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Andrew Bolt's Blog 18/6/16; Islam Islam Islam are the new Reds Reds Reds of Conservative Goebellian Politics; Bolt breaks Australian Conduct Of Behavior daily ; Professionals, experts, and wiser men curry no favors with Bolt;






How to blather about the sickness of the West when the real topic is a sickness in Islam


 Here is proof that Bolt is totally disinterested in 'truth' he's but far more  focused on who and what is said in the media. Division and diversity of ideas runs counter to Bolt's single minded propaganda.  Bolt is only ready to focus on an event if it enables him to blame Islam  for all the perceived evils and events that might give him the slightest of political footholds. Riots in Europe need to be ignored unless there is a Muslim component. He's equally ready to excuse those  events that don't but might contradict the nobleness of his anti- immigration stance.  However Bolt regularly contradicts himself in his attempts to push what he calls his conservative cause which is fully aligned with the extreme right wing and the current global fascist thinking. If evidence is submitted to contradict his kneejerk interpretations of events he simply remains silent, ignore it or claims that the highest of institutions are corrupt and running left wing conspiracies. There is no discussion where Bolt is concerned it's a blinkered "my way or the highway " tin eared approach always  'me' and never a 'we' in what might be a cause for debate.

The assassinations in Orlando were by a Muslim terrorist acting according to belief in Islam.  That for Bolt that is the only explanation. Yet the FBI, the CIA,  the Police his family and those that knew him all have clearly stated that religion had no relevance to the atrocity. Bolt simply ignores all the evidence to show he's totally off the mark. He simply implies or even says these organizations and people are corrupt left wing or supporters  of those who hate the West.  His above banner is an example of his single minded and retarded perspective. 

However if attention is raised to events so large they might discredit him he immediately becomes an apologist as is the case of the murder of Jo Cox. One can't assume  that the cry"Britain First" was in any way racially motivated despite evidence to the contrary. In this case according to Bolt it's unfair to jump to conclusions one needs to wait for the evidence.  In other words wait till everything cools down and it's forgotten. 

Bolt's not interested in  facts that there have been 998 mass shootings in the USA in the past 2.5 years or that 5000 people have been injured or killed. He's not interested that 598 homosexuals have been murdured in 12 months in 25 different countries and not just the 7 countries whose Islamic laws he keeps referring to. He's not interested in the fact that no gay has been executed in Saudi Arabia for 14 years. He is only interested in proving the "sickness of Islam" therefore the "sickness of 3% of Australians" therefore the "sickness of immigration" the 'sickness of multiculturalism". When crime occurs in Australia he's not interested that it's multicultural as is the whole country he's only interested if it's Muslim connected. What Bolt sees as healthy is what Goebbels did to the Jews via the media to gain support for the Nazis by promoting hate. For Bolt it's still a valid strategy to use against Muslims and gain support for the right wing conservatives of Australia. It worked as a strategy during the Cronulla riots it will work as a strategy today because fear garners votes.  Any criticism is fobbed off as being the reverse of patriotism. We might not have gas chambers but we do have detention camps, send them back policies and national secrecy all actions the Nazi had. Some might argue we have death camps that send innocents insane.

Who claims he is a supporter of LGBTI's while calling them politically piss weak for not being anti-Islam is against same sex marriage and safe school programs for no moral sense? Who? In light of what I've said let's follow Bolt's blogs today




Turnbull minister praised Sheikh Shady as “important resetting point”


  "Our politicians cover up for Islam." yes the great Australian conspiracy is on all our politicians Institutional heads leaders are conspiring Islamist lovers. Why because they believe in a multicultural Australia and are proud of it. Islam was a part of this country from the time Malaccans traded with coastal Aborigines and Afghan camel drivers helped build trade routes across the country. 

 The crux of what Bolt  claims is he is as much a first person as any Aborigine younger than him has said since his parents were allowed in Australian immigration has been a botched disaster. Extreme Islam is not the problem Islam is the problem and the 1.6 billion people who believe in it are not Australians. Here we have an agnostic whose Christian origins were 16th Century extremist reformers who broke away from the structures of the Catholic Church to give individuals the power to have direct contact with god rather than through corrupt priests and the church. Now Bolt is decrying  the lack of structure in Islam if that's the case why isn't the same criticism directed at Judaism? Shouldn't Hasidics or 25% of the Jews teach a more modern version of the bible and Judaism? Rabbis celebrate the death of Muslims at the hands of Jewish terrorism and Bolt says they are justified. What about the Amish and and all the other Christian sects there are ?

Jewish Rabbis call for the killing of Palestinians and Arabs like rats especially the children and here is Bolt attacking Islamic scholars who merely interpreting the Koran as do Rabbis interpret the bible and not all in the most extremist way. Are individual Christians who  follow extreme Baptist Preachers telling their children to dance with snakes  godless weirdos like Bolt? He has attacked the Pope who apparently knows little or nothing about Catholicism and how it should operate. He shouldn't have opinions on our material world. Bolt seems more akin to  a preacher he speaks in tongues, dances with snakes and would if he could would molest young girls in awe of him. He's even selling the Bolt bible for money not for a cause but for himself and discounting the true believers the IPA promising all sorts of things to those who buy it.  Modern day snake oil included.





Column - How Turnbull tried to fool you on Islam


Just watch Bolt's Blogs today is what I said above and Bolt doesn't disappoint. No Matter the facts and evidence provided in Orlando today Bolt simply ignores it and turns truth into a lie or Bolt truth. If anybody is caught being polite to a Muslim Australian they are UN-patriotic Australians. Bolt in fact reveals Tony Abbott's notion of Team Australia was in fact a Conservative lie. As much as "some of my best friends are Jews" was in the 50s and 60s among WASPS. Or the misogynist joke "I'll put it in a little bit if it hurts I'll take it out" Bolt claims to know more about Islam than even Muslims do , more about Christians than Christians do more about the diversity among Christians  Jews and even Hindus than they know themselves. Strange and he claims to be an agnostic with a greater knowledge of religions than Phds in Theology. Here he is saying Turnbull being an Australian doing a very Australian thing uniting Australia is "trying to fool you" Andrew Bolt is one of a minority and an extreme minority that don't believe “we are the most successful multicultural society in the world” and “live together in remarkable harmony”. He is a migrant born son who calls us  fools  for being  generous  and proud of our multicultural heritage and our convict past. If it's true we inherit the sins of our fathers the Bolt's particularly Andrews children are in for a rough ride unless cosseted  and coddled by the members of the IPA or they rebel against the stupidity of their father.





Pages from Australia’s surrender document. UPDATE: Shady’s fake denial



Can we stop stop for a moment and remind Andrew Bolt how LNP politicians could be bribed to over turn deportation orders. Amanda Vanstone being a clear case of allowing Maddaferi a Mafia kingpin to stay in the country. Bolt the free speech advocate doesn't seem so enthusiastic when describing what others have said and needs to be done. Here he is accusing a Muslim of calling " Jews and Christians “filthy rapists” during one of his lectures in 2014." I believe it's very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black so whatever Bolt advocates for Thorn he advocates for himself. Primarily Andrew Bolt ought to be made to attend the deradicalization program offered by Dr Aly. As I said  earlier Bolt denies diversity in a multicultural democracy and accuses all our institutions and politicians of being blind to the benefits of his  fascism"Our political class still doesn’t fully comprehend - or want to comprehend - the threat Islam poses to a multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy, and especially one this weak in asserting its values." Here he goes proving my point of him having a tin ear and being blind to reality and facts.

Bolt puts on his I love gay face for conservative heteros which no LGBTI believes . He steals their space for his benefit not theirs to LGBTIs. Bolt actually is as homophobic as any extreme Muslim preacher in saying same sex marriage should never be recognized. Safe school programs merely encourage homosexuality and any heterosexuals should be able to withdraw service to LGBTIs not to be allowed is reverse bigotry against Judeo Western  heterosexual Culture. Through the course of history LGBTI's have been persecuted more by the likes of Andrew Bolt than Muslims. Bolt hides his Homophobia and pretends he's not just for little more than to prioritize his Islamist bigotry and hatred which has more chance of gaining political sympathy in Australia at the moment.

Let it be said "important facts have been widely glossed over in much of the media and in public debate — such as the beliefs of prominent Muslim leaders that homosexuals are “evil” and should be “treated" that what is glossed over here that prominant Jewish and extremist Rabbis and  Leaders of extremist Christian sects are  overlooked by these eager critics of Islam. These critics like Bolt go beyond  free speech and thought issues but actively demand the policing of thought not based on any concept of equality but rather one of apartheid of belief ethnicity and race.


Labor spent its way to this deep trouble

There is one Poll that counts and that is held in 2 weeks. We know whatever the result Tony Abbott is going to try to regain control of the Party which they will continue to call the Liberal Party a lie if that does happen a gutless takeover by right wing conservatives who loudly claimed they would start their own party and didn't. Bolt was a braggart back then saying he could easily started it.



Four months later, the police must say sorry to Pell 


There is no moral imperative here other than one in Bolt's min. Pell didn't say sorry either


Guys, guys - not so sensitive, please 


Mocking the smallest of issues distorts and deflects Bolt's true misogyny. The humour of  Bevis and Butthead Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt calling out the feminist fright bats. Remember when Andrew Bolt the family patriarch said "he had to take his luggage to Bali on a holiday". Out of kindness  he'd brokered the deal to allow him to go to Holland again. That luggage he referred to was his family. He was being "forced" not a single word of "we decided" in his description of this family compact. He" had to" take them. After all he was the the silver back the alpha male. He was the bread winner the money man and they were his obligation and duty. Basically they were the luggage on his holiday. What a snag he is. 



How they mind our gate

Bolt was against Australia taking up any UNHCR obligations we have signed. He prefers we say we will take 12,000 Syrian refugees but simply string it out for so long that the war will be over and they won't have to come. Immigrants on coming to Australia have always signed documents of varying nature accepting obligations on arrival. Tourists sign obligations. Bolt is doing little more than amplifying his stupidity. Given that the likelihood of this Dutchman holding 2 passports is extremely high. The mind boggles as to why this convicted vilifier is allowed to continue to stay in Australia  or  having been convicted shouldn't be made to sign this Code of Behavior document when people more innocent than he is are. If you read the document Andrew Bolt breaks  the conditions of behavior on  daily basis



The Turnbull clan vilify Abbott again. Why do they still fear him?


When we are called to "imagine " Turnbull vilifying Abbott and concluding him guilty on imaginings alone you come to realize what hate looks like, Bolt on two legs.

 When Turnbull is implicated in the opinion of a military strategist  and once professional soldier James Brown who served as a distinguished officer in the Australian Army prior to joining the Lowy Institute and who now is a Professor at the United States Study Center .  Is it any wonder Bolt fails to acknowledge who he is criticising here?" He commanded a cavalry troop in Southern Iraq, served on the Australian task force headquarters in Baghdad, and was attached to Special Forces in Afghanistan. He was awarded a commendation for work in the Solomon Islands and as an operational planner at the Australian Defence Force Headquarters Joint Operations Command. James also instructed at the Army’s Combat Arms Training Centre."

Brown points out that Abbott when PM wanted to be a Putin. He wanted to be a world leader leading by example a General out of the movie Dr Strangelove which. He was eager to be Mr everywhere which lead to chaos in Australia’s military institutions as they tried to keep up with Mr Abbott’s desire that Australia step into conflicts on three continents." Strange thing being Bolt seems to agree it was fantasy because"None of those deployments actually occurred after all factors were considered." Yes because wiser heads prevailed. However according to Bolt "all deserved consideration"  Why and by whom? Just because Abbott was PM? No Military experts are named here saying the ideas deserved consideration Only a General Bolt. As I said at the start of today's blog  professionals,  experts, aren't  shown any respect are all simply written off as left wingers by Bolt. 




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