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Fighting Fake News with REAL 15/10/20; Trump's Promise a LIe; Dan is right why fight it? Rudd calls Time on Murdoch. Who will save the ABC?




 Firefighters perform structure protection against the Glass Fire in Napa County, California on Thursday, October 1, 2020. (Photo: Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)



Trump: “I Understand What It’s Like To Be An Ordinary American With Access To Free Healthcare”

"I know what it's like to have nothing more than a team of specialist doctors, a private hospital wing and the latest medications" 

On Wednesday, Iran marked its highest single-day record for new deaths and infections, while Russia and Poland registered their highest daily reported cases.

'Brink of disaster': Europe's COVID cases hit 100K a day

European nations close schools, cancel surgeries and enlist legions of student medics as cool weather sees resurgence.

Dan Andrews is right when he says we have to get it RIGHT 


 Rudd calls time on Murdoch dominance

Rupert Murdoch |

Kevin Rudd's petition calling for a royal commission into Australia's Murdoch media concentration and its effects on democracy has captured ..



Twitter is a disgrace, now trying to stop you from reading explosive allegations in the New York Post: apparently leaked emails showing Joe Biden's son arranged a meeting between his father, as Vice President, and the dodgy Ukrainian company that paid him a huge salary. Try to click on the Post story and Twitter warns your computer may be at risk. 

OLD NEWS, FAKE NEWS MURDOCH MISINFORMATION. How responsible have FB and Twitter become when they aren't stopping the news but are fact checking it. Hunter Biden's relationship with Burisma has been well documented. Trump's and Guiliani's role in their Quid pro Quo efforts with the Ukraine history today. Nothing to be seen was in fact a conclusion Trump doesn't want so like Lazarus is being brought back to life in desperation. What we aren't reminded of is the request by Trump to have Hunter's activities investigated by the Predident of the Ukraine .

 Nothing news to see except that Guliani was Trump's man on the ground dealing with a Russian agent. The claim Hunter Biden's  PC hard drive fell into his lap shouldn't be a surprise. The reality Trump is a media whore and more than desperate to repeat what has been put aside. James Murdoch and Kevin Rudd here in Australia really amplified the point that News Corp isn't a news but a PR organization. In the US they aren't the only one. How good is it that Twitter and FB are checking it out. 

" Moscow, according to the Trump administration’s top intelligence officials, is at it again. So allegations or stories that might be linked to or created by Russia’s ongoing covert operation ought to be vetted carefully before being reported or amplified. Journalists should resist becoming handmaids for Putin’s latest war on the United States. Especially now that the New York Post has provided all reporters a wonderful tutorial on how to be a useful idiot for Russia. "

But the key point of the article was predicated on false information that Giuliani has been spreading for a long time—and that appears to be linked to a Russian disinformation operation that the Post neglected to note in its article. That is, the Post piece, based on an unproven smear, is in sync with Moscow’s ongoing effort to influence the 2020 election to help President Donald Trump retain power. (The FBI and other parts of the US intelligence community have stated that Vladimir Putin is once again attacking the US political system to boost Trump.) And this story presents a challenge to the American media: how to report on an orchestrated campaign to affect the election that relies on disinformation, salacious and sensational material, and the revival of allegations that have already been debunked.


Giuliani and the New York Post Are Pushing Russian ...

Giuliani Attacks Hunter Biden With “Highly Suspicious” Leak ...

New York Post story about Hunter Biden has several red flags ...


COLUMN The Melbourne lockdown shows the Victorian government has failed, killing 797 people. But many individual Victorians have failed, too, in a frightening sign that their state is crumbling under mass immigration and toxic multiculturalism. Just listen to the Chief Health Officer.

2h ago 
Brett Sutton just might have grounds for a legal case against Andrew Bolt here because it's a very twisted account of what was actually said by Brett and clarified when confusion was called by the likes of Bolt. Bolt is still promoting Hydroxychloroqine with Rowan Dean as the miracle cure for COVID-19. While simply claiming it was news Bolt  and Dean failed to mention it's been globally denied by the most respected world scientific and research bodies.  The facts didn't get past the ABC's Media Watch and Paul Barry who filled us out with the real information on the drug. Information that Bolt and Dean simply skipped in their advertorial


COLUMN If Gladys Berejiklian was Gary Berejiklian she’d be gone already. No one would boo-hoo over a male politician who was such a fool for love that they never noticed their secret squeeze was a sleaze.  

 Bolt's misogyny is clear and simple declaring Gladys should go simply on the basis of suspicion. Because her association with McGuire a man couldn't have been an independent one. Is it any wonder Bolt's wife who once had a career of her own is  today what Bolt claims is a burden on him, a kept woman. He's publicly whinged how  he suffers because of being the only income producer in his family. She and his children are obviously burdens.

2h ago


Just six new infections in Victoria today. Just seven yesterday. No one on a ventilator. No one in intensive care. So why is Melbourne still shut down?

Bolt should view this documentary it's based on fact and not just  his attitude which very much mirrors the attitude of Trump's administration when they threw out the Obama Playbook for pandemics. They sacked the Obama Task Force and program and created a new one. Inexperienced politicians and business people  rather than scientists were put in charge. From that day forward the pandemic was always going to take over killing 213000 citizens and rising. Before the spread there where only 5 cases but due to their mismanagement now has 4% of the world's population has suffering almost 25% of and leaders in  global deaths. If they were Australia's indigenous, Muslims or Africans Bolt would be blaming them for their demise. Efforts of total control have proved to have saved Victorians and they were polar opposite of what Trump was scandalously bragging about allowing Americans to die.

Bolt needs to be drafted to experience and do essential work rather than the total unproductive misinformation and trash he delivers. His work has been described and accurately defined by his once boss James Murdoch.



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