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Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/2/19; Corman in the crosshairs; Media right-wing bias is now in Australia's face. 2013-2019 has seen Democracy diminished to it's lowest level; Rorts;

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Labor heads to the May election without a replacement for Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton

Bill Shorten has put off a decision on who will take charge of national security if Labor wins the federal election.

We have just been informed that the message Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Murdoch Media put out last week about the advice given to the ALP by ASIO was a total MISREPRESENTATION of the fact. In other words, a LIE! As a consequence, it skewed this week's Ipsos Poll making it an outlier.
I have pointed out previously that since Ch9 had taken over Fairfax a noticeable shift to Murdoch's business model of reporting news has become evident. One doesn't have to point out the bias in the above headline or reporting as FAKE NEWS or simply right wing-opinion. Given that the ABC budget has been slashed to the tune of some 30% compared to what it once was. The LNP  from 2013 - 2019  have managed to diminish Australian Democracy to it's the lowest level since Federation. (ODT)

Can Canberra move from timid and tepid to courageous?


Can Canberra move from timid and tepid to courageous?

Over recent years the budget for 46 outlets, four television channels, iView and News 24 has been slashed.
 Only with a total change of government (ODT)


90% of Asylum seekers are rejected 7,615 is actually 28.8% of 27,000 Bolt math is crap and he should be rejected. We are all aware that more than 90% of what he says is BS. He hates 90 % of Australia and rails about iy daily. He wants Australia to be for the 10% and Dreams of when we had a White Australia policy that endeared us to the region.

'I believe in white supremacy': 1971 Playboy interview with John Wayne draws fire because he sounds like Abdrew Bolt

John Wayne finds himself in controversy decades after his death.



Good heavens. From Miranda Devine: "By the time Turnbull’s memoir is published at the end of the year his abbreviated prime ministership will be little more than a footnote in political history. Time will likely restore Abbott’s unfulfilled legacy to greatness in the annals of the Liberal party, unlike his assassin’s.” That's some change.



Andrew Bolt probably ignored Alan Jones's apology for calling Turnbull a traitor. Miranda Devine is pointing out just how far Morrison is now swinging right, and the Liberal Party is, in fact, going backwards. Devine who was once an Andrew Bolt dream who told him to "F" off has been punished by Bolt in fits of revenge. Devine with a history of math logic and reason behind her thinks unlike Bolt, and she's doing that here. Bolt who tends to drag his knuckles just puts in his misogynist rejected boot. Strangely without Tim Blair's help.
‘I had no justification for making that false statement,’ broadcaster tells Sky viewers


That's the Labor leader running away from his Medivac disaster. Medical treatment was already being delivered on Nauru, with one medical professional for every seven illegal immigrants. Andrew Bolt
That's the lie. The lie being perpetuated by people like Andrew Bolt Dutton and Morrison that any guard with a bandaid is a "medical professional".  It's what has so many respected organisations kicked off because the information they were revealing was the reverse of what Bolt is advertising and why he calls real doctors activists and the Hippocratic Oath a danger to right-wing politics dubbed "National Security". It's why people speaking the truth are threatened with jail.

Bolt prefers Trump battling with moderates and the bureaucracy rather than communicators whose ideas are more aligned to the economic realities of the USA and the 40 million on or below the poverty line. The disenfranchised workers who live from payday to payday the people that may have put Trump into office because of their hatred of bureaucracy which Sanders hates as much as them. Bolt's use of the word LUCKY in this context reflects the very opposite.
Where does Bolt believe Liberal preferences are going to come from the independents like Julia Banks?
Labor's problem hasn't been anti-Semitism at all. It has been Israel's Zionist interference and meddling with a Party whose natural home has been Jewish and still is. Marxism grew out of the right-wing anti-Semitism Jews experienced worldwide. Israeli politics currently is losing the support of the diaspora Jews globally, and Israel is pouring huge funds into British Politics to do this, to divide the Labor Party.
 “All of these MPs stood on our manifesto in 2017 – Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto. They all increased their majorities."
The fact is they didn't all quit for Anti-Semitism at all as usual Bolt readily takes the most right-wing line and currently it's the Israeli -Zionist line that suits propagandising rather than the "No Deal Brexit" which Bolt conveniently puts in the background as the least of the issues. Along with the fact that Corbyn within Labor is seen as a Left-wing Tony Abbott who some of the Party just don't want as a leader.
So whose resigned?

When Jews are anti-Semitic according to Bolt
 In a stark departure from past programs focused on strengthening ties with Israel and Judaism, the new crop of rabbinical students is reaching out to the Palestinians. The change reflects a divide between Israeli and American Jews that appears to be widening.
On a recent winter morning, Tyler Dratch, a 26-year-old rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Boston, was among some two dozen Jewish students planting olive trees in the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani in the southern West Bank. The only Jews that locals typically see are either Israeli soldiers or ultranationalist settlers.
  “Before coming here and doing this, I couldn’t speak intelligently about Israel,” Dratch said. “We’re saying that we can take the same religion settlers use to commit violence in order to commit justice, to make peace.”

Australian currency

  Cashed-up retirees getting a refund for tax they never paid? We’ve hit peak rort | Richard Denniss | Opinion | The Guardian

The LNP want to defend this rort not because it's a rort, but it sounds a great vote-getter saying the ALP is taking money off the retired. No, they are making money off taxpayers who don't deserve to be screwed. (ODT)
Imagine that you had $1.2m in superannuation and you were pulling out an annual income of $60,000 per year. Tax-free. Now imagine your aunt dies and leaves you her $1.2m in shares that pay fully franked dividends. You would now have two sources of income – tax-free super and negatively taxed dividends. In addition to your $120,000 per year, you would also get a cheque from the ATO of $5,125. If your self-managed super fund has shares, you probably get another $5,000 to $25,000 worth of imputation credit refunds. And you get to call yourself “self-funded”!
And that, my friends, is why people other than you spend so much money on lawyers, accountants and financial advice. It’s also why Australia is one of the richest countries in the world but can no longer afford to ensure that pensioners in nursing homes get a decent feed.
According to modelling by the Australia Institute, cash refunds for spare dividend imputation credits cost the federal budget more than $5bn last year and more than half of those cash refunds will go to people with more than $180,000.

Trump Pleads With Venezuela's Military to Back Guaido

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Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/2/19; Lies Lies Lies the LNP and Murdoch Media; GetUp beats the LNP; Finance Minister and his Finance;


Oops. I sold myself short when likening the sales of my latest book of columns to those of the the Melbourne University Press coterie of authors, many from  the ABC and cultural Left. I said Worth Fighting For  had sold between 20,000 and 27,000, from memory, but my publisher says it's closer to 34,000. Which makes MUP's sales look even sicker.


"I said Worth Fighting For had sold between 20,000 and 27,000, from memory, but my publisher says it's closer to 34,000. Which makes MUP's sales look even sicker." Bolt

Nothing has changed Bolt shown his ego or paranoia on which this post seems to be built has in fact increased in a few days given he's had to repeat himself. It seems he's not really convinced of his own math or myth, so he's reporting a new growth. It still represents someone with 3.5 million ++ trumpets or 66% of print media owned by Rupert along with Sky 2GB and internet promotion with a less than a 1% sales result which would in any commercial terms be regarded as a gross failure rather than a win unless you were Trump.
 With that amount of power and spread of advertising compared with those, he's crowing over in the ABC Bolt's actually an immense failure in any way you look at it. Bolt is little more than a camp follower an opportunist not an author following and trying to capture some crumbs in the shadow of the gargantuan News Corp which isn't an achievement. Yes, it shows Bolt has little self-regard for anything other than a few cents and a negative self-regard.

Mike Pezzullo

Top spy boss criticises the Australian for misrepresenting Asio advice | Australia news | The Guardian

Peter Dutton's Mouth piece when things get too hot defending Murdoch Media. Dutton made reference to ASIO advice on 2GB and the ABC and said he had evidence which he wouldn't show unless push came to shove. We can be certain that evidence won't be forthcoming. (ODT)

The home affairs department secretary, Michael Pezzullo, defended the Australian by noting that although the headline had characterised it as “Asio advice” the body of the article described it as a “briefing from the department of home affairs, based on advice from Asio and Australian Border Force”.
“If you read down the column it was transparently apparent it was from the department and drew on, in part, advice from Asio.”

GetUp campaigners and campaign director Miriam Lyons during last year's Wentworth byelection.

Win for GetUp! after Electoral Commission ruling

The decision will infuriate conservatives who have argued the activist group should be affiliated with Left parties

The Australian Electoral Commission has declared activist group GetUp! is not associated with any political party, defying conservatives who argued it should be treated as an arm of Labor and the Greens.
The commission found GetUp!'s campaigns were primarily issue-based rather than linked to a particular party, and that its conduct on polling booths urging a vote for Labor or the Greens did not constitute a significant part of its overall activities.

Political expenses

Minister had 'no idea' a travel company had given him a free trip

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann says the fact that he did not pay for the travel was an oversight.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was booked as 'staff and family' by the travel company Helloworld around the time it won an unrelated billion-dollar contract.

Finance Minister can't run his own accounts calls asylum seekers criminals. (ODT)


Rowan Dean  Bolt's mate on Sky News, and editor of The Spectator spells as well as Andrew Bolt who accepted this. Two professionals who think they are god's of media
[Phelps] wants us to believe doctorsare saints in while coats, never acting except out of altruism, never allowinge go or ideology to influence their godlike judgment. Dean

" Salvatore Barbones, an associate professor at Sydney University, which during down a Western Civilisation course funded by the Ramsay Foundation": Bolt What does this mean and Bolts talking "education."
Guess the practices of Colonialism a core ingredient of Western Civilisation which "policed" free speech in their Colonies won't be up for discussion. Colonial Rule wasn't civilising; it was rule by the gun, slave trading, and a lot worse. Maybe that's why we saw the American war of Independance after which German was given consideration as the National language. Imagine the difference that would have made that was a multicultural decision.


Labor leader Bill Shorten decided to weaken our border laws with the help of three independents - women touted by the media as more Liberal than those Right-win Morrison Liberals. Turns out the polls show that Kerryn Phelps, Julia Banks and Rebekkah Sharkie aren't so Liberal, after all. My editorial from The Bolt Report. 

 Not a word by Bolt on the ASIO declaration that The Australian, Sky News and Duttons efforts were a total misrepresentation of the advice given to Shorten and which amounted to BS on all Parties. So much so the Secretary of Dutton's Dept was left to try to smooth things over for Dutton make the Australian look a victim of the bull and try to declare that they are an honourable media outlet. What Shorten has discovered is that The Australian ans Sky after dark are a coordinated propaganda machine that even when caught out in their lie keep going.
Bolt was named Sonia Kruger's enabler in her defence of vilification in which she was found guilty. Bolt simply ignored it and threw her under the bus. All this is typical and shows the lack of integrity these people share.
Dutton and other  MPs have used ASIO, the ABF in much the same way knowing full well these agencies can't respond in a single news cycle but must do so through a process that can take weeks. It seems Dutton has taken advantage of this more than once. The case of the refugee footballers arrest in Thailand was strenously denied by Morrison and Dutton as being Australia's fault. Weeks later the AFP have admitted it was their error. We have an extremely incompetant government in reality.
Currently they have told Trump the refugee transfer of asylum seekers to the USA is  not a problem as all have been vetted. Today they are telling us they haven't a clue who they are and haven't known for over 5 years. Is the Ipsos poll really a result of fakery it sure looks like it and there's more to come.


Note Bolt refers to Smollet's story as "fake" yet  the link he's refering us to starts with "if". The reality is overlooked no one persons story is sufficient to prove whether racism is a fact or not it's the history and totality of the trends in the behaviour and culture shared by all of us over time that gives definition to racism and the degree to which reflects our institutions. The fact that Andrew Bolt hopes it's fake or that he hides his any doubt in his certainty that a liberal would hate it to be a fake reflects only one and only one thing that he is a racist he believes Smollet is guilty and his and  racism in America and among Trumpsters is a myth in fact they are victims of reverse racism which is currently the dominant culture in America which whites are forced to suffer along with Climate Change
Bolt deflects the whole reality how by a single writers doubt the doubt he can't stand that currently divides the Liberal Party dominated by moderates who blink. Bolt never blinks even when caught out lying if caught he goes Trump and calls everyone "fake". Judge Mordecai Bromberg becomes a fake Judge as does Judge Preston. Doctors are Fake  along with the ABC etc that's why Bolt's so trusted.

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Andrew Bolt's Blog,18/2/19; ASIO complains about Murdoch and Dutton;The secret doings of our LNP government demand light; Polls Polls and elections; Braggart Bolt 27,000 sales and still a loser;;

Image result for Cartoon when truth is a blunder


The head of Australia's chief intelligence organisation has intervened in the high stakes political stoush over border security and says his agency's classified advice on the medical evacuations bill has been misrepresented.
Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation boss Duncan Lewis repudiated a front page report in The Australian - relied on by the government as evidence the bill would undermine border security - accusing the newspaper of misrepresenting ASIO advice.
" Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said on radio that morning that: "The agencies have told [Labor leader Bill Shorten] that this bill would be a disaster and it would restart the boats."
" Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said on radio that morning that: "The agencies have told [Labor leader Bill Shorten] that this bill would be a disaster and it would restart the boats."

What we continue to have here is the blundering of Peter Dutton yet again an he would be in his own mind the PM

 After the Polls were taken the truth is revealed the Government Lied not just Murdoch

One Poll doesn't make an election just as one sandwich doesn't a picnic. The Victorian election was a landslide while the opinion polls declared it was going to be close and Bolt wrong again. Bolt for the past 4 years has been telling us Abbott's making a comeback he's got the message he's changed. Only to see Abbott making a fool of himself yet again. Bolt's predictions have gone off like a firecracker soaked in water.
 Bolt's ego is much the same backed by the immense wealth of Murdoch's 66% of Australia's print media Sky News, 2GB, his blog Bolt brags that his book sales have been far higher than those published by MUP. However, 27,000 is less than 1% of the 3.5mill syndicated newspapers he's featured in while those published by MUP like Barry Cassidy might be lower but without the promotion. Braggart Bolt fails to mention that difference. Given the backing he has, suggests Bolt's a loser and not a winner.  
 Ipsos poll

The reality is the LNP talk the talk but then do the opposite of what they say, and meanwhile Bolt says nothing but nods at statements like these.
1) Yes Mr President these are fine people we can guarantee that as we have thoroughly vetted them
2) Murderers, Drug dealers, and pedophiles we know nothing about them
3) They were fine to house women and children with
4) We have given visas to hundreds of non Australian criminals some of whom have spent 10 years in jail
5) Doctors, scientists and experts are less trustworthy than politicians to keep Australians "safe".
Australian Border Force

Hundreds of foreign criminals are being handed back their cancelled visas

Hundreds of foreigners who had their visas cancelled after committing serious crimes are being spared deportation by national security officials, with the government facing questions over how a drug trafficker was allowed to remain in Australia despite spending nearly a decade in prison and offshore detention.
Amid a heated political clash between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten over border integrity, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age can reveal criminals are using an opaque process to have their mandatory visa cancellations overturned by Department of Home Affairs officials, the minister or assistant minister.

Asylum seekers at the Oscar compound in the Manus Island detention centre, Papua New Guinea.

Small security firm given less than a week to bid for huge Manus Island contract

Paladin, which until last week had its head office as a beach shack on Kangaroo Island, was awarded contracts worth up to $423 million to provide security for refugees.
 It has been reported in recent days that Paladin, whose reputation has been under fire and which, until last week, had its head office as a beach shack on Kangaroo Island, was awarded contracts worth up to $423 million to provide security for refugees on Manus Island.

Poll shows support for Labor falling in wake of clash over border security

Polling was declared to be extremely close in Victoria before the state election, but the opinion polls were sooo wrong!! News Corp for all its politicking failed to impress Victorian voters.

The latest Ipsos survey is another sign of the volatility in Australian politics since the turmoil within the government last August.
Labor held a lead of 51 to 49 per cent last July, before the Coalition split on energy helped widen the gap to 55 to 45 per cent in the days before Mr Turnbull was removed.
While there was a slight recovery for the government under Mr Morrison in September, when Labor led by 53 to 47 per cent, the year ended with Labor ahead by 54 to 46 per cent based on preference flows at the last election.
Image result for Cartoons of an over zealous misogynist


Liberal turncoat Julia Banks and Independents Rebekah Sharkie and Kerryn Phelps have been touted by the media Left as the kind of moderates the Liberals need. Turns out this touchy, feely, smirky club has instead destroyed Labor's poll lead by helping Labor to pass the Phelps-designed law that weakened our borders. Something poetic there.
17/02/2019 LINK
 What the Liberals don't need is to have conservatives of the party steal a sandwich and call the Party "their picnic". Bolt's crowing is precisely why Julia Banks claimed the Party has a culture of bullying. Women are called the "unwanted girls" by the misogynist Andrew Bolt who retracted saying he was once "the minder to a belly dancer" rather than a kept man. How many times have we seen Bolt crow? The one thing for sure the next 3 months and the past 5 years will determine who Australia wants as a government and women will have a big say.
The Age now under the control of Ch 9 is hardly a bolshie leftist paper as Bolt makes out jumping around like a 6 foot Rumpelstiltskin reminding us of 20008. In fact, it's been operating more like News Corp than a news and information outlet. History, time, transition, change, progress are words that have no meaning for Bolt or Murdoch only that the outcome remains the same for their investors and their side. Progress and growth and the principles of information in a democracy are meaningless terms when winning is what it's all about even if it means losing the nation's soul.
13 child suicides don't get the publicity that Bolt 1200 drownings get the context desperation oppression misery and hope of asylum are ignored. Yet those 13 children are dead under this governments watch. In this case, he can't blame Labor, so he blames the children. In the fact of the drownings, he blames both. In the case of the children the Liberals removed $180 mill funding in the case of the drownings they added $5bill yet, in reality, nothing has changed. The desperate

will risk drowning again, and the children will continue to die, and all Bolt's interest is to win as for the rest well that's merely a case of controlling the narrative.
At the moment Bolt's crowing because of an Ipsos poll. What he fails to tell us the boats weren't stopped that secret was well and truly busted when a boat arrived in Australia one which wasn't towed back. It was leaked that the boats have kept coming and that narrative a secret. As the election nears that secret will change and the story of boats will change as will the hope of no drownings change because of the Liberal need to win and that priority and not the cost of life. That will always be the victim's fault. Meanwhile, Asylum Seekers will be called "illegals" "invaders" "rapists" "pedophiles" and "murderers" everything they are not.
Why does Morrison'ss narrative change so readily? If asked by Trump if we know who the asylum seekers are he and Dutton will readily say they do and they foresee no problems in the USA taking another 800. However, if speaking to us domestically, they are an enormous danger. Bolt doesn't address this danger and until recently was advocating women and children were safe being housed with men who today are defined as criminals. There's is a game of politics that will readily say anything to stay in power even if it does nothing for us the nation as a whole.

Image result for Cartoons of an over zealous policeman
Guess Bolt is ready to deny Colonialism the "stolen land stories, frontier war stories and genocide tales as well. It wasn't until nearly 40 years had passed before a white man was charged for murdering an Aboriginal and 50 before one was hanged. So in Bolt's view, the record shows none were murdered, and a pop 750,000 were reduced in numbers to less than half by natural causes and the poverty of their own culture of 60,000 years. Bolt's notion of History is written by white men whose records show the welfare industry removed children from their families for necessary care. In other words, welfare was privatised and handed to the churches that we have recently shown molested, harmed and profited "taking care" of children. A Royal  Commission recently altered that good Christian narrative and showed what that really meant. Without the symbols of good deeds "business of Charity" by the Church and other institutions simply wouldn't help them grow fat and yes Aboriginal children were earmarked for that "business" and "missionary" work which was supported by successive governments. To say it wasn't a "business" is to deny the fact that children were even shipped from the UK to give legitimacy to what has become regarded as Institutional theft to manage a global multinational industry.
Karl O'Callaghan symbolises the history of the inter-generational attitudes and culture that actually legitimised what has come to be known as theft of kids from their families. If you give people a task like Operation Fledermaus and have it seriously focus on the crimes of a group of Whites you will discover what's been hidden from view. What you would find would be just as horrific as was eagerly detected by O'Callagan being done not only in the Catholic Church by priests but being done in the very suburb Andrew Bolt lives in, and by yes White men.  More than 54 men could be charged for thousands of offences committed in Malvern and overlooked.
What O'Callagan fails to distinguish as does Bolt that the behaviours of white men alcohol, drugs, and molestation of children aren't inherent in Indigenous culture. These behaviours were learned.  Unemployment, inability to get the same opportunities as white men 200 years of unequal payment have entrapped 30% if Indigenous Australians in a marginal lifestyle only then to be judged by O'callagan and Bolt. The same lifestyle we are witnessing the growth of in urban and rural Australia today among whites.
Living rough hiding from the Welfare man is no longer just an indigenous lifestyle; it's the lifestyle of poverty and the increasing gap. The Stolen Generation story hurts far less than the tale spun by Bolt's history which is one of victim blaming racism that enriched privatised welfare for hundreds of years by enabling a victim-blaming industry to be set up with relative ease. One that has attracted the worst of humans to be employed in and mythologised the best as all being Mother Theresa.
Listening to Bolt and O'callagan perpetuates a past that no longer, in fact, fit reality. The fact that drugs and criminal behaviours towards women a Children is an all Australian problem not a coloured or culture one alone and it's growing. Focusing on a minority is a good excuse not to do more but really to do less.

A US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighter enters a building as fight against Islamic State militants continues in the village of Baghouz, Syria, on Saturday.

Trump threatens to release IS fighters if Europe does not take them back

JUMP!! When will he make these demands of Australia and say we are close friends?

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Andrew Bolt's Blog,17/2/19; The Fences want more money;Andrew Bolt pads his shows with nobodies;

Congress Agrees To $1.3 Billion For Protective Border Fencers.


‘Only emergency is that he is an idiot:’ Coulter spews vitriol at Trump after he disowns her

‘Only emergency is that he is an idiot:’ Coulter spews vitriol at Trump after he disowns her

 The Truth about the Bolt Report's pretence
Andrew Bolt and Fox News favourite Anne baby Coulter, who we were told was up close and personal to the Don when nobody else could be found as a gap filler, has been stamped with the end to her use by date. Anne Coulter, who Trump said? Apparently, Bolt has nobodies on the Bolt Report to pad his show with as if they are somebodies.(ODT)

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has put a final nail into the coffin of her long-since-cooled political romance with Donald Trump, calling him an “idiot” and an “emergency” after he said that he “hardly” knows her. 

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Andrew Bolt's Blog,16/2/19; Whacking the ABC and avoiding Sonia Kruger, Extreme climate destroying Cattle Industry and the GBR; Racism isn't colored;Scrotum face McCrann fighting for the Rich he calls the Economy; Abbott's freaked by reality;

Aerial photo of plume from Burdekin River inundating Old Reef, Stanley and Darley beyond on central Great Barrier Reef.
 The wash of pesticides and pollutants heading to the Barrier Reef due to the extreme floods and weather in Qld.

Whacking moles by trivialising issues. No mention of the Qld cattle industry being decimated by 6-year drought and floods that have totally destroyed it. The floods that are threatening the Great Barrier Reef with pollutants. Bolt prefers to laugh instead. 500k cattle dead an estimated recovery time of a decade for an industry that we all are going to pay for and Bolt's laughing at the ABC. 
Sonia Kruger named Bolt as the foremost media person that framed her ideas when she vilified Australia's Muslim community. Defending herself at the UNHRC tribunal that found her guilty of vilification under the RDA, she named Andrew Bolt as her most significant influence. I don't think that has been reported on anything Bolt's associated with. So the question remains why hasn't he been charged? (ODT)

Bolt's covering himself his banner certain, but his content remains a "maybe." "
"Police in Chicago have arrested two Nigerian brothers in connection with an alleged racist and homophobic attack on black actor Jussie Smollett last month."Bolt
The nub of the matter is Bolt pleads and shows his ignorance when it comes to Racism in declaring he's not a racist
Racism is colourless Australia is racist; its dominant culture is racist, and it's culture, and the internalised social psychology has been racist and drags down any institutional and behavioural efforts to change it. Racism refers to the long term, and increasing gap on all social metrics brought about by race alone. If Warren Mundine and Jacinta Price speak of Aborigines needing welfare they are racist of the kind that Bolt defends so hard. Charity cases requiring care rather than poverty case due to lack of opportunity reflecting the differential of power and hierarchy between races coupled with the assumed naturalness of that state of being.
Bolt so blinded by his own white superiority he tries to excuse it by pointing out this can't be a racist event because the perps might just have been Black and therefore couldn't have been Trump supporters, Homophobes, or racists. Suggesting Smollett's a liar, or he's the racist and whites are his victims.
Ignorance Andrew Bolt is no excuse. We heard you mocking the South Sudanese women for little more than their looks with your son on IPA radio December 2018
Image result for Image terry mccrann

 The Economy here is another word for the "rich" Labor will attack "Capital" something most working and productive Australians don't have and whose income hasn't or wealth has only increased some 2-3%  while their job security and benefits have been "clobbered". The banks and financial protection and debt creation sectors have hit them as hard as charging 22% interest ++ while the tax minimising and evasion industries and been fingered in the Panama Papers in 2016 for laundering and criminal tax evasion. Now there's a nice package for you McCrann is defending capital that dosh that sits and grows on the back of the work and productivity of Labor 90% of Aussies. That alone would want you to vote Labor, wouldn't it? Did you know the LNP promised transparency naming and shaming those evaders and 2 years later they and Treasury deny it?

"The three big ones are the franking credits clawback, the attack on negative gearing and the doubling of capital gains tax. But as they say in the ads, there’s more, much more."McCrann

Franking credits, on "self-managed", super well for a start only the wealthy are a statistically significant category in that group. They get the cash back from the government because their dead money went into companies that paid tax.  Negative gearing suits them as well because it minimises income tax of those that have too much when ordinary Australians don't. It's all protection for the wealthy getting wealthier that McCrann is arguing for. Sure it's a carrot for workers to invest in a second home finance sector is all about debt creation and risk.  Workers incomes are still rarely high enough to benefit from any negative gearing, and any downturn crushes the bejeezus out of them. Yet again McCrann's merely arguing for the rich, not the Economy.
Doubling Capital Gains tax is a no brainer for fairness when 90% of Australian workers don't have Capital. The restructuring of "fairness" to those that are productive from those that aren't would, in fact, boost the economy not shrink it. How many jobs does it take to sell a $500,000 tax-deductible Bently bought with the capital gains compared if half were taxed and put into Education or Health?
By the way the wealthy aren't putting that money into Fossil Fuels, it's nice to see, but their names can still be found in the Panama Papers about which nothing has been done. In 2015 the LNP government offered them an amnesty fancy that something else McCrann fails to mention.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text

This year is the 50th anniversary of the jailing of Australian Clarrie O’Shea, Tramways Union (Victoria) State Secretary and Vice Chairman of Vanguard - Communist Party of Australia Marxist-Leninist.
It promoted a general strike and ended the penal powers used against unions at that time. One million workers stopped work under the slogan “Free Clarrie and repeal the penal powers”.
How diminished have the unions been since then? (ODT) 

Wren's week: Abbott's fantasy world, Wilson's corruption and Medevac

Wren's week: Abbott's fantasy world, Wilson's corruption and Medevac


First off, Tony Abbott. He’s a man rightly under pressure. Utterly incompetent as PM and, as time has progressed, he has lurched further and further to the fruit-loop Right. By all accounts, he has delivered very little for his Warringah electorate over the 25 years he’s spent in Parliament. His wealthy Northern Beaches electorate has been dominated by the aging blue-rinse and pearls set who were welded to the Liberal Party. That set has been slowly dying off though, and the demographics have changed.
Unfortunately for Tony, he hasn’t. Voters now want action on climate change, compassionate treatment of refugees and other more progressive initiatives. Suddenly, Abbott, by his own admission, is in the fight of his life against a well-funded quality independent Liberal candidate, Zali Steggall.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall says Bolt in his gilded cage.
When you're syndicated by News Corp around Australia to the tune of 3++, mill people 27,000 sales of your book online and/or in stores amounts to a strike rate of less than 1% hardly a success for something that wasn't a 'book' in the first place but a collection of old crap in a cover. Whose Vanity has the mirror screaming failed failed failed failed? Given the list of authors Bolt has pointed to who had absolutely no such support as Bolt he looks the clown he is. It's always about access to resources, and all one can say about Andrew Bolt he has Murdoch and the IPA a privilege no authors have. Alone and on his own, he'd have no reach and be on the bottom of that ladder.
It must be noted. Bolt's also been promoted by Sonia Kruger as a significant influencer and enabler of her mindset to be vilifier of Muslims. I wonder whether her legal team will suggest her appealing this Tribunal outcome in the courts. Bolt's News Corp gilt-edged legal team folded after he was convicted. Bolt didn't blame them; he accused the judge Mordecai Bromberg of political bias for finding him guilty and had a massive dose of sulks. I believe it was because News Corp failed to waste more money trying to defending him.  With all that publicity less than 1% hit rate on book sales is pathetic.