Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog;11/1/17; Does it take research to prove the playing field has never been equal? That Andrew Bolt is just a paid conjuror in trying to construct belief in the a Truman Show.

A poor background can help your career. But rich is better

Your upbringing can affect performance in unexpected ways. By and large meritocracy is a myth and who you know is of more concern than what you know. FAKE NEWS : That the cream rises to the top when the playing field is unequal. No Andrew Bolt you are neither the best at what you do nor is what you do worth while to the rest of us just a tool for some of us that need to be justified.

  'Oh mate, mayhem': Boy, 10, arrested after police chase

A 10-year-old boy is among a gang arrested following a five-day crime spree that ended with a dramatic police chase through Melbourne's north on Tuesday. It was am school holidays and the kids were it appears unsupervised. 26,17,15 and 10. There is a lot unexplained just there.
Why do the statistics get skewed and aid Andrew Bolt? 4 people "known to police" have been on a suspected "crime spree" over several days or weeks. If charged there could be as many as 20 -50 or even 100 offenses brought by the police all recorded. However the fact that it's still only 4 kids and not 100. The fact that they are known suggests they have been here and charged before and have countless  priors listed against them.  A drop in the ocean of the 36,000 juvenile charges recorded in 2015 by juveniles. Something Andrew Bolt doesn't mention.
Andrew Bolt generally wants to let it be known that they are excptions  "Africans" in particular Sudanese who represent 0.11% of the Victorian population. 4 kids if Caucasian would have had no effect on the crime statistics of white kids in Victoria running wild. But these 4 kids if "black Africal and Sudanese" would have a serious impact on the stats of the  Sudanese community because it is so small.
Andrew Bolt turns to a number so statistically skewed it's irrelevant in the way it's importance is being used. The numbers become less significant numbers when juvenile crime as a whole is taken  into account. Particularly when Bolt's motive to then jump and ask "who let them in?"  is applied to a whole diverse community. Isn't it about time media reported  the total refugee experience and it's diverseness and show the good bad an ugly and the context in which they are found including the racist priorities of placed on these selected few by the likes of Andrew Bolt to push his white supremacist agenda.  It might show if we have failed or succeeded in helping these particular families become part of our diverse multicultural country rather thanf just picking at scabs like Andrew Bolt does? He's not knew to this he's not an original others have done this to wogs dagoes and slopes before. Bolt is just so unoriginal but then racists the world over always have been.
 Credit must be given to this Fairfax Report for not primarily focusing on color,ethnicity or faith as Bolt would have.

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