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Fighting Fake News with REAL,12/9/19; Silent on Climate Change LNPGov just goes SHUSH; News Corp's use and abuse of People for Ratings; Anothe minority under attack as abnormal Australians;

Littleproud fiddles while Australia burns 

As bushfires ravage Queensland and NSW, David Littleproud and the entire Coalition appear deaf, blind and mute to manmade climate change and the consequences of their coal-loving actions, writes executive editor Michelle Pini.

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Floods, Fires Heat and extreme weather conditions were predicted way before 2011. Bolt seems to deny that these have occurred in recent times and been extreme. If the current burning of the Qld rain forest, the floods that literally destroyed the Qld cattle industry and the record-breaking temperatures aren't extreme, what does Bolt think is? Fires may be fewer globally because deforestation has been more significant, leaving less to burn. The number, intensity, their locations in the least expected areas and at times least expected counter his denialist efforts. Current research into 1.5 million deaths even shows Bolt up when he says Australia's warm weather produces fewer deaths and not more than cold. He's just wrong on every count and is waving around like a paper flag in a storm getting shredded.
Bolt's anti- warming crusade has had him tell Qld farmers who have been on the land for generations the droughts they have experienced were "normal" and then say Australia had experienced the wettest weather on record. However, he never mentions the current records of warming broken
Bolt's all over the shop when it comes to global warming denial, but nobody is listening to him. He screams "the cost, the cost" yet our most prominent corporations aren't because they realise the changes they are making in transitioning to renewable energy will, in fact, reduce their costs in the long term and improve their brand as globally responsible citizens.
Whatever Bolt says or does these days if put to the vote would have him podcasting from home and writing fliers on Sundays like he tried when he lost his gig on 2GB. He thought he'd show them just what influence he has. It lasted what 5 shows and sank like the Titanic.
Here's an example of Bolt's idiocy suggesting the Qld rainforest fires in September their intensity has nothing to do with warming because a single fire was started on the Sunshine Coast by teenagers.


Independent MP Zali Steggall this week: "The devastating bushfires in Queensland show the threat of climate change is real." The news today: "Two teenagers have been charged with deliberately lighting a fire on the Sunshine Coast that saw hundreds of residents evacuated.";center,center&resize=700:*Image result for Lauren Southern

Andrew Bolt's rating magnet and best mate Milo is broke. He didn't pay his bills here even after Bolt went on tour with him to boost his own ratings. Has Andrew Bolt put his hand in his pocket and helped Milo out or did he just use Milo for his own needs?
 Milo has spent days screaming"I'm broke", and Andrew Bolt seems to have turned his back on him. Not a word from Bolt even calling for donations. How many others has this happened to? Is Lauren Southern flush?
 News Corp spends so much time promoting these alt-right preachers. News Corp most likely paid them nothing and then encouraged them to rip off the Australian taxpayers flee the country and leave unpaid accounts behind all under the banner of free speech crusaders. We will never really know, but like Trump, it seems all is fair as long as their ratings are boosted.
 Scammers one and all like Murdoch media and it's merry men they are allowed to steal from everybody to promote the values of a minority and distract from the real issues of everybody. (ODT)

Scott Morrison

Dole recipients to have payment cancelled if they refuse drug test.

The Morrison government says it will cancel welfare payments if people refuse to take part in its drug testing trial
Billions of dollars are being consumed by Australians. The biggest consumers aren't on welfare as they can't afford the copious amounts being consumed. Morrison makes out they are leaving the real consumers at the top end of town free to give financial advice, and scam the citizens of Australia out of billions of dollars while hight as kites and off their brains.
Meanwhile while punishing the poor Morrison is saying "this hurts me more than it hurts you" and calling anyone that says his big stick approach won't work irresponsible. Years of this sort of treatment has simply shown that petty crime rates simply go up not down as people need to solve their needs in whatever way they can. Great for the wealthy drug consumers eyes will be off them, and they can go about their criminal activities unattended.


Don't be conned!! Andrew Bolt plays the race card more than most and does it regularly.  Currently Reverse Black Racism is used against individual Indigenous Australians and Africans and then generalized to distinguish the difference that exists between his good Abos and bad. Rarely have you seen Bolt the idea of good Africans. Bolt for a single instance had no concern for Adam Goodes's psyche. He spent all his energy kicking the man without any attempt to listen and have a conversation about what Adam was saying and he did it badly.
For Bolt to stand up and say" it's dangerous" for Morrison to pull the race card. Is simply throwing up the "equivalency" smokescreen trying to say "look at me I'm not a racist I don't use the race card" Which is bullshit.  Like Trump  saying good and bad people exist on both sides and he doesn't like any of the bad is just posturing because the fact is they don't exist .on both sides and are never equivalent just right-wing.
Bolt's pulling a Trump. Yes Racism exists and it has punched down both culturally and systemically for 200 years of our short history and any reactions to that oppression aren't Racist. What we have is Bolt simply polishing the turd which happens to be Andrew Bolt. Scott Morrison's politicizing of the "Race Card" is. It's being used to distract,deflect and escape legitimate questions deserved to be asked. They were of Sam Dastyari but can't be asked of MP Gladys Liu because she's Chinese? Racial generalization and stereotyping of an Australian MP isn't what's occurring here what is is questioning her loyalties to Australia. Bolt knows how dangerous ScoMos move is because it has constantly backfired on him.


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