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Fighting Fake News with REAL, 14/10/20; Climate Change; Coal's embers have stopped glowing; China has left it tocool; Is News Corp a News Company?





 Moree solar farm in NSW.

Solar power reigns as old king coal burns out 

For the first time since the industrial revolution, coal-fired power will constitute less than 20 per cent of the world's energy by 2040, according to one scenario in the report, which found the end of the coal era has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

LNP want to build and restore coal fired power stations. Now that's back to the future planning. 


A worker monitors the coal dumping process at the Caofeidian Port in Hebei Province.

China's changing priorities pose challenges for Australia’s coal future

Coal exports to China may have passed their use-by-date with or without the political tension that has dominated Australia’s relationship with Beijing over the past year.

The real explanation for the flurry of speculation that has seen warnings about China halting imports of Australian coal is likely to be much simpler. China's market priorities have changed.

Rupert Murdoch

If Kevin Rudd succeeds in getting up an inquiry into the Murdoch press, News Corp will have to prove it actually is still a news company.

… everyone ought to see [Fox] for what it is: not a normal news organisation with inevitable screw-ups, flaws and commercial interests, which sometimes fail to serve the public interest. Instead, it’s a shameless propaganda outfit, which makes billions of dollars a year as it chips away at the core democratic values we ought to hold dear: truth, accountability and the rule of law.

Earlier this year, James Murdoch joined in, resigning from the News Corp board citing “disagreements over certain editorial content.” This past weekend, in an interview with The New York Times, he went further talking of hidden agendas and disinformation.

In the absence of an inquiry, James Murdoch’s views should become the starting point for Australian journalists reporting on News Corp.


The petition is up to 250,000 signitures what's Andrew Bolt's defence?

for a Royal Commission to ensure a strong and diverse Australian media now has nearly a quarter of a million signatures. If you care about the survival of our democracy, you should consider adding yours. aph.gov.au/petition_list?



HOW THE LEFT LIES John Hinderaker on another leftist liar: "The FBI has arrested six men who allegedly plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. At least three of the six have been shown to be BLM, Antifa, anti-Trump radicals... Governor Whitmer sent out a fundraising email...: 'We’ve seen the disastrous effects of Trump’s hateful rhetoric.'"

Where does Andrew Bolt turn when he's got nothing better to do but tittilate deflect misinform and find bullshit and excuses for right-wing embarrassment attributed to Trumpsters when he has run out of conspiracies from the Vatican. That millions were sent to Melbourne to have St George arrested charged and imprisoned.

 Not Fox, not Breitbart but PowerLine and right-wing spruiker of garbage lawyer and right-wing blogger John Hinderaker. Apparently the FBI got it wrong and so did the evil MSM media for accusing Trump's innocent slip of the tongue telling right-wing militia's like the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by.

  The militia-men weren't the orchestrators of the kidnapping of Democratic Governor Whitner at all Antifa was. They were simply misguided and influenced good old boys who got caught up in the plan to commit the crime. So according to Hinderaker Trumpers were  infiltrated and unduly influenced by a more insidious and organised group of ANTIFA anti-Trump radicals. Whatsmore the MSM media have been covering it up.

This is who Bolt turns to for "his evidence" that Trump is really a nice guy misunderstood trying to do a thankless job for America. No loose reporting to be seen here,hey?

"Their confidence is well-placed. In today’s America, the “mainstream” media exist mostly to keep secrets. The fact that those who allegedly schemed to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer were mostly left-wing Antifa/BLM activists is a deep, dark secret that will be kept from nearly all Americans. Because we have an election coming up next month." Hindraker

Where did Hinderaker get his evidence from but PJ Media who pride themselves as a Right-Wing digital Media Group with a history of made up and false claims in support of their political stance. Basically an extreme and even more whacko media than Murdoch's.

Bolt tracks down the most informative sources for News Corp to sell to us.


Even I had no idea the ABC could be so trashy. Tony Thomas sat through its At Home Alone Together series: "Episode 1 ... degenerates to Becky Lucas in role saying, “Maybe...  she wants to suck your dick or lick my … [In] Episode 2... the female...kneels to fellate him... Episode 4... the woman fellates a second standing man." Taxpayer-funded.

16m ago 

First cab off the rank today in Fake News is Andrew Bolt trying to sell that PJ Media has the evidence that  right-wing crimes in America are actually the unreported crimes of Antifa being kept secret by the MSM mainstrean American media and even the FBI. Second Bolt who has always indulged in a bit of lascivious sleeze himself don's his  protestant Ethics and Morals cap on to tell us what, not he, but Tony Thomas of Quadrant had to sit through and couldn't turn off on the ABC. Bolt and Thomas seemed transfixed by the very detail of the not funny comedy At Home Alone.Thomas viewed it two or three times it seems to get the references word perfect. I haven't seen it but it certainly will as they now have me interested given the trash and press porn Bolt puts out chasing subscriptions.


The Pope has published his green-Left and pro-Islam manifesto, Fratelli Tutti  (All  Brothers). Really? The Emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong meanwhile accuses the Pope's Secretary of State of selling out the church to China: "Parolin knows he himself is lying. He knows that I know he is a liar. He knows that I will tell everyone that he is a liar."

Does Bolt really believe he's an expert and a shining light on the finer details of the politics within the Catholic Church? That his defence of Pell has drawn Catholics to subscribe to the crap you find in the Murdoch org being sold as news and information? They are far more likely to get their news digitally than from Bolt after all they tend to be far more educated than he is.

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