Friday, 4 October 2019

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 5/10/19; BRACE: A FACT; LNP Makng Australia Safer for the LNP; Australia's most Livable City

Trump: China should investigate Bidens


Brace yourself: the Trump slump hits US economy and the world

When he isn't raving about how the deep state is conspiring against him, Donald Trump loves to boast about the economy, claiming to have achieved unprecedented things. As it happens, none of his claims are true. While both GDP and employment have registered solid growth, the Trump economy simply seems to have continued a long expansion that began under former president Barack Obama. In fact, someone who looked only at the past 10 years of data would never guess that an election had taken place.
 Illustration: Andrew Dyson

Trump's America

As Trump enters new meltdown territory, Australia stumbles right along

The Australian government feels itself required to help an increasingly frenzied US President Donald Trump to build a conspiracy theory.

Sun through clouds at beach







  Imagine a city with no elite private schools or prohibitive house prices – I've lived there

In a small Australian city we can see how much happier everyone is when the doctors’ and cleaners’ children go to the same school 
 Last week the Victorian coastal city of Warrnambool was crowned by the Ipsos annual Life in Australia study as the most liveable city in Australia.



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