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Not fine: Time for Vikki Campion's friends to stage an intervention

This is not fine but it's the land of Bruce and Sheila, Wake in Fright, It's the Pride of Ultra Conservative Australia, the No-Snag Zone of Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair, Tony Abbott, Quadrant, The Spectator, the PLF and Reclaim Australia. Where slut-shaming is so common it goes unnoticed. The place where women bang like a dunny door in a storm are raped at the club and don't report it. It's Australia. It's what Andrew Bolt refers to as an embarrassment when not treated as a joke. MSM Our Media are posturing and feigning shock and surprise claiming Barney is really an exception. Of course, he is he's an NZ'er. Jacinta Adern told us NZer's who have never lived in NZ are Australians mate. (Old Dog)
A truth the posturing outrage of Andrew Bolt will have dissolved to silence by tomorrow it lasted for an exceptional second in the hope we go backwards.

Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion



Column Dear God, how depraved is our politics now?  Incredibly, Barnaby Joyce has now volunteered it’s a “bit of a grey area” whether he’s actually the father of the boy he and his new parter are expecting.  Has Joyce no dignity? No sense of having to shield Campion and her soon-to-be-born son from shaming?

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  First, embarrass wife by leaving her. Next, embarrass new partner by exposing her.

What a reference to the poor baby: Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt tries to convince us Joyce's behaviour is exceptional and depraved when in fact it's the Aussie norm.  He refers to it as "embarrassment" hardly indicative of what women actually face daily in our misogynistic culture. Bolt actively and publicly attacked Miranda Devine and lost. He's never forgiven the woman and tries to "embarrass" her whenever possible.
 How many women have been forced to have DNA tests when declaring they fell pregnant to a man? Tony Abbott did. How many have been left with only the option of abortion or "Slut- Shaming". It's not as exceptional as Bolt makes out, in fact, Bolt's has practised it himself ask Anne Summers and Bolt's response to her article. When his ex-fiancee commented on their relationship Bolt lied through his back teeth an made every effort to shame her claiming he was never engaged. When threatened with a lawsuit he apologised and withdrew his lies saying he was just "protecting" his wife who it seems he'd lied to as well "shaming" her to boot.
 Just how many women have remained silent after being raped because they feared being "Slut Shamed" by bringing charges? Shamed in the police investigation and in our courts. That's why "Slut Shaming is the Australian norm and Bolt attempts to say otherwise it's just an embarrassment. Joyce is the Australian norm and Bolt is hiding the fact (Old Dog)

2,891 Murdoch Media Stories Trashing Islam In A Single Year, Study Reveals

And before you Fairfax readers say ‘I told you so’, they didn’t fare all that much better. Michael Brull reviews a stunning study released by…More
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Shorten politics isn't the politics of deceit it's the politics of reality. Hating the Adani project and telling workers his first preference is for it not to go ahead but because he understands their situation so he's not simply going to stop it, that's reality. Bolt's simple pro-coal stance, on the other hand, prefers the politics of deception when and if compared to reality. 



Firtst the Joke and good news

Bolt takes us back 11 years to discuss $100,000 dollars but never about the Millions hid and squirrelled away to support the Conservatives. Get over it Bolt when it comes to corruption the ALP are virgins in comparison to the hidden funds provided for its members.

Here is the Reality

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  Revealed: the extent of job-swapping between public servants and fossil fuel lobbyists

Australia has slipped on the  International Corruption Scale

Revolving door or golden escalator?
Much has been made in recent weeks of the provisions contained in the federal parliamentary code of conduct. Among other things, the code bans former ministers from lobbying the federal government for 18 months after leaving office. But given the fact that no current or former minister has been deemed to be non-compliant (including Robb), one could be forgiven for concluding that the code is simply a cover for business as usual.


Picture of the Headmaster or Bishop flaunting his payola of "things" that came from marriages to 1) S. Morrel and 2) R. Murdoch Corp. He's on the job, the banner is the carrot to entice us to subscribe to the Australian. It's such a un-Australian picture of an ego-centric the total opposite of what makes this country great and admired.




Worse than Abbott Despite the Barnaby Joyce scandal, the Turnbull Government stays at 47% to Labor's 53 in today's Newspoll.  But Malcolm Turnbull's lead over Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister plummets to just 2%. UPDATE: This is Turnbull's 28th losing Newpoll, but he's already beaten Tony Abbott for the longest losing streak: 611 days to 530.  
 What can one say nobody cares so the Murdoch Team handball the commentary to each other Benson to Peter BH to Bolt and around it goes. No mention of the TAS election it seems Get Turnbull is the name of the Game.
 History has moved on since when and who was dumped. He still smells like a prawn in the LNP hubcap.  Yes, Bolt is waiting for the time he can demand history repeat itself and we simply stand still. But the look at the photo of Bolt in his office where time has stood still and somehow out of some bad joke a Peter Jackson has been transported. Peter Jackson for those that don't remember promised to dress Australian men in affordable uniforms that would pass muster and attract the sheilas.
Bolt must spend his spare time brushing the house of hair as much time as he does brushing it off Tony Abbott.

Fox & Friends Covers For Trump's 'President For Life' Comment: 'It's A Joke!'

 This is how Murdoch media works as long as your not Malcolm Turnbull

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