Monday, 18 May 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 19/5/20; China are the Victims and being called the Aggressors by wa very guilty LNP and MSN; Carbon Capture like Clean Coal a Carbon Tax is ever so simpler;

Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Xi backs COVID-19 review as China imposes 80% tariff on Australian barley

 Let's get one thing straight the Barley and Covid-19 are separate issues and are in no way conspiratorially connected other than by the LNP and MSN. They are only joined by an LNP political gambit with conservative MSM assistance. It stinks of a fake distraction to take the blame off the LNP.
China had posted a complaint about Australia's barley dumping in 2018 and China by WTO rules had 2 years to formally act on it. That time is up this week.  A tariff decision was needed by China due to a two-year time constraint of WTO rules and not by COVID which the media have weirdly coupled. 
 The Covid-19 inquiry, on the other hand, is a recent 2020 issue and entirely separate. However, the media and  LNP politicians are playing an extremely dirty political game of "don't blame us" for dumping by coupling the two. It's a Fake News gambit attempting to blame China and take the blame off them for the $1.8 billion loss to the industry, Meanwhile China is the victim in this process and is called the bully. 
A COVID inquiry is also reasonable if it's purely scientific and not part of Trump's political blame game, which one suspects it is when we see how Morrison has kowtowed to Trump on everything else while Trump has treated him as a doormat.(ODT)

President Xi Jinping said any review should be conducted by the WHO - and only after the pandemic ended. That came as China announced trade restrictions that will wipe out Australia's barley trade with the superpower

Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor.

Government looks to carbon capture for climate action

While the direct and simplest regulatory means is a carbon tax the LNP choose the more complex means financing the imperfect carbon capture method with a crooked MP Angus Taylor overseeing the whole process. Now there is nothing to see here is there? They are actually giving money to the fossil fuel industry and calling it a loan and if it doesn't work bad luck. rather than the industry paying for the carbon, it releases. It as logical as their bullshit spin on "clean coal".

The Morrison government is eyeing legislative changes to allow its clean energy agencies to fund carbon capture and storage from fossil fuel projects in a bid to unlock $2b of private investment to reduce greenhouse gases.


On April 21st the Washington Post savaged Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s decision to begin opening his state after locking down for weeks. “Georgia leads the race to become America’s No. 1 Death Destination,” sneered the headline. The author, liberal pundit Dana Milbank, actually found the possibility of Georgians dying to be hilarious, suggesting that, “as... Read More


 On The Bolt Report on Sky at 7pm: China belts  Australia, killing our barley trade and insulting the Morrison Government for its "joke" boasts. Unfortunately ... it's right. Plus the mad Queensland Government seems to think it's an independent country - closing its borders is damaging and dumb. And Trump takes a drug and watches the media meltdown. 

No surprise Bolt will misinform tonight and not mention that we have been dumping barley into China and the complaint was made 2 years ago without satisfaction. China was required by the WTO rules to do something this week or just allow the complaint to lapse. It's reasonable that they do what they have done given Australia has simply denied what was clear and obvious. But you won't hear that from Bolt or anyone at Ch9 now Fairfax it would seem. Australians haven't been the victims our MSM is now making out.

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