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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 25/11/16; Braggart Bolt called Mark Dreyfus out oops remember Bolt; Trying to be devious as well not just dumb; Scapegoating and tar and feathering; The English teacher; Waleed Aly; Bolt Gloating;

Bernadi gets ready. His email is a warning

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Is Andrew Bolt stealing Cory Bernardi's thunder? "I have suggested that Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi could start his own political party, especially if the Turnbull Government kept straying from its coinservative roots. " Bolt Is he really suggesting it was his idea and his impetus that brought all this to a head. In fact it was Bolt who said he could start a conservative party and would win  at the snap of his fingers. He was doing what he accuses Mark Dreyfus doing bragging. Well Mr Bolt we've guess we'll have to wait till hell freezes over to see monkey do what monkey says. It's so easy to flap your chops do nothing and try to swipe some credit.


There is a further point to be made that Bolt who scathingly attacked SBS and a  comedian for "bad spelling" has himself decided to change the spelling of Conservative to  Coinservative  he  seems to think he's better than SBS .  Maybe he intends Bernardi to call his new party the Coinservatives? ( see the blog below)"SBS: Simply Bad Spellers" Andrew Bolt egoist claims "

"SBS, which is meant to be politically impartial, actually spends taxpayers' money on a team of comedians who write furious political attacks on conservatives. Not only are these allegedly satirical pieces not funny, they are now barely literate. " Bolt  Well lets face it the Bolt Report is partial SBS aren't they are however "balanced"  along with the ABC reporting both sides of any argument and asking hard questions for "us" all of us. Bolt's Report on the other hand is politically partial is also tax payer subsidized and employs a team of commentators who simply support conservative views. They are a team promoting a side. They are an intentionally  biased program and  not intended to be informative. They supply disinformation that fails to be of any use to the electorate  just support a side. As a consequence they suffer low ratings but give succor to the team. We are lucky to have both the ABC and SBS . Imagine if all we had in the main stream was Newscorp and Andrew Bolt throwing stones from his glass house.


Coming from the back end of a 2 man horse the  King of Australian Comedy Andrew Bolt is advising us on what's funny.  1) can't tell a joke himself because he's too embarrassed about any punch line whether up or down before he even begins and 2) funniest men in his life have been Tim Blair since dumped and for some unknown reason the unmade bed Rowan Dean. and finally 3) his critique seems to be about spelling and not content. It's  a hint  because quite often when he has nothing relevant to say he becomes the English teacher the master of rhetoric relying on simplistic rhetorical tricks to get by. When he gets excited or has a hangover he is himself the worst of spellers and grammar masters given he's a professional writer of 40 plus years standing.
However not only does he then say nothing he simply goes on to say it for a very very long time 'commas'  are an obsession for Bolt on SBS where  English  is treated as a Second language . Now that's funny. Bolt is hilarious he's neither punching up or down just himself.

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Labor's attack on Dutton is gutless and brainless

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David Crowe is right about Labor's pathetic response to Peter Dutton's comments on Lebanese Muslim immigration: "This tells voters their politicians would prefer to dance around a problem rather than look at it honestly."
25 Nov"The fury in the debate is also based on distortion. Labor, in particular, has moulded the original comments into something they were not in order to prevent them being debated rationally at all." Bolt
How often have you heard the Bolt deliver this line in defence of Peter Dutton. Dutton who offered to resign because he dumped his leader Tony Abbott in the shit at "boomgate " embarrassing the bejeezus out of Morrison who could see the head on collision and catastrophic outcome coming. 
Bolt doesn't actually tell us what Dutton said in his answer to Shorten's question does he. 22 of 33 persons being held for terrorism  not convicted are 2nd or 3rd generation Lebanese Muslims. That is meant to be a statistically significant number sufficient to scapegoat 1) Malcom Fraser's immigration program and 2) the Lebanese Muslims that are in Australia for being a perceived to be dangerous to Peter Dutton. What more can one say Dutton some how believes gangs like Oceans 12 aren't generally made up of friends that there is something significant and strange about a group of mates playing soccer if they are all Jewish in this case a group hanging out and being Lebanese. Since Cronulla a family of Lebos on a beach have been regarded as dangerous when being bashed by patriotic Aussies waving the Australian flag.  What was that family doing on that beach? 
Generally in Australia it's suspicious enough for ex cop like Peter Dutton to draw conclusions about Jews, Africans and in this case Lebanese Australians and yes here's  Andrew Bolt defending Inspector Clouseau because why he's being 'honest'. Yes Bolt that's the problem nobody believes dumb Dutton and  you dumber Bolt  are being clever. No your even worse devious.

Dutton was right, and Lebanese critics prove it

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The  unhinged and even threatening reaction to Peter Dutton proves he’s right to raise issues with Muslim Lebanese immigration. The real scandal is that Dutton's lesson - that Malcolm Fraser imported trouble - was not learned earlier  
 Bolt has even devoted a whole column to this stupidity trying to white wash Dutton an ex cop who worked and gained experience under Commissioner Terry Lewis a noted corrupt cop. Why isn't Dutton being tarred with that brush the way the Lebanese are being targeted by Andrew Bolt? Lies Distortion deflection doesn't take away the fact that Dutton declared 22/33 significant proof that  Australian Lebanese are dangerous. Bolt is just throwing distraction bombs trying to say that wasn't what was happening. The problem Bolt isn't the one to be doing it because he's been doing exactly the same as Dutton with the "black" Africans saying "watch out Australia".  The Dutch are and were heavily involved in smuggling drugs did we tar Bolt? We should have!
What is amusing is Andrew Bolt anti- historian when it comes to Indigenous Australians telling us he more Indigenous than Noel Pearson turns to history dating back almost 50 years when he was 9 to tell us about Malcolm Fraser  in order to save Peter Dutton from another foot in mouth moment. So no doubt history is valid only in as much as it's Andrew Bolt's  anything prior to his birth becomes heresay and should only be believed if recorded like in a cops notes or Andrew Bolt's blogs that one day will prove to be an invaluable source of truth.
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Dreyfus bluff called. Why won't he quit?

Labor's shadow attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, today refused on the ABC to deny reports that he threatened to quit if Labor chose Kimberley Kitching to replace Stephen Conroy in the Senate. It happened all right, so why is Dreyfus still there?
  Same reason Bolt never says sorry. Count the times. He didn't bag out Trump in the strongest fashion did he? Search what it was he said about Trump on October the 12th. and what he's saying now. Dreyfus at least has shut up Bolt hasn't.

How this wicked law can shut up Dutton, too

Want another example of how activist lawyers can use the Racial Discrimination Act to censor important public debates?  Check what one now thinks could be done to shut up Immigration Minister Peter Dutton for speaking the truth about Muslim Lebanese migration. 
25 Nov Oh Bolt's applauding our laws being used which ever way they can for advantage but not when they alter the nature and level of the playing field to "fairness" or civility. All law should be privatised pay to use if you dare. Free Speech Poster Boy Now Reportedly Suing Female MP For Defamation 

Trump as Hitler? What is this university teaching?

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Is there a rule that journalism professors must be of the far Left? But even among the comrades, Queensland University of Technology's Brian McNair surely stands out for warning that Donald Trump is like Adolf Hitler. 
25 Nov Yes and Andrew Bolt is like Goebbels similes Bolt similies aren't metaphores . Your the expert in English obviously not studied just learnt on the run. You failed academic professors didn't. 

Cheering for their chains

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We already have journalists who laugh at the idea of free speech. Now we have the chief economist of the Economist magazine's Intelligence Unit asking if democracy is much chop either. 
It's obvious Bolt didn't pass basic English or Clear thinking attributing to a reporter the ideas he's merely reporting others of. Simon Baptist is being falsely accused of something he's simply reporting about by none other than Master logician Andrew Bolt. "For the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), electoral travails in some of the world’s leading democracies provide succour and reinforce its message to the people of China that democracy is not desirable. "Baptist
All Baptist says is Democracy can at times appear messy "like" yet another simile Bolt not a metaphor.  However Bolt makes out he's the English expert particularly when he has nothing to say in criticism.

The Australian of whose year exactly?

So it's not just me who thinks the Australian of the Year awards, now sponsored by the likes of the ABC and Fairfax, has become the plaything of activists wanting to nag us. The Australian now digs up more damning evidence. Don't tell Ita!
25 Nov It appears conservatives have done nothing of special interest this year. It's a shame because McGregor has done nothing either other than being Transgendor McGregor. Is that a high achievement. Maybe it had more to do with being Tony Abbott's mate who knows. However back to the fact it seems conservatives haven't been doing anything of value this year and Andrew Bolt has noticed but doing nothing seems worthy of awards nevertheless. Sour grapes and jealousy have always been a central characteristic of Andrew Bolt. Particular hate is poured on Waleed Aly and his wife for appearing to be the loving couple that Andrew Bolt and his family appear not to be. Show us the photos Andrew and prove me wrong!!
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This letter shows Turnbull's boat people deal is in strife

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Senior US lawmakers are revolting against Malcolm Turnbull's deal with Barack Obama to send our boat people to the United States. I wouldn't bank on this deal surviving when Donald Trump takes over, judging from this letter.
  Typical of Bolt turning his total blunder telling us Trump had no chance of being President into his advantage to laugh and blame Turnbull. Two faced and mentally challenged he certainly is. Andrew Bolt that is. Don't turn you back or put him in a winess box.

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