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Monday, 24 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 25/7/17; Why Bolt hates the educated and why he isn't; Two very mediocre people pretending to be journalists;

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Even Media Watch agrees that Julia Baird misrepresented research and made a false claim in stating that the worst wife bashers were evangelical Christians who went to church sporadically. In fact, Christians beat their wives less. But Barry lets the ABC off the hook in denying there is an anti-Christian agenda in running an anti-Christian line.  

  Bolt is such a manipulator he holds the truth like a sieve holds water. He is the evangelical tent preacher manipulating his sucker followers who need to destroy Baird because she has shown the flaws and let in some rational light.

 Baird acknowledged the fact that the study was American. She said that the aspect she was referring to only related to " sporadic "  Evangelical Church goers only and not persons fully engaged with the Church. She simply declared that Wilcox's research while not Australian lead to some interesting questions that were open for discussion. All very reasonable in any circumstance for someone who obviously read the material and research done to single out a peculiar aspect of the findings and open it up for discussion. That's what educated rational and reasoned people do it's called delving for the truth.

Bolt who has no regard for the truth you can hear it in his tone truth and it's search gets in his way as he is simply a media manipulator and when confronted with truth goes into a frothing frenzy to the point that he even loses focus. In his Tips For Todaywritten last night he even confused  Baird with Gillard he was so eager to bring her down. He isbasically accusing Baird of doing what he does all the time using selective data to run his personal biased and preordained set of conclusions to prove he is right rather than to see if all the data might suggest he's wrong. 

Baird isn't doing that as shown on the Drum. She invited  Christian experts to do what it was she intended and that was to discuss a particular aspect of the data referring to "sporadic "evangelical church goers. Bolt avoids even mentioning the Drum which is the so opposite to what he does on The Bolt Report. On the Drum Baird invited two Australian religious experts who both agreed with her finding. One a Bishop acknowledged and publicly apologized for the fact that the church hadn't done it's best for women in domestically violent situations. The church focused on keeping violent relationships together rather then separate them. Let me repeat Bolt who has been over Baird like a rash ignored that singular event on the Drum where an Anglican Bishop admitted to supporting and maintaining relationships of domestic violence. Bolt buried that.

Bolt hysteria even blinds himself because his easiest get out of trouble card has always been looking at the Aborigines they are Australia's leading perpetrators of domestic violence hoping that in their blackness and Aboriginality we wouldn't notice they were Christians too and often only sporadically involved in their faith. A faith which has fundamentally celebrated God's gift of alcohol and has seen women and children as property in a paternalistic  social unit called the family in a male dominated society. Bolt prefers to blame all the dysfunctions among Aboriginals on their Aboriginality and not the racist colonial system with it's Christian values that have helped bring about some of the worst social conditions of any people on the planet we see today. It's Australia's major shame.

No Bolt is a manipulator of data and people desperately running arguments to confuse to distort data for the purpose of hiding the truth and not revealing it. What he's trying to say and convince us of is that Julia Baird is like him a topic he only knows too well but she's not.  His desperation and seeming panic are brought about not by good faith but by the fact that she's diametrically the opposite of him. She is attempting to make sense of research data in order to reveal a truth while Andrew Bolt merely manipulates it to run his value based, alt right, conservative preformed conclusions that Christianity is the most civilizing of faiths.



On Media Watch saying I was right about Julia Baird's false claim that evangelical Christians who went to church occasionally were the worst wife beaters. That's one reason so many Muslims in Melbourne are converting to Christianity, says an Anglican priest.

What a load of fiction by Bolt and Markson Julia Baird clearly specified the Christian cohort the study was referring to was sporadic evangelicals Christians. Bolt disregards that group to say she was wrong because the study didn't find this or because other Christians weren't violent ? The fact is Bolt attributes the actions of ISIS a minority Muslim group and claims they represent Islam. Well if Bolt is entitled to do that he must acknowledge Baird can do the same even though she doesn't.  Shari Markson distorts what was said as well. It's typical of Bolt who sets up ssupport  whereas Baird sets up a discussion with room to debate on the Drum she doesn't just bring in her backup.  You can treble the guarantee that these two Bolt and Markson will never say sorry or admit their error. 
Bolt won't ever mention that Aborigines he smears are Christians because that would totally destroy anything he has ever said. 
Note Bolt's hatred of Gillard has been corrected in Tips for today when he showed he didn't even know who he was talking about. I have his error on recordImage result for Image of Julia Baird
As for Markson she was arrested in Israel a witness to the Israeli support of Sunnis declared  terrorists by us. Markson was released and this reporter never said a word about what she saw or was arrested for. Don't we arrest people colluding with the enemy in this country? Bolt suggests throwing away the key or out of the country.

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Liberal MP Craig Kelly warned that renewable energy would kill Australians this winter  by making electricity for their heating too expensive. Ignorant colleagues and journalists laughed at him without bother to check his facts. Now the Salvation Army's winter appeal  confirms he is right.
. The price of electricity and it's structure as nothing to do with renewables  one only has to look to Germany California Netherlands and Denmark to realize that.It has more to do with the structure of the " of which Bolt is a great advocator.   Bolt is crying for what seems to be Socialist regulation. He wants the banks and energy producers be driven back to coal by market regulation  and not just supply and demand. We have in fact had the mildest and driest winter with only 5 weeks to go  Bolt's emergency hasn't any particularly when he's using advertising from a Charity appeal as evidence. That manipulating the truth for the sake of advertising.  Australia has an aging pop with decreasing immunity.  Warm houses won't save the aged from colds, influenza and pneumonia when your immunity is on the wane. Besides half the country isn't cold.
" Calculations from The Daily Telegraph can reveal there are roughly 68,400 homes across NSW at risk of having their power cut because they cannot afford their rocketing bills."  Bolt  Let's face it this might as well be Bolt saying " By my calculations"  and be expected to be believed.

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An idiotic idea which treats self-destructive criminals as hero-victims: "Yarra City Council is planning to install a monument to acknowledge the lives of those who overdosed in a popular druggie hotspot in Richmond." Some will again say addiction is a "health issue". But no one became addicted without breaking the law and taking that first hit.

 Above is Bolt's idea of the WAR ON DRUGS
Bolt defies the new global recognition that systematically criminalizing drug users is what prevents addiction. Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland have all come to prove  decriminalization and education are the springboards to reduced addiction deaths criminal activity and the cost of prisons. Access to drugs in the medical profession is living proof that drug addicted doctors, pharmacists paramedics don't all overdose or die they are just less likely to be caught in their criminal activities. Bolt's favored big stick approach to drugs is strange given his soft stick approach to to hate speech. There seems to be little or no rationality to either of his positions only his personal  interest at stake. Imagine revenue and the Billions saved not only lives by decriminalizing drugs.

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a fool to ring Labor's Bill Shorten on Sunday and offer to discuss four-year terms for Parliament. A: It's a distraction. B: It helps Labor. C: Voters won't wear it. D: It robs voters of control over their politicians. E: It won't give us better government at all.
When Government stops and the game is just rhetoric when electioneering is more important than passing Bills. Bolt prefers Governments that do nothing and leaders that ensure nothing is done. It's why he favors Tony Abbott the permanent Mr. Nope. Why is he so for a PM who like Trump made promises he couldn't or wouldn't ever be fulfilled. Having a longer term might just stop the routine of doing nothing.  It certainly would be a money saver.

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Terry McCrann: "Of course the Renewable Energy Target should be abolished... Tony Abbott is absolutely right. The RET is the fundamental reason that power prices across the nation have more than doubled to now be among the highest in the world in a country awash with the coal that used to give us the cheapest and most reliable power in the world."
 We have electricity Prices highest in the world it is very strange, isn't it? Why is it that countries not awash with coal who have turned to renewables are so much cheaper? Germany, the Netherlands Denmark, and California are far far more advanced in heavy industry and have larger populations and have reached RET target so in advance of us yet are far cheaper than we are when it comes to power why?  McCrann and Bolt never really give a simple reason for places that don't invest in coal but have focused on clean power are cheaper. The Dutch run their trains on it.



NSW Labor shows our decline: "The left is pushing for ... Labor’s tough border-protection policy to be dumped. It supports abolishing scripture classes during school time. A motion that backs Palestinian statehood ... is expected to be adopted... Some in the left want a “universal basic income”, paid regardless of whether you work."  
What you have here is an information free zone and just barracking for a team but not even the whole team. Labor has picked up on the fact of increasing homelessness, underemployment, debt burden of citizens etc etc etc all of which the LNP deny  that   labour offers a solution to the decline LNP offer promises to win elections and the break them. The LNP produces Myths rather than deal with facts. History isn't the history of heroes it's the history of all of us and a future the younger generation of today have to suffer and not enjoy. When work becomes a gig and not a certainty where borrowing to live is not an investment but a debt and that's what Bolt and his kind want to see the more of.


Very troubling, even if only remotely true: "By 2018 Swedish authorities believe that 60 percent of all the migrants in Sweden will be unemployed... In June of 2016, Sweden’s state-owned broadcaster SVT revealed that only 494 migrants of the 163,000 who had recently arrived had found meaningful work."  
You needn't say anything more about Bolt's link it's Breitbart. So much for Bolt's facts and figures he employs one of the notorious fake news ezines  on the web. Steve Bannon was it's CEO. He turned Trump into his personal sock puppet during the 2016 elections.
So why is Sweden and Breitbart's focus?
1) They love to generalize from extremes and Sweden is an extreme case. Sweden on a per capita  rate in 2015 is more than 6 times the EU average.
2)The percentage of young people extremely high. What is strange however Bolt and Breitbart have always declared these are 'economic' refugees but in the same breath they are now saying the majority don't want to work. That is the standard of logic you can expect from alt conservatives like Bolt. 
3) As many as 50% of the refugees could be expelled for the fact they don't fulfill the requirements  of refugee status. 20% were children in 2015 who were alone. Most refugees entering the country started businesses. Information left out by Bolt and friends
4) Problems may exist but not to the extent as presented here by Breitbart and they are peculiar to Sweden and not to the EU. Many are system generated and can be addressed they aren't problems specific to any refugee.  Refugees in SwedenSeeking asylum—and jobs - The Economist
5) It's easy to focus on the glass empty  and Bolt always does.

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Mark Latham says the Liberals are dominated by the inner city elites: "Only 31 per cent of Liberal MPs come from inner-metropolitan seats [but]  they occupy 76 per cent of Liberal Cabinet spots. Outer-suburban and regional Liberals (62 per cent of the party room) are hopelessly under-represented... The result is a left-leaning administration." 
  Bolt is trying to make out that this is a recent event. Just watch The Bolt Report and check the Liberals he has on it. Kroger for a start will give you an indication of who is Liberal an who isn't.  Who are the members the IPA ? I'm sure they aren't part of the boiler suit brigade. Of course, the elites run the Liberal Party? However they own it less than they once did. Turnbull not elite he married up just as Bolt did at best they just happen to be the "New Rich".

The Conservatives  are Catholics hardly a new Elite but not as despised as they once were in the 50's and 60s reduced in the hierarchy to Judges Lawyers and Public Servants. They certainly weren't considered the elite as they didn't have the generational background of say Malcolm Fraser. It doesn't take Mark  Latham to open Bolt's eyes because he's been licking their  ass  all his life. He didn't gain social mobility through merit he wasn't educated and in fact flunked Uni to become an apprentice in journalism. Bolt gained stripes by marrying up and he's been a  a social climber ever since. The amusing thing is when push comes to shove his chums the real elite will drop him in a flash. It's why he says he hasn't a great number of real friends because he arrived unannounced and through the back door. He's an old boy without a tie.
Bolt's desires and ambitions don't have anything to do with relationships really. He says he doesn't have many friends and isn't part of a community indications that he knows he's not a real elite.  So he believes in retail therapy and gluttony of sorts. He always wants more but more delivers only short highs and so he dreams of more paintings ,more opera, more Europe. He's just a Pelican if you like whose beak holds more than his belly can.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Andrew bolt's Blog;24/7/17; Why do conservatives like Bolt hate higher education; A must read book on Israel by Ilan Pappe Israeli in exile; Poll Dancing; 4 year terms Abbott who? The mediocre woman;

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My editorial from The Bolt Report - on Gillian Triggs and Jon Faine agreeing on the "obsession" of her critics with free speech.
 Bolt's opportunity to smear Gillian Triggs is not without a personal vengence. Note Bolt doesn't mention that the AHRC investigated him for vilification too not just the QUT students and Bill Leak. When mediation failed in Bolt's case he chose to take it to court and was found GUILTY by Judge Mordecai Bromberg for breaches of Sections 18C and D of the RDA and since then he has generally let the whole world know that he was a victim of the system. That the system is wrong and Hate speech should be allowed as well as whitstle blowing sexual preditory whispering in the office , to children everything allowed. 
The ABC and the AHRC maybe tax payer funded Institutions but they are Statutory Bodies Independant of Government. AHRC isn't a court nor is it a judicial body it's an investigative and mediatory body. It is there to investigate complaints an attempt mediation between the parties concerned in the hope to gain some resolution not order one. Failing any resolution the decision is left to the courts and Andrew Bolt chose to take his case to court when all the complainants wanted was an apology.  He lost and he has never got over it
Conflict of interest of course he has one but did  he declare it in his crusading editorial not on your life. Mordecai Bromberg accused Bolt with being loose with the facts and his tone was such that it was no meer accidental mistakes he made. Does anyone for a moment think Bolt's omission tonight  was unintentional an honest accident?  As for the ABC Bolt spent some 10 years on the ABC and he loved it. Without the ABC Bolt wouldn't be where he is today more than half his posts today are a direct attack on the ABC for Murdoch and News Corp for obvious reasons. It's data driven rational in every way and the total opposite of simple opinionated right wing commentary based purely on ideology and faith. What Bolt hates most is the people on the ABC are far more educated balanced and trained in critical thinking and as such are a value to Australian Democracy where as Bolt is little more than a propagandist.
He's an over excited child is Bolt. Proof if you notice below he didn't even know that he was calling Julia Baird Julia Gillard he was that eager it seems to smear and malign Gillian Triggs and post his rant  to even notice. I'm sure he had a few too many before posting his mysoginist rave against 3 very admired and professional women
 Image result for Image of Andrew Bolt with egg on his face 
Bolt is a LUSH he doesn't know the difference between Baird and Gillard. He know he's blowing smoke out of his ass. "On the next The Bolt Report on Sky News at 7pm: why won't the ABC apologise for Julia Gillard's false claim that evangelical Christians who attend church sporadically are the worst wife beaters?"Bolt  Read the fools post below. Her name is Julia Baird Bolt not Gillard!!!


24Bolt is taking an American study and saying Baird presented it as an Australian one. She took a study and opened it up for discussion never declaring it to be her opinion as Bolt suggests in his truth free zone. "In fact, at least four of those sources don’t support Tracy and Baird."Bolt Truth free zone it certainly is  because Baird is quoting research in order to open a debate and how successful she is is proved by Bolt himself. Arguing three days straight that she's wrong and the ABC is anti_Christian. It's a pity he can't begin with the truth.

 He cites a study about "often"  goers to church as opposed to the one Baird quotes which referred to "sporadic" attendees and nominal Christians only. So Bolt is not even comparing apples with apples and is right off the mark as usual. Wilcox confirms Baird when he points out nominal church goers who attend sporadically are more likely to commit domestic violence that regular goers. It's Bolt who seems to miss the point altogether.The fact is two Church leaders on the Drum actually apologized for not doing enough something Bolt totally ignores as well. 
As usual Bolt correlates Aborigines as being the worst offenders when it comes to domestic violence. Their Culture and  poor child rearing practices are to blame according to him. The ruth free zone doesn't even begin to even connect drugs and alcohol with domestic violence nor the fact that the majority of Aborigines are raised Christian. Alcohol and drugs show a high correlation with violence and poverty a connection to it's visibility all of which Bolt ignores but if they are taken into account  Christianity is a likely justification. More than any other faith it condones booze so it does have a greater liklihood of a connection to domestic violence more so than Islam which doesn't. Yes Islam is Bolt's favorite target  but the facts dictate the opposite is true. But data means little to Bolt.
One needs to repeat the question why Bolt refuses to accept the difference between "often" and "sporadic" and why the Anglican Bishop admitted the Church failed in it's advice by trying to encourage abusive relationships to stay together rather than part. That the Church did fail it's congregation on many counts. However Bolt simply refuses to acknowledge the question Baird actually raised. Any wonder he never passed first year at Adelaide Uni. However on that score he cheats as well on his public CV where he claims to have been educated and not a drop out. Given that fact alone hidden from the public who do you believe has more integrity Baird or Bolt?


 Higher Education Fallacies: What’s Behind Rising Conservative Distrust of Learning?

 Modern politics is driven by the notion that the public good is a quaint, outdated notion, and that institutions must demonstrate their value to the private sector, corporations, and profits to remain relevant. Obviously, this mentality is toxic to any democracy, and to a population that relies heavily on public goods such as education......   Why is it that supporters of conservatism have such an active and shameless disdain for thinking? The answer is obvious enough: such feelings are driven by a strong distrust of democracy. Democracy can only flourish if the masses are educated to develop the critical thinking skills needed to question official lies and propaganda. The shift in public discourse toward idealizing stupidity and ignorance is a direct threat to democracy. We need to shame those celebrating the dumbing down of society if we seek positive, progressive transformation in American politics, economics, and culture.


What Israel is Really All About

 The “Running Gag” of the Zionist historical narrative is the story of the “empty land” of Palestine, into which people without a land had finally returned after 2000 years of exile. The slogan of a country without a people, for people without a country, is the most prominent expression of the Zionist mythology. For Pappe, it’s less important whether the Jews existed as a people, rather than that the Zionists deny the existence of a Palestinian population but simultaneously claim that the State of Israel represents all the Jews of the world and does everything for their benefit and acts for them. Such a claim is just as daring as the identification of Zionism with Judaism because it takes Jews hostage for Israel’s despising policy.



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Another predictably terrible poll for the Prime Minister, and the slivers of hope seem based on rogue results: "Malcolm Turnbull has won back supporters from One Nation while Bill Shorten has gained ground on the Greens...  Labor’s lead over the government [is] 53 to 47 per cent in two-party terms." 
The Coalition’s primary vote rose one point to 37%, while Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party fell two points to 9%.
Support for the Greens, who this month lost two senators because of their dual citizenship, slipped one point to 9%, as Labour’s primary vote edged up a notch to 37%.
Malcolm Turnbull has focused on defense and national security in the past two weeks while fighting off continued sniping from former prime minister Tony Abbott. Bill Shorten has pushed the message that Labor would tackle inequality and threats to social cohesion as a priority if it won government, prompting claims he is edging the party cautiously to the left.
Turnbull remains preferred prime minister, at 43% to Shorten on 32%. 
 Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, which has seen its support fall from 11 to 9 per cent in its biggest setback this year. Hanson's set back could be seen as support for a much more center right party but you wouldn't hear that from Bolt would you?

Image result for Image of Government 3 year terms


So having guaranteed Labor will win the next election or two, Malcolm Turnbull is now interested in giving them a longer time at the top: "The prime minister’s office said that Turnbull had said he was interested in talking with Shorten about four-year terms." 
Bolt seems to agree with short term see-sawing of Governments and their leaders getting nothing done while costing the country money. It seems he'd prefer 2-year terms only because he might just have something to write about. He's certainly cut his work load from Friday till Monday. There's increasing repetition in what he posts as well. However, he will still tell those listening that he puts in an 80 hour week. Hannity Murdoch and Trump regularly chat over the phone privately. Who does Bolt regularly advise?

 Related image


Not often you hear a politician say their aim is to be sexist, racist and mediocre: "Labor-branded ... bumper stickers, which read 'give me the confidence of a mediocre white man' and carried the party’s colours and logo, were sold at a fundraiser ... for local Labor candidate Anna York."  
  What she is saying if she were allowed the confidence of the electorate that mediocre white men get in politics like the Liberals and mediocre commetators think they get like Bolt as a woman she'd get as many bills passed as Julia Gillard did and stop wasting peoples time. Bolt always said she was mediocre and she got things done not just promised to fail like Abbott.

Image result for Images of foot looseImage result for Images of foot loose


Modern feminism has empowered women in ways that will impress even the most unenlightened men. Young women now have the confidence to bare their breasts in public, knowing it will get them attention. Check out Splendour in the Grass.

Modern Feminism it was common place when Bolt was 6 years old and he calls it "modern". Bolt obviously missed a whole era somehow. Guess Bolt preferred not to meet women on their own terms but rather engaged looking at their Feminism in centerfolds as he's obviously doing here with his euphanism . But then Bolt's only real woman was mom. When she said "jump" he always said "how high?" and thought that was dancing.

 Bolt must watch his daughter in a very suspicious way lest she becomes corrupted. He reminds  me of the anal old minister in Foot Loose.


Malcolm Turnbull after realising members would back Tony Abbott's Warringah motion for democracy in the NSW Liberals: "As the party of freedom and of the individual, we must give every member a say." But what Turnbull then did at the vote: "Not present, did not vote today but 'sources close to PM' leaked 8am he 'would not support Warringah'." Weak.
  Don't you simply get sick of Andrew Bolt's truth free zone? The NSW branch of the Liberal Party isn't "The Liberal Party"  nor Istit the Parlimentary Party it was a state branch catching up to the other States. Bolt makes it sound as if his mate Kroger doesn't exist how single minded can Bolt be. Turnbull is a part of the NSW branch and supported the change. Abbott didn't single handedly change the nature of the Party they all did and trying steal the credit shows just how out of step he is.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,23/7/17; Eric Abetz, Peter Dutton and Abbott the ducks aren't all in line; Rock against Racism; Bolt with egg on his face;



We  know the ABC despises Christianity when it won't apologise for a vicious falsehood. ABC presenter Julia Baird last week claimed “evangelical men who sporadically attend church are more likely than men of any other religious group (and more likely than secular men) to assault their wives”. How the ABC defended her says so much.  

  Bolt is such a liar and that I can only assume the media, in general, ignore him."ABC presenter Julia Baird last week claimed: “evangelical men who sporadically attend church are more likely than men of any other religious group (and more likely than secular men) to assault their wives”.Bolt
The fact is Baird didn't say anything of the sort she was reporting American research and threw it open for discussion. That's what Bolt distorts to claim the ABC despise Christianity. Baird was quoting an American study and clerical guests leaders in of the Church in Australia agreed with her and admitted there was a tendency in the church to keep families together despite the violence women ran to them to report.
Further Bolt doesn't mention Baird's study was American but he takes the opportunity to say "The most likely wife-bashers are Aboriginal men, with Aboriginal women at least 31 times more likely to be hospitalized."Bolt
As it happens most Aborigines are Christian which Bolt completely ignores, of course, they are black and therefore can't be. Bolt truly is a gormless idiot the correlation that he wants to blame being Aboriginal for is in fact about the connection between domestic violence and alcohol and drugs and not race.  and it's visibility is the most obvious among the poor. Domestic violence occurs across all classes as does it's connection with booze and drugs however it's more hidden among the wealthy. The only faith that actually permits and celebrates alcohol is Christianity so logic dictates it's more likely that violence is more common among Christians and in a round about way Baird was right. Bolt seems to suggest it's because of race which simply hides the truth in an extremely racist but predictable way as far as Bolt is concerned.Image result for Images of Racism


Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane is dangerously eager to take offence by administering his language test: "When he hands his boarding pass over to the flight attendant, he’ll get [a] response that grieves him. 'Some of the flight attendants will say, ‘Oh, I’m not even going to try to pronounce that’." Tim Blair tears him apart.

What idiots there are like Bolt and Blair are taking personal affront to what they perceive to be a public insult to Australia they show just how un-Australian they are. They seem offended by the personal opinion in a multicultural society just how precious do they think they are?  How many times has Bolt admitted to being worse that it took him over 30 years to even begin to like this country to warm to it's differences and at 57 he still prefers the  European culture to Australian.Yet here he is making out as if he is defending his idea of Aussie joining Blair and giving Tim a verbal kicking in the land of the "fair go".
In the land of the 'fair go' we are entitled to our personal opinions and Tim the Aussie of Asian extraction was expressing his. If Bolt and Blair are so thin skinned as to regard personal opinion as racism then they haven't a clue what Racism in fact is. I can think Bevis and Butthead are a  stupid white right wing minority and prats and I wouldn't be racist if I were Adam Goodes. I might be said to be  prejudiced against pricks like them and dislike them and what they represent but it doesn't mean I'm racist as I have no power over them for being white yet they and their kind have had historical and institutional power over me Culturally and Institutionally since Invasion day and they practice it on Asians Arabs  and non Caucasians every day.
Racism is a systemic pattern of behavior developed over time that ensures inequality and lack of opportunity to people simply because of their race and it at the same time guarantees privileges to others who practice knowingly or unwittingly.
The consequence is that Bolt and Blair are racists and they are active bigots simply because they support the institutional treatment of Aborigines and the flow on to Asians and Muslims that accompanies it. They support the institutionalized development of prejudice shown to Muslims, women, and the homeless and others. They take punching down as an entitlement and never suggest our institutional duty to offer a hand up.
They feel free to give Tim Soutphommasane a verbal kicking but feel insulted when he expresses his personal feelings. These two Bogans come together with the speed of  mercury droplets as if they are the defenders of Australian Culture as if we are all meant to be culturally homogenous, the same, when in fact if you locked the two of  them in a room together for 24hrs they'd probably find they were like chalk and cheese. They truly are the Bevis and Buttheads of Australia. When they call Tim an Asian prick as was the case years ago they are reflecting the racism of the White Australia Policy and their entitlement to disparage him but deny him that same right. When Tim calls them prats he's right he's reflecting the lack of power Asians Australians once had in this country. But in doing so he's never been racist. 
Image result for Image of Ducks not in a line

  Coalition infighting damaging Government, says longtime Abbott supporter Eric Abetz - ABC News


Liberal senator Eric Abetz says the party would do better in the polls if it kept the discussion to policy rather than personality. It appears the conservatives aren't on a unity ticket as Bolt would have us believe

"If we kept the discussion to policy rather than personality I think the Liberal-National Party Government would be doing a lot better," he said.
Mr Abbott has been publicly critical of the Government's agenda in recent weeks.

That prompted a warning from the new Liberal Party president Nick Greiner that the public division will hurt the Coalition at the next federal election.


 Turnbull supported the same however I notice Bolt makes no mention of the plebiscite process. All he's doing is stating the obvious and declaring it's Abbott's victory. He's not known as the human megaphone for nothing. The hint  " I guess Abbott had the numbers when Turnbull backed the motion clearly deserting the losing side" Bolt Now that's little more than Bolt speak for you with more
" Today's result confirms that Abbott has what his rivals do not: the ability to rouse the Liberal members to battle. Who else would they fight for? " Bolt
The fact is Greiner Abetz and Dutton have all declared that Abbott should stop sniping as he promised and he needs to get with the LNP. One needs to remind oneself the NSW Liberals have only just begun to catch up with the other states and get with the 21st Century. This isn't Abbott leading at all. They haven't even begun to agree on the process this new system will take. Bolt's just blowing his trumpet for Tony.
UPDATE What Bolt doesn't say
They supported compromise motions put by federal MPs Alex Hawke and Julian Leeser that would introduce plebiscites but with strict safeguards such as a member activity test and a requirement for three or four years' membership.
Source: NSW Liberals vote for Tony Abbott backed reforms

Image result for Image of the sighted who can't see


Julia Baird tells an untruth to kick off another series vilifying Christianity: "The men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians." But when I point out that Baird's own source contradicts her, the ABC issues an dishonest tweet - retweeted by Baird -  complaining that we're "quibbling over footnotes".
 Typical Bolt isn't it Aborigines are more likely to beat their wives. Notice he doesn't mention the fact most Aborigines are Christian. Nor does he mention the fact that of all religions Christianity sees alcohol as a gift. Muslims don't nor do most other religions. The quibble wee Bolt misses the barn wall with his argument. Religion and domestic violence don't have a correlation when alcohol and drugs are removed from the equation. Alcohol and drugs have the greatest correlation to domestic violence and the visibility of that mix is most apparent when associated with poverty. So try again Andrew Bolt when you mention the word quibble the highest degree of Domestic violence in Australia is among Christians but simply because we are as you say a predominantly Christian nation Yes any thing else is a quibble particularly when Andrew Bolt blames as usual color and race as the real problem.


 Image result for Image of people with eggon their face


How the race industry makes police scared to protect us: "An African refugee who won a payout from Victoria Police after claiming he was 'racially abused ' has been exposed as a violent criminal... Jibril God ... was awarded a payout reportedly worth tens of thousands of dollars after claiming that he was stopped and searched because he was black."

" How the race industry makes police scared to protect us: "Bolt
Bolt's claim is that policing is the victim of the race "industry "his evidence compensation provided to a black man who happens to have a criminal record which Bolt claims are a total package and therefore conflates the two. If your black have a record the police are entitled to kick the bejeezus out of you. "
"AN AFRICAN refugee who won a payout from Victoria Police after claiming he was “racially abused ” has been exposed as a violent criminal."
This isn't the first time Bolt's used this argument he did it with Dylan Voller and those poor guards at Don Dale also against Zacky Mallah who had the gall to speak up on Q&A. How on earth can we treat these people as humans who have turned our institutions into the victims? When push comes to shove Andrew Bolt screamed like the Elephant man "I'm human being too" when the system convicted him of vilification he was instantly the victim of an unjust system. Forget that Bolt was also convicted of defamation in civil cases and found guilty that would be unjust to conflate the two.  In Bolt's case, the system was at fault not him.

There's no problem with Bolt logic or is there? If your Black, Muslim, Aboriginal you are in all probability dangerous and those trying to defend you are hampering in due process. However, if you are White middle class and a prat like Bolt your profile deserves the full benefit of the law, the presumption of innocence by all institutions AHRC, the DPP, the Courts systems and justice should reflect and respect that power hierarchy which is the natural order of things.  You know in  Andrew Bolt's case it did.


The Greens are dying at last, here and overseas. But not fast enough and not before causing terrible damage around the world. Here the six big reasons why they're dying here.

Voter support for minor parties appears to have cooled, with both Labour and the government getting a boost in the latest Newspoll.
Labour maintained its lead over the Coalition, at 53% to 47% on a two-party preferred basis according to the poll, published in the Australian
The Coalitions rose 1pt Turnbull is still preferred PM 43:32
Bolt just can't help making a fool of himself can he? Does he ever declare how much he has invested personally in fossil fuels no not at all? The rise of the left in America, Britain, France and European countries generally has seen voters return to the major parties Corbyn Sanders Macron and the ALP has seen a tectonic shift away from Conservatives and extreme left minority parties. Greens in Australia have at the moment shot themselves in the foot but not because there's been a major shift to fossil fuels. One Nation has also lost ground as was always going to be the case. 
Bolt is the drowning man who tends to clutch at straws wherever he can and fails to mention that even in America the renewable industries employ twice the number of people than fossil fuels and the job numbers are growing exponentially while fossil fuels are shrinking. I hardly regard that as the death of green industries besides that's where the money is being invested.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/7/17; Bolt's Historical Denialism ignores data and fact. Australia was never Terra -Nullius


 Illustration: Jim Pavlidis.


 Tony Abbott praises Malcolm Turnbull for backing party reform

Tony Abbott has applauded Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for offering "unequivocal support" for his bid to overhaul the way the NSW Liberal Party preselects its candidates.

  Rugby and race: two reasons why Kiwis thank God they're not Australian - ABC News


This week two events — seemingly unrelated — have opened a sliding door into our history: just how different things could have been, writes Stan Grant.

"New Zealand recognised that sovereignty. Australia instead was deemed "terra-nullius" — an empty land — the rights of the first peoples were extinguished."
"New Zealand would not hand over its future to "an elective body, mostly Australians, that knows nothing and cares nothing about native administration".
" new archaeological evidence has pushed back human occupation of this continent to at least 65,000 years."
" By 1901, a decade after Captain Russell warned colonial leaders about their treatment of "natives", his concerns would have been vindicated: the Constitution of Australia wrote Aboriginal people out of the new nation.
Section 127 specified that the first people of this land would not be counted among the Australian population."
" When the All Blacks line up against the Wallabies New Zealanders will surely be glad that Captain William Russell said no to becoming part of Australia."


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 21/7/17; Pork Barrelling costs; Bolt thinks he's a member of the Educated Mens Club ho ho; Bolt takes aim at the greens but misses the target;

 Pork-barrel projects are a billion-dollar drain on the public purse

Welfare crackdown savings are petty compared to massive cost overruns and wasteful pork barrelling.



Theodore Dalrymple is brilliant on the narcissistic rage and final triumph of Virginia Woolf: "Woolf ... would at least have had the satisfaction of observing that her cast of mind - shallow, dishonest, resentful, envious, snobbish, self-absorbed, trivial, philistine, and ultimately brutal - had triumphed among the elites of the western world."

 Bolt's such a pompous prig. He thinks he is what Wolf was talking about, "an educated man". However, he might be and still is a relic of the 30s and 40s membership of that club of men from Woolf's time. He's certainly not a member of educated men in the 21rst Century.
PS: Bolt can't spell Virginia and he thinks he's an "educated Man"




The Greens are on the way down: two Senators lost to bad form-filling, the watermelon faction revolting, the warming scare easing, power prices shocking voters and now: "[Leader] Di Natale waits for confirmation he has renounced Italian citizenship. Tasmanian colleague Nick McKim is yet to produce confirmation he has given up British citizenship."    
21 Jul"The global warming scare is receding, even if the vast warming bureaucracy ensures it does not yet die completely. The Greens look increasingly desperate as they warn of disasters that never come."Bolt
This is the crux of what Bolt wants to say and what he repeats like an automaton the science and experts have no place in the construction of social policy. Self -interest is the key. But in his statement that the youth of today  are bored with green politics and warmists are losing the political race he fails to explain why 197 countries have signed the Paris Accord, investment in green technologies is out stripping those of fossil fuels, and advanced counties along with the third world are all dumping and moving away from the old. The Greens may have been procedurally incompetent and dropped in a poll but that has little or nothing about what they stand for. The voting population of Australia has moved to Labor  but not away from the demand to stop mining fossil fuels and their consequence of CO2 emissions
"THEN there's di Natale. First, he lacks charisma. Second, he announced himself as a pragmatist - as much as a Greens leader can actually be pragmatic. But the Greens appeal to people who are adolescents in permanent and pensioned opposition to Daddy. They scorn responsibility and are blind to consequences. They do not wish for all that comes with ruling - other than the power to bully - which is why the Greens sharing power with the Gillard Government was so fatal. Hard-line Greens supporters do not make deals. They make demands. They are totalitarians." Bolt

In all of Bolt's feeble personality attack on the Greens and smearing their members, Bolt fails to address the systemic facts and failures the reality and hard data that the fossil fuel advocates are facing. The investment shift the global market has been ignored. The private shift made to support climate science and not by governments tied at the hip to the past fossil fuel interests looking for quid pro quo donations. Bolt and the coalition are for the Adani mine. But they don't tell you Adani has invested in and built India's biggest Solar energy plant as well. So why does he want to go ahead with the coal in Australia? He wants to develop the land and property he bought he doesn't want it to go down in value and he wants $ 1 Bill from the Australian tax payers to maintain and increase the book value of that assett. Because at the moment banks and private investors aren't interested.
 Bolt never entertains that thought that he just might want the value to go up and sell it because that would be 'end of days for his argument. In the meantime, the acceleration in green investment, technology, and job creation has skyrocketed past the deniers snails and fossil zealots wanting to hang onto the past. We are already hearing the word 'transition' more and more as we are seeing more deniers, once like Bolt, falling away.
 Talking about "the greens " in Australia is deflecting and ignoring the global shift in the world attitude. Even Trump said to Macron as far as the Paris Accord was concerned it still wasn't over. He knows that because US states like dominoes are signing up independently of Trump. As is the ACT and S.A. here creating their own targets.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/7/17; The organ grinder's monkey; 2017 is so far the second hottest year on record. So Bolt says the planet's cooling;

Image result for Image of the organgrinders monkey

Hannity Unleashes On The ‘Pampered, Overpaid, Spoiled’ GOP

Hannity Unleashes On The ‘Pampered, Overpaid, Spoiled’ GOP 

 Trump’s Allies Are Taking Over the Media and Creating Their Own Reality | The Nation

News Corp's Global Foxification of media is so apparent and it's why Andrew Bolt is just the organ grinders monkey.

What you don't hear from Bolt. He does say proof the planet must be cooling.

At Midway Point, 2017 Is 2nd-Hottest Year on Record | Climate Central

Halfway through 2017, the year is the second hottest on record, even without an El NiƱo to help boost its temperature.


Leigh Sales on the ABC's 7.30 last night: "We talk about women in Islam, but statistically it is evangelical Christian men who attend church sporadically who are the most likely to assault their wives." This is false and contradicted by the ABC's claimed sources.  Will the ABC correct it?
 Bolt's just a lazy blogger who repeats himself and calls it work. The ABC is right it doesn't have to correct itself. Domestic violence is correlated with alcohol. Of all the main religions Christianity accepts the social use of alcohol. The likelihood of domestic violence is among Christian males. It's most visible among Christian males below the poverty line. So even church leaders don't want to raise this guilt. Bolt prefers to see it as personal and cultural flaw of Aborigines but sorry Bolt your associations don't make sense Aborigines are Christians and we systematically  converted them to  religion alcohol poverty and domestic violence  
However, Bolt is a liar The Abc was merely reporting a research study not a commentary
" Research shows that the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians who attend church sporadically. Church leaders in Australia say they abhor abuse of any kind. But advocates say the church is not just failing to sufficiently address domestic violence, it is both enabling and concealing it." ABC News


Coincidence? The ABC steps up its war on Christianity just as Cardinal George Pell returns to face court over alleged historical sexual offences. Its most ridiculous attack came on Tuesday, with a campaign to persuade us that “the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians” who occasionally go to church. 
The man in the glass house who drove a 26-year-old girl out of the country in fear of being assaulted or worse. Yassim Abdel-Magied didn't have the force of the Catholic Church behind her no the protection of the personal vilification handed out to her by Andrew Bolt in the name of 'free hate'.
Yassim didn't even have a police investigation to back up any of Bolt's claims. However the claimants against George and the evidence the police have been sufficient to bring this case to court.
As for the Church under attack, you couldn't be more under attack when Andrew Bolt with the backing of News Corp can smear the Pope as much as he likes but complains when the organization is being attacked. Bolt yesterday brought to our knowledge a case of workplace violence "way off" in Germany a single case committed by a Muslim to his boss. Bolt felt that necessary to know in order draw is pre existing generalization about Muslims. Here he's declaring how unfair the ABC was for raising the behavior of a massive organization and its branches run like feifdoms around the world.
Bolt smears the Pope which even the ABC hasn't done. 
As for the greatest likelihood of domestic violence, he can't acknowledge that alcohol and drugs are the biggest triggers for domestic violence and alcohol is far from prohibited by the Christian Churches but celebrated. I don't pay to read Bolt's columns or feed the beast. But somewhere Bolt will raise personal weakness and culture of Australia's Aborigines to make his defense of white pisspots. Those white folks that taught them to celebrate the pain of poverty a gift handed them by the white man who also gave them alcohol drugs and Christianity. 
Julia Baird on the Drum repeated her discussion on what "research" has found and made Andrew Bolt look the fool and liar he is. He stupidity and anti -Islamic bias  suggesting Christianity is civilized  and Islam is not and proof can be found in domestic violence data is proved to be totally absurd. However you will never hear Bolt apologize  for his stigmatizing and ignorant bigotry.



 Yet another repeat post by Bolt disguised as "work". He's between a rock and a hard place once praising Dutton and the unity of Abbott's Monkey Pod Room which hosted the regular conservative only lunches. Bolt's Conservative unity seems a farce with Abbott now piping up he never got any advice to form a single security force but thought of one before Turnbull show me your's Turnbull. But just in case now also saying he was against it. What are you to make of that other than Abbott is simply a contrarian and always was one? Well, it seems Dutton and Abbott aren't on the same side of the fence with this one because you can never tell which side Abbott's on. How long will it be before Bolt starts smearing Dutton for Abbott? 
Bolt has spent moments calling the heads of the ABF and AFP liars running incompetent agencies because they have said they have no evidence to link cases to terrorist acts setting Bolt off in a crazed frenzy. However now he's saying they have been doing a great job. Bolt is all over the shop twisted as Abbott I'm afraid. He's having trouble dealing with this issue as is the ex PM. To just call it politics and wrote it off as simply as that is irresponsible. Bolt's  right and it's what he amplifies all the time just politics. It's why he's up and down like a see saw and why they both have no respect for the Australian electorate. Abbott was a failure as a PM he got fewer bills passed than Gorton and Bolt is a failure in commentary, facts, and information. It's why he has an only a nightly following of 24,000. Did any one catch Turnbull on the Project last night it rates 800,000 ++




The best story today.

While this is a notable, sad and a feel good story does Bolt need to steal it from the Daily Telegraph in order to deflect and distract attention away from the feel good story that has even wider implications for all of us. The disunity of the Conservatives in the Liberal Party when it comes to self-interest it always wins.Yes, Trent Hodkinson showed the opposite of Peter Dutton a selflessness rarely seen among the conservative media and never by Bolt who only presents as the diametrically opposite to Trent. However, little is said of the bravery and beauty of Hanna who not in a single photo taken appears to be a girl not in poor spirits. Rather she's the opposite and seems to be grabbing the life given by the horns. She's all smiles.


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Niki Savva prepares a scapegoat for next week's Newspoll. She bizarrely suggests that Malcolm Turnbull handing Peter Dutton control over all security agencies - a move backed by none and designed to keep Dutton loyal - is a triumph that could be wrecked by a weekend meeting to discuss Tony Abbott's evil plan to give party members more say.
Not being a member of the Liberal Party it confuses me as to why Bolt feels Abbott has Trumped the Federal parliamentary party? Wasn't Turnbull for the democratization of the state branch? Is this just another case of Bolt trying to tell us the tail wags the dog? Or is all of this just poll dancing?


Is this why the Left loves global warming? Renewable energy is the excuse for governments grabbing partial control over even small business: "Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell says the government needs to consider subsidies to help small business struggling to cope with skyrocketing energy prices." And all for a fake fix to a fake catastrophe.
"And all for a fake fix to a fake catastrophe." Bolt.  Well, we will see whose fake won't we I think it's Bolt who is insisting the planet is cooling because this is only the 2nd hottest year on record so far. However, in Bolt's case, it's the elephants tail that's  trying to wag the elephant and not the dog's. Threatening price hikes of 180% because why? We've seen the price hikes due to the price of gas and privateers.
 Solar and wind energy are driving Dutch public transport there is no horrific news about the prices there. Renewable energy is now cheaper than natural gas and there is no such thing as cheap clean coal let alone power plants available with the technology to clean it.
197 countries have signed the Paris accord and Bolt is doing what? He's holding on to the buggy whip because he's the stable owner feeding and looking after the horses while the owners are doing business. and refusing to believe a new age has arrived. Sorry stables were shut down when fossil fed cars came into being and the laggards were behind. Bolt found a business that fed his nightmare alarmism a significant statistical example. It's what he does best uses anecdotal evidence to generalize catastrophe.
He's a hypocrite because he complained that's what the ABC did in Philidelphia and the Catholic Church in his post today


Anyway it's great that South Australia is ahead of the game Arium doesn't seem terrified of the doom and gloom Bolt's preaching and Musk believes he can solve the state's dependance on fossil fuels. Bolt hasn't been doing much talking about S.A recently has he? Not compared with the chortling he was doing beforehand. Time will tell us whose fake.


Tell us the news here.

What Bolt really thinks about during his 80 hour work week. "Buy Brett Whiteley" $ 1.6 - 2 mill




Image result for Images  attack on Christianity 


My editorial from The Bolt Report.

Repeated from yesterday
Bolt is a liar because the ABC's Julia Baird merely reported a research study unlike Bolt they don't own a fake commentary or opinion. On his Bolt Report states that the "work" belonged to  Julia Baird which is a blatant and straight out lie!
Not surprisingly however Bolt the "agnostic" becomes Bolt "the preacher " and that his commentary is "his" reminding us he's  not  religious which is meant to impress us and make him more objective wiser than say a Doctors of Divinity. Bolt claims he knows the nuances of both the bible and the Koran better than most academics. When did Bolt put any work into studying either of these texts we aren't told? As for the resarch report Baird was quoting well that's ignored and forgotten by Bolt.

" Research shows that the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians who attend church sporadically. Church leaders in Australia say they abhor abuse of any kind. But advocates say the church is not just failing to sufficiently address domestic violence, it is both enabling and concealing it." ABC News
My belief however is that there is a correlation between domestic violence alcohol and Christianity more so than any other faiths. It's visibility is connected to class however while obvious among the poorest drinkers & drug takers it's hidden among ther upper classes and dealt with differently.

 Image result for Images  meaningless statistics


 Bolt logic stats show more Australians  die in Winter than Summer. 1) Australia is a big country. So are Kelly and Bolt trying to telling us less people die in Queensland than TAS or is S.A.2) Why is it Australian Aboriginals have the highest death rate of all Australians and most live in the hottest areas?  3) Is South Australia the death state because it has the largest investment in renewables? These two stooges of statistics would have Australians believe their little graph has a direct correlation to renewables and the price of electricity.  Bolt's interview with Craig Kelly was the equivalent of a skit on the ABC's comedy Mad as Hell.
The ACT is currently the best place to live electricity is cheapest than anywhere else. However they have a 100% renewable energy target they need to be warned thanks to Kelly and Bolt.
So what brings about the figure these two clowns present about the whole of Australia?
Australia's epidemiologists explanation
1)The very young and the very old are more likely to die in winter.
 2)Diseases of the circulatory system, pneumonia and influenza and sudden
    infant death syndrome are all highly seasonal causes of death, occurring
    more often in winter.
 3)Although excess winter deaths predominated for most of the twentieth
     century, the nineteenth century saw an excess in summer deaths. This
    excess disappeared in parallel with the decline of infectious and parasitic
   diseases, and the rise in diseases such as circulatory and respiratory
    disease, which were more likely to cause death in colder months.
4) Not a word about the price of electricity in the 21st Century but a lot to say about the   coal burning 20th Century when electricity was cheap