Tuesday, 15 September 2020

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But the biggest investments we need to make are in people, not concrete. The pandemic has exposed huge weaknesses in our social infrastructure, from aged care and public health to university education. These are the areas that desperately need more investment if we are to make the economic transformation we need.

To get the economy going, we’ll need more than hard hats

An emotional Scott Morrison has put forward a compromise solution for Queensland’s border closure, saying a requirement for those wishing to enter the state to isolate for 7 years on a remote island would be a more Australian, humane response.
“This is the sort of compassion Australians expect,” Mr Morrison, close to tears, told radio listeners.
“The idea that families have been separated without first being placed in a cramped detention centre for the best part of a decade is hard to fathom. It’s not the Australian way”.
He said we risked losing our unique way of dealing with people from other places. “When someone comes to our border we don’t just say ‘no’. We lock them up. That’s how we do things in Australia. Full credit to Queensland and Western Australia and South Australia for finding new and peculiar ways to create fear of outsiders. But I think we can go much, much further”.

 Morrison pressures Queensland to adopt a more humane border policy that requires people to isolate on Manus Island for 7 years first 


Morrison Announces New Rebate Scheme For Rooftop Coal-Fired Power Stations

No, Prime Minister, gas doesn’t ‘work for all Australians’ and your scare tactics ignore modern energy problems

Under a rapidly changing climate, it's not just about keeping the lights on. We not only want energy, but we want to breathe clean air, have enough food and live in a sustainable community.
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  The Producers - Springtime for Hitler and Germany - YouTube


Donald Trump has brokered two peace deals between Israel and Arab nations - the UAE and Bahrain. Remember when the media howled that he'd made peace less likely by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem? Remember CNN? Remember John Brennan?
27m ago 
Trump brokered absolutely nothing. What he did do was help Netanyahu's failing Prime Ministership by moving the US embassy to Jeruselem and legitimising  the annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Golan Heights. A favour to his biggest American Jewish $100 mill + donor Sheldon Adelson. An area in the Golan Trump Heights was even named after his embassy promise. 
 So it's time. Time for a little Quid pro Quo. Netanyahu is simply turning the light on what has been happening for over 11 years. Israel's not so secret relationship with the Sunni run States of the Middle East. A theatre production always on the cards to help Trump and have a chorus yelling NOBLE Prize  to match his Bay of Pigs one that doesn't exist. SNL Seth Rogen stoned couldn't have written a more hilarious one,
Israel has been fully involved in the war in Syria acting as a de facto air-force a hospital and a logistics base  supporting  rebels and terrorists in Syria. They have been providing and sharing intel with the Saudis against the  Houthi in the Yemen and Iran and guranteeing the safety of the Sunni despots in the UAE Bhrain and Kuwait for years.
There is nothing new to see here. Trump has brokered absolutely nothing peaceful. In fact he's supplies and sent more drones over the Yemen than have ever been used before. He took a step too far when he illegally assassinate Solumeini which has resulted in no longer "assissting" but now "occupying" Iraq who now demands  the Americans get out and Trump chest pounding reply "make me". 
With the world watching he is about to symbolically move 2000 troops out for his image but not "get out" of the country.  He'd shamed the American military by double crossing the Kurds who fought shoulder to shoulder with them against ISIS. Who he won't stop moving back to Iraq declaring them gone when they haven't..
There has been no peace deal brokered merely a great deal of spin created by two grifters Netanyahu and Trump scratching each others backs. One revealing what's been going on for years while the other Trump is being told to fuck off out of Iraq and Murdoch promoting Trump as an American Caesar.

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