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Fighting Fake News with REAL,20/9/19; Presidential Abuse " Poverty is polluting America" ;Corporations are going Green; Our AG is In Praise of Wage Theft; A Racist that hasn't changed;


Trump says homeless damaging environment

The US President has threatened San Francisco with action if the city fails to tackle the growing number of people living on the streets, who he says are contaminating the Pacific Ocean.

US President Donald Trump says San Francisco's homeless are damaging the environment and he will ask the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a notice to the city in less than a week.

Mr Trump said the issue was an environmental one because "tremendous pollution", including syringes used by homeless addicts to inject drugs, was flowing into the Pacific Ocean from Bay Area cities.
"They have to clean it up. We can't have our cities going to hell," he told reporters aboard Air Force One.
"They are in serious violation."
Mr Trump and officials in San Francisco and Los Angeles have been at odds over what the President believes is their failure to tackle the growing number of people living on the streets.
Earlier in the day, US Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson rejected requests from California for more money to fight homelessness, saying the Trump administration was already doing its part.
 Trump again Tries to Get Ilhan Omar Killed à la Heather Heyer with Lies about Dancing on 9/11

Trump again Tries to Get Ilhan Omar Killed à la Heather Heyer with Lies about Dancing on 9/11

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – One of the “very fine people” Trump praised at the Charlottesville riot by Nazis and Klansmen rammed his car into […]

Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Atlassian at the Morgan Stanley Summit


Morals and culture wars aside though, the simple reality is that for most big companies, speaking and acting on climate change makes commercial sense
  from BHP's point of view, the measures were prudent steps to take to ensure the long-term health of the company. "It’s almost irrelevant what we think about climate science, so long as the rest of the world or enough of the rest of the world thinks this is important,"  BHP chief financial officer Peter Beavan explained in a subsequent call with investors.

"The issue for us from a business perspective is...this could, probably will, have an impact on the demand for a number of the products that we produce today. And therefore, the profitability of this business."

 Christian Porter has described a union that stripped workers of $1 billion in wages as 'the gold standard'.


  Christian Porter praises 'shoppies' union that stripped workers of $1 billion

Josh Cullinan, secretary of the Retail and Fast Food Workers' Union, said it was "remarkable" that the minister would describe the SDA in glowing terms when "the largest wage theft that's been perpetrated in Australia is the wage theft that's been committed by the SDA".
Josh Cullinan helped expose the dodgy deals between big business and the SDA union.
He said the union was complicit with employers in "stealing penalty rates, casual loadings and other conditions" from retail and fast-food workers.
"Even today, workers continue to suffer the exploitation under rotten SDA deals," Mr Cullinan said. "McDonald's workers still don't have penalty rates on weekends.
An SDA spokeswoman said the union "continues to reject the assertion that agreements it has negotiated have ever left workers worse off" and that it had a "proud history of delivering the best possible outcomes for workers".
Mr Porter, who is reviewing the nation's industrial relations laws, made the remarks during a Q&A after his speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia's national conference, where he unveiled a discussion paper on his promised wage theft legislation.Image may contain: 2 people

 Image result for Images and cartoons of Andrew BoltImage result for Images and cartoons of Andrew Bolt
FAKE NEWS- News Corp presents
Whack - a - Mole Bolt calling Trudeau a Racist... Trudeau has Changed Bolt hasn't


WOKE BLOKE VIDEO Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the clown prince of woke. This sanctimonious preacher declared "racists don't get to define who we are as a country", yet now admits he himself was racist for posing in blackface. How we laugh to see the woke revolution now eating its own.  My editorial from The Bolt Report. UPDATE: he blackfaced again!
9m ag
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UNIVERSITY SCANDAL Where are Australia's academics to protest against the silencing of debate on The Conversation, a website sponsored by 34 of our universities? The Conversation says it will ban anyone who questions the global warming orthodoxy, but so far, I've heard only one academic author on the site condemn this "zealotry" and attack on academic inquiry.
15m ago
Andrew Bolt, who promotes a physicist on his show as being an expert in marine biology and even promotes himself as a leading expert on Climate Change when selling IPA publications which are far from the truth. He is significantly aggressive that academic institutions might actually want to protect their reputations when it comes to academic argument and the excellence of ideas in the market place. They wouldn't rush to set up a Flat Eart Department or a Creationist one on campus and have them or Bolt infect their journals. Bolt, on the other hand, is quite happy to have all and sundry be called academics and scientists and believes that a Flat Earth Science Dept is reasonable if it can get the funding. That's the crux there is no truth as far as Bolt is concerned just the power of narrative. Creationist Science why not it too should have their equal place among academic departments turning Australian Universities into a free market place of ideas totally controlled by investors like the IPA but not the Chinese, Muslims, or Indigenous Australians and those not white.
What is a peer-reviewed debate but a restriction in the free market place of ideas even moronic ones like Andrew Bolt's?  It's a BANNING!!!
 Freedom isn't entirely what Bolt is about is it because he also supports copyright patents and IP protection the tools and laws that restrict competition and give ownership of ideas to only some in Bolt's illusory free-market dream. The notion of freedom becomes qualified and constricted in those circumstances. The banning of the Chinese freedom needs to be by law and not just competition. Imagine a market place where ownership of ideas was banned and real competition promoted?
The Conversation doesn't BAN the questioning of Climate Change at all; it welcomes it. Bolt could present his arguments in the peer-reviewed process, but he doesn't because he simply hasn't any identifiable peers who are eager to review him. He doesn't even invite any on his show and allowing them the privilege of his desk and mike.


'This crisis, it affects everyone': Organisers say 100,000 at Melbourne's climate strike

Andrew Bolt self-proclaimed "expert" on Climate Change spent a decade and a half telling Australians the world was COOLING claiming he understood the Science better than global scientists. The fact is Bolt's a failed Humanities student the word "sorry" has never passed his lips when found being sooo wrong.
  As for spelling Bolt makes worse mistakes than kids with the posters trying to get people's attention, they certainly got his more attention, in fact, than even he gets. Demonstrations liked this certainly helped change the direction of our policies on the Vietnam War, and  they weren't even as big as todays.
 Corporation CEO's are now changing the policies of their companies. Banks, Super and Hedge Funds are also divesting away from coal, and fossil fuels Bolt seems to have lived a very "stationary life" He's been heard to  say he'd dictate what his daughter wears on his decency scale, not hers while criticising an Imam for saying much the same..ODT)
Global climate strike

'This crisis, it affects everyone': Organisers say 100,000 at Melbourne's climate strike 

Melbourne's climate protest has topped the national attendance ladder, with an estimated 100,000 students and workers bringing city streets to a standstill this afternoon. 
  • by Paul Sakkal, Sumeyya Ilanbey and Charlotte Grieve

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