate Change denial. We seem to have become real trend setters in calling for hate-speech to be recognized as free-speech and the only settler nation on the planet that has no recognizable Treaty with it's First Peoples nor even wanting them to have any say or recognition in their treatment other than that appointed by our current Ministers.

The world is watching our government shaming this country but not running it. (ODT)

  1. No-one is above the law, but the rules apply differently to politicians

 Politicians aren't forced to go through the security screening processes to which Parliament House employees are subjected, writes Laura Tingle. But should they be exempt from scrutiny?

 But when politicians start trying to crack down on others in public debates, they should expect some questioning of their own exemptions from some of these rules, and more scrutiny of their potential conflicts of interest. And not just financial conflicts of interest.

This crossover between political and other leaks was on clear display earlier this year when classified briefings were leaked about asylum-seeker medical transfers that attributed views to ASIO about legislation being proposed by crossbench MP Kerryn Phelps.The leak, which was highly politically useful to the government, provoked the ire of ASIO head Duncan Lewis, who said the leak had been highly damaging and unhelpful to his organisation.

 Miraculously, the investigation into that leak was quietly dropped by the Australian Federal Police last month.

Yet Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton — who heads the bureaucracy from which the Medevac documents were leaked — was still at it on Friday, rejecting calls for assurances that journalists subject to AFP raids at the same time would not be charged.

While it's not clear that it is Mr Dutton's call to make about charges, he opined that "nobody is above the law and the police have a job to do under the law".

 Thirteenth toxic chemical dump discovered by drone


Thirteenth toxic chemical dump discovered by drone

The 1.6 million litres of chemicals were hidden in a property leased by Graham Leslie White, who has been linked to the West Footscray chemical fire.

Discover13 hours ago

Dutch Company Reveals An Electric Car That Charges Itself With Sunlight

A Dutch company from Eindhoven has released a prototype car that has already sold 100 orders to be filled in...

"When we win," said the 2020 Democratic candidate, "we won't wait for drug

Because 'Americans Need Relief Now' From 'Insane' Drug Costs, Sanders to Join Diabetics on Trip to Canada for Affordable Insulin

—Sen. Bernie Sanders"Insulin costs over $300 [per vial] in the U.S.," tweeted Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. "In Canada, the same exact drug costs about $30. We can't wait for drug companies to lower prices. Americans need relief now!"

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Fighting Fake News with Real, 12/7/19; Rich are growing richer; Martin Hirst's rebuttal; Morrison's double cross before the start, Househod debt trap;

  1. Rich are getting richer, but stagnating wages mean income inequality is steady

    Well-off Australians are pulling away from the rest of the nation, with wealth inequality rising in recent years. However, income inequality has remained steady as earnings have stagnated.

  1. The UK ambassador's cable leaks appear to be a calculated sting. Who or what was behind it?

    The leaking of Sir Kim Darroch's confidential memos labelling the Trump White House "inept" and "incompetent" saw the highly-experienced ambassador lose his job and strained US-UK diplomatic relations.

I will not let Scott Morrison turn me into a junkie

I will not let Scott Morrison turn me into a junkie

Dr Martin Hirst explains why he is not going to swallow the Government’s opiate for the masses.

Labor senator Patrick Dodson ... warns of the "the failed path of soft reconciliation measures – making white folks feel like they are doing something good for blackfellas and yet doing nothing to heal the nation’s wounds and achieving unity and respect".

Journey from the heart

Treaty when? Dodson warns of betrayal and airbrushing of Indigenous ambition.

Our racism has never been more recognised around the world than it is today. We officially declare we have no White Australia policy, but unofficially it's stronger than ever, and it's enthusiastically broadcast with a tone of hate by Andrew Bolt.  He claims to accept Hassidic Jews that isolate themselves from Australia more than he does this country's first people. He and Hanson claim to be assimilationists but will have nothing to do with the culture that was here first. They truly shame Australia and have nothing good to say about it. 
Bolt an ant- Socialist and dreams of retiring in the Netherlands far more Socialist than Australia. He loves Aalsmeer where his family originated the most famous town for its Nazi sympathisers that treated Jews as Australia once treated Aborigines. Bolt shows the same tendencies toward indigenous Australians as his forefathers and Aalsmeer showed the Jews, of which only 20% were known to have survived. More Dutch Jews were killed during WW2 than the Germans killed German Jews and Andrew Bolt shows that tendencies today and we allow him to openly show them.

Credit card debt is often incurred for items that will depreciate in value, or for experiences which made you feel good at the time.

Climbing debt is hitting household spending: RBA

RBA officials have found a 10 per cent increase in debt. It could reduce household spending by 0.3 per cent
The LNP declare they are better managers by enabling the greatest debt Australia has ever seen? Murdoch media promotes this by their insistence to buy buy and spend while the banks say yes yes, yes. Bank staff are required to hit targets "how much debt have you sold today" is the question faced. Isn't that usuary at 3.55 to 22% -++? A PROMISSORY, note for slavery or indentured Labour?
Black Birding, Australian Mission Stations, Christan Welfare were all once outsourced by Government of the day, given tax-free status, a business incentive to keep  First nation peoples under the thumb. Now it seems the incentive has been given to banks to keep the whole nation at heel with massive personal debt.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Fighting Fake News with Real,11/7/19; Ratings and real Media; Andrew Bolt proves he's not Waleed Aly;

Waleed Aly: From growing up in Vermont to The Project

Waleed Aly: From growing up in Vermont to The Project

Unlike others, Aly is a "real" journalist in the private sector that Australian's respect because he actually considers real data, analyses it. As opposed to being a single-minded one cherry picking data often fake to preach foregone conclusions of the ultra-right. Andrew Bolt is the diametric opposite of what it means to be a "real" journalist who delivers data information and considered opinion. Needless to say, he is obsessed with Dr Waleed Aly and his wife Dr Susan Carland because they culturally remind us of the tolerance of Australia values.

 They are a counterpoint to the intolerance, everything Andrew Bolt stands for and represents. The Aly's, work ethic and history provide meaning to "merit" Bolt only gives meaning to knowing the "right" people. The Alys holiday here in Australia and walk in public view. Bolt doesn't he slinks. Basically, they are central to and proud of a multicultural Australia and wouldn't hesitate being seen in Sydney Rd, Caulfield or Toorak Australia. Bolt regards some areas as no go zones invaded by incompatible religions, cultures. But more to the point ALP sympathisers. It's not for any other reason these Australians sense the hostile negativity and feel Bolt's twisted claims that in the main don't exist. Unlike Bolt, they are here as migrants because they respect Democracy religious freedom and opportunities Bolt wants to deny them. Basically, Bolt is the exception. His foot planted fairly and squarely on the brakes of progress and the effort to improve equality for all Australians That restraint has only been noticeably lifted under the governments of Whitlam and Hawke and stopped under Fraser Howard and Abbott. Those of us who lived through those governments are really the only ones able to speak about how it felt then and how it does today.


Here is Bolt proving himself to be Australia's worst


The Herald Sun's Anthony Galloway, writing on Scott Morrison's plan to divide Australians by race in the constitution, says words that should alarm Liberals: "What Labor people should really grasp about Morrison is his will to achieve things they dearly want as well." I fear Morrison may be another Liberal leader who values Labor applause most.

Ignoring the context of our Colonial history and the plight of Indigenous Australians today because of it Bolt suggests first Australians are and always have had equal opportunities the same that all Australians have today. That to say otherwise is real Black Racism because, for 200 years, opportunities have been there and are equal today. The only thing holding Aboriginals back is themselves and their inferior culture. In fact, Bolt even claims he's more Indigenous than Adam Goodes a greater right to Aboriginality than anyone younger than him today. That alone has made him a self-made laughing stock and idiot out of step with the majority of Australians who see the continuum of our history otherwise. Bolt is as aloof today as was the first white man that stepped of the boat and declared they alone discovered this uninhabited country first.

Bolt ignores the fact that what made him wealthy apart from the woman he married was the fact he inherited the fruits of his family's labour. Could get a mortgage, a job and equal pay. He wasn't banned from entering any place and even if he had been born into poverty being white wouldn't have been removed from his family as were the Indigenous "stolen" from theirs. Only to be abused lied to and treated as lesser beings which Bolt emphatically denies because it can't be seen in any written history of white men. The material wealth of the most impoverished immigrant was ensured the minute they landed in Australia because they were privy to opportunities of work, equal wages property loans and capital gains all of which the indigenous weren't and even the meagre slave offerings they did get called pay were government controlled and even those savings are stolen from them. All facts Bolt selectively removes from his Australian history.

The new Mabo? $190 million stolen wages settlement is unprecedented, but still limited

To say otherwise or acknowledge these facts is simply to be an ALP sympathiser. To disagree with Bolt's denial of racism is to be ALP as if this were the explanation for everything.

Andrew Bolt declares the histories of these two persons are the same; any disadvantage was simply self-inflicted nothing to do with our colonial past that provided equal opportunity to both blacks and whites. The attempted genocide of indigenous Australians was false the intergenerational internalised social psychology merely adherence to an inferior culture that simply could have been solved by removing more children and not less from the families. In fact, according to Bolt, Hanson is more Indigenous simply because he's older. History wiped by Racist idiocy.

Bolts lie Indigenous Australia want a Parliamentary voice they don't they do want an advisory body chosen by them and not an advisor chosen by any minister of the day. There is no demand for the minister even oblige any suggestions put forward. They want racist clauses that already exist in our Constitution removed none of Andrew Bolt admits or agrees to. His demand is NO CHANGE IS NECESSARY, Even acknowledgement of land rights was a step too far.

Currently, there are 500 mining employees listed as working in the ACT where no mining is going on. What would Bolt say to 500 Indigenous Australians employed as lobbyists? He'd welcome it because he knows that's an economic and power impossibility.


So Andrew Bolt goes on to claim Morrison has turned defacto ALP after all ALP aren't real Australians they don't deserve to have any personnel control any of our Institutions the NRL, the ABC etc. Bolt's own brother is the Deputy Secretary of NSW Education he must lean left. Bolt doesn't whinge about Richard. The Liberals it seems won the election but have it seems become centre left rather that pure racist right.

Bolt can't even lie in bed straight let alone tell a story correctly. The ABC program was about the system of deregulation of water licencing previously in place to one that allowed water rights to be bought and sold on the free market has lent itself to rorting by privateers and stealing and preventing runoff into the river system that was once there. Not Bolt's argument that a single policy about Lake Alexandrina is the cause. 
The ABC also pointed out what all water scientists have pointed to and been ignored is there has never actually been a National water audit done, and along with water economists, they have all been ignored. Bolt trivialises the problem of systemic failure on the part of all governments into examining the "free- market " system that was put in place of regulated licencing. Why would he do that? Is it because LNP ministers might be shown to be corrupt and been a party to the flow of money to their foreign donors, mega-Corporations and friends with Cayman Islands bank accounts. Any scrutiny that might expose the reality of the Water Rights marketing system is fraught with danger to the rich and powerful, so it's better to deflect attention to a single policy about Lake Alexandrina and distract attention away. Who better than Murdoch media's Andrew Bolt to do that to try to muddy the issue instead of demanding a National Inquiry. Sanctioned water theft
Sanctioned water theft

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Next, Our Food: Climate Emergency Reducing Crop Yields, Global Food Supplies