Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 11/9/19; LNP wants to control media; Proof yet again that Andrew Bolt offers absolutely nothing to our source of media information; BOLTON WALKS TRUMP TALKS;

Trump never liked Bolton's warmongering — or his moustache.

  Trump hired him because he came from FOX and has fired him because he came from FOX currently Trump is ready to start a war with FOX as recently they haven't been supporting him as he feels they should. Don't let politics get in the way of ratings that's what Trump is fixated on. (ODT)

The image-conscious President hesitated to hire the tough-talking hawk as his national security adviser. The relationship never got better, writes North America correspondent Conor Duff.

It wasn't the face that the image-conscious President wanted representing his administration.
It would take until March 2018 for Mr Bolton to convince the former television star and master brander that he deserved a spot in his administration as National Security Adviser.
The moustache stayed, and so did the 70-year-old's aggressive views and preferences for regime change and war.
Those far-weightier matters, rather than facial fear, led to Mr Bolton becoming the latest to feel the Trumpian twitter axe.

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