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Friday, 14 December 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,15/12/18; News Corp Opinionators wailing about being misunderstood without asking why?

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Sean Hannity and disgraced former Fox host Bill O'Reilly complain about being "emotionally" hurt by "accusations" against them

Fox News Opinionaters feeling sorry for themselves don't even begin to ask the question why? Why is Sky after Dark the least trusted when it comes to News and Information? Why is News Corp the least trusted MSM Media in Australia and why is the ABC the most trusted?
 Why doesn't it matter as long as you are the biggest and adopt as your business model an alliance with the hierarchy of money and power interests. They're not difficult to find they're hidden in plain sight, the IPA, lobby groups and yes the most Conservative factions of the government and the nation and that's far far less than 1%
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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Andrew Bolt's Idiocy rides loud with Murdoch money. Why are they always losers? Watch Trump play the "Opinion Game" Bolt wants here; Malala ,will she be Bolt's next Yassmin;

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That's the ideal in Bolt's privatised world, isn't it? " Wouldn't it be easier to just scrap lots of the laws that have people suing each other? " Bolt.  Bolt, of course, has never needed to employ lawyers himself he's been protected by the News Corp guardians numerous times. In Bolt's ideal world the elite could sue each other. However, currently the wealth gap protects them from that action by the masses and as such ensures that their privileges aren't threatened by any court-ordered downward redistribution of money. Bolt has always felt unjustly set upon and blamed the AHRC for having him in an Australian courtroom charged and tried under the RDA's Sections 18 C&D. If the judge was sooo wrong why didn't his corporate lawyers appeal?
Bolt claims to be a "debater" "indigenous"  and that boat people aren't asylum seekers but are "illegals" where is the debate? It takes two people with a common language and understanding to debate. Debating has rules, it's why we have courts and tribunals. Bolt simply prefers to walk into the debating arena change the terms of reference talk gobblygook past his so-called opponent debaters and declares himself the winner. If there's any protest he transforms himself and says he's the victim. Reality facts and a search for truth become only incidental or accidental winners in the event. It's the Trump and Fox Bolt's nonsensical tag team that Bolt wants. The control of opinion to rule.
However, when someone holds more authority than Bolt the voice he folds like a cheap deck of cards. We saw that when he tried to convince ex-NZ PM James Bolger that was an Indigenous Australian unfairly treated and was laughed at. Bolt melted to silence on ABC TV's program Recognition Yes or No. The same occurred with the Fijian/Australian Constitutional lawyer. The KO when it comes to Andrew Bolt seems to be laughter. It's his glass jaw.
Has anybody noticed that Andrew Bolt has an overwhelming disrespect for all of Australia's Institutions? He used to say he was shy rather than remote, secluded. He felt more an alien in this country than the newly arrived and diverse in religion, language, colour gender and race immigrants glad and thankful to be here. He's not out for debate but vigilante bully boy justice why? Because persuaders given the resources in most circumstances believe they hold the power over facts data truth and so real justice can be set aside. Bolt, for instance, has preached Islam is dangerous not that we should debate it but that we ought to keep these potential terrorist Muslims out.  He's been banging on about it since Abbott became PM and Muslim hatred has escalated from 9% to 33%, why? Not because of any raw data but with the help of News Corp's campaign that in 2017 wrote 2850 anti-Muslim articles add Bolt's constant hate-speech which he calls "debate" along with Sky News and 2GB and you have an echo chamber of hatred spread across the country for the hope of a political pay off. However, that blew up in their conservative politician's faces didn't it?. However, at the same time, it denigrated shamed and told 3% of Australia they weren't wanted but we saw just how much energy is being poured into it. How many millions spent and invested in an effort to create a pushback that has been so minimal but ever so destructive.
Christians are victims Heterosexuals are victims, white males are victims, now what relevance to reality and facts does Bolt provide, none. None that are statistically relevant and not just cherry-picked yet what Bolt wants is "opinion" to be the arbiter, vigilante-style justice. However, Bolt needs to be careful because past records have shown him to be a shit poor influencer not well respected trusted and his opinion model of better justice just might come and bite him on the arse. He doesn't like the ABC, can't control social media and hates and feels threatened by the Sleeping Giants because they are focusing on changing Bolt's opinions by focusing on his and Skys advertisers while he cries foul.
 Imagine the AFL Grand Final being umpired by the crowd of 100,000 that's Bolt's better game Bolt's madness his Democracy is it any wonder James Bolger laughed at his nonsense? We all should.

 Trump says Cohen pleaded guilty 'to embarrass the President'

The Game without Rules and the tag team Trump and Fox News

Trump claimed that Cohen bore responsibility for any violations of criminal law but also asserted that Cohen "probably was not guilty" of even civil violations related to the payments to former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal and adult-film star Stormy Daniels - a view at odds with that of many lawyers who specialise in campaign finance law.
"Those charges were just agreed to by him in order to embarrass the president and get a much reduced prison sentence, which he did," Trump alleged.

Andrew Bolt has another Yassmin to run out of the country

When asylum seekers looked to an affluent Australia for hope, it was disappointing to see some were treated with "hatred" and weren't even allowed to set foot on its shores, said activist Malala Yousafzai.
Yet when the Taliban came for Ms Yousafzai's family in Pakistan, her family was given sanctuary by friends, family, strangers, true to the country's culture of welcoming those in need.
"Australia is a welcoming and warm country. And when you look at the immigration policies, they do not actually represent the people of Australia," she said.
"[Refugees] want safety, they want homes, they want somebody to give them protection, and then suddenly you welcome them with hatred," she said.
"You do not even allow them to land or step their feet on Australia," she said referring to the offshore processing of asylum seekers. "So I think it is disappointing and I hope that the people of Australia do stand up for refugees and show their true human-side."

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,13/12/18; Fox for laughs; Bolt and Shorten seeming discussion; Feeling overcrowded;

Murdoch Media front foot forward with David Trump




Level Of Confected Outrage ‘ABSOLUTELY SICKENING’ Online Commenter Says

online commentor 
  Is this Andrew Bolt he hates Australia?
A man has labelled as ‘absolutely disgusting’ the amount of contrived outrage that passes for comment these days.
“It’s repulsive,” John Ribley wrote in the comments section of a national media website, before tweeting his concerns, using the hashtag #disgrace. “Sorry, but this is just another example of what’s wrong with this country. People taking a non-issue and then turning it into some sort of major concern, as if they’re outraged by it. It’s absolutely sickening – someone should resign over this”.
He said it typified what was wrong with this country right now. “This manufactured outrage over the smallest thing is the worst thing that’s happened since WWII. Just awful”.


Bizarre. I had a willing but mutually courteous and respectful conversation with Bill Shorten, but the Guardian Australia reported it as if Shorten had braved some terrible monster: "Bill Shorten stares down Andrew Bolt and says he would unite employers and unions as PM."  What cartoonishly Manichean world does the writer inhabit? 


How egotistical is Bolt? In the clips Bolt showed on his posts today Shorten had Bolt saying just how personally he was concerned about the Capital Gains added to "his house" laughing and indicating a body language suggesting that was an inappropriate answer to be made in public. No interest in servicing common good Shorten wanted for the next generation. Yes, there was Bolt an unconvincing Gordan Gekko "stared down" by Bill Shorten.
Bolt's other video clip had him ask the loaded question what degree of change can Australia make to the global rise in temperature? The fact is Australia can make a difference to the world's effort of 150 countries combined. We aren't looking at a huge figure which Bolt knows but clearly sees as an opportunity to echo "no change" but it's not the issue. It's about de-accelerating the rate that is occurring and doing it by transitioning to cheaper technologies. Shorten had Bolt agreeing when he knew he shouldn't and the video was cut there with Bolt looking as if he were on the back foot. So yes Shorten did  STARE BOLT DOWN" and show Bolt for what he is an extremely poor interviewer not really in control of his subject matter..... Seriously just a pussy of a Gordan Gekko. Go look at
yourself again Bolt without your rose coloured glasses.

Image result for Gordon Gekko


Bolt doesn't want to lose any of the privileges he's accrued especially the ones gained not through his labour, productivity but capital gain. The fear of falling prices of the gains earned through social status is an anathema to him because greed is good and capital gains a natural reward. So much so Bolt doesn't even want to ensure that his children have the same start or advantage as he had when he started out should it cost him a cent. But that's Capitalism and it's greed and he will part with what he regards his just rewards give it to them when he's dead. You can go back to past posts and see his mindset when he said " I have to take my family on holiday" I'm the only breadwinner in the family". Not w 'we' in Bolt's worldview.
Notice his uncomfortable laugh along with his body language it looked so awkward for him to admit to Shorten he was concerned about losing the value the of his houses, so much so he blurted out 'house' when we know he has more than one. By the way, Bolt somehow blamed the current fall in prices as a fault of Shortens as well. How dare he reveal that the banks are corporate criminals with his Royal Commission and look what harm it's caused. Only Bolt deserves more. The Royal Commission into banks has hampered that and therefore bad. However, a commission into unions was good even if nothing was found don't bother about the results. It was a distraction that Bolt and the Murdochians could crow about never mind that the Unions were fundamentally fault-free not so the banks.
The problem for Bolt is clear and dangerous Shorten wants a more equal distribution of unproductive wealth. Capital gained not through labour which would allow others like Bolt to get a head start through their labour and not just marriage alone or inheritance as Bolt might have.

Related image

Bolt's called Bill Shorten a liar whose making false claims. However, Shorten's honesty blew Bolt out of the water. Bolt seems to want 'exact' answers from science irrefutable ones when he can't supply any himself. The fact is Science isn't an exact system it's a probable one and it's a continued inquiry. It's scepticism. That's why it's conclusions are based on probability and a rigid methodology as a tester. Not so Bolt's denials however his deniers position is based neither on curiosity nor any systematic method of testing itself. It's based rather on self-interest than any effort of objectivity or even the notion of a common good. Bolt's denials are in the interest of the corporate elect and their dwindling investors in control of our major sources of energy stocks and that's only a minority.
Shorten's outcome goals are for a cheaper, cleaner and more efficient forms of energy and that's an admirable goal given that the outcome when achieved is progressive and is for the betterment of everyone a common good.
 Bolt's question "what would cuts do to global temperature" is a loaded one that only a denier could ask. A politician who is in power for some 4-8 years when it's taken the planet some 200 years to bring us to a 1 degree in the earth's temperature a rise now recognized as due to mankind. The acceleration of emissions is on target to make it even a greater rise but in numbers seem only small of an extra 1- 0.5 extra degree if greater the consequences dire. Prevention is a global combined effort needed now to reduce emissions and so that the improved consequences might be experienced in another 200 years. That requires a long and complex answer involving science whereas Bolt's simplistic denial doesn't. Deniers aren't in the business of truth just paid persuasion and seeming doubt and nevermind the goals even Bolt couldn't deny that renewables are fast becoming cheaper, cleaner and healthier alternative to the environmental destruction of Fossil Fuels

Bolt clear he's not interested about a global effort he's only interested in a no effort Australia and fuck the rest. Bolt's not interested in leaving his children or grandchildren a cleaner place he's only interested in leaving them his accumulated wealth. A jump start, if his kids need air purifiers then they can buy them but not now while he's alive. His future is immediate not over the horizon. His questions are aimed to set Shorten up nothing more. Bolt Hum'd and I'd when Shorten asked him the less complicated are renewables are getting cheaper "yes er, um but then lots of technologies are" and then cut the video because that's PROGRESS. There's a rush to invest in renewables divest from Fossil Fuels because they are not only cheaper but deliver better outcomes and the once free marketeers want governments like Trump's to step in.

Victoria "feel" overcrowded yes it does the $3 billion dollars withheld by Abbott on behalf of the Napthine government for infrastructure is still withheld. Any wonder we feel squeezed yet the state is booming much to the disgust of the LNP. Bolt is calling for Socialist action stopping Immigration when and against the want of the BCA yes the free marketeers the Business Council of Australia. They want skilled labour. They need immigrants to pay for the taxes our aging population won't. Overcrowding is a feeling its cause has been hidden and its consequence not analysed all for a cheap political gain which Economists, Business, logistics say isn't "insane" is necessary. The discomfort felt today was caused by the same regressive politicians that refuse to do anything about it. Daniel Andrews is doing the hard yards that Bolt wants to be stopped.

White Christians don't commit crimes when they are persecuted they drop bombs or pay others to do it. It's why they have military forces in 154 countries and a big stick. If a single Muslim commits a crime Andre Bolt and the Murdochians want every Australian to know about it. If they happen to be Christian immigrants the Bolt is silent on their religion but raises their profile to their colour, ethnicity, and culture. Any negative stereotype is free to be used as a hammer.


Just hours after a Muslim terror suspect murdered two people and left a third brain-dead at a Christmas market in France, our political leaders met to work out how to handle our insane immigration intake. But they refused to discuss a key concern that has most Australians demanding that intake be cut  - the fear that our culture is fraying. 


Bolt just repeats himself over and over again and has the resources handed to him on a platter to do it. If White Christian Nationalists run amok anywhere as they do in America Bolt ignores it and even ignores the cry for gun control and the increased rate of the events occurring. Shouldn't we ask why Bolt seems to feel the need for every crime committed globally by a Muslim in the Western world to be conflated with our Immigration policies? It's as if that crime were committed in your street? If you took Muslim immigrants out of our intake Bolt's "insane immigration intake" would hardly drop so his reasoning isn't immigration numbers it's White Ethnocentric bigotry. Isn't it strange Bolt when referring to Christian Sudanese doesn't mention their Religion yet equates them to Muslims and terror. He does the same when disparaging Aborigines he blames their "culture" and avoids mentioning they are in fact practising Christians more so than he an agnostic is. These aren't the words of a journalist or even a commentator. These are the words of hate-speech a serial vilifier of Australians, who one wonders isn't dragged before our courts on a regular basis to do jail time under our RDA 
 'Truly shocking':  Ice-addled speedster kills Uber-driving dad

Labour doesn't want better care for sick children that the current government isn't going to give them in five years seems to suggest they need better care. That's the last thing Bolt would offer them, Aborigines or Sudanese because "better" means pampering and not punishment. Bolt's preference would be their heads on pikes as a warning to anyone wanting to come here that he doesn't agree with. Strange and he regards the ALP has a hidden message.
You see according to Andrew Bolt our doctors can't be trusted because their Hypocratic Oath makes the 'activists' Judges can't be trusted because our legal system is too fair with an ideology that declares equality for everyone and the right of asylum seekers not to be treated as "illegals" by simply denying them that right.
Bolt's a regular redefiner of language which he then calls debate. He's Indigenous Science is a Religion and of course asylum seekers if desperate and come by boat are Illegals being processed for eternity yes they are his 1100 heads on pikes but that's ok because there are so few women and children.

Bolt didn't see it that way when Abbott was dumped nor would he have seen it that way when Dutton only had 35 votes. Had Turnbull stayed and won yet again Bolt certainly wouldn't have called it a "Big Win". It was, however, a "Big Loss" for Boris Tony Abbott's mate and a "Big Loss" for the Party's Conservatives. So why is Bolt reporting it as a "Big Win"?

 Cardinal George Pell in Rome in 2017.

Pope cuts George Pell, Chilean cardinal from informal cabinet

Pope Francis has removed George Pell and a Chilean cardinal from his informal cabinet amid the Catholic Church's sex abuse and cover-up scandal.
The Pope made is judgement guess he doesn't follow Bolt

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,12/12/18; Bolt's nothing without the ABC; Importing Fox News, The holier than thou bigot and racist;

arctic sea ice
Just a few days ago this is what Andrew Bolt denied by cherry-picking bits of a report about altimetry done at the Antarctic. He failed to note the weakness of the study expressed at the end of the report or that a more comprehensive one was being conducted. Bolt presented the result's as if they, in fact, were the last word on the matter. Which still failed to explain why the seas are rising. (ODT)
While NOAA's annual report shows the Arctic has lost 95 per cent of its oldest,...

Image result for Fran Kelly
 Andrew Bolt need do nothing as long as he has the ABC. Isn't it strange that the ABC is full of working journalists interviewers, and researchers producing diverse news and information for Australians while Andrew Bolt simply sits back and runs the same negative commentary on them and calls it a career? He wouldn't have a program if it weren't for the ABC and Murdoch's business model which requires the minimum of journalists but a maximum of CHURNALISTS repeating the same thing over and over.
Did anybody notice Bolt's interview with Peter Dutton last night? Bolt not only did the talking for Peter Dutton telling him what it is he ought to be saying, who disagreed with him, but Bolt posted that interview with a banner on his blog suggesting what he said was what Dutton did "trash Turnbull" and call him "a wrecker". Dutton didn't he clearly said "we think poorly of those that trash and disparage our ex PMs" It seems even top conservatives don't think too highly of Andrew Bolt.

Why hasn't Bolt or Alan Dershowitz not mentioned the charges already laid in the State of New York connected to the testimonies of Michael Cohen and Trump's political campaign manager Paul Manafort 
" Together, the filings laid bare the most direct evidence to date linking Mr Trump to potentially criminal conduct, and added to an already substantial case that Russia was seeking to sway the 2016 election in his favour."
 "They emphasized that Mr Cohen had implicated the president in payments to two women during the campaign to conceal affairs that they said they had with Mr Trump. “Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1,” the prosecutors wrote. “Individual-1” is how Mr Trump is referred to in the document."

Even the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, has said that election finance crimes by Mr Trump would be an impeachable offence in theory but alone might not be “serious enough.”
Still, prosecutors could also wait and charge Mr Trump with conspiracy after he leaves the presidency. If he were to lose re-election in 2020, the statute of limitations will not have expired by January 2021 when he would leave office.
Fox News is employing OJ Simpson's defence team it seems to protect Trump that alone makes Bolt's use of him less than suspicious but obvious and understandable. Never print the real facts because they just might get in the way of PR.
Image result for Footloose

Songs get banned for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes not even banned but ignored for racist reasons which become the cultural norm. You don't play Black music. The fact that Bolt has now kicked up a fuss about this trivial action about a white mans' ditty, one song. "Baby it's cold outside" simply shows he's really not a deep thinker or social analyst just a protector of white male culture. He claimed yesterday the banning by a radio station was funny. Today it seems to have escalated beyond funny his comments intended to be "light and happy" have developed to the moral victimisation of his culture. But even if he's said so many times before he doesn't know what funny or light and happy is and admits he's not good at either, he's right he doesn't. As for intelligent social analysis, he's short on that too, why? Well, because banning a single white man's song isn't wrong it's a matter of outdated taste and a radio station's commercial choice trying to appeal to its audience.
 However, banning Black music was once done by the whole music industry and that reflected the racist trend and  American culture institutionalised in the US and Australian music industries where Indigenous music was rarely, very rarely heard or played unless a black artist was singing a white man's song.
 When Bolt referred to a DMX song he did more he generalised it wasn't just one song he was talking about it was Rap music today's black music and as far as he's concerned it should be banned. But pointing out that he can't say that because he becomes the instant victim of black racism, reverse racism. The fact that he can't stop its production show the music industry has changed and isn't as uniform as it once was and less a racist an institution as Bolt still is an individual.

The man's an idiot these arguments have been going on for a very long time Rock and Roll was once the rap of its day once and adults like Bolt were whinging about it back then too even if it was being sung by white men. Conservatives wanted that banned but then so were so many other forms of music but especially Rock and Roll as it was said to have its roots in black music which wasn't commercial or the taste of America. It had a negative moral influence on youth. Serious efforts were made to ban it and where being driven by the Church and conservative groups Bolt's elect crowd of the day. The Sex Pistols created the Bolt reaction as well simply due to their anger and irreverence for everything.

So in reality racism maybe intertwined and get confused with the diversity of tastes, cultures and opinions about a single song but it's rooted actually resides in broader behavioural trends and patterns that have developed over time that have become institutionally regarded as the norm what Bolt calls cute and humorous like his bagging out and laughing at the South Sudanese beauty contest that deprives and mocks minorities in general simply because of their colour.
 Bolt's attitude to Rap is racist his attempt to say the banning of " Baby it's cold outside" is reverse misogyny isn't his complaint is. It's an outdated song, no longer amusing to the radio station's listeners the banning is reflected in a commercial decision to get attention and have listeners tune in. Isn't that what Raps doing and what Rock and Roll did? "Tootie Frutti I want a Rooti" was also banned for a while does Bolt think that was prudishly funny? Yes, the man is a racist, a moralist and a misogynist but unlike the father in the movie Footloose he's not just amusingly old-fashioned and simply not with it and out of date. He is a racist and a misogynist an idiot who does tell his daughter what she can and can't wear who she can and can't mix with and he's right he's not funny,  accidentally clumsy or really charming. He's a bigot.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog 11/12/18; You've got to laugh; Bolt's White Supremecist Christian Heresy; Trump, Cohen, Manafort, collusion and liar's poker;Bolt's FAKE Banner;

  The Heresy of White Christianity

“White supremacy is America’s original sin and liberation is the Bible’s central message,” he writes in his book. “Any theology in America that fails to engage white supremacy and God’s liberation of black people from that evil is not Christian theology but a theology of the Antichrist.”
White supremacy “is the Antichrist in America because it has killed and crippled tens of millions of black bodies and minds in the modern world,” he writes. “It has also committed genocide against the indigenous people of this land. If that isn’t demonic, I don’t know what is … [and] it is found in every aspect of American life, especially churches, seminaries, and theology.”
Andrew Bolt is wedded to this White Christian Heresy simply by the fact he avoids identifying Australian peoples of colour as Christian. How often do you hear him say Indigenous or Sudanese Christian Australians? They, in fact, practice their Christianity. Andrew Bolt, on the other hand, is a doubting Thomas an agnostic who only celebrates it as his White Culture with a 2-way bet. He does, however, believe in the 'elect'. and he's part of it. (ODT)

Paul Manafort leaves Federal District Court in Washington, Monday, Oct. 30, 2017. Manafort, President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, and Manafort's business associate Rick Gates pleaded not guilty to felony charges of conspiracy against the United States and other counts. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
The drip, drip of documents from Mueller's inquiry into the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia exposes a dizzying number of lies.

Trump Turns On Fox News And Tells Aides To Make Whatever They’re Saying A Law


Fox News Struggling To Attract Younger 60-75 Demographic


Baby, it's cold outside has been banned: "Radio stations around the U.S. and Canada have dropped the 1944 Christmas tune from their lineups over lyrics including, 'I ought to say no, no, no, sir / Mind if I move in closer.' As Vox’s Emily Crockett wrote, the song strikes many as, 'a little rapey.'" The rewrite is suitably mocking. 

Here is what Andrew Bolt finds funny. How cool is that man?

2m Link


  News Intern Fetching Coffee Tells Herself This Will All Pay Off When She Trump’s Secretary Of State One Day

NEW YORK—In an effort to cope with the stressful task of fetching coffee for demanding staffers, Fox News intern Hattie Butler reportedly told herself Friday that this would all pay off when she was named President Trump’s secretary of state one day. “It’s really tough to keep everyone’s drink orders straight, but the quick thinking and multi-tasking abilities that I’ve demonstrated during this internship will be invaluable to president Trump when I’m serving as his secretary of state,” said the 23-year-old college graduate who reassured herself that if she paid her dues by delivering the correct beverages, she would eventually earn the right to determine U.S. policies toward foreign powers and navigate complex diplomatic issues that might place the world at the brink of war. 


 Sorry, the only person talking trash is in fact is Andrew Bolt. Dutton in fact said the Liberal Party thinks poorly of those that trash our former PMs. The only person focusing on wrecking is Andrew Bolt and Dutton didn't join him. Bolt's banner is lies and crap of an overexcited terrible interviewer trying to get the Home Minister on his side and failing.
 Is there any reason Bolt is trying to shove his words down Dutton's throat " Why don't you trash Turnbull?" Is the gist of Bolt's frustration wanting Dutton to call him a wrecker and it not happening. This banner is FAKE and misleading.

This is what Bolt finds funny. Does anyone else think it is?

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,10/12/18; Poll Tampering; Climate Tamperin; Law Tampering;

 Bolt's PAYWALL approach to his blog simply shows he's still not really back at work since Friday.

 Australia's fate relies on hiding the fact that the recent history of Australian disasters both cultural, economic and political began with none other than Tony Abbott who in a trade-off with his backers adopted the IPA's 75 point plan for the Nation. We've been on a downhill slide since then and currently, the blame is being directed solely at Malcolm Turnbull. Abbott's boosters News Corp and the IPA remain the most focused on that task. Currently, their goal seems the Liberal Party's failure because the long-term outcome remains the same, the return of Abbott or at least a clone. Promote or hide him the intention is to keep Jack in the box until the next catastrophe an ALP government and then raise him from the grave on the basis of "remember when in 2013".
It's bound to fail just as it did when Murdoch took his boy to the Alfalfa Club in Atlanta to boost him as a global statesman and failed miserably. Bolt tries to make Abbott shine this time around by focussing on Turnbull but can't seem to raise Abbott's stocks no matter what he does. Abbott still today would fail miserably on the preferred PM stakes. But Bolt's not there to win in the short term he's there to distract deflect and distort on a daily basis right or wrong to just keep going until the electorate forgets yet again.


 Whoa just because Finkel can be quoted as having said the words the context isn't that clear the way Bolt has presented it. Is the conversation referred to about the total combined global action or just Australia's? It seems the world is calling for a greater combined reduction of emissions than 1.3%  The context of the question is so truncated that the reply really is open to distortion.
 Further, does it mean Andrew Bolt hasn't said the same over and over again for the past decade? He's been a public denier about global action being a waste of time. Australian action so small as not to matter. Yes, many scientists have said the same despite their calling for further immediate and even greater effort on emissions reduction. Everyone has admitted and agreed damage is done and has already passed the tipping point but not everyone agrees it can't be slowed in the long term like Andrew Bolt commentator and lobbyist for Fossil Fuel interests who have said there no point in doing anything because man-made climate change is really a trivial part of Climate Change as a whole. 
There is a major difference between the context of Finkel and Bolt's comments and the fact remains Bolt does say emissions reduction targets are a global waste of time and money. He was once an advocate of spending the money on the concept of clean-coal an oxymoron if ever there was one.

A "witch hunt to convict Catholic priests" British Law it seems is a form of Sharia Law and priests should be somehow excluded from it. Well, they have been by and large for hundreds of years. Now their actions are being tested. The media attention and influence isn't what's being tested its the Archbishop's complicity in not disclosing criminal molestation and his degree of knowledge outside of the confessional. But it seems law is not what's important to Bolt guilt and innocence to be better judged by opinion. He's certainly lead the vigilante cry against Sudanese in this country and ha called for collective punishment of various groups he's chosen to fixate on. 

What luxury Bolt and Goebell's had with access to their own arena for debate. Bolt doesn't debate he generally changes the meaning such that debate becomes meaningless and he can then say "I win". Bolt says he's indigenous more so than Adam Goodes. When blogging writing and editorialising he's not debating but he's talking nonsense. However, when he actually takes his rant and tries it on as he did with the ex-PM of NZ James Bolger he becomes the fool he is and is reduced to childlike silence. When similar circumstances occur in his own arena the Bolt Report as happened with James Matheson Bolt says times up we need to move on but will have you back very soon to continue. It doesn't happen.
Notice Bolt doesn't offer to debate others outside his own arena he's not offering a public forum. His idea on debating could be between a Russian and himself without an interpreter and in so many cases he tries to alter the syntax and meaning of words so much that it might as well be between peoples of a foreign language. In this case, Bolt's not arguing with Andrew Priest he's actually arguing about Priests right to Twitter. A priest doesn't have to argue back in his efforts to Boycott Sky News or argue in Bolt's arena. Sleeping Giants are entitled to run Boycott's on Bolt. They are free not to argue a case on Bolt's Show because the audience isn't great and possibly isn't the people they want to reach. Andrew Priest isn't addressing Andrew Bolt, by the way, he's addressing the system that allows Bolt and his ilk so much privilege not to debate but simply promote messages of less than dubious quality for the unsuccessful purpose currently of persuasion. His advertisers need to look at the value for money Sky News actually generates.

So scepticism is abuse according to Bolt who pulls out a report based on Altimetry. and concludes 
it to be better than the IPCC report of 2013. Why didn't he point out the problems with this report when peer-reviewed by other scientists. Where they being sceptics or abusers? Bolt tries to hold himself up as an intelligent sceptic yet fundamentally ignores the methodology applied in the report to those he flags as the answer to the claim the seas are rising. Most of that research, by the way, was in Arctica and not Antarctica. Bolt's not a sceptic he is an abuser and a denier. But even more, his efforts are to confuse and try to show Science isn't doing its job.

“The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimetres per year away,” Zwally said. “But this is also bad news. If the 0.27 millimetres per year of sea level rise attributed to Antarctica in the IPCC report is not really coming from Antarctica, there must be some other contribution to sea level rise that is not accounted for.”
“The new study highlights the difficulties of measuring the small changes in ice height happening in East Antarctica,” said Ben Smith, a glaciologist with the University of Washington in Seattle who was not involved in Zwally’s study.

"Doing altimetry accurately for very large areas is extraordinarily difficult, and there are measurements of snow accumulation that need to be done independently to understand what’s happening in these places,” Smith said. 
To help accurately measure changes in Antarctica, NASA is developing the successor to the ICESat mission, ICESat-2, which is scheduled to launch in 2018. “ICESat-2 will measure changes in the ice sheet within the thickness of a No. 2 pencil,” said Tom Neumann, a glaciologist at Goddard and deputy project scientist for ICESat-2. “It will contribute to solving the problem of Antarctica’s mass balance by providing a long-term record of elevation changes.”

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann and Treasurer Joe Hockey relax, satisfied with their Budget / Picture: Twitter


Last year President Emmanuel Macron urged warmists to come fight in France after the US junked the Paris deal on global warming: "To all scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens... Come and work here with us... on concrete solutions for our climate... France will not give up the fight." Yes, but they're now fighting against him.


 Remember Joe Hockey and the fuel tax. He said it wouldn't hurt the poor because they don't drive far or have cars. He said he was taxing the rich and nobody bought it. Abbott showed him the door and it had nothing to do with Climate Change.

  Isn't this typical Bolt. No doubt Paris is a 'war zone' but to conflate cost of living riots, opportunistic thugs out for a days violence with  Climate Change and criticisms of Trump is to make out the world is such a simple place and sovereign states are so easily understood when Bolt has been unable or has denied the drubbing the Liberals got in Victoria had anything to do with conservative political policies obstructing the LNP from functioning and the public was sick of it. That's too simplistic to explain Victoria but France and Macron are easy.
Macron blasted Trump for cutting research and reporting in the US and offered scientists a home to continue their work in France. Bolt's joy in conflation is "the rioters" who are rioting about the cost of living, youth unemployment, and other grievances. Conservative reports have been as imaginative as Andrew Bolt some falsely claiming the rioters were actually calling for Trump More Than a Thousand Arrested as Yellow Vests Protests Over Economic Frustration Rage on Across France

Trump Uses Paris Protests as an Opportunity to Blast International Climate Agreement

The Palestinians have demonstrated every weekend fo a change in Climate and have never got more than over 200 dead and thousands wounded and that is a more accurate conflation than Bolt ever offers
Israeli Army Snipers Wound another 33 Palestinians on Friday March of Return