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Monday, 20 August 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog. 21/8/18; Anger is just and deserved when Australi's voice is kidnapped; Bolt plays Whack-a-Mole; Abbott's Policy is Abbott First;

Here we have the perfect example of the minority White Nationalist Christian Supremecist doing exactly what Ahmad says is the problem. We allow a minority to voice opinionated ignorance to the majority of Australian society as if their opinions represent us and what's occurring around us. Bolt should be afraid. He doesn't represent anything other than the money and power a juggernaut resource to voice in his case News Corp division. The extreme right is prepared to divide a community of Indigenous, Muslims, Africans, Women and Refugee Migrants who have every reason and right to be angry.
Ahmad is Andrew Bolt a second generation immigrant who Bolt says doesn't belong yet says, he does when he is one too. Bolt, however, wants to plant his foot on Ahmad's head until he says surrender but surrender is the very opposite of what needs to be expressed. Bolt is Blair Cottrel in a suit with access to our, screens, print press, and social media, attempting to drown out the voices that ask us to THINK for a moment but haven't the access to the resources to remind us as constantly, Bolt has. Simply look at what he did to Yassmin Abdel Magied a girl far, far above his intelligence grade. What Bolt's doing is playing a serious game of whack a mole when people like these get a moment to speak up. Look what he's been doing to the African Community in Australia 11 were in fact on the first fleet.  Bolt would never tell you that. Yes, Bolt is speaking from a position of fear and duly deserved.
 He is ignorant of the fact that while he's an elite aspirant and has been all his life it seems the true elites he's speaking for don't regard him as one of them just as they still don't regard the wealthy Jews, or Catholics as really a part of their power club. Is it any wonder that Bolt doesn't Holiday at Portsea or Surfers Palestine he's just a hack.
Speaking of whack a mole Bolt will even wack News Corp's social media site for reporting Ahmad's views
" Why does think this person's view is worth reporting above those of millions of other Australians?"Bolt
Because Bolt he is one of us the millions of Australians that disagree with you. Like Victor Chang's son, he too is telling you to shut up and not Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Curtis Chang’s Son totally disagrees with alt-Right media men like Andrew Bolt  and like Michael Mohommed Ahmad tells him to SHUT UP. (ODT)
 Son of murdered police accountant says the actions of individuals ‘cannot be attributed to an entire group of people’

No supporting links here for Bolt and it seems he really is struggling for something to say." Peter Dutton might be a good replacement to sell Abbott's ideas". Just look at the combined history of buffoonery of both of these men, self-interest has only been their goal and has tripped them up at every turn and the outcome produced chaos for the country. Which then Bolt blames the majority of Australians for their rejection of them what a never-ending circle of excuses they create. The reality of our predicament can be found resting squarely in Abbott's hands even when you look at energy pricing
Tony Abbott is responsible for our high energy prices – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Bolt's showing his misogynistic streak and whacking all the women in the Liberal Party. What's new he has little regard for them. When they do speak up they are quickly labelled "frightbats" when they don't they are a waste of time. It's what we can have expected from him. But is it any wonder given Tony Abbott's and the ultra-conservative attitude as well and what they have had to face at the hands of these alpha men throughout the course of Liberal history. Abbott's attitudes are well documented towards them. Facing the thought of Abbott and the Monkey Pod room back in power is sufficient to show which side they are on. Strange isn't it the women may just yet do what's best for the country.
There are no surprises here other than a party ready to lose. The biggest joke coming from Tony Abbott "loyalty has to be earned and not demanded" He remained hidden while orchestrating this playing Liar's Poker all the way. Are we really heading for Trumpland?

The word on the street

Our reporters in Melbourne have been hitting the streets to find out what the feeling is outside this building. Nathan Stitt spoke to a few people in Hawthorn. 
One called it a disappointment:
"It's very disappointing more than anything. More than anything I think we need stability and confidence, especially for business. That's what the economy is lacking. That's why it's not growing as much as it should."
Another punter said it was all just a waste of time:
"I think it [the spill] was a waste of time to be honest. As long as they've got Tony Abbott in there stirring up it's never going to be a good thing. "
And you, dear blog readers, seem to say the same:
How naive is Dutton? He has been used by Abbott to damage Turnbull and I doubt if Dutton will hold his seat much less ever be a serious contender for leader.
-Peter Monahan
Just get on with running the country and lining your own pockets. Australia has had enough of the internal politics of each party. Sort your houses out and stop being morons.


You ain't got no alibi. Our political editor Andrew Probyn is describing this as an ugly day in Australian politics, despite some within the Government trying to put a positive spin on the leadership spill. 
"A few are saying that we're simply getting on with it and that there was jubilance, which is clearly rubbish. There won't be jubilance.
"There was deep sarcasm in some of the comments coming through.
"These are ugly days. This is an ugly day. It's an horrific result for the Prime Minister against, effectively, an unchaired candidate — someone who is simply presenting himself as the option.
"There's been no campaigning. He hasn't been calling, he's been very careful not to be calling. And indeed, the calls were coming on for people on his behalf."



You ain't got no alibi. Our political editor Andrew Probyn is describing this as an ugly day in Australian politics, despite some within the Government trying to put a positive spin on the leadership spill. 
"A few are saying that we're simply getting on with it and that there was jubilance, which is clearly rubbish. There won't be jubilance.
"There was deep sarcasm in some of the comments coming through.
"These are ugly days. This is an ugly day. It's an horrific result for the Prime Minister against, effectively, an unchaired candidate — someone who is simply presenting himself as the option.
"There's been no campaigning. He hasn't been calling, he's been very careful not to be calling. And indeed, the calls were coming on for people on his behalf."


Column Malcolm Turnbull has “won” today’s leadership vote against Peter Dutton, but it’s a victory that kills him and his tottering government. The Prime Minister ambushed the Home Affairs Minister by calling a surprise vote at today’s meeting of Liberal MPs but still only won narrowly — 48 votes to 35. Result: Turnbull has simply proved he is doomed.  

What is Andrew Bolt actually saying here that we don't already know he's far from insightful just another camp follower of Abbott no more than that he's an employee of Murdoch's and has no free will. Never for a moment has he really considered what was best for the country only what was best for the interest of a minority cabal. Abbott's media drum banger will however be expecting his dog's reward and the rescinding of the RDA and the sections under which he was convicted. Personal or in Australia's interest one might ask?
Should Abbott win the leadership however he won't be taking that proposition to the next election. Nor allowing the banks to have a free reign. He's had his Royal Commission into Trade Unions and Industrial Superfunds which found nothing. Once again Abbott will need a war and will carbon copy what Trump does he's purely remained the least productive PM since John Gorton when it comes to passing bills the work PMs are paid to do. Yet he'd be the highest paid PM in the OECD running one of the smallest countries. He managed to fuck it up the first time despite Bolt banging on calling out "He's changed, He's Changed. HE"S CHANGED". Here he is back with a rush of blood spouting "he's earned loyalty"
Speaking to people in Conservative Hawthorn and other places shows no indication that the political Golum has boosted his stocks.

Tony Abbott vs Peter Dutton: who would be best to sell an Abbott agenda?
Selling a pup or a dead moggy "While he has never been popular, he is a known quantity and the public would understand the natural justice in his return. Voters gave him a landslide victory in 2013 and he is revered by friend and foe alike as an effective campaigner. Abbott would also bring enormous experience to the job."Kenny
Beware of Murdoch Media kidnapping Australia. Kenny is totally contracted to News Corp and Sky. Just another paid assassin.
Waleed is representative of Richmond supporters he was an active member at Richmond Andrew Bolt well does he attend games is he a supporter in name only or part of the community? Would Bolt be welcomed into the club rooms is he wanted? Obviously not! Waleed Aly mixes with and lives life as an Australian. Bolt doesn't he watches, holidays abroad, hates public meetings when he hasn't a performance to do, and claims it's shyness. However, it's fear and well deserved because he remains aloof arrogant on guard and sponsors a platform of hate that deserves and produces anger which then he flips claiming victimhood here in the form of crocodile tears and Richmond.
We live
in a fool's Paradise when liar's poker is the name of the game. It's just another episode of Australian Survivor. We know Tony Abbott is the king of liars playing a game at the cost of a country.
Sky has no defence when it comes to selling Fake News. They even admit they aren't in the News Business but the Peter Foster business of the big con. Thank God for our ABC.
Somehow any surprise Murdoch came to town and we are seeing News Corp singing Sympathy for the Devil. It's as if Murdoch gave Abbott the nod and the amp was turned on. Now MSM because of it's chase for the bottom line is compelled to battle each other for the most striking headlines rather than the most informed.
When Bolt has an impossible time and difficulty in whacking science, business and technology he looks for individuals to whack and then claims they are representative of not rational or reasoned thinking like his based on pure "me" not "we" self-interest. The dominant feature of Bolt's attack is that he rarely turns to the reality of the very market forces he believes in. They have been abandoning his denials in droves and he doesn't single any of them out in case they give a rational response. So Stevie Wonder becomes the target of his bovver boy joke.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/8/18; How many times have we seen this from Bolt to see him shrink? 30 years of News Corp's anti-Australian front pages continue; Repitition isn't work;

Image result for Cartoon of rats taking over a ship


COLUMN Malcolm Turnbull faces the sack as Prime Minister just one week after his Canberra media mates crowed he’d had a “critical” and “decisive” win over predecessor Tony Abbott. Nothing better shows that Turnbull was a fool to listen to these Baghdad Bobs rather than to his party. 


 The Media battle for the headlines hasn't been one over the news or real information at all. We simply see a battle of headlines competing for a $ but not over the news but the sensational. Murdoch's corporate machine, it's business model, is there to install and capture an executive government that will ensure and deliver optimum profitability to itself and it's conservative elite backers. It certainly isn't in the National Interest but only in the interest of that minority reflected in the mindset of organizations such as the IPA. Abbott was their man for that job.
"Tony Abbott says "Emissions targets that made sense three years ago when all countries were supposed to be in Paris and we didn’t need policy change and wouldn’t face economic dislocation do not make sense now. @TurnbullMalcolm take note.
However isn't this too flexible, the very opposite of what he wants to achieve an inflexible position on Climate? Legislation is a very determined "Nope" to any future adjustment not just by Labour but the need of the whole country and the 190 other nations of the world who are moving forward. Abbott blocked and stuffed the NBN, Infrastructure, etc and has had the brakes on the pedal, had the tail of the dog and dragging it back ever since. However, in this case, the dog is, Australia.
Just how many times have we heard Andrew Bolt tell us Tony Abbott has changed and here we have it yet again "he's shelved his leadership ambitions". Yet another promise from the king of broken promises and reported by the king of BS. Abbott has sworn and promised so much that he hasn't even had the time to keep up with the upkeep of his liar's confessional penance. Bolt's an agnostic so he doesn't care about such things and spends his time telling us just how truthful Abbott is on the Bolt Report just as he been doing in the past until it becomes too embarrassing.

Leadership twist: Dutton could be ineligible to sit in Parliament

The explosive report adds a dangerous new dimension to the leadership speculation gripping the Turnbull government.
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton may be ineligible to sit in Parliament due to his family's financial interests in the Commonwealth, according to an explosive report that has added a dangerous new dimension to the leadership speculation gripping the Turnbull government.
Network 10 on Monday night reported Mr Dutton could be in breach of the constitution, which rules ineligible anyone who "has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth".
The question that arises is just how accident prone is Dutton or is that incompetent?

 " Some sources do say there is leadership stirring going on in Liberal ranks. (Certainly, News Corp appears to be helping fuel the situation — it’s a nice irony that a lot of trouble is coming from the Government’s favourite media organisation, not the one it so dislikes, the ABC.)"
What a polite statement this is News Corp has been lobbying against the ALP since Keating lost to Howard. Its single-minded purpose was to run shoulder to shoulder with the most conservative executive powers possible not just in Australia but in the Anglosphere, to support those few with the money, and ensure their influence and power. After all the foundation of their common interest is the very maintenance of money wealth and power and the destruction of any institutions, associations or patterns of behaviour that would minimize it. It's reflected in the support of the chaos we see today in trying to bringing the LNP back into the ultra-conservative fold. It's so obvious when one glances at the history of News Corp's headlines for the past 30 years and it's format of Sky News after dark. It's also why The ABC is so necessary as it's our ABC and it's for EVERYONE

It is not elections that remove leaders any more. It's their own soured colleagues

It is not elections that remove leaders any more. It's their own soured colleagues

They find their dubious powers in ideology and suspicion and personal hatred dressed up as disappointment and, often enough, delivered as blackmail.
 While regular Australians - too many of them suffering their own forms of existential torment - look on with loathing at all the self-indulgent power plays on naked display in Canberra, a single long-term parliamentarian had the dry and knowing wit to expose the ancient nature of regicide.
  • by Tony Wright
 “If the media reports are to be trusted, the changes that are being mooted don’t go to the concerns that I have, and the concerns that I still have are whether our energy policy is necessary, whether it will achieve any effect on climate, and whether the cost will be worth it. Molan
Don't we wish he had those concerns about war and the costs were worth it? He wasn't known as the "butcher of Fallujah for nothing" "It is not conceivable that Molan was unaware of the serious and well-documented accusations of atrocities being committed under his command."Remembering Fallujah: The War Crimes Committed under Command ...
 Molan is also noted for promoting the lies of Britain First as justification for his anti- Islamic sentiments. As if what was posited to have happened in the UK could happen here. The whole event played out like a scene from The Chasers but it was real.

His overall perspective on costs is very strange when it comes to war and global warming but certainly not at all surprising.

Bolts like Abbott repeats the same questions over and over again as if it's now hoping for a result like a clock which gets things right at least once a day. However only if it's synchronized to real time in the first instance and in the case of Bolt synchronicity of reality and opinion rarely occur. It's been a very long time since Bolt got anything right. He just moves on with the Murdoch juggernaut Imagine if a referendum were held today on who should be the leader.


One truth Australia hasn't the technicians to run change or build the infrastructure to bring us into the 21rst Century. How is it India is so far in advance of us and has been for more than 20 years. As for the complaint with regard the ABC Andrew Bolt spends his days as little more than the ABC's biggest complainer. Has anybody on the ABC been convicted of vilification as he was?

 Bolt proves himself to be way ahead of what he declares the younger generation of Australians will be "Opinionated Know -Nothings". Bolt can't distinguish between the Culture of a Nation and it's political structure. China and India's birthrates are determined by their lack of welfare and if as he wishes we cut our welfare systems to the bone the same imbalance would reveal itself here. That wouldn't be due to Culture. There is no evidence that Indians or Chinese migrating to Australia are the largest cohorts seeking abortions.
Bolt simply finds unverified opinions not of the Age's but of others as evidence of the Age's racism shows him to be the ignorant. " Suddenly The Age accepts that immigration doesn't just mean importing people, but their cultures." Bolt
Imagine the number of media racists there are for simply beginning with "Andrew Bolt said"
The reality "“It’s very hard for us to know as professionals whether the practice is widespread. I guess that is concerning and raises it as a possibility, but we don’t have data on how fetal sex information is being used,” Lisa Hui Obstetrician. Bolt seems to want to strictly legislate all aspects of birth.

There is no indication here that Bolt even knows what meaning the Indonesians give to this parade. It's typical of not even wanting to find out but using it for one's own sinister purpose. Bolt is wearing a burqa too but in his case, it's on backwards and covering his brain.



Now Woolworths joins Coles in suffering a backlash to its green gesture politics: "Woolworths has admitted for the first time that the phasing out of single-use plastic bags from its supermarkets, and their replacement with reusable bags, has hurt its sales momentum, adding to the hit suffered by rival Coles."  
Bolt's simply a Paywall Churnalist nothing original. Australians really don't want any solution to the waste and pollution their creating. It seems Bolt is an avid enthusiast of single-use plastic bags and wants as many as he can get what on earth does he use them for he doesn't do the family shopping.
Today a Paywall Churnalist and a know-nothing opinionator it seems in action. 
"Mr Spence refused to comment when contacted today. However, The Australian has established that he has expressed this view privately to some MPs."Australian
Now that's a statement of verified facts if ever there was one no names other than the "Australian says" Does Bolt's banner reflect the reality you be the judge. It's been noted by Donald Trump as FAKE NEWS in this case I'b\d call it Journalistic trickery.


Giving the turmoil in the Turnbull Government, it's clear one word no longer has the meaning once assumed. What does "Delcon" mean now?


Nothing has changed history repeats and Bolt is making the same predictions he made three years ago. Remember when he used to tell us Abbott has changed  Abbott has changed and he shrank into silence.

A polite white supremacist in a suit remains a white supremacist. Just as those against marriage equality remain, bigots, no matter their dress. Simply calling for "a plebiscite" was their excuse for wasting $200 mill on a decision that was known well beforehand a delaying tactic for attention in the hope of gaining a couple of votes. Polls tell us Australians currently don't want any changes to who should be allowed into the country nor the numbers. Business certainly doesn't where would the NBN and Telecom be without the Indian technical know-how or Universities without the students?
Australians want our infrastructure dealt with and attended to urgently not stalled by the progressive political blocking of funds as was the case with the Abbott government as it will continue to be if conservatives do get back into power running and opposition government again.
As for Fraser Anning, he's simply taken on the modus operandi of Hanson, Katter, Palmer and Abbott gain attention more's the pity Ch 7 and Sky put wind in his sails. The term "final solution" in the context Anning was using it was patently clear and meant to be on target. It certainly offended the Jews. Had Mark Riley been Andrew Bolt you would have had Anning being given even more wind in his sails. Guess Anning turned to Riley because Bolt hasn't the audience Riley has.
Bolt lies here yet again it's first on the list because it's "new" not because it's the top rated or downloaded.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog;19/8/18; Who does Andrew Bolt follow for News and Information but Fox; The Black and White of Crime by John Sylvester;

Fox & Friends Proudly Recalls When The U.S. Defeated 'Communist Japan'

Fox & Friends Proudly Recalls When The U.S. Defeated 'Communist Japan'

Andrew Bolt believes in the mass model of uniform educational training and claims that a personalised teaching system as practised in Scandinavian countries only produces expensive "Opinionated Know-Nothings. He's proven to be one of those Opinionated  Know-Nothings himself so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to mass rote cheap training practices.
  Bolt happens to work for Murdoch Media who specialises in employing O K-Ns and tying them to extremely tight editorial contracts. Here is a perfect example of Murdoch Media in action where Trumps favourite morning hosts prove how America is Great. Afterall they defeated Communist Japan in WW2. Andrew Bolt can be seen to parallel the Opinionated Know- Nothings on Fox much of his time.
This is your brain... Yes, this is your brain while watching Fox News, Sky News, and Andrew Bolt. That well known public indigenous Australian intellectual in his own mind that we are expected to appreciate.


Firstly the deaths due to terrorism in the West have never amounted to anything like the deaths resulting in the chase for Bin Laden. The costs involved and still accruing might well have solved Australia's problems. So what is it Bolt even means with a remark like this? "The ABC's "unbiased" Phillip Adams set an astonishing standard for wishing to ignore what doesn't suit: " If Bin Laden were climate change he'd be saying just that "ignore it". Ignoring Bin Laden or sitting down and talking with him might have saved the USA and Australia from the outcome and expense of the now never ending story

  • Bolt's opinion is hidden behind a PAYWALL and obviously isn't his, it's Sunday after all.  However, does it take into account that Osama bin Laden was a friend and ally of the USA his family certainly were close to the Bushes? They were with Bush on 9/11.
    Bolt's denial of Climate Change is fundamentally based on the wasted cost of the combat trying to stop it. To convince us that all alternative energies would cost too much. However not so the money spent in Afghanistan Iraq and Pakistan to date as a result of the chase for Bin Laden since 2001. Apparently, Bot sees that cost as justified. Without counting the costs of American and civilian deaths resulting from the "war against terror" decisions an outcome Bolt deems "right" the financial cost to the American taxpayer has been over $5 Trillion dollars and is still growing.
    What solutions could that amount of money have provided for the American economy or done for Australia's if applied to infrastructure, the NBN, Welfare, Pensions, Health, Housing, Education and the deficit.? Fair enough we didn't spend as much as the Americans but how much has it cost us for not "sitting" down with Osama or ignoring him. It's far more reasonable a consideration than what we have done and are continuing to do year in year out.

    Yes it's certainly PAYWALL day handballing the work to others in the Murdoch Stable 
    Terry McCrann definitely a Know-Nothing Opinionator whose opinion is fundamentally based on calling all experts other than himself  " the various idiots otherwise known as energy experts" What's McCrann's expertise? Is it technology, no! Is it Science, no! Is it accounting, we are told it is, but there's no sign of it here is there? Currently, renewable energy technology has, in fact, progressed so fast that coal isn't the cheapest form of energy available so much so how could it conceivably be in 20 years? We see Indian businessmen, coal kings, like Adani bailing out of it and becoming their countries biggest renewable investors. Shouldn't a reasoned financial expert like McCrann take their thinking into account?  Surely they have the resource to research their risks far more than McCrann has. Has anybody actually taken his advice? They must be the idiots he's referring to.
    The speed and costs of building renewable plants aren't as long as coal plants clean coal is only some 5% cleaner and hardly a revolution. If one can see and not just assume " global transition" is the goal and is occurring Australia would be the idiots sticking with 19th Century technology. So what we see is a failure to communicate because what McCann is offering is little more than abuse and it's coming from less than a minority opinion editorially driven by Murdoch Media.

     John Silvester

     John Sylvester and Waleed Aly are the very reverse of Andrew Bolt and are Opinionated Knowledgeable-Someones. John Sylvester's informed comment on the black and white of crime is worth reading

      Crime gangs: Facts, fiction and furphies

    Yes, there is a sinister group (gang, if you like) well practised in the dark arts of moving quickly on the vulnerable for personal gain. They are the politicians who jumped into this debate with the subtlety of a belly flop in a wading pool.
    Internal police figures show that of Victoria's 15,000 "serious" crimes ranging from murder, serious assaults, rape and armed robberies to carjackings, around 200 are committed by offenders of Sudanese descent - which means you are 74 times more likely to be attacked by non-Sudanese.
    So what do these statistics prove? Absolutely nothing, other than that you can always find a set of numbers to justify an argument.
     Piss Weak on Law and Order? Look No Further than Peter Dutton

    The issue of law and order is squarely in Dutton’s domain, and while he has no responsibility on state matters, he has a major one on federal ones, particularly border protection. Which makes it all the more galling that while he wastes his energy on matters that are not his concern, he has been derelict on one in his own backyard. The problem is not that Dutton is too tough - it is that he is not tough enough.
    For nearly 12 months the state government, at the request of senior police, have asked their federal counterparts to change the law to make it illegal to import Bute without a legitimate reason and still the loophole remains large enough to drive a truck (filled with drugs) through it.
    So while the Feds can legitimately brag they have stopped the boats with asylum seekers on them, they have done stuff-all to stop the boats filled with 1,4-Butanediol. And make no mistake, more people are hospitalised from Bute than from being bashed by Sudanese crime gangs.
    Yet we do have a serious black crime problem. In Australia, an Indigenous youth is 24 times more likely to be imprisoned than the community average for that age bracket. It is a national disgrace.
    Rehabilitating young offenders is not the soft option, it is the smart one. The alternative of policies driven by anger, fear, half-facts and the pursuit of headlines or votes leads to more crime and more victims - and history shows that if you shut the door on people, they eventually want to kick it down.
    Image may contain: meme and text

    Friday, 17 August 2018

    Andrew Bolt's Blog;18/8/18 While Bolt deals in rumours and cloak and daggers Fairfax tells it the way it is; The Australian Road to Tyranny; Rabid Zealots wish to rule this Democracy;

     A showdown is looming between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull

     Obviously, Andrew Bolt hasn't the inside rail when it comes to what's going on in politics. While he flounders with "unnamed conservatives" and "rumours" the Fairfax papers don't and aren't afraid to name those men hidden by Bolt. In fact, it appears Bolt got hold of the Fairfax articles and has used them as if they were his opinion simply leaving out the names and adding the word rumours.  (ODT)
    Abbott still suffers from the wounds inflicted on him when Malcolm Turnbull toppled him as prime minister in September 2015, which means the pain from the past shapes the Liberal Party’s looming decision over its future.   Turnbull approves radical NEG redesign in bid to prevent backbench revolt
    " Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has declared his support for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after 24 hours of furious speculation about a leadership spill and a dramatic redraft of the government’s energy policy." Fairfax
    " Contrary to some reporting, the revised position agreed by ministers does not abandon the government’s commitment at the Paris talks on climate change, keeping the 26 per cent target agreed by Mr Abbott as prime minister in 2015." Bolt
    Yes, you guessed it Bolt's just twisting the truth for Tony. Whatever happens, Bolt will claim some sort of victory for his dog in the race even if he runs last.


      'No way to run a government': Abbott slams Turnbull's revised energy plan

      Abbott hasn't changed. Since when are flexibility and the ability to change according to the circumstances, not in the  National Interest? Since when is blind winning at all costs not the tyrannical mind of a rabid self-absorbed zealot, a sociopath? Wars don't end with annihilation but compromise. Not with destruction but elected solutions in which Abbott hasn't any interest, that's obvious. Winning at all cost is a game not a service to others. Politics isn't a game it's a duty of service and Abbott seems to have lost that. I suspect he never had it. He'd rather take the country over a cliff than give an inch. Australia seems to be his personal Jones Town, Waco Texas and the Liberal Party cult central that needs a hiding to hell from Abbott. He's back to being a climate denier not because he believes it's a solution to a greater problem but it's the only imagined KO punch he has for Turnbull, stuff the country. Let's ride to hell in a handbasket. The man a sociopath a crazed pitbull.  " ASPD diagnosis is only given when symptoms happen for an extended period and don’t change because of punishment or lifestyle changes. Someone who’s selfish may show these behaviours for a short while, but feel bad about them or change their behaviour over time or because of punishment. " Abbott's never changed. (ODT)
    "Let Labor be the people who rabbit on about emissions and renewable power and saving the planet," he said.
    "I say no, no, no. Let's create a real contest, not a false consensus. Let's fight the Labor Party on this - it's the only way to win the election," Mr Abbott said.
    One wonders just how Abbott resolves family disputes we know how he resolved disputes with friends. Just ask Peter Slipper. Joe Hockey, Pauline Hanson and others. "  he won’t cop criticism from people who only have jobs because he allowed it."
      Like Treasurer Scott Morrison and acting-PM Mathias Cormann essentially telling him to keep his trap shut. Abbott said
    He criticised his colleagues for not bothering to read his speech on immigration and said if the government had its priorities right it would listen to him, a man “who knows more about winning elections than anyone in the parliament”. Now is that a team player?

    More intellectual commentary from Andrew Bolt. A PAYWALL  and redefining the word "victory" simply to stick it to a real journalist and even another News Corp insider Paul Kelly. It would seem Bolt's starved of ideas. Even his Bleak House commentary with IPA boss is reduced to a single repetitive sentence. "A cinematic meditation on love and duty" It's amazing how that phrase can summarise a 900-page Dicken's novel and be called an analysis which could have been written on the back of a postage stamp. But then it's good Bolt shows himself up as to why he never cut the mustard at Adelaide Uni. As for top download take point no numbers nor over what time it's been top. We are all aware of just how Bolt self-promotes. A superstar on Sky News as long as you don't look at what actually occurring in all of the Australian media when you discover hardly anyone is watching.

    1h7 Andrew Bolt once bagged out Onslelen as a "weathercock" is he repeating that here today or saying he's an astute conservative commentator? One can only guess because reading Bolt you can never be certain. I thought the ABC was fatally biased against the Mad Monk. How many time have we heard just that from Bolt that "Abbott's Rising" to witness a failed souffle

     Anning and Latham fight for a white male privilege 'final solution'

    Soutphommasane accorded that Australia's success as a multicultural society is under threat. This threat is not from extreme factional groups or mask-wearing fascists, it is from the mainstream of Australian public life.
    The real danger, he argued, comes from “dog-whistling politicians” and “race-baiting commentators” eager to harness populist attention through the careless “mixing of race and politics”. Just about a week later, Senator Fraser Anning proved how devastatingly true that was when he called for a “final solution” to “ethnocultural diversity” in Australia in his maiden speech.

    The Road to Fracist Anning

    And as I indicated in the Facebook post, “The Road to Anning” has not surfaced overnight. Along the way to getting to that piece of unmitigated and unfettered racism that was his maiden speech, we have had a Parliament that has:
    • continued to treat refugees abhorrently;
    • continued to preside and perpetuate discrimination against people of Aboriginal heritage and ancestry in a systemic fashion;
    • given voice to such people as Pauline Hanson and others who continue their campaigns of hatred towards anything non-Anglo-Celtic; and
    • allowed racism to exist in its various manifestations along the way.
    Anning is not a new phenomenon. He is but a by-product of a society that places little or no value on diversity.

      Beware of rabid zealots - » The Australian Independent Media Network

     Usurpers Trynnising Australia and diminishing Democracy (ODT)

     Let’s remind ourselves of the meaning of ‘zealot’. Historically, it denoted a member of a fanatical sect in Judea during the first century AD that militantly opposed the Roman domination of Palestine. Today it describes a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of religious, political, or other ideals.
    We still have zealots in our midst. This piece exemplifies two instances of zealotry: the zealots that deny the reality of anthropogenic global warming, and those that cling tenaciously to trickle down economics.

     Is Bolt really that upset that not having 2 Jews centre ring doing the coin toss at the AFL was a slur on Judaism because two Muslims paid their respects to multiculturalism instead? The bigger slur is Bolt pretending to be a friend of the Jews without ever apologising for what his forefathers actually did in the Netherlands and then spent years trying to falsify history. Now that's a slur. The Dutch actually practised genocide and the "final solution" of 60% of their own citizens 114,000 to be accurate. Bolt has never said sorry.

    Is Bolt really so obtuse? Turnbull is being attacked on two flanks. Abbott the traitor, liar and flipper on one and the Labor Party on the other being provided with all the options. Turnbull is the only one trying to keep the LNP government on course as a functioning bill passing government. Abbott when leader never passed bills and totally pissed off his own party. He did nothing but hid behind Peta Credlin. He doesn't even have the numbers now and is relying on the ALP to join him to not move forward but simply do nothing. Abbot is Shorten's gift horse and is in the enviable position of watching Abbott trying to disintegrate Turnbull and the Liberal Party.
    Who are the "10 and plus" MPs ready to cross the floor not named by Bolt there only seems to be 8 "The Liberal and Nationals MPs in the lower house who appear willing to cross the floor include Mr Abbott, Kevin Andrews, George Christensen, Andrew Gee, Andrew Hastie, Barnaby Joyce, Craig Kelly and Keith Pitt." Fairfax are they all that staunch?  Australia knows" Abbott has backed the idea of a price on carbon, called climate science “crap”, argued for an emissions trading scheme, torn down a carbon tax and promised action on the environment with a “direct action” policy. Abbott led a government that signed up to the Paris agreement on climate change and promised cuts of 26 per cent to emissions. Now he rejects the Paris agreement and calls for a retreat on the target. There is no possibility of a negotiation that satisfies Abbott’s demands. The government has no solution to prevent Abbott from crossing the floor in Parliament." Fairfax His interest in this can hardly be dubbed National. It's about as much in the Australian Interest as the re-establishment of knights and dames Aussie honours.
    The only light that's ever come out of this we have seen is that Tony Abbott remains the unchanged self-interested only man he was a decade ago who single-handedly darkened the landscape of Australia with messages of fear, division, lack of action, lies, dissension and lack of communication skills within his own party. Even now he seems to think he can repeat the fluke that gave him leadership a decade ago by a single vote. He needs another Joe Hockey to assist will, Dutton?

    Andrew Bolt is an "opinionated know nothing" and that suggests he's way ahead of his time. How did that come about? Was it his home education in a satellite family training him not to be a "creative" and "critical thinker"? After all, he was the first born and experienced most of his education via his mother who hated Australia and never really settled. 
    The education training system was put in place and Gonski was stripped of funding the result being Australia has slipped to 30th out of 41 OECD countries on the education ladder whereas Scandinavian counties rate at the top where the emphasis is placed on personalised learning that learning Bolt simply doesn't understand. 
    Why is Bolt so insistent that our tertiary education system needs to leave students in debt to the tune of $100K when so many other countries are free? Even the Netherlands leaves students out of pocket by only $9k. The reason is that when a real meritocracy is in place there is a danger in the loss of privilege the privilege and entitlement in a private system where who you know is more important than what you know. That was the fundamental lesson taught to Bolt. that lead him to be a know-nothing opinionator