While then professor Justin O’Brien was hammering home the need for corporations to build trust and be accountable, behind the scenes he was wreaking havoc, writes Luke Stacey.

Selling himself as a “distinguished scholar of financial regulation”, former professor Justin O’Brien focused on “trust” to attract potential investors to his business initiative ‘The Trust Project’ at Monash Business School.

As Part 1 of this investigation noted, O’Brien was head of the Trust Project before he was forced to resign over allegations he had used his corporate credit card for personal expenses.



Premier Stephen Marshall blames a liar for his own gross over-reaction in locking down his state: "A male who tested positive for Covid-19 had lied to contact tracers over working in a pizza bar where another case had worked.... [He'd] claimed to have only picked up a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar." Yet the lockdown stays another day. 

Well described Bolt. Is that the first time in 2020 that you haven't twisted a description of what occurred. Bolt seems to prefer that we simply ignore liars and truth tellers and treat them the same. Simply ignore them and get on with life as if any information is irrelevant except if their name is Andrew Bolt. Then attention is of the utmost importance and we and governments must act. If Bolt gets sprung as a liar or a misconceived idiot and he often does, he's to be left to simply walk away as lying in these circumstances isn't punishable as a crime. 



I'm off for a couple of months. Before I go, a word to Kevin Rudd and also to those on the conspiracy Right. No, I don't get the memo from Rupert Murdoch. Check some history: I speak as I find. And so do my colleagues on Sky - Paul, Alan, Peta, Rowan, Chris and the rest.  Either that, or they're getting different memos to mine. 

Memos aren't needed at News Corp Murdoch makes it perfectly clear what side of the fence he stands when it comes to selling opinion and making out it's news. You'd have to be thick as a brick if you didn't know. Fox News has a department of which Chris Wallace is a part and it's called "news". Not so Sky or the Herald Sun they just seem a gang who bounce off one another sharing what their producers have them read. Andrew Bolt when he's stuck for a topic simply turns to his regulars to fill the gap. Bruce Adam, the ABC, etc and like a tag team the some need to help each other. Strange isn't it how they all group think yet claim to have come up with their own ideas.

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Samuel Paty


Henry Ergas is probably now our most literate public intellectual: "Since the brutal assassination of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded on the street by an ­Islamist..., the ABC has distinguished itself by publishing one piece after the other that pins the blame for the French terrorist attacks ... on France." Read on. 

Obviously Bolt is not in the least literate and definitely not a public intellectual. He seems to know nothing of French Colonial History Nothing of  the Foreign Legion and its recruitment of criminals to ensure dirty deeds were done harshly and dirt cheap in a broad spectrum of Muslim countries that rose up against them for their independance. Guess he's never read Camus, Franz Fanon or the other writers depicting France's brutal history in Africa the Middle East and at home to those repatriated. It was a very brittle one with Legionares and the French Colonists bitter about how badly they were treated when forced to return to France.

 They were terrorists in France just as some Muslims are today. It's not that difficult to find people blaming the French government for the violence of the past and within the country. The French were never really known for welcoming the past. The ABC is hardly a stand out when it comes to making a historically well known point. Islamists aren't the only ones to hold a hatred for the French Government there were many Legionaries that also did only they set bombs.