Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 8/3/18; Bolt's defense of his Australian Culture not ours; Attacking Women,

Barnaby Joyce with Malcolm Turnbull


Only one formal complaint has been made,  and no details have been released even of that. So this is just disgraceful character assassination: "Nationals officials were warned of an impending 'avalanche of allegations' about Barnaby Joyce and were expecting so many women to complain some MPs considered asking a former governor to hold an inquiry."  

It didn't take long, Bolt began declaring Joyce a disgrace and now he's the victim . In fact the whole of Bolt's ugly Australian Culture is the victim. You know the one represented in "Wake in Fright" The Culture Bolt's mother hated but the one Bolt seems so much enamoured with now. The one that treats sheilas as second rate, is amused by when slut shaming, Saturday night Poofter Bashers, and gang bangers. Australia's UPF, Reclaim Australia and Tony Abbott's crowd. Bolt once hated the crassness of it all but now supports it or at least he says he does in a two faced sort of way.
"This is just disgraceful character assassination and possibly defamatory:

One doesn't have to go any further than Bolt complaining how he has to take his old lady on holiday because he's the only bread winner in his family to get the gist of his attitude to women. One doesn't have remind oneself of the tantrum he threw when Miranda Devine made him look the fool he is and he's held a grudge ever since.
"Exactly when will the ABC admit "equality" is achieved - at least in the crude metric of gender - and give up this ludicrous and debilitating preaching that women are the eternal victims and need this kind of patronising?
A small reflection: listening to some of the fill-in women clearly struggling with their roles today does nothing for the cause of equality." Bolt
Bolt is a Misogynist and proud of it
Having defended Barnaby Joyce as  a role model for Bolt's Australian Culture and what we ought assimilate torwards Bolt claims misogynist Culture is on that just keeps on giving and that  the ABC's exceptionalism proves we have arrived at over equality.
 So Bolt decided to lay the boot into Laura Tingle as he would and does any woman,why? Because he can it's his Australian way. He does the same to Yassmin Abdel Magied a Civil Engineer who actually added to Australia's GDP providing export dollars as leader on  on an offshore rig.  Andrew Bolt adds hot air to Australia but adds nothing to our GDP. He is simply a parasite who sucks up Yassmin's hard earned profits.
07/03/201870Bolt never spoke of his father if one compares what he said of  his mum. So why is he so pretentious now?

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