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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,25/9/17; The Circus called The Bolt Media Response; Orsen Welle's War of the Worlds; Distraction Deflection, Victim-Hood; Germany's Nazi Party; Freedom of My Speech; Journalism;

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When opportunity knocks Abbott grabs the moment and lies

Remember the Alfalfa Club and the photo shoot Murdoch organized to boost Abbott's image "BUSTED".
 Besides being a pathological liar, Tony Abbott is a noted pugilist who in the past has thrown a few himself, particularly at women.
At university, he kicked in a glass panel door when defeated in an election.
Referred to a women Chairperson as “Chairthing”.
He was accused of assaulting a woman at University and later acquitted. He was defended by a QC and the girl defended herself.
Another woman accuses him of throwing punches at her. And hitting either side of a wall she was standing against. He says it never happened but others collaborated her story.
He threatens to punch the head in of Lindsay Foyle who disagreed with him on a women’s right to an abortion.
In 1978 a young teacher by the name of Peter Woof bought assault charges against Abbott. He punched him in the face. It never went anywhere. Abbott was represented by a legal team of six and the young man could not afford to defend himself.
And he did punch out Joe Hockey’s lights during a rugby match.
So one could be forgiven if your first thoughts on the head-butting incident were that Tony was just telling another lie in order to draw attention to himself. In fact, it’s a tribute to his reputation that you would do so.
He didn’t report the assault to police but he could tell radio shock jocks Andrew Bolt and Ray Hadley. He is acting exactly the way he did in the Republican campaign. Change the subject. Make it about anything else but the matter at hand.
It had the putrid smell of yet another Abbott lie all over it. One that wouldn’t pass the proverbial pub test. Or to put it another way, when Aristotle was asked what a man could gain by telling lies he thought for a while then answered; “Never to be credited when he speaks the truth.” J.Lord


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Many journalists and activists are too quick to believe that Astro Labe, a drunk and violent hypocrite, is an honest man. He says didn't headbutt Tony Abbott because of Abbott's stand on gay marriage. But why did Labe wear a gay-marriage badge as he did it? Why did he say it was for what Abbott had said?  And why are gay-marriage fans cheering?  

 Andrew Bolt's Response to reality "the yes campaign is synonymous with bullying." Reality Kevin Rudd's God son buried by Andrew Bolt under the media carpet' "
Somehow the “love is love” campaign has become a license to hate, and Labe’s headbutting of Abbott seemed the most confronting example yet." Bolt
The most honest words in this whole farce given Abbott's record, his staffer's evidence and Bolt's desperate and urgent attempt to protect him are: While avoiding the question of Equality altogether.“It’s just about Tony Abbott, the f---ing worm that he is,” Labe said.
“I’d had half a skinful and just wanted to nut the c---.”Astro
 To be silent in the face of this destructive Person is to condone his actions. That’s not an option. This MP, backbencher is a child bully, and bullies are emboldened by our silence, shame Abbott shame.

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I've said from the start the "yes" campaign will win, but its bullying is the only thing that could lose the unlosable: "Australians have shifted ground on same-sex marriage in an early success for the No campaign, with support for change falling from 63 to 57 per cent as an argument erupts over advertising tactics."
25 Sep
 "The No campaign has ­increased its support from 30 to 34 per cent over the past month after raising doubts over the divisive reform, signalling its potential to mobilise voters to stage a surprise victory in the national postal survey." Bolt
There is nothing about "marriage equality" here only about mobilizing forces and who has the power to do that. What we are seeing is power bought enabled and paid for by an organized minority to maintain privilege and influence over other peoples lives and Bolt is cheering that monied ability to raise their stocks 4%. 
What we are seeing is the media replay of Orsen Welle's War of the Worlds. It's a total media hoax.

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Wasn't this meant to be about equality? "A Sydney mayor [of Inner West Council] has vowed to make all gay weddings free if same-sex marriage is legalised by the upcoming vote... However, it doesn't appear as though this offer extends to heterosexual couples."
The race is to create and divide the very street you live in make the children fight and hate each other in school and if they complain take Senator Canavan's most generous and caring advice "get a spine". The fact this vote is all about "equality" not recognized by those like Bolt and Canavan who couldn't give a fuck about the children anyway. How do uncle Tony's nephews and nieces feel when he said publicly they won't be brought up properly by their mothers. Why didn't Tony just punch his sister's kids in the head?


The gay-marriage campaign is right: we are supposed to be voting about the right of gays to marry and nothing else. Yet who can blame voters for thinking gay-marriage crusaders won’t stop there when they win, when you check this astonishing list of bullying so far?  

 Victim-hood the cross Bolt claims the minority Cabal of Nationalist Christian White Supremacists here must bear As Kevin Andrews told them to suffer the onslaught of Marxist nonbelievers wanting to take over the country. The one thing he does have right they are the minority. Given that only 25% of Australians admit to being practicing Christians and more than half of them believe in Marriage Equality even their Church leaders do you have another case of the tail trying to wag the dog. The difference the tail has put x5 times the investment into its media defense and has no brain. There is a lesson to be learned that politics can distract from real issues of a nation's life simply by raising fear in the media it can create a war over dividing a sausage.

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Yes, Angela Merkel, who let in a million illegal immigrants, has won her fourth election. But the political class is losing: "Merkel's conservative bloc [won] just 33.2 per cent of the vote... Her main Social Democrat (SPD) rivals also received their worst result since the 1940s — just 20.8." The far Right is back in Parliament with 13 per cent. 
The LNP is a Coalition it's never won outright or on its own. Yet we call the Democracy Australia "home" The Germans are also a Coalition with 56% of the vote and Bolt calls them the losers and the ADF the winners. Who was their Donald or was it just a Pauline? Bolt calls her and One Nation the Australian winners.  Who will be ruling Germany? Notice Bolt hasn't mentioned Trump in recent days since he swung to the Left and has been refilling the swamp with billionaires. It won't be Bolt's "Shy Voters" ruling Germany now, will it? It will be the loud 56%. Who will be in government in Australia next election? It won't be Bolt's shy voters either.
Bolt is enthused that the ADF has gained power the Party whose policies decry the monuments to Jews reminding Germans of WW2. Bolt certainly is more Dutch than Australian cheering Germany's Nazi Party. (Note Nazi symbols are banned in Germany) Bolt is no doubt against that too.



I thought the Turnbull Government had done slightly better, but voters won't be moved: "Malcolm Turnbull has lost ground to Bill Shorten as the preferred prime minister as the Coalition slips to another low in popular support, with the government trailing Labor by 46 to 54 per cent in two-party terms." Cruising to catastrophe.
 Bolt really does suffer from Cognitive Dissonance, doesn't he? According to him, the planet isn't warming its cooling, science is just another religion, and the LNP is losing, even more, voters when it's polling has been much the same as it was before. Bolt lives in an entirely different world to those we regard normal Australians. Bolt's a whizz with figures, isn't he? But then he also reckons he was educated at Adelaide University, has a huge following on the Bolt Report "off a low base" and that he's a persecuted victim of 90% of Australian's when in fact he's more like a Hell's Angel in a suit and only a 1%er. 
Wake up Bolt the far right aren't ruling Europe, Trump isn't ruling the USA and Abbott isn't ruling the LNP. Maybe you will be holidaying in the Philipines this Xmas and meet your model Pacific hero  Duterte or the Middle East Israel and Netanyahu. Afterall he is a friend of Packer's. 

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Politicians must realise that our absurd laws against free speech mean that even when journalists win, they lose. The process is the punishment. Take Chris Merritt, being sued for $1.6 million for his response to being called part of a “white racist posse”.
So Chris Merritt Bolt's Australian link is being sued according to Andrew Bolt and in our courts not by the HRC. Bolt was sued in our courts for Defamation and it appears he still insists on the right as a media commentator to lie. After all, if politicians can do it why can't he?
" Even if this case is thrown out, it will cost The Australian thousands of dollars — and possibly tens of thousands of dollars — in legal fees and wasted time. The court can issue costs orders against losing parties, but those orders — even when enforced — rarely result in the recovery of all the money that innocent parties spend defending themselves." Merritt
Note Merritt isn't arguing wether or not he's guilty or any principle but rather he "costs" that might result for mega Corporation News Corp. There is nothing about Ms. Prins freedom or right to sue if Defamed. Bolt was sued by JP Popovich and lost the company $250,000. Maybe Merritt should try to settle is it so hard to remove the offending article?

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How many voters registered that Abbott might cross the floor if the Government did what it hints it won't, and decided to vote Labor instead? Unconvincing: "This is the Newspoll result Tony Abbott wanted. The former prime minister threw himself into the energy debate last week ... to warn he could cross the floor over a clean energy target."   

UPDATE: ROWAN DEAN "The lip may be swollen, the ego may be bruised, but the battler in Abbott refuses to be knocked down." Even Dean doesn't seem convinced that Abbott's lip is swollen. Not many people do it seems. Dean, of course, edits The Spectator so no surprise.

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Why has the Canberra Press Gallery given accreditation to a sacked journalism lecturer who believes politicians he reports on should be physically attacked?  Martin Hirst: “Anarchist who headbutted Tony Abbott deserves our thanks. Buy Astro a beer... [Abbott] f..king deserved it for being a bastard." The gallery must revoke that press pass.
 This coming from the mouth of Andrew Bolt vomiting hatred "Why has the Canberra Press Gallery given accreditation to a sacked journalism lecturer and foul-mouthed Marxist who believes politicians he reports on should be physically attacked, having cheered the headbutting of Tony Abbott?  "Bolt
Bolt's not only a verbal headbutter but he ready to commit GBH for little more than glitter. Why has he got a job in something pretending to sell News The Herald Sun and Sky? These organizations present to the public as news seller and aren't. How is it that Andrew Bolt has a job? At least Hirst prints the truth. Are we to be surprised it's Andrew Bolt who in today's blog cheered the success of Germany's Nazi Party the ADF who wants the monuments to dead Jews removed from Germany.
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Beavis and Butthead Blair and Bolt do a bit of headbutting of their own everybody insight it seems and has accidentally made contact with Paula. However, Beavis even suggesting Tony's a girly boy who's been raped and persecuted misses the point he wouldn't have been persecuted had he not be lying for attention. He didn't report it to the police he ran straight to the media and reported it to the world to get the publicity boost. Just like the Alfalfa Club in Atlanta except he couldn't call Rupert "his staffer". Rupert kept silent back then too. The only problem on that occasion Tony headbutted himself. 
In fact, Tony Abbott raped Astro wandering off pissed as a fart having made no contact with his headbutt and even whispering so quietly that Tony's staffer didn't hear a thing or probably didn't see a thing either. The comedy I think there's a bit of Sgt Schultz from Hogan's Heroes going down here.
These two Abbott fans Bevis and Butthead want in on the act and they certainly can beat any deranged Abbott hater. There's no treatment for them given the number of times they have done hate numbers on women frightbats, Muslims while hiding in the Lakemba pub, and countless other targets while Butthead Bolt is doing high-fived with Tim Blair from a distance.
Butthead Bolt on his lonesome is very plastic and appears less than relaxed when with people he feels are not his underlings or equals and shuts up as he did with an ex-Prime Minister of NZ Jim Bolger who treated him as a silly child when he tried to say he was an Indigenous Australian. Bolt deserved no respect and he got just that. His producers on the Bolt Report often save Mr plastic fantastic from embarrassment and didn't he spit the dummy when Miranda Devine didn't simply let him walk in and steal her show. That woman certainly turned the man into the grubby little aloof boy he is. Bolt unlike  real commentators like Barry Cassidy needs to be surrounded by support and Jesters to lighten his load. Blair, Dean, Milo Kroeger, Peter BH, etc etc.
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Much for the Left to ignore: "Samson ... killed one and left at least seven other people injured at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ [near Nashville]" Inconvenient fact 1: He's from Sudan. 2: "One church member ... went to his car to retrieve a gun...The gunman shot himself in the face when the man returned, possibly by accident."
The Inconvenient Truth that Bolt fails to mention Samson was a Christian. Bolt will tell us just how violent "Africans" are but why is that he never mentions they are Christians or just how  "violent" Pacific Islanders and NZers are again they are not Muslims but Christians and practicing ones at that. Bolt the first to point his finger at Aborigines plagued by domestic violence but not that they too are Christians. However, he's the first to announce that the ABC is a persecutor of Christians just because Julia Baird revealed research in the USA showed a certain category of Christians were prone to domestic violence. Boy did Bolt take fake offense at that.
However when mayhem existed in Melbourne during the Underbelly days more than 30 murders were committed and strangely enough none by immigrants or Muslims and all were committed by Christians. So one might well ask why is Bolt so ignorant?  So ignorant that the first lessons taught to Detectives when becoming investigators is that the worst thing any investigator can do is commence with a bigoted and biased hypothesis and then only look for evidence that confirms it. It's exactly what Bolt does and why he looks worldwide for evidence which he can't find in Australia against either Muslims or immigrants.
Recent murders in Victoria 7-8 have been Ice related and  Bolt turns a blind eye to these why? They aren't suitable "confirmation bias" enough for his anti- Multicultural, anti- Muslim and ultra -Racist position.  Has one wondered why Bolt hasn't brought up the poor Buddhists of Myanmar persecuted by the evil Muslim Rohingya even that would be over the top for Bolt wouldn't it?

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,24/9/17; Abbott & Bolt defiantly and psychiatrically mad; Don't let Bolt near the Tigers he'll try to divide them; "No" Holier than thou but dumber;

Harvey shut down 22 percent of the nation’s refining capacity, vitally disrupted the oil and gas transportation networks that deliver energy to much of the US, and caused damage to facilities that leaked more than a million pounds of dangerous air pollutants into communities around Texas. The road back to full operational capacity will take weeks, if not months. Puerto Rico could take 6 months to recover.
 Andrew Bolt promotes fossil fuels as the most reliable source of baseload energy. Yet Renewables are the ony current source in operation.
And now what? Harvey Proved How Fragile the Oil and Gas Industry Really Is – Mother Jones

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Astro Labe, the anarchist and gay-marriage supporter who said he'd had "half a skinful" when he headbutted Tony Abbott, should have learned a lesson eight years ago when he failed to properly help a mate who'd fallen on his head. He'd been drinking then, too, said the coroner.
There is a very clear difference between Andrew Bolt and Astro Labe when it comes to head injuries. 1) Astro Labe according to the coroner's report neither witnessed his friend's fall nor the actual head injury.
2) Andrew Bolt, on the other hand, tried his best to deliver head injuries on the two glitter bugs in Carlton. His attempted GBH might well have ended up having the same consequences  3) To take, no, steal the moral high ground in the defense of Tony Abbott's attempted lie simply for political gain-sake shows just how low these conservative bullies in suits can stoop. Past history reveals a string of similar distorted tales by Tony Abbott and his attempted defense by mate Andrew Bolt without being fueled by alcohol. 4) There are significant psychopathic characteristics revealed here when persons like Abbott and Bolt can't admit to error and the need no matter what to win the day. To attempt to manipulate the facts to prove they are right with such urgency is known by Psychologists and Psychiatrists as a state of Cognitive Dissonance brought on by the cultural belief of "Born to Rule"

Besides being a pathological liar, Tony Abbott is a noted pugilist who in the past has thrown a few himself, particularly at women.
At university, he kicked in a glass panel door when defeated in an election.
Referred to a women Chairperson as “Chairthing”.
He was accused of assaulting a woman at University and later acquitted. He was defended by a QC and the girl defended herself.
Another woman accuses him of throwing punches at her. And hitting either side of a wall she was standing against. He says it never happened but others collaborated her story.
He threatens to punch the head in of Lindsay Foyle who disagreed with him on a women’s right to an abortion.
In 1978 a young teacher by the name of Peter Woof bought assault charges against Abbott. He punched him in the face. It never went anywhere. Abbott was represented by a legal team of six and the young man could not afford to defend himself.
And he did punch out Joe Hockey’s lights during a rugby match.
So one could be forgiven if your first thoughts on the head-butting incident were that Tony was just telling another lie in order to draw attention to himself. In fact, it’s a tribute to his reputation that you would do so.
He didn’t report the assault to police but he could tell radio shock jocks Andrew Bolt and Ray Hadley. He is acting exactly the way he did in the Republican campaign. Change the subject. Make it about anything else but the matter at hand.
It had the putrid smell of yet another Abbott lie all over it. One that wouldn’t pass the proverbial pub test. Or to put it another way, when Aristotle was asked what a man could gain by telling lies he thought for a while then answered; “Never to be credited when he speaks the truth.” J.Lord
 Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday provoked a media kerfuffle when he decided to report an alleged assault on him in Hobart not to police, as one might expect, but to Andrew Bolt and various other representatives of the gutter press. He had been head-butted, he claimed, by a Yes supporter, in a totally unprovoked attack and this is all we can expect from Yes supporters who are disgracefully violent.
Eric Abetz, with whom Abbott later lunched, declared that if marriage equality becomes a thing we can expect that married same-sex couples will go round head-butting whomever they want because marriage equality gives legitimacy to head-butting. Or something.
Eventually, the Tasmanian police, alerted by media reports, contacted Abbott about the assault. They subsequently arrested  Hobart DJ and anarchist Astro Labe, who stated quite bluntly that his attack had absolutely nothing at all to do with same-sex marriage. Astro just hates Abbott and half-tanked, took an apparently God-given golden opportunity to “nut the cunt.”
That the media unquestioningly ran with Abbott’s fantasy that he had been attacked by a marriage equality supporter because of his stand against same-sex marriage, is disturbing. As the story unfolded, it became clear Abbott had quickly confected the motives for the assault, and the media went right along with his confection. I am tempted to speculate that Abbott’s opportunistic lies explain his failure to report the assault to police, and hopefully will cause him some difficulties when the matter comes to court. J Wilson

 I wonder if Andrew Bolt has the guts to celebrate with Waleed Aly or just divide the Tiger supporters.

"Rather invasive, this message, no?: "The marriage equality forms have arrived! Help make history and vote YES for a fairer Australia VOTE " Bolt
Not only are "yes" voters in favor of Equality and Social Justice for all Australians but they are far more technically savvy than the "no" voters so singularly self interested they think they are the only Australians.

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Yoshi Bashan on how NSW police are making life hell for bikies in wonderfully delightful and creative ways. Isn't is great to see the bad guys doing the nervous fretting instead?
  Just how typical is it for Bolt to club "bikies" into one stereotypical group the "bad guys". Men in suits tend to be worse than bikies that are happen to be a very mixed group of people. Bolt doesn't do for kids what bikies do for kids at Xmas. In fact what caharitable thing does Andrew Bolt do? Sorry Bolt the Hell's Angels aren't the model of what it means to be a "bikie" Just as men in suits aren't all Ganitanos or Financial advisors. However their is one single missing fact here generally unsaid. The men in suits cause more financial damage to the Australian Community. Cause more family break ups, suicides, mental breakdowns and personal harm to people than bikies do. So no the right people aren't being harassed or policed.
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Tony Abbott is a backbencher. The press pack is convinced he has no support, no idea and no chance of again becoming Prime Minister. So the ABC's Insiders today devoted much of its hour to explaining why Abbott is wrong on global warming policies, wrong in reacting to being head-butted and just wrong. The panel and guests agree on everything.
As usual Andrew Bolt has got this wrong "The ABC is meant by law to be impartial and balanced. Four out of four people on Insiders today proved it has no intention of even pretending to be so. Five, if you include guest Tanya Plibersek. Seven if you include Mike Bowers and his guest."Bolt
The notion of impartiality neutered neutrality is not the role of the ABC it's role is to question reality as we know it and if one recalls Andrew Bolt was one of the Insiders for Years. Testing the realities around us is being "informative" it's what the Bolt Report id decidedly not.
As for slaying Abbott is yes not for not agreeing with him but exposing the lies told for the purpose of boosting his political agenda. Has Abbott a history of doing these sorts of things? It's well and good accusing a manfalsly of his intentions as long as he's name isn't Tony Abbott hey Bolt?

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Nice piece by Robbo on Tony Lockett, living for now.
"“We’ve all got regrets, but it’s no good looking back with regrets because I don’t think it does you any good.
“You’ve got move forward in life. Yesterday’s history and tomorrow’s a mystery. Lockett
Andrew Bolt says he likes these words then one might well ask why it is he keeps trying to drag us back into the past instead of the new future? It's because he's a bullshit artist and proves it with every step he takes. He has this Walter Mitty self image a total disjuct between what he thinks and believes and reality .He still believes he was a minder to a belly dancer rather than a kept man probably too lazy to be on the dole.



Yet more bullying by gay-marriage bigots. An Coalition for Marriage meeting in Melbourne was last night stormed by gay-marriage protesters yelling "crucify the Christians" and waving a banner declaring: "Burn churches, not queers". Meanwhile, a Mormon church is vandalised with vote-yes grafitti.
 It was people "for" Marriage Equality who warned of the stupidity of this plebescitebut their warnings fell on deaf ears why because out of historical context "victimhood" matches the complexion of Gay bashers.  To date the only person with a bashe and injured face hace been Kevin Rudd's God son. His bloodied face no doubt caused by his repeated head butting of a poor "no " voters fist.

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,23/9/17; Welcome to Tony Abbott's world of Cognitive Dissonance and the Incovenient Truth; Marriage Equality not the reason;

Besides being a pathological liar, Tony Abbott is a noted pugilist who in the past has thrown a few himself, particularly at women. At university, he kicked in a glass panel door when defeated in an election.Referred to a women Chairperson as “Chairthing”.He was accused of assaulting a woman at University and later acquitted. He was defended by a QC and the girl defended herself. Another woman accuses him of throwing punches at her. And hitting either side of a wall she was standing against. He says it never happened but others collaborated her story.He threatens to punch the head in of Lindsay Foyle who disagreed with him on a women’s right to an abortion.In 1978 a young teacher by the name of Peter Woof bought assault charges against Abbott. He punched him in the face. It never went anywhere. Abbott was represented by a legal team of six and the young man could not afford to defend himself.And he did punch out Joe Hockey’s lights during a rugby match.

What we see here in Abbott's explanation of the headbutt is a pure case of Psychological Cognitive Dissonance. Abbott can't come to terms with the fact that he just might be hated that much because of his documented history as an asshole. So logic dictates he needs to blame the headbutt on something else a useful political lie. 
Abbott and his staffer first said they heard no reference to "yes"  or "no" or SSM during the incident. The head butter agreed. Logic dictated a convenient lie from Abbott one that's now grown like topsy that the attack had "nothing to do with him personally but SSM. 
Andrew Bolt has enthusiastically jumped on board to boost and propagandize that lie which deflects away from the Inconvenient Truth of Tony Abbott's record (Old Dog Thought)

Cognitive Dissonance and the logic behind Abbott's lie
 " Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong.  When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief the new evidence can't be accepted as it would create a feeling that's totally unacceptable called Cognitive Dissonance. Because it's so important to protect that core belief they will rationalize, ignore and even deny any other explanation that doesn't fit". Hello to the world of  Tony Abbott and his history of Cognitive Dissonance

 Day to Day Politics: Is Tony never to be credited when he speaks the truth? - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Related image
Related image

Abbott told Sky News the man who allegedly attacked him told him “you deserve it because of what you have been saying”.He linked the attack to what he described as “a lot of bullying in the campaign” by those advocating a “yes” vote.“I think pretty clearly this bloke wanted to make his contribution to the current debate and instead of doing it respectfully he did it through a little bit of politically motivated violence or attempted violence,” Abbott said. But the network quoted an advisor to Abbott saying the attacker had not specifically mentioned same-sex marriage.

 'Nothing to do with marriage equality': alleged Tony Abbott attacker speaks out | Australia news | The Guardian

  Seizing the moment

 "I'm never gonna to get the opportunity to headbutt that c**t again ... so I seized a moment."

"Nothing To Do With Marriage Equality," Claims Man Charged With Headbutting Tony Abbott 


David Barden, Eoin Blackwell
The school has surpassed its initial goal of raising $900 for Do It In A Dress.
 Did Madelaine the sacked entertainer consider crowdfunding?? If she didn't she certainly will now. It's a pity Bolt became her Don Quixote and in all likelihood stuffed up her opportunity

Bernardi Backfire: School Raises More Than $200,000 After Senator's Outrage

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A fine profile of rising Liberal star and former SAS captain Andrew Hastie. Strange that the hatred of Christianity, still the faith of most Australians, comes over as the biggest hurdle the very impressive and well-read man is having to face.
  Cognitive Dissonance: do all ultra conservatives suffer from it. Bolt certainly does "Strange that the hatred of Christianity, still the faith of most Australians, comes over as the biggest hurdle the very impressive and well-read man is having to face."Bolt. The man lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land and like Abbott can't face reality. The last 2016 Census indicated that only 25% of Australians admitted to being Christians and that the majority of Australians had no religion at all. The reverse that Bolt is preaching in his mythical Stereotype of who we are.
As for Hastie and Bolt, most educators clearly know parrots can be trained to quote Shakespeare
As for Hastie saying “People are sick of this crap. ­People are sick of trying to drag petty issues into public policy discussions.”  they certainly are and they are on the whole wondering why legal definitions of marriage that have been changed so numerously since Menzie's time needed to have been done in such an ugly and divisive way. The legal marriage age was once 12 years old which Bolt doesn't like to mention and was only raised to 14. In one state that was only changed recently. The essence of Bolt's Hastie boosting, excuse the pun, fails the litmus test when Hastie claims he is disparaged, yes "“I don’t want to shy away from it, but in an era of identity politics and cultural Marxism people are looking for every reason to delegitimise someone." but he clearly has the right to disparage others. He believes in "inequality" and his the right to promote it rather than the reverse and praise our differences in protected by Australian Democracy.



First Bobby Lupo was confronted by a gay marriage supporter who called him a "faggot", wanted to know which country he was from, told him to get a job and said she'd knock him out if she could get away with it. Now council officials tell him to move from the roadside with his "you can vote no" sign, which they claim could cause accidents. Watch.
 Confirmation Evidence is the Bolt's statistical methodology. Look for the exceptions on the fringe and you will find the exceptional events to support any exaggerated generalizations you want to make. When you see these things happening rather than taking in the bigger picture you can apply them to support any sort of misinformation. Psychiatrists and Psychologists clearly see it as a dysfunction and a psychopathic tendency never to admit you just might be wrong. Something I've noticed in Bolt over these past three years.
 Image may contain: text and outdoor


Headline on RenewEconomy website: "Factcheck for Andrew Bolt: Climate models have not ‘exaggerated’ global warming". Grudging admission in the article: "Contrary to media claims, the study found that warming is consistent with the range of IPCC models, albeit a bit lower than the average of all the models." More than "a bit", but admission enough.

Sorry Bolt Theoretical science is all about adjustment and not absolute theories Newton's theories aren't absolute nor are Einstein's but we don't regard them as wrong. Theoretical astrophysics is adjusted all the time as are the theoretical models of Global warming.  However, that isn't as you tend to emphasize is any reason for declaring the planet isn't warming and that a warming planet doesn't have long-term negative consequences which you more often than not hysterically deny. 
Bolt insists baseload energy is best served by the continuing use of fossil fuels it's reliability to produce cheap and constant energy compared with renewables goes unquestioned. Sorry, it doesn't compute having seen the results of the hurricanes which Bolt tried to convince us were normal a few weeks back and not historically significant or boosted by global warming. Bolt quoted his favorite "imminent" Climate Scientist Roy Spencer as proof. However, Spencer who once said the planet was cooling revised measurements show it's warming and he even admitted that Harvey had dropped more water over a larger area than ever recorded and was a unique event. Yet Bolt tries nevertheless to tell all is well nothing abnormal is occurring and the planet is cooling. That 97% of the world Climatologists are just "religious freaks" and he knows better.
Well, millions of homes and businesses in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have no power and will most likely be without power for months all of whose power is in the main generated by fossil fuels. Transport is at a standstill as neither gas or petroleum are available. The only places that had power and the only transport available and running during and after the storms is that generated by renewables. That for Bolt remains the inconvenient truth which you won't hear from Andrew Bolt data hound. Who prefers an Abbott lead government that doesn't believe in science.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/9/17; One Nation doing what it does best; Bolt's reliable energy has flopped big time; The doublecross is yet to come watch out you'll be blind sided; Crowdfunding freedom;

The High Court has ruled One Nation's Malcolm Roberts was a dual British and Australian citizen at the time he was nominated for election.

 One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts was a dual citizen at time of nomination | SBS News


Puerto Rico Quick Facts

  • Petroleum products fuel transportation, electricity generation, and industry in Puerto Rico, supplying three-fourths 75% of the energy consumed in the commonwealth.
  • In 2016, 47% of Puerto Rico’s electricity came from petroleum, 34% from natural gas, 17% from coal, and 2% from renewable energy. 
The monster storm has crippled several islands, including Puerto Rico, as it roars across the Caribbean with extreme winds and storm surge. Check back on this post for the latest on the powerful hurricane
Andrew Bolt's reliable energy sources in "normal"  hurricane-prone areas, like the Caribbean and the USA, he claims can only be fossil fuel based generators.Well, they are dead in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean Andrew Bolt, nada, stuffed. The only power sources operating are Renewables Solar and Wind. They are the only things currently operating. SA was what a 3-day blackout?

 Live Updates: Puerto Rico Could Be Without Power For Up To Six Months Following Maria




Will Sydney University give a science degree to a witch, too?: "Greens co-founder Bob Brown ... will receive an honorary doctorate of science from the University of Sydney." Brown is so "sciencitific" he said we faced "permanent" drought, blamed Cyclone Yasi on our coal mines and suggested aliens "extincted themselves" because they weren't green.
Yes, all  Bolt's reasoned thinking is yelling expletives over the fence. However, Science predicted that the Hurricanes this season would test the populations of the Caribbean. Bolt declared them to be "normal and not significant". They were of historic proportions. His most favored power generators run on fossil fuels have died a miserable death. Those that do remain operating are you guessed it renewables and Bolt claims he's a leading reasoned thinker.




The Doublecross is yet to come

While the postal plebiscite – Brexit effects aside – should be a resounding "yes", I suspect the battle is yet to be had in the parliamentary process on the enabling legislation.

 John Hewson: John Howard's republican debate tactics threaten same-sex marriage


 Tony Abbott boxing while at Oxford University.


Former prime minister Tony Abbott told me he was assaulted by a same-sex marriage campaigner after leaving a private event in Hobart. From The Bolt Report:
  Let's remind our selves of the Alfalfa Club and Abbott's false story to hide the fact he was there for a photo shoot to set up a fake news story for Murdoch's Daily Telegraph and yes he was busted. So what we have is a story by Abbott crying victim with only a personal staff member as a witness in the center of Hobart City. No photographers, no injuries, and no people. Of course, he let it out on Ray Hadley's 2GB and he knew MSM would lap it up without question only boosting the "No" vote's attention. 
Was Abbott the victim No when you're a politician with Abbott's profile and ability to centralize news you're not a victim. When you have had your foot on the throats of gays for time immemorial and you get a reaction from one you're not a victim. When you use that to say see we the good Christians are being persecuted you aren't a victim all you are doing is justifying your witch burning like the good people of Salem did for their religious and political agendas.  What is really happening is the destruction and mental well-being of Australian citizens declaring them not different but not equal Mr.Abbott. Simply said I don't believe a word you are saying, Tony Abbott, even if it did happen. 
Yes and here we have Andrew Bolt Abbott, Hadley etc etc "Milking the Event"



  Image result for Images of Bolt in Lygon st


 No if's or but's when Bolt was in Lygon st Carlton he just got glittered and he did try to Knock Kids Out. He tried to go for GBH now it's no guess who he vote's for and who the glitter bugs are going to vote for is there. Bolt went further on that day called all 'no' voters to stop being cowards and get up and do the same.
If this were the USA and one realized that the American Civil war was fought over Equality and Slavery it's pretty clear whose waving the Confederate Flag in Australia and would still be waving it in America today. Bolt certainly believes in letting Australians know who is who in his world and not everyone's equal. It's clear to see how civil wars start when the Bolt's of this world claim victim-hood with their foot planted firmly on the necks of LGBTQIs their children and yelling it to their face for trying to cross the line.

UPDATE: ABC is reporting a man has been charged in relation to the alleged assault. His motivation remains unknown. Tony Abbott is many things to many people. Leader, man-spunk, hunka-hunka-speedo-love… inveterate liar. And the latter one is on everyone’s lips today, after Abbott got his own lips nailed – he claims – yesterday by a More

 Is Tony Abbott Lying About Getting Head-butted For Marriage Equality? - New Matilda



Tony Abbott gives his first TV interview about the assault on him by a gay-marriage supporter. Watch here. Meanwhile, Twitter is full of Leftists cheering the attack and wishing Abbott gets hit again. They are the fascists they condemn. UPDATE: Tony Windsor confirms he's a disgraceful sack of hate.
Stealing the moment when it had nothing to do with SMS
Media attention given to Abbott is 100 times more than given to Kevin Rudd's god son and his face was severely damaged. Bolt let it slip by as an event to be expected and not really worthy of attention or reporting. Equality look at the difference and ask about equality of attention. Abbott's face is unmarked it was supposed to have happened in broad daylight to a super fit  boxer, bike rider, life saving surfer and fire fighter who can handle himself. He was allegedly head butted by someone far less of an athlete than he is. But look at the publicity given to his cause against that given to the 'yes' vote. Abbott we know is publicity horndog posing in all outfits and trying to get attention. He will literally do anything remember the Alfalfa Club "his special invite to dinner" it turned out lunch taken there by Murdoch at $200 a head with a camera man for a photo shoot to boost his image and steal media attention in Australia. If Abbott is comfortable lying like that and at other times for publicity what's capable doing now?



No, Tony Abbott's staffer did not say the man (now charged) who allegedly headbutted Abbott did "not say anything about same-sex marriage". He in fact says he didn't hear the man with the "vote yes" sticker say "same-sex marriage", but did hear what he took to be a reference to gay marriage: "You deserve this for what you've been saying". 

THE self-described Hobart anarchist charged with assaulting former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the incident had nothing to do with same sex marriage.
Astro Labe, 38, of North Hobart, said he will argue his impulsive attack on the Liberal MP was motivated his longstanding dislike of Mr Abbott.
He said he had not intended to cause embarrassment to the same sex marriage cause, which he supports.
“It was nothing really remotely to do with that. It’s just about Tony Abbott — The f***ing worm that he is,” Labe told News Corp Australia.
“All it was is I saw Tony Abbott and I’d had half a skinful and I wanted to nut the c***.”

Now we have what seems to be a concerted effoert to protect Tony Abbott and explain the scene for him as if his own words are insufficient or might just be seen as a distortion of facts. Just see and feel Bolt's urgency in today's SOS for Tony and generalizing the "Yes" campaign as the viscious attackers on moral innocence when organizers have stated the only connection they have to the man is badge.

 As I said in no circumstance is Abbott the victim here but given the reality the "yes vote just might be the ones being head bashed by Abbott's tall tale. He is as much a victim as Bolt's claim that the Barcelona terrorists were heroic an brave or that Christians are the persecuted party here and just cowards for not standing up and fighting back. Create confusion and hide Abbott's self boosting BS that had nothing to do with SSM.Oops!!!



Just wearing a "yes" badge makes you a same- sex activist but wearing a 'no' badge a persecuted innocent according to Bolt. Good , Bad  or Ugly. Is Abbott saying he loved his sister BUT she's likely to be a poor mother to her six children good, bad, or ugly? Oh he's the persecuted brother! Given the percieved danger Abbott sees is he irresponsible for not putting her into child protection services as concerned uncle? 
The only activists I've seen in a concerted and organized fashion have been the 'No' voters Senator Canavan calling out  the 'yes' adults and kids to grow spines when the mental fragility was mentioned. Talking of ugly mindsets you couldn't get more uglier than Lyle Shelton offering aversion therapy or Andrew Bolt calling Conservatives to clench their fists and get out there and fight like he did in Carlton. Has anybody witnessed any member of the ABC try to attempt GBH? 

Has any body wondered why Jason Om also an ABC staffer reported this story and why Bolt is making it seem as if he's breaking the News? Or why is the idenity of the ABC technition blacked out? What is obvious here the ABC is not hiding this and has been extremely professional about it. I'll bet Bolt isn't as open about his emails as Jason Om obviously is.
 But has anyone even considered that "good" may have been a response to an earlier conversation. The blacking out of identities seems to suggest things may not be as straight forward  Bolt is presenting them. That all he's doing is taking the opportunity of shooting from the hip. Yes folks it's Abbott day at Bolt's blog which suggests we are in the process of Deflection,Distraction and Distorion.

The school has surpassed its initial goal of raising $900 for Do It In A Dress.
Madelin Sims may have just made crowdfunded Madeline's future path and not encroached on her freedom as Bolt is trying to make out.
Every week brings more proof that many same-sex marriage campaigners are the bullies and bigots they claim to oppose. Take Madlin Sims, who runs a children’s entertainment company in Canberra and has just fired Madeline, a Christian teenager  who worked for her, dressed as Minnie Mouse. Pick the real bully here. Bolt

 Bernardi Backfire: Craigburn Primary School Raises More Than $150,000


 Image result for Images of Black Pete


 One could well have said that given only 25% of Australians in the last census claimed to be practicing Christians. Christmas is simply a commercial occasion celebrating a holiday season. Is Andrew Bolt denying a company's right to legally advertise it's product in whatever manner it wants. I mean Andrew Bolt no doubt learned all about Black Pete and Sinterclaus when he was a child. Black Pete were white men doing black face in the Netherlands which today is a ver big point of contention and he's griping about a tree. 
We aren't destroying our symbols Andrew Bolt but we are changing their relevance from myth to reality in the same way the Germans did with any statues of Hitler. Also in the way they take primary school children to Concentration camps and explain their history to them lest they forget. Unlike the Dutch who no doubt still teach their children what friends they were to the Jews during WW2 when in fact they killed a greater % of dutch Jews than the Germans did German Jews. Yes symbols and their meanings do need to be to be changed but not destroyed.
Our history is the history of the British Empire one built on slavery indentured labor drugs land grabbing and the impoverishment of indigenous peoples wherever they were gorging on the wealth they could loot. When were we ever taught about the "black birding" that  took place. 100,000 Pacific Islanders stole to work on our Qld plantations. When was ever "resistance" protest and how many whites were hanged for killing Aborigines compared to the reverse.  A clue to just how benign colonists weren't might be found in the uprisings and revolutions attempted against them. The most successful the American war of Independence. Did you know the first language of America would have been German bar a single vote cast by a German for it to be English?  Churchill said when the Japanese were thought to overrun Australia "let them have it we will try to get it back later".
When you put the Glorious Empire into real data and context rather than the myth an Inglorious one  begins to emerge  and you come to see what was done in a very different light making our symbols worth changing for a more relevant history for our kids rather than just myths. 

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John Roskam exposes the "thoroughly Liberal" Turnbull Government and its new "emergency" laws for the gay marriage debate: "Under ... the Act legal action against someone accused of religious vilification can only be undertaken with the consent of the Attorney-General. In a free country the government doesn’t get to decide when a law is applied."
 It seems when the "no" vote is spending 5 times the $$ on media than the "yes" vote one might ask who is the most funded and organized rather than the biggest. It somehow suggests Roskam is calling for vigilante by media committees to determine what constitutes religious vilification because he in fact is preparing to do just that. The ACL has commanded more media space than anyone and has paid for it.
 How much media space did Rudd's nephew get when he was beaten by a " no" voter? How long was it news. He had the scars to prove it what has Abbott got little more than a story. Calling it "alleged" as Bolt calls anything he disagrees with it's god's own truth when Abbott says it totally unmarked. The truth doesn't matter it seems the media does that's why "milking" is the appropriate term


Genevieve Callaghan is a caricature of the sanctimonious, offence-taking and intolerant yes-campaigner: "Straight friends! ... I implore you to hold off getting married until we can all get married. Don't invite people who will have to choose between suppressing sadness or unleashing rage to respond to your invitation. And don't invite me."
22 Sep
" And there's another reason I hope her friends heed her call to not marry until and unless gay marriage becomes law. Any friend of hers seems like someone best dissuaded not just from marrying but breeding.Another reason for the rest of us to vote no." Andrew Bolt
It's a state of mind isn't it 



For a man who works from home is constantly so paranoid he's required to move his family around frequently in the dead of night and not regard it as domestic violence. Andrew Bolt is Butthead to Tim Blair's Bevis. Why is this event turned into a photo-shoot that looks so uncomfortable. It's as out of place as Tony Abbott in budgie smugglers. The only haters here are Trump's publicity team and the photographers embedded in the White House. 
This is Bolt's bigotry "I guess he should have got an illegal immigrant from Mexico to do it instead, in the liberal way." The fact is Trump has employed thousands of Mexican illegals  over the years and often didn't pay them knowing full well they couldn't complain.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/9/17; Yes, But 'No ' Voters like Tony Abbott are all sweet on the outside but maggot ridden within; The media con when news for profit is propaganda; Syria and Yemen;

 Tony Abbott boxing while at Oxford University.


 Bolt tried to kill two pranksters they didn't head butt him they glittered him. He wasn't a victim. One thing is for certain Abbott opened a can of worms with his no equality for gays message and  plebescite and it goes to show just how angry people are and some to the point of radicalized reaction. If yo hold people down long enough and the react don't call yourself the victim.
 Bolt isn't someone who shows his face in public and he calls Christians cowards and victims and  and tells Muslims they not wanted. Yet he's the one who is hiding behind a media curtain. He is the voice of  the bully who is the real coward. What can one say to Abbott other than "you reap what you sow." Where were the cameras? They are usually only there when Abbott wants a set up photoshoot? The reality you don't even know whether the situation is real or not?` Now Bolt  will go on to to use this to condemn the "yes" vote in it's entirety but will he call them brave like he did the terrorists of Barcelona and the "no" voters gutless. No he will tell us what innocent victims they are persecuted by the pro gay majority. With Bolt you never know what tactic he'll apply only that he's for a side and  never a principle. He's just like Abbott whose a "yes" but "man". "Yes I love my sister but she's deeply flawed" Bolt's the same "Cate McGregor is great friend "but" not a real person lile me. 
Given his record can Abbott be trusted there's not a mark on him his only witness a staff member. Was he ina Hobart alley? Remember the Alfalfa Club Murdoch was his witness to bullshit then.
 Tony Abbott says he was injured after being assaulted by same-sex marriage campaigner in Hobart
 Tony Abbott's wrong: de facto couples don't have the same rights as married ones


Who gives a stuff Abbott's all Yes But about it and Bolt claims he's a victim

ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry cautions schools on same-sex marriage

  • Former prime minister Tony Abbott has torn into ACT Education…
Same-sex marriage could help prevent up to 3000 teenage suicide attempts every year, according to five of Australia's most respected mental health groups.

Source: Same-sex marriage could 'prevent 3000 teen suicide attempts a year', say health groups


Silenced? The "No" Side Is Getting Four Times The Media Coverage Of The "Yes" Side 


Terrorists: Al Qaeda have always been US and Israeli Allies