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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 22/11/17; Advertising and the selling of fake news; Paywalls along the garden path

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 Advertising for The Bolt Report. It promises the world but delivers nothing you can't miss.

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More repeated" advertising" for his unrated show and himself just like the post above. The promise and possibility that all will be revealed little more than media cock teasing and bullshit. That is Bolt's expertise when in reality he's little more than a desperate media clown. He is the Judas ram advertising News Corp. However in this post, it's with a proviso. He feels or at least his lawyers feel that he needs a get out clause and it's placed at the very end.
Bolt's TV editorials are no different in style or substance than his many print commentaries. They too start the fantasy as if reporting reality but they aren't real truths and have taken you down the garden path conclude with the statement that this is "not fact" just might be but it's  my opinion. Or if it's a person or persons Bolt is accusing it ends with the truth that they deny this or it hasn't been proved yet. 
 Bolt's opinions are always a legally protected performance covered by a "get out of jail card". Basically, it's Bolt BSing for attention in the face of failing ratings no names are even necessary for these fictions and even if there are any the last thing said always says that nothing has been proven. By this time most people haven't read as far as Bolt's get out clause or are even aware of it being there and what's presented is fake news but the damage has been done. It's what Breitbart, The Daily Caller,  Fox News, the gutter press do and it's News Corp in action in Australia. All that's intended is to plant the myth the idea that it's reality.

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No mention of Richo financial scandals here
An Ad for The Bolt Report

As said above Bolt's sensationalism dressed as news for New Corp
The academics that protested are never reported by Andrew Bolt because he certainly doesn't want us to know 15,000 scientists endorsed the research and findings that the planet is in fact warming. As usual, Bolt prefers the single events no doubt distorted to push his anti-warming advocacy and agenda.
Press the link and you will discover it has nothing to do with Scott Morrison or what he said. It's an ad for the ABC's AM program only. As for the Medicare levy well that's for all of us and Bolt doesn't like it. Even more, the tax cuts are only for "some" of us and not all. Bolt doesn't seem to be able to grasp the difference because he lives in the insular world of the elect who fear they just might lose a privilege or two.  Bolt believes he's the spokesman for his team The Aloof.
How long has it taken Bolt to concede that Mugabe's reign was at an end? He strung this along as a space filler for his blog. It was Bolt's Cluedo a fill in when he really had little or nothing to say. Peter BH his troll must be on holiday but then I guess he knows nothing about Africa either. Africa is a continent that struggles with its Colonial history and it borders little more than lines in the sand drawn by Europeans. What's worse Africa trying to escape it's past and finding itself in a war of dictators with peoples struggling to achieve democracy or a democracy like Australia fighting against wannabe thugs like Abbott's conservatives that want nothing better than to take over. We know who Bolt is rooting for and it's not democracy. So why is playing at disguised posturing?
There is no link here just a headline taken out of context to establish a point that Bolt makes that Trump isn't liked in America anymore. It's little more than a Bolt Meme. It wasn't so long ago Bolt was calling Trump a fool but that was when he was running for President. Now that he's Rupert Murdoch's biggest client Bolt is his greatest Australian defender. It's called Simon Says but in this case, it's Rupert Says and Fox News says a kids game but one, unfortunately, media based.


Western universities are becoming enemies of debate. Listen to this disgusting interrogation by Wilfrid Laurier University officials of a teaching assistant who presented both sides of an argument over Jordan Peterson, an academic opposed to gender-neutral pronouns, and was denounced by an anonymous student for creating an "unsafe" environment. 


Bolt's either not writing his blogs or he's drunk. His link here has yet again nothing to do with the topic at hand but all to do with the story about his anonymous MP and quizzing in the Liberal ranks.
However, Bolt is presenting himself for what he is a fool. He's disgusted with the fact that a "debate" is going on in the University a debate he as an outsider claims should be stopped. How contradictory is that? Let alone the fact that an eavesdropping outsider can't it seems to distinguish between administrative and teaching issues in an institution and which in some cases crossover. Bolt leaves no room for comment given he hasn't left a link to his source argument but then that's Bolt. He readily attacks other commentators like Onselen and takes offense when it's pointed out his blog post is incompetent.
 Related image
Well, what do you know the link has now been corrected and the write button pushed. Well, what we seem to have is Bolt complaining about a debate in a Canadian University that allows Bolt to cast a generalization so broad as to be idiotic and not worthy of debate. "Western universities are becoming the enemies of debate" Bolt 
 Bolt's proof of stupidity is to turn to the stupidity of a debate going on which runs counter to the statement he wants to make about the limitations on "free speech". The fact is that's been a universal topic in Western universities for as long as they have existed.
The question however seems is Jordan Peterson "worth discussing" as is "was Hitler worth discussing" before he closed all discussions in German Universities? That's one of policy, power, and administration rather than free speech. How often have we heard Bolt call for the sacking of leftist academics who actually are more likely to have encouraged 'free speech' more so than Andrew Bolt who hates topics of Human Rights, Inequity, Social justice, and Equality?
"the response from the administration is totally off the mark? Obviously, there is a clear tension between Shepherd’s approach to pedagogy and that of her academic superiors, but that doesn’t warrant this kind of crackdown on what can or cannot be discussed in the classroom."
However, Bolt's grab of this event hardly warrants his conclusion  because
"it is usually the left who loses when intellectual free spaces are foreclosed, precisely because the seminar room is one of the few places on earth where you can express genuinely radical ideas counter to the interests of the people who bankroll, say, right-wing semi-national newspapers"
 " For the record: Jordan Peterson is a transphobic YouTube crank with basically nothing interesting to say about free speech or gender expression, and who very obviously has no idea what any part of the phrase “post-modern neo-Marxist” means. He is a bad political and social thinker, and many of his ideas about gender roles are genuinely dangerous. (Tabatha Southey has already written his intellectual obituary by clocking him as “the stupid person’s idea of a smart person,” which is immediately obvious to anyone who listens to his awful honking voice for more than thirty seconds.) 
He's very much another Bolt who has seemed to have gained attention.
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What was public knowledge Bolt decides to sensationalize with yet more anonymous whispering? Might I add there are conservatives in and out of cabinet and to suggest there is lack of unity is hardly news. Turnbull has been fighting the extreme minority right-wing elements of the Liberal Party ever since Abbott said he was staunch and we the public were meant to believe it. If this is what Bolt thinks is breaking news he'd best find another job because it's hardly something that's not known.
News Bolt, however, is overlooked by Bolt that another record has been shattered this week has been the hottest Spring week on record. However, you won't hear that from Bolt.
The ALP have said they were strict in managing the qualifications of those seeking pre-selection and compared with the rabble and the smaller parties that don't have the manpower they are right. Yet Andrew Bolt seems to think that MPs who aren't entitled to vote should turn up and vote despite being illegal. The disaster is less of a shadow cast on the small parties but it shows that the backroom organization of the Liberal Party is a shambles. That instead of focusing on tasks, they were meant to attend to they felt an entitlement set by examples such as Peta Credlin and Tony Abbott to politics rather than managing their new agenda. Yes, Turnbull sure did inherit a leaky boat, didn't he!!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/11/17; Clowns that are masked an scare want to run the country; Mugabe 's Abbott done and dusted; Our MP's are being lead by Bob Katter?? Remember Wayne's World and smile;

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A Coalition MP says he will quit the Turnbull Government next month, plunging it into minority government. The MP said tonight he will stay only if Malcolm Turnbull is replaced as Prime Minister by a leader who can appeal to conservative voters.  

 This could be as valid as virgin birth it's PURE BOLT

 If only the banner was Andrew Bolt what bliss but Bolt is so eager to grab attention he's like a sideshow spruiker selling us his masked MP head covered with a paper bag on and underneath a clown. Who could it be? Who among the conservative freak show is ready to retire and wants to be sent into historic oblivion acting as Brutus to Abbott's Caesar? My guess it's Taswegian Eric or Bomber Andrews both vintage no longer wanted or good for anything. But it would be great if it were Tony himself committing this act of Suti hurling himself on the funeral pyre of the Liberal party.
"This government has left the party and the values of the party," said the lower house MP, who does not want to be identified yet." Bolt
If the truth and if real and not just fiction it's not only a jellyfish but one of the bullshitting species all thunder and no lightning.
 How does anyone MP have the ear of the 80k rank and file better than the Party leader and his organization? Abbott with 80% of the vote "yes" in his electorate certainly didn't. What we have here, yet again, is the tail continuing to try to wag the dog in a that seems to want Australia to bury the Liberal Party for good or at least a well deserved 8 years. It's the mad hatter and the Tea Party.
"The MP said only a change of leader would persuade him to stay, but not if Turnbull was replaced by Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop, as is increasingly rumored." Bolt
This anonymous Bolt specter the rabbit in the conservative hat is also wanting to dictate the terms of his suicide as always a radicalized nut case Bolt call his hero. However, he's no longer Abbott dictating terms and now even has mind control over a masked drone.  What schoolboy politics has Australia sunk to? What childish pranks are we showing we are capable of?

"The MP said he will announce his move when Parliament resumes for a week next month." Bolt
I very much doubt Australia wants an image of self-ridicule that the conservatives are trying to impose on us. I notice a distinct smell of desperation in the air.
‘He is now irrelevant’: Does Tony Abbott’s defeat on marriage mark his final decline in Canberra?
It doesn't matter what Mugabe says. He no longer has his Party or the army of supporters. As they say in the trade he's Tony Abbott

 The government is doing what's necessary in order to 
1) Run the country legitimately with MPs that are entitled to vote
2) It wants to ensure that the SSM bill promised is passed not delayed or broken. All else is little more than disruptive politicking by political hoons.

Beating up a News Corp "scoop" everyone sounds so excited. However, if wages have flatlined and something isn't done about the shrinking middle class there will only be global multinationals standing and digging up the country with a huge for Sale sign on it.
 We have heard it all before and it started with Abbott as opposition leader. leading the Chicken Little chant and it's same old and it's sound byte chorus from News Corp that the decisions made will make the sky fall in. The least trusted media organization in the country has helped put the dark cloud over this country where once the sun shone the brightest in Wayne's World. PM flags personal tax cuts for millions of Australians
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Hastie claims to have been a soldier and came in to save us as one. He was accused of having blood on his hands and wants to prove it like Pontious Pilate he refuses to vote for Equality. I bet he didn't refuse in the secret survey. Bolt sees him as a leader to be more easily manipulated by Rupert and the IPA than even Tony. Andrew Hastie vilifies himself no need for SSM supporters to do it. The vote is over, isn't it? The Muslims did it for the ACLU and Bolt hasn't for one moment thanked them for boosting the numbers of the "no" team. Three Coalition MPs caught out claiming endorsements they simply never received

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I don't know why Bolt bothers to get out of bed in the morning because he certainly doesn't live in any Australia we know. 90% of Bolt logic is an excercise in flipping and has little or nothing to do with reality. Oh, a banner of lies it's a PAWALL
 What doesn't he understand about the term "middle class" and "middle income earners". 1) It's not "all" income earners which he seems to think "all" Australians are
2) It's a prticular group whose income has remained flat and it seems will into the near future.
3) It's a group that appears to be suffering the most and yes by excusing that group from from the medicare levy alone we'd be ostensibly throwing Universal health care out the window as we have with education and housing.
4) No suggestion that Bolt's medicare levy be raised as a badge of honor is there?

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/11/17; Bolt's Christian Caliphate has fallen apart; He does have a dog in the race; Bolt is it seems backing Mugabe for a comeback like he is Abbott;

What Andrew Bolt fails to mention is that his 40% really 36.4% resistance to gay marriage has been claimed by Cory Bernardi and the ACLU as a Christian protest that won't stop here. Bolt is admitting they are in fact lying. The Christian values he and conservatives claim to uphold are actually the values of Muslims, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian Australians. That being the case in 9 electorates Bolt's 40% starts to look more like 20% and ACLU Bernardi and Bolt seem to be exaggerating the what the "no " vote values really are. They don't appear to be as Judaeo- Christian as Abbott and Bolt like to make out.
Furthermore, these are cultural values held in Labor electorates that seem to indicate a belief in and an acknowledgment of the separation of powers and not a want to Islamise their electorates as Bolt keeps claiming. The only demand for religious laws is from conservative Christians calling for a Christian State. Hey isn't that the aim of IS and it's Caliphate
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It seems Bolt who was last week laughing at the prospects of Keneally winning Bennelong has come to realize that being pro-Alexander is, in fact, being anti= Abbott and has changed his tune. He really hopes the Liberals lose the seat so Murdoch's mate or should I say Bolt's dog in the bigger race gets a boost. Yes, dog because as Bolt once famously said after Abbott was thrown out of office "I've lost interest because I don't have a dog in the race"Bolt Well he does now and in Bennelong it's not Alexander.
" It takes a long while before some of the officers applaud the speech as if they expected more to the be said. Mugabe then offers his hand to several of the officers, in front of the TV cameras." Bolt .Just a few days ago Bolt was mocking Onselen for his poor English skills. It seems Bolt wants to lead by example.
As for Mugabe, he's 94 and no matter what he does the country no longer fears him. If he doesn't step down his party will impeach him. The Generals, his party, and the people know Mugabe's style. Bolt certainly doesn't who will be there to stop the inevitable?

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Is Bolt dumb or does he just make out he is? I opt for the first option he's not smart enough for the second. If you notice below smugglers are great teachers.
Smugglers. professional that is, have been setting up suckers, mugs, for years there has never been a successful war against drugs in history other than their legalization and the removal of the profits available. 
The purpose of a war on drugs is to distract and draw attention away from the legalized human damage, carnage and profits made by big Pharma, alcohol and tobacco industries that have already taken out the intellectual property rights and prepared the licensing applications for when the future legalization takes place. Sacrificial lambs are the essence of all successful smuggling operations. Prohibition was the foundation on which Presidents were made.
Is Bolt having a light globe moment? 
Suggesting smugglers can buy "experts" police, politicians ,science graduates, bankers, accountants and lawyers are back up support is a novel idea for this Dutch Australian amplifies his ignorance. However Bolt's always shown interest in the Faustian $$ so working for News Corp He can't be the fool he makes himself out to be or can he?
bermuda tax haven

 Drug traffickers taught the rich how to hide money in tax havens | Roberto Saviano | Opinion | The Guardian

What you don't hear from Andrew Bolt

The Saudi-US war on Yemen is killing 130 Children a Day & Other Bleak Statistics

The Saudi-US war on Yemen is killing 130 Children a Day & Other Bleak Statistics

Houthis are a local indigenous protest movement in Yemen, and are not a proxy for Iran. Houthi weaponry is mostly American and Iran does not give them much money or other support. The Saudis try to blame Iran for the Houthi revolt in order to shift blame from their own aggressive policies. " Juan Cole

Bolt denies Buddhists are violent aggressors



Comment This is Malcolm Turnbull is running scared of a Parliament he can't control - and of backbenchers who might have used that extra week to plot or cross the floor on a banking inquiry: "The House of Representatives [will resume] at 10am on December 4, and not November 27, as previously scheduled."  This marks the collapse of Turnbull's authority.


Bolt actually references a "mutiny" and plotting by backbenchers which can only be Abbott and he somehow declares that unfair. Everyone else but that hamstrung minority would actually call it smart politics given you could be attacked on 2 fronts and the worst not in power but in determination to destroy you is from your own side. Bolt really is clutching at straws calling the collapse of Turnbull's authority. Remember Abbott's plea that the media should be supporting the country not criticizing it and Bolt's wholehearted agreement what a load of posturing was that?

Bolt who condemns larrikan protest at the best of times heralds Bob Katter's feral move as a brilliant piece of strategy.
" Whether legal or not, this sitting will be devastating for Turnbull, making him look a coward.
This defiant sitting was the brainchild of Bob Katter.
Any government that gets outwitted even by Katter is deeply dysfunctional."Bolt
The very fact that Bolt can use terms like "outwitted" "defiant " and the work of a "brainchild" describes Andrew Bolt to a tee as a real tragic as a commentator looking for attention when his favorite team the Liberal conservatives have been outplayed by Turnbull's moderates.
 This merely compounds his idiocy when yesterday he paid reverence to Cory Bernardi who standing before the Australian Christian Lobby told them how they won the good fight by getting 40% of the "no " vote in the SSM survey. Bernardi actually stole the votes of non-Christian Australians in this great hurrah when in fact the ACL vote was actually closer to 20%. Given the "no" vote was so dependant on Muslims, Asians, and Indians Bolt and Bernardi who don't want them in the country certainly aren't shining bright lights of intelligence  are they?

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/11/17; Two descriptions of Abbott. Only one is real; Andrew Bolt has always been a boot licker, Cory Bernardi and the ACLU perform a Miracle;




Day to Day Politics: The Politics of Hate - »

  "Tony Abbott and his government showed a hatred for all things Labor that surpassed the usual transitional norm. At the launch of the Paul Kelly book Triumph and Demise in which he expressed the view that our democracy was in trouble, Tony Abbott said there was nothing wrong with it.
“It’s only the people who inhabit it from time to time.”
A clear example of his revulsion of all things Labor.
Another was his comment on Labor’s environment policy:
“It is socialism masquerading as environmentalism.”
In Opposition, Tony Abbott made it abundantly clear that he was there to oppose everything and that’s exactly what he did. He opposed everything with combative belligerence, often using sexism as a means of degrading his opponent. He created a shock and awe mentality of a government out of control. His loathing of a female Prime Minister transferred into misogyny. The media said he was the most successful Opposition Leader the country had ever had. A strange measure of success when based on hate.
His Prime Ministership began with a determination to impose his born to rule Neoconservative ideology on the electorate with two Royal Commissions. An unprecedented decision to release cabinet documents as evidence showed just how far he was prepared to allow his hatred to go. Lord
New Corp's defense of Abbott is built on a foundation of lies." Andrew Bolt's efforts lead attempting to convince us that the then PM was Mr humble and Mr. Nice and he's back doing it again.

Remember just how many times Andrew Bolt had said prior to the Canning by-election that Tony Abbott had "got the message", had heard the sound bytes from the Liberal backbench and "had changed " when he hadn't. Bolt was repeating that promise ad nausea but the gaffes kept coming so much so he shut up. He shut up because each time he said Abbott was sorry he was drawing attention to the gaffes and amplifying the truth.
He spent yesterday attacking Cate McGregor as vicious and Tony Abbott as a saint not mentioning Abbott calling his sister a delinquent parent out that his own daughter stood up against him in defense of her aunt. Christine Forster showed more generosity to her brother than he ever did to her and his attacks were all public. "Catherine McGregor praised the kindness Tony Abbott showed her as she transitioned from being a man. She assured me I was wrong recently when I accused her of repaying kindness with venom. But her column yesterday is unforgivably vicious. Abbott would never write of McGregor with the jeering meanness she has of him, and that says a lot about both.
Here we have Bolt yet again making out that Tony Abbott is and was the victim of an unjust press, misunderstood in public but a fantastic guy in private and should be forgiven. Abbott's historical record, however, proves otherwise while Cate and Frances his daughter call it as it is. Showing Bolt up as just a fawning sycophant.

 Image result for illustrations of water into wine

 Cory Bernardi attempts positive spin on lost campaign against same-sex marriage

 Cory Bernardi has hailed the ‘extraordinary success’ of the campaign against same-sex marriage in Australia. 

"The leader of the Australian Conservatives said the campaign convinced about 40% of participants to vote no despite competing with a “ten-year campaign” by marriage equality supporters who enjoyed “tens of millions of dollars” in funding." Bernardi

Cory Bernardi and the ACLU perform a miracle and convert some 15 -20% of the Muslim, Chinese and Indian migrant "no" voters into Christians in a revivalist meeting of the Australian Christian Lobby


Image result for Image of boomgate and Peter DuttonImage result for Image of boomgate and Peter Dutton
2hBoomgate is not to be forgotten by us Dutton and Abbott mocking the Pacific Islanders laughing at the fact that the rising oceans are creating Climate Change Refugees of them. Fiji has announced that 40 villages need to be relocated because of that very problem of rising oceans and what can we expect in response from Dutton, Abbott and Bolt laughter and dickhead jokes. These all are the men who claim to represent the real Australia.

Bolt's reference you guessed it the Sunday Herald Sun wow rewriting Abbott's " shock and awe mentality of a government out of control." The News Corp media mafia using full-on Abbott's Chicken Little tactics to convince us the sky's falling in.
Did anyone notice how Bolt praised migrant Australians a few days ago for voting"no"? He certainly claimed their vote as if it was a part of the 40%  Christian response to Marriage Equality? However here he is back again kicking the crap out of Lebanese Australia. Hoping for another Cronulla no doubt. There is one thing you can guarantee he's doing it from a distance. 
What it does, however, it makes Bolt's and the ACLU's Christian reality a lot more diluted.  The Christian conservative demand religious protection seems closer to 25% of Australians rather than 40 %. Furthermore, the majority of those proud 'no' voters of Australia are no doubt also Labour voters.