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Andrew Bolt's Blog,27/6/16; Bolt has joined with Iran praising Brexit; Bolt dreaming Miranda; Turnbull and the Devil; Manic preaching with a pen; Immigration and Bolt's selective perception;


On TV and radio tonight - June 27


" Editorial: the Brexit vote. Will it shame Australians into action, too?"Bolt


What Bolt doesn't editorialize.


Bolt wants to same Australia into action then he needs to shame the people smugglers Tony Abbott  created when establishing the ABF and his now proud immigration department run by Peter Dutton.  A whole new industry has sprung up since Abbott's endorsed changes. There are more people jumping the queue now that there ever where on boats. Sponsorships and 457 visas have created a whole new industry that Andrew Bolt has never mentioned in his single minded crusade against Muslims. Like Britain Bolt is only too happy to cut us off from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, if only we can rejoin Europe. What a short term perspective he has.Corruption and fraud undermining Australia's immigration programs ...

 Immigration department insider organised $500,000 visa scam 

 Visa scammer caught on hidden camera as department refers cases to corruption watchdog

 Corruption and crime syndicates threaten Australia's border security





Frauds and foreigners help Leftists try to subvert Brexit vote

Murdoch's Fraud 


The fraud was done and dusted when the media scared the Welfarites  on pensions to to vote for Brexit.  Rupert planted the knife and twisted it. You know the ones Bolt believes are the heroes of the day. Murdoch certainly shot himself in his expansion foot. He's locked himself out of Europe. But then I guess print media is no longer the "in" thing. However it was print in this case that won the Brexit vote. Not Sky or digital.


"This is a tricky issue for Labour. Many of its traditional supporters would have voted to leave European. Many of its members of the cosmopolitan elite - and media cheerleaders - would have voted to stay."

 One moment Andrew Bolt is applauding Brexit tongue in cheek saying it's wonderful. Which means he's applauding Labour faithful but somehow he doesn't want to appear to be doing that. His  over concentration on Labour  seems as if  he's trying to find some wriggle space from the space invented by his team which he calls the "members of the cosmopolitan elite" who voted to leave the "the European" Bolt's so confused he thinks the EU is a Melbourne restaurant.

 The Tories the Conservatives are the ones who brought on this Brexit referendum thinking they had it won to stay. Cameron thought he'd bury political opportunists like Gove and Johnson with this vote. In his mind he couldn't possibly lose however he didn't account for the publicity it was given and the side issues that came to dominate it. The NHS, the myth of the foreign invasion, unemployment, the threat that the EU meant a reduction in Welfare etc etc. Bolt makes out  this mysterious "cosmopolitan elite" were the leaders of Labour without saying that the Leadership of the Labour Party actually gave bipartisan support to Cameron and the Tories whose idea it was of a referendum in the first place. They certainly didn't envisage their share portfolios crashing, the brakes slammed on  globalization and corporate expansion or their children left devoid of promised  opportunities. Tell me a conservative who wants the real estate bubble popped. So now wait for the firesale the conservatives started. There is no tricky issue here for Labour as Bolt suggests. Reality will bite and in the long term it will bite his dream team. Blame the Sun, Sky, and Murdoch's fear mongering for creating something nobody really wanted. UK has profound case of denial




Tripping over Twitter

Bolt's on Twitter, in Twitter he Twitters and he even shits in his own nest most of the time 




Fairfax journalist excuses: Waleed Aly is to Islam just what Taylor Swift is


" Tim Dick says Waleed Aly is just the Taylor Swift of Islam in Australia. Or something like that:" Bolt

Yes and Andrew Bolt is not just a fan but an obsessed stalker.

"Moreover, Aly lectures on politics at Monash University’s centre on global terrorism and was invited with his wife to sit next to the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister’s Iftar dinner as the most acceptable face of Islam in Australia. Aly’s entire career rests on his presentation as a Muslim we can deal with." Bolt 

So in the Left corner we have 39 year old Engineer, Lawyer, Musician TV Host and Gold Logie winner proud Australian known to the majority of the population Waleed. In the right we have  a bitter twisted one trick pony whose done little or nothing with his life but held one job down with the Herald Sun and not even as a journalist. A fantasist that has been caught out lying simply to puff himself up to appear more interesting than a fart in crowded elevator.  A recognized whinger and hater of this country whose career and fame rests on defamation, vilification, jealousy and simply talking  trash and hate. Has Aly ever attacked Bolt's wife as Bolt has attacked Aly's?

There is one thing for certain when anger and hate are combined to the degree that Bolt's outpourings are people simply stop listening because the rant is little more than froth filled frenzy and abuse. Bolt's argument is already lost

"exempt of any taxes courtesy of the Australian Government of Fools - the Imam Husain Islamic Centre at Earlwood." Bolt agrees and references those he feels are wiser than him particularly on the Abbott government in  whose name the grants  were given. It  shows  mental caliber of Bolt  when it comes to Waleed he even spits on Tony Abbott climbs over him to get to Aly.

 Waleed isn't the only Australian silent when it comes to Andrew Bolt most don't know who he is. Even those that do rarely say anything. I wonder why that is. Who on earth pays attention to this shit is it any wonder book sellers don't want to sell the man's books?






Column - Britons lose their chains. Elites freak that Australians migtht lose theirs

Andrew Bolt and Iran praise Brexit and the possible benefits 

 "Shocked by the invasion of Europe last year by more than 1 million illegal immigrants from the Muslim Third World, Britons have particularly voted against mass immigration and Europe’s open borders."

 Andrew Bolt's Blog,27/6/16; Bolt has joined with Iran praising Brexit; Bolt dreaming Miranda; Turnbull and the Devil;


Bolt's gone totally off the rails and trying to keep a stiff upper lip from embarrassing himself. Brexit is according to him a vote against multiculturalism the invasion of Britain by "illegal immigrants" and Muslims. The truth is the nett immigration into Britain has been 330,000 or only 0.5% of the population and not by his scary "Muslims from the Third World" but by EU citizens and mainly Christians. EUs "Open Borders" Have been closed so even that mythical threat is not true. As for multiculturalism the UK is the most multicultural nation on the planet. Without  regard for 7.5% foreign born residents far far less than our 25% the UK is Multicultural as India. Ireland, Wales,Scotland and England all have significantly different cultures languages foods, customs and even politics so much so their television programs are subtitled to be understood.

Bolt says the vote was for unity and against big government however the facts prove otherwise Ireland, Scotland and even London voted against Brexit. The UK has never been more divided as it is now. Ireland once fought a war for independence so it's not unfeasible that it will fight for it again. Scotland is already considering a push for  Independence again. Their political statements being they'd prefer to succumb to government by Brussels than just the central English government. Bolt simply ignores these facts simply to push his anti immigrant barrow here. Basically with Brexit the UK has shot itself in the foot for little more than  the personal political ambitions of Johnson, Gove, and Faraj  egged on by the media.

The aging grand parents of the UK  have ensured the lives of their grand kids has been made increasingly more difficult by slamming the doors of opportunity shut. The people on welfare that Bolt hates the most he's now applauding. He's now a welfarite

 Global Corporation offices  will no longer see London of any use as the gateway to the EU. Bolt is cheering for economic shrinkage, which can only mean the healthy 5% unemployment rate will go up.  What a moron Bolt is the UK has never been more fractured than it is now and he's saying it's come together. The presumed benefits for Australia have been shattered as well as our second biggest trading partner is not the UK but  the EU. It will have will have made our entry to Europe that much more difficult at what untold costs Andrew Bolt? Britain has voted against trading blocks TTPIs those trade agreements you and Tony Abbott were singing the praises of. They just tore one up.

Boris Johnson, Nigel Farag  and the media stole the old  grey haired Laborites out from under the Labor Party and closed down globalization the dream of all corporate managers even Rupert Murdoch. The US, China,and even Australia will be pressured not to trade with them. The Middle East  particularly Iran is celebrating with Bolt because they now see opportunity where there was none. How funny Bolt  has sided with the very people he hates most.Rouhani adviser says Brexit 'historic opportunity' for Iran 

 Russia and Iran delight in UK's rejection of EU

" Democracy is back after a stunning 52 per cent of Britons voted to leave the European Union, that over-mighty supergovernment of 28 countries."

This is the laser like IQ you can expect to find in his book of stale ideas.




Even Tony Windsor’s dog wouldn’t vote for him

Bolt sucking up to his Devine Miranda. trying to apologize and playing the prodigal just in case she wrote a review of his book.






It’s over. Labor killed by its mad spending



Turnbull looking for Abbott

" I’m not sure that Brexit made much difference. I’d say this is entirely self-inflicted by Labor thinking it could continued its mad spending ways when the deficit is already dangerously high:"

The word "mad" features heavily in Bolt's description. Yesterday the use of hypotheticals were mad to this man. Here he is creating his own. Labor is not in government so it can't be spending. The past 3 years according to Bolt has been a mad Labor spending binge? I thought Abbott and Turnbull were running the country. Abbott unable to negotiate way down the straight at Flemington and Turnbull with his head on facing backwards looking at Abbott. Throw them overboard. Anybody see the headlines today it's all about the the corrupt ABF Immigration and and yes "People Smugglers" that's not a hypothetical either.

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