Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Fighting Fake News with Real,9/10/19; Face of real Domestic Violence; Australia lost its compassion and humour in 2013; Morrison's Mate and his behavior;

The Minister for Defence, Linda Reynolds.

 What the real face of Domestic Violence looks like; 46 children and their mothers abandoned in a refugee camp in Northern Syria. 

What is the real face of compassion woman and her children under 5 years old having made a mistake and being forgiven or 46 children and their mothers being abandoned and blamed over and over again and left to rot because it fits an even more violent set of political principles that match the cruellest and most hateful refugee policies on the planet. 

 This punishment and is yet another example made of a minority. "Legal" families punished most harshly because they came by boat weighed against the silent and blind acceptance of 96,000  that have flooded in by plane mostly "illegal" but indentured to be turned into slaves to pay the debt they have accrued. Ths government and media have hidden the facts fro Australians who would throw them out of office if the real truth of what we do to immigrants.




Who is Morrison's Mate? Australia's Shame!!


Is there any truth to Trump's claims about the Bidens in Ukraine?

Trump bans US ambassador to EU from testifying in impeachment inquiry

One for the ages: US President Donald Trump.

With divine wisdom, Trump tweets for Turkeyland

How unlike the ABC is to the Bolt Report? It actually presents two sides of arguments by the people running them to be debated and heard. The Bolt Report only offers one if you're lucky. However, it mockingly tells you the other as if Australians are too stupid to understand what's going on.
Andrew Bolt shows just how it's done in today'sblog offerings.  First presenting his versions of what the opposing arguments are all about and then offering guests on to put opposing views or simply to support his. It's a typically one-sided affair telling you Australia is a terrible place in which to live and we are all stupid and need to be shaken up and taken over by people that believe in the same single-minded beliefs such as his.  However isn't that an invasion of the kind he says China wants to do to us? Whose the totally obsessed f-wit?
 As for Abbott and the crowd of 700. Abbott has 700 so few simply because he's still running and Turnbull's not. However, he won't be running in the seat of Warringah. In that context, he hasn't many supporting him at all. The question is, where will he be offered to run. Bolt's schoolboy giggles through this simply reflect he still feels he's in the know, on the inside with a dog in the race. He really is such an ugly child, but no Peter Pan is he?

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