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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog.21/2/18; Bolt's like a 3card monte hustler when it comes to ideas; Corruption can't be protected; Wake in Fright Murdoch town is kicking shit out of the victims.

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By the way Bolt, it's CNN, not CANN
 What for a moment has any of this got to do whether or not the Russians conspired to disrupt the 2016 election in Trump's favour? Trump declared no such thing occurred Meullers investigation has declared interference did.Now Bolt is sidelining away and deflecting to the fact that CNN and MSNBC "Cheered the Russian Rally" hammering in what Meuller discovered that America was ignorant of the fact along with Fox and all the media outlets. 
Bolt a non-supporter of Trump until 12/10/16 did a 180-degree turn for the Murdoch Corporation's sake a real man of conviction spinning like the weathercock he is. He joined the Trump bandwagon in declaring Russian interference never happened. Now in another before and after story he's claiming what? That everybody was conned and that the Russians did scam America. What a two-faced grub he is trying to play three card monte. chase the ace and street hustle his ideas.

Can you tell fact from fiction? Take The Conversation 2017 FactCheck quiz to find out

Australian leaders make claims, we ask the experts to test them. Can you tell fact from fiction? What's spot-on and what's spin?

Do the test and ask yourself what would Bolt say? 

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So Bolt get's global "scientist" Rowan the mouth Dean to advise him on renewable energy and technology. Dean the Managing editor of Spectator Australia has almost sent the magazine to the wall ensuring it won't be renewable or supported by the UK.
For a start Despite Coal Lobby, Australia to Double Solar Energy in 2018 | Informed Comment
and that this year alone. "Wind and solar are making up the bulk of new electricity production (solar is 46% of new energy in recent years) and by May of last year, renewables provided 17% of Australia’s total electricity production."
Now that's Australia wide even with the LNP putting the brakes on with the states taking those brakes off Weatherill will provide the confidence of a massive growth in the Industry. Musk proved a point that will spur finance and technology to turbocharge the state. Didn't these two clowns notice that their predictions of continuing blackouts this summer didn't occur? They were completely wrong.
The amusing thing is SA is doing, while the Bolts and Deans of this world are just motor-mouthing off in a world where "doing is being" and BS that science is just a religion will take the country into the smog-filled dark ages in the dystopian future. These are the guys that believe in "clean coal" now that's religious.



 Bolt's still pretending the mission and target isn't Malcolm Turnbull for Abbott's sake and Barnaby Joyce is just the patsy, the wood duck for his Murdochian scheme. The fact has been established by others and Bolt just jumped on the slow train that's agreed that Joyce the Nationals retail Polly and leader is corrupt as and not just a one time snake in the grass but the complete package. It wasn't just a one time mistake. Bolt however in his rush to get Turnbull tripped over his own two left feet and tried to be the priest in the confessional box saying Barney's sorry and should be forgiven and allowed to carry on. Now he's covering his tracks because corrupt practice and much more is coming to light.  
The fact that the whole of the ACT knew along with the press suggests Bolt knew too. The only people that didn't, were the voting public. We just had a vote on marriage equality Turnbull voted for Joyce against along with Bolt and Abbott. Joyce, Abbott and Bolt have proved their misogyny within the family circle time and time again.  Turnbull voted for equality and declared it along with 65% of Australia and now these sexist alpha males in their own minds are trying to stone him for it once again. The word is 'equality' and it's not in their lexicon the women have been trampled and the only person to recognize it is too. Their poofter bashing Turnbull trying to do a Wake in Fright on him while he's away and simply shaming themselves and wallowing in their ignorance doing it. They are kicking the victims and who are they everyone who voted for equality and who knew what the whole of the ACT knew and kept stum. Even women like Albrechtsen lay down cop it and then defend the Wake in Fright lifestyle we support by not waking up. They all now just want to get Turnbull to leave town permanently. That's their defence the jury 65% of the voting public doesn't see it their way and 11% don't know but as this media mob have the megaphone in hand they have been banging on about it for 2 weeks why to convince the public to think otherwise. Peter BH, Bolt, Albrechtsen, Richardson etc etc etc isn't it strange they all are pros on the Murdoch team and so anti-Australia

 Yes Bolt's laughing at Linda but then he wants to be recognized as more Indigenous than Adam Goodes
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 another stolen generation
 As usual, Bolt looks to individual cases and yes children should be removed from harm but when removal becomes a one glove fits all trend that even according to Bolt allows room for mistakes so many that it's possible that a trend develops along with an industry that goes beyond a case by case approach. So were mistakes made yes were they institutionalized yes. Were the children treated honestly and with the TLC professed it appears not. Bolt just can't seem to get his head around the fact that trends developed and treatment meted out akin to indentured labour. That kids were lied to molested and not treated in a proper manner. But then Bolt believes that kids deserved everything they got at Don Dale too.
Bolt and Blair, Butthead and Bevis prove one thing they don't know how the AHRC even operates. Quick to see if there is any justification for a complaint. In Yassmin's case not under the Act. If there is a mediation process to resolve it the speed of which is up to the parties concerned. Failure the parties can take it to the courts the AHRC doesn't. Bill Leak wasn't delayed by the AHRC nor were the Qld students and yes the system works don't let Bevis and Butthead convince you the process doesn't work.
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Bolt is a swinger isn't he one day declaring he's a conservative not Progressive or Libertarian and rails against both next he's jumped the gutter and declares Libertarians need protection. One moment he calls Turnbull a conservative and in the next, he's not "How often Kelly forgives Turnbull for betraying the conservative or libertarian causes that a Liberal Prime Minister should actually champion." Turnbull simply put isn't a conservative but a small L Liberal and Paul Kelly who Bolt isn't having an office affair with accepts him for what he is when Bolt can't. "So Kelly may be right to say conservatives are losing many battles. But he should join some dots and admit they lose more of them when Turnbull is the Liberal leader." Bolt.  He's a sideshow isn't he a distraction. He twists he squirms he wriggles and he worms each and every way to change the perception of an argument. The battles lost are many by the conservatives 'in' the Liberal Party today but as many as the ones lost when they were in control of the Party which would in any reasonable persons terms be a tautology. Bolt often reduces everything he says to tautologies meaningless statements that offer nothing to the understanding of reality or simply the same thing said in a hundred different ways as an offer of pro
noun: tautology
  1. the saying of the same thing twice over in different words, generally considered to be a fault of style (e.g. they arrived one after the other in succession ).
    synonyms:repetition, repetitiveness, repetitiousness, reiteration, redundancy, superfluity, periphrasis, iteration, duplication; More
    wordiness, long-windedness, prolixity, verbiage, verbosity;
    rarepleonasm, perissology

    "his speeches are notable for tautology, such as ‘safe haven’"
    • a phrase or expression in which the same thing is said twice in different words.
      plural noun: tautologies
    • Logic
      a statement that is true by necessity or by virtue of its logical form.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/2/18; Facts lost to Bolt; Despite the fight "for fossil fuels" the war is lost: Tenacles of Liberal Party on the Chinese aren't just Spin; Yassmin and Bolt are both immigrants who is of greater value?;


 Despite Coal Lobby, Australia to Double Solar Energy in 2018

Despite Coal Lobby, Australia to Double Solar Energy in 2018 | Informed Comment

Australia’s march to solar power is a reason for climate optimism because it is happening under adverse circumstances. Australia has a big and important coal industry that spends millions on lobbying and election campaigns, and the Australian government is in its back pocket. They, too, have the fraud of “clean coal” hopes [that is not a thing]. The central government is no friend of renewables. Some state governments are deeply committed to dirty coal as well. Australia has a horrible environmental record and is among the worst carbon polluters per capita.
Australian Energy Update 2017
The above chart is already much out of date. Wind and solar are making up the bulk of new electricity production (solar is 46% of new energy in recent years) and by May of last year, renewables provided 17% of Australia’s total electricity production.

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  Crushing Turnbull Barnaby who? Boosting Tony


Let's cut to the chase this isn't about Joyce it never has been it's back to raising the dead. Sharri Markson wasn't the first to break this news which gave News Corp any authority on the matter other than to get Turnbull and boost Abbott while Turnbull is away. Same old same old by team Murdoch. "So exactly what did Malcolm Turnbull's denunciation of Joyce last Thursday achieve?" Bolt
What's amusing is that the Nationals are waiting to see what else the media might reveal as if they know there is more "The Australian has been told that of the 21-strong Nationals party room in Canberra, five MPs have decided Mr Joyce should go, about six MPs are firmly behind their leader and the other 10 are waiting to see whether any more damaging revelations emerge." So it's not about what's actually known and or unknown but what else is to publicly emerge that will determine how the Nationals will approach their responsibilities to Australia. Their values are based not on what you do but simply on being caught doing it.

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Mission Impossible Crush Turnbull

There has never been a News Corp issue of printing News. News has always been incidental to their PR and lobbying. Barnaby Joyce is merely a pawn in the war this right-wing media group is waging against Turnbull. Turnbull came out of the Xmas break streaks ahead of anyone, he'd confirmed his leadership of the LNP. All was sweet and 2018 looked roses and straightforward until the next election, something had to be done.
It goes to show the power of the Murdoch press to stop Turnbull's rise in its tracks. The go-ahead was given to divide the LNP and conquer the Government and Joyce was the tool. The nod was given to throwing the Barnaby grenade to grab the high ground headlining not Joyce's transgressions but Turnbull's dilemma and wedge him.  News Corp  started attending to Joyce and rapidly turn away to target the PM their real focus.
Now that Turnbull is away the intensity will be heightened and Abbott the rat will make an effort to boost his stocks by an appearance with the assistance of Bolt and well how predictable it's already begun today.
It's so obvious it's ridiculously naive to think otherwise. While this is going on little attention is paid to the real things that affect Australian lives. It's these conditions and the appearance in the media of confusion gives rise to the appeal of Fascism the sort we saw grow when Abbott was in power. The little dictator paid more attention to managing the appearance of Flags, Uniforms, Security than any attention to the economy which was on a spending fire. He had the gall to say he'd fixed it after he'd actually put his foot on the spending accelerator and tried to draw attention away from the domestic chaos being endured by the alarmist shadow he'd drawn. Yes, his fixing was taking attention away from spending by taking us to war.
Watch the golum return again while Turnbull's away the rat will play his jingo card. 

As for Natalie wanting Barnaby to keep his job according to Bolt suggesting it's support of the Nationals of course she does and has every reason to with 4 daughters to support and a husband she can't trust with any other skills. Barnaby was the traditional cash cow and he needs to be even more so now. 65% of Australians can go to hell and get fucked as far as he and she are concerned.


First Malcolm Turnbull bans Ministers from sleeping with staff. Now comes Buzzfeed, asking all Ministers: "Are you currently in or have you ever had a sexual relationship with an employee? Are you aware of any of your ministerial colleagues who are currently in or have been in a sexual relationship with an employee?" Is this where we're at now?

38m Link

Crush Turnbull- Barny's the victim

 It's not the sniffing Bolt's concerned about its freedom of speech and the silence that he demands of not MP's private lives but his. We saw his wife challenge the press when it was revealed his son worked for the IPA. Bolt lives in a shroud of privacy that's so intense there's reason to believe there's a lot to hide.
However when MP's remain as private as Bolt demands they be allowed they are open to blackmail. They are after all in public service. But the Bolt no doubt believes that priests and child molesters no doubt deserve their privacy. None of this is about privacy it's about the opportunity to continue the public rebuke of Turnbull and put a halo back on the bigger hypocrite Abbott. Nevertheless, we've seen Bolt wearing the pervs mackintosh peeping into peoples lives where he keeps little or nothing secret if they aren't on his side. Afterall he is still for Milo whose support of pedophilia is according to Bolt of nobody's concern.

 Barnaby Joyce is the Victim yet again fighting the good fight

How far can you stretch a piece of old chewing gum out and pretend it's new. As I've said this isn't about Turnbull it's about Joyce. So Bolt is for MPs doing whatever they want and it remaining a secret. Their jobs aren't impacted by their private lives and Barnaby Joyce was right to lie to the public in an election campaign. Malcolm Turnbull is the villain in all of this whether Joyce stays or goes that's the core of Bolt's post. Whatever happens, blame Turnbull!!
" So what on earth was Turnbull doing on Thursday with his public shaming of Joyce? Sure, do it early in the piece, but not when the story seemed to be running out of steam.
All that it's achieved is to keep the story going, embitter Joyce, make Turnbull look weak and poison relations with the Nationals. And Joyce is now rubbing Turnbull's nose in his ineptitude."Bolt
The story is far from running out of steam and Bolt is ensuring that. What is happening is Joyce is being made the victim whose confessed and believes he's absolved just as all perpetrators of domestic violence do even more so if Catholic.
What we are seeing is actually the right-wing in full flight of desperation to raise Lazarus.

7m Link


What was predicted Abbott would ride in to shine a light on Australia with Bolt banging the drum. This is a plot from a Z grade movie

What did I say the rats here to play and that's exactly what he's doing with the help of Murdoch and 2 GB.

“It’s a basic law of economics that increasing the supply of ­labour depresses wages and that increasing demand for housing boosts price,” Mr Abbott said. Fact or fiction the greatest rise in employment has been from small business start-ups the greatest growth in employment has been from small business. The greatest startup demographic of small business is Migrants. The reality where employment growth has declined is the Corporate sector Mining, Banking etc and Construction where 457 visas are openly abused Abbott is talking BS and Bolt is his amplifying clarion of Jingoism and Xenophobia.
What's highly amusing because Andrew Bolt is less productive gets paid more than a young Muslim woman an engineer that was the leader of a team of Aussie men on rigs offshore that exported billions of dollars worth of fossil fuel to the world. Yes, Yassmin Abdel -Magied and Bolt are migrants and Yassmin provided more to the material well being of Australia than either Abbott or Bolt. Abbott added to our debt putting his foot on the accelerator and Andrew Bolt produces zero value from the day he was born, even in his field of information.
Most economists, in fact, argue the very opposite of Abbott however they aren't gifted with News Corp shout The 5 Best Arguments Against Immigration—and Why They're Wrong ..
What you can rely Abbott on doing is throwing fuel on the jingoistic fearscape that mimics what Trump is doing in the US
Immigrants advance Australian economy, but what happens if we
 Australia's Economic Miracle Depends On Immigration. So Why Curb It?

 PM away so the rat's out to play isn't that the way of Abbott behind Turnbull's back. But not only that he speaks to the jingoistic xenophobic heart of Australians withou any evidence whatsoever only a political opinion. Immigration saved Australia's economy by providing jobs via small business when Corporations were cutting them. It provided increased  taxes when Corporations failed to pay. When retail has failed spaces have been taken up by immigrants in Kew alone there two shops run by Indians, 1 by Malaysians , two by Japanese over 50% of the employees in the High st are immigrants even my dentist is Colombian Abbott is talking nonsense. Immigrants saved country towns which without them would no longer exist.
 Ourr Health and aged services are dependant on them. Transport is immigrant filled and Bolt and Abbott are talking rubbish.32m
Andrew Bolt also opinionates to back Abbott but provides no evidence and all the statistics prove otherwise. The fact is statistics show the reverse of what Bolt and Abbott are saying. Immigration remains Australia's greatest assett. If we have too many immigrants why is it we are rubber stamping so many 475 visas and not advertising the jobs and importing skilled labor when the labor is readily available here. In fact the migrant intake shows its more skilled and educated than the average Australian population. Economists experts in the main say the reverse of Abbott and Bolt who are promotin antiquated political arguments dating back to the 50s whe we said 2 wongs don't make a white. Fear and fascism is the heart of right-wing politicians and Abbott who once said he'd change hasn't in the least nor has Bolt. 
The facts of the Abbott opinion on immigration statement so gratefully accepted by Hadley and Bolt as the truth was blown out of the water by his Political peers and the ABC panel on the Drum . His  opinion was counter to his own actions when PM and by facts that contradict all he had to say about the Howard era. His only intent for saying itat this time was attention.  Lies Lies Lies and fake facts the rat has played while the cat's away.

Mind you Bolt and Abbott are in a symbiotic relationship like two fungi Bolt uses Abbott for ratings and Abbott uses Bolt for attention but both are marionettes for Murdoch, the IPA and the ultra-conservatives of this contry. They are simply a minority voices looking for an audience. Lets face it they are amusing to watch hear and trip up over themselves. It's what made the Stooges so funny.

Dan Andrews's Chinese links raise concernsImage result for Images of Liberals dallyiance with Chinese
"Bolt's controversial Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo with controversial foreign Minister Julie Bishop" Mr Huang was an active donor to the Liberal Party and Bishop had her tentacles wrapped around him.


The tentacles of Communist China are all over the Victorian Socialist Left government of Daniel Andrews: "A  veteran Labor MP and a former senior adviser to Daniel Andrews have been identified as key figures in an Australian lobby group tied to China’s Communist Party."

 What better than the bogeyman scare of the 50s and 60s in the form of a good old "Red Scare". When Abbott was in power he was all over the Chinese stealing the labour trade agreements and claiming them as his own. Abandoning the Pacific Islands where Radio Australia was the heartbeat of influence since WW2. So naturally the Chinese took our place. We removed our Foreign Aid and Aid became Foreign business and hardcore at that if you wanted money from us. China's was quick to come in with a much much softer approach that Australia will find hard to win back. Abbott was made the Pivot of the Pacific and where did he focus the Ukraine and Russia. China was of no interest to him at all they were fine.
Now the cry from the right-wing and Turnbull has echoed it but not in the terms as extreme as Bolt Tentacles of the Communists are around us. Given we want to deal with China and there is only one party in China even the Liberals would find it impossible dealing with them without dealing with the Communist Party.
This Bolt post is even using China to wrap Murdoch's tentacles around unwitting readers. Murdoch who was kicked out or left China because he was actually required to produce News and not just sell influence which he was prepared to do for the highest bidder. The Chinese it seemed did not like the meaning buried in his style. Which we, of course, have an example on display here.
I think the Victorian Liberal Party has more to worry about when their leader Guy is out lunching with the chairman of the Australian Mafia than any concern about dragging up the jingoist and racist fear of the Yellow Peril. It was Guy as Minister for planning who passed the building of apartments smaller than any found in Hong Kong to house Chinese Students. He allowed buildings to be built so close to each other that you could touch on from the other. This is not conspiratorial danger it was Liberal Party Government reality and not just jingoistic fantasy.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/2/18; According to Bolt Turnbull is to blame for all the idiot coalition partners; Abbott wouldn't speak up on anything but Turnbull;

  Mr Joyce is to be dumped as leader of the Nationals, with Senator Bridget McKenzie to take over as interim leader before a later Cabinet reshuffle that is likely to see Riverina MP Michael McCormack take over the top job in the party.
Bolt's like a tired old echo. However, as much as Murdoch has ordered a blitz on Turnbull and Bolt is doing what was ordered time and time again keeping Barnaby Joyce in place means the end of the LNP. It's simply not in MP to commit political suicide simply on behest of an American who runs a corporate media chain. As much as Bolt bangs on about Turnbull having to go it won't happen because this isn't the only dirt on Barnaby. The tide can't be held back on the "bonking beetroot"

“THE BONKING BEETROOT”: Deputy PM and “homewrecker” Barnaby Joyce allegedly may have traded sex for favours with powerful Canberra lobbyist – True Crime News Weekly

Shari Markson from Murdoch's stable didn't break the Barney Story but did raise it to political thunder to discredit Malcolm Turnbull our PM
Only after billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch gave the nod to his News Corp foot soldiers last week to proceed with publishing the truth about some of the scandals surrounding Mr Joyce, did other journalists suddenly somehow discover their reporting mojo and investigative capabilities.

Rupert Murdoch
Media mogul and political kingmaker Rupert Murdoch (Commons)
Over the past week, news headlines in Australia have involved almost nothing else apart from the struggles facing Mr Joyce. The headlines have even travelled around the world with media in the USA and UK reporting on Mr Joyce’s troubles and travails. Clearly and obviously this story was in the public interest. But why not in October and November last year when Mr Joyce was facing an important by-election in New England caused by his own ignorance of his citizenship status?

The PM and his deputy: Can we focus attention on things that affect all?

 Bolt is obsessed with Miranda Devine and runs a Trump-like tweet "
"The Prime Minister has been enhanced, as even the most bull-headed conservative will one day admit."Devine. He somehow expects us to believe Turnbull caused this poll crash to his approval rating and not the media reporting for the last 11 days by News Corp that it was Turnbull that was at the eye of the government storm. Newspoll Paid for by Murdoch is generally made public on Tuesdays how is it that Andrew Bolt publishes the results on a Monday? Like Trump, he'd too would swear to no collusion. This post takes the shape and form of one done by the Don flaying at everything in sight.
If it wasn't the fact that Bolt is a leading man in the Murdoch stable this post would be hilarious for its amateur effort to sell papers. 
 Guess Bolt also blames Turnbull for this National's antics "The post comes just days after 17 people were killed in a shooting in a high school in the US.


 Photo of Nationals MP George Christensen with a gun reported to police

Proof positive Andrew Bolt it's not Turnbull's fault but partners like this and Joyce and media like yours that have soured Australia. However, they haven't raised Abbott, have they?

 Controversial Queensland MP George Christensen has been reported to police after posing with a handgun on social media.On Saturday, Mr Christensen posted a photo of himself aiming a gun on Facebook along with a post saying, "You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?"

Bolt's over eagerness drowns out the fact that the LNP have improved. Is it any wonder given Murdoch's frontal blitzkrieg on Turnbull that his personal appeal has gone down and here's Bolt doing his best to boost the idiot Abbott and put him back in the frame. Abbott/ Joyce now that's a combination worth consideration, isn't it. Australia hasn't any politicians worth respect, not any the media can put forward.
Let's face it there has never been a choice in Bolt's mind but then he lost his when he was handed this job years ago always just a work in progress stuck in a rut




Bolt choice isn't one it's his cry for Tony again. Triggered by the fact that Tony cried he'd never do it. Murdoch needs to put him on the IPA's shoulders and triumphantly escort him back to Rome . 
One needs to ask did Bolt plagiarize this article in IA by Passant written as far back as 12/2/18?

The decline and fall of the Liberal National Party empire

Feb 15
Malcolm Turnbull denies that his vitriolic presser yesterday was meant to shoehorn the Nationals into dumping Barnaby Joyce. Yeah, right, he just tipped gasoline onto the Nats’ already-burning leader just for the heck of it.

 Image result for Andrew Bolt with egg on his face
Bolt claims to have "damned " Barnaby Joyce with a feathered whip. Yesterday he explicitly blamed Vickky Campion for Joyce 's demise. and might as well have damned Natalie his wife for not backing Barnaby up. Having posted that now Bolt says " I wouldn’t be the only conservative presenter on TV getting an avalanche of emails from viewers furious that I’ve damned the Nationals leader."


Here is a curious fact about the support for Malcolm Turnbull's new nanny-state ban on Ministers having sex with staff. According to Newspoll, Liberal voters like it least and Labor voters like it most. Isn't that a metaphor for Turnbull's leadership?


Bolt what sort of an idiot justifies his argument on the basis of the most least liked in a poll Andrew Bolt does. He doesn't happen to mention that when he says "liberals like it the least" he's also including the Nationals Barnaby fans in his use of the term "Liberals". They aren't exactly Liberals.  Somehow using a negative as a positive against Turnbull hardly carries any weight.
 Furthermore, using Bolt logic decries Turnbull a "weak leader" and praises Abbott for his strength. Yet it's Turnbull whose challenging Bolt's "least liked" not Abbott.  So it's  Turnbull whose acting like a leader here, acting on his conviction and going against the least liked majority. Bolt & Abbott who are sucking up to that 31% majority Bolt so much thinks is so important.
 Confused, of course, we are and Bolt intends it to be that way. He believes in male dominance in the workplace in the family and in society as a whole. Read it in the blog post where he clearly states Joyce was the victim of Vikky Campion's incompetence and implying Natalie Joyce's as well they simply didn't do their jobs well enough.
What Bolt fails to emphasize is that the coalition vote was in fact 57% in favour Turnbull and only 31% made up of Nationals as well against. Having just flipped the poll table suggesting that the "least"  most popular is significant he's ducking reality for semantics. It's the same old same old ploy Bolt uses to suggest he's indigenous and a victim of black or reverse racism, a victim of reverse sexist aggression and generally a victim of the leftist elite of Australia generally.
But then Bolt fights for the majority of 1% Australians who own 70% of the nations wealth and demand control over the security, policing, media, education welfare and arrangements under which we live which often tend to be the most least liked. "Joyce isn't is strife for the sex"Bolt

 Related image
 I agree why wasn't Bolt judged more severely by Justice Bromberg for his serial vilification and lying? Bolt's repeat offender. Further why were the police so lenient on Bolt and harsher on George Colombaris. Colombaris didn't have the GBH intent that Bolt showed yet not charged. Bolt even celebrated the fact and incited others to do the same.
Bolt doesn't ask a judge but simply a shill a lawyer available to Murdoch media 24/7 for advice. Simply a gun for hire to defend people like Bolt. Hardly an unbiased commentator more a parrot on side of the media corporations ready to say what they want and get paid for it.
It leaves the question unanswered why are our courts so soft on Corporations like the media, banks, insurers etc that have killed hundreds of people citizens over many years and have had the time to think about the morality of their agendas and have sacrificed nothing for their bottom line only to be hit with a feather duster. Quill is a corporate lawyer making no comments about the corporate crime he's called on to defend