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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 29/10/15; To report media opinion is not journalism according to Bolt;Bolt shows Abbott saluting his audience in Hitleresque style; Morrisson and Bolt distort reality; Science is either right or wrong accrding to Bolt; Bolt is surrounded by Leties; Steven King graphics the animated invasion; The reason for death;;





Green power killing business

This hardly justifies the threats News Corp is predicting for South Australia. There seems too much of a political agenda here that makes little sense compared with what is being suggested here. Bolts link seems to be little more than a jargonized threat which merely tells us that Alinta is prepared to hold the state to ransom. That's a good corporate citizen for you.

South Australia wind power figures vindicate radical energy plan

Yesterday energy consultants EnergyQuest broke the news that wind power supplied 31% of South Australia’s electricity in the last quarter.
Solar panels added another 3.5% to put renewable energy’s share in that state well above coal (26%) and getting close to gas (39.5%).
31% wind energy is up from 21% 12 months ago. Just six years ago, the contribution of wind in South Australia was close to zero.
Beyond Zero Emissions spokesperson Matthew Wright says the findings vindicate his group’s controversial Zero Carbon Australia plan, which outlines a transition to 100% renewable energy in ten years.
“The message this sends is that Australia can rapidly reduce its high fossil fuel use and carbon emissions, over ten years, not the commonly suggested 2050 date for serious emissions reduction targets.
 “Our plan has wind providing 40% of the annual energy of Australia, and making that transition in ten years. Clearly, progress in South Australia shows that we aren’t being so radical after all. Maybe our 40% was conservative: SA are nearly there already, and still adding more wind capacity.
 “If we combine the variable output of wind farms with a flexible, dispatchable renewable energy source we can abandon fossil fuels altogether. Modern solar thermal plants, that can run around the clock off stored heat can do this.
 “We are helping to develop a plan for the first such plants to replace the coal power stations at Port Augusta.
 “Wind energy has proven it is up for the task. We just need to get the right policy such as a feed-in tariff to support the newer solar thermal plants, and Australia can kick its fossil fuel habit for good.”




Turnbull spins wheels. Credit rating at risk

Austerity economics didn't work in California for Jerry Brown who turned the economy of the basket state state of 38 million from a $29 mill deficit to a $4.5 mill surplus in 3 years. California became the model for the US recovery Brown increased the GST ,taxed the rich especially those with an income over $1mill and cut spending not so much that it's damaging.

Nick Hanauer multi millionaire says " “We’re all better off when we’re all better off.” and in order to do that you need to tax the rich. Rupert Murdoch agrees and a rapidly increasing income and wealth gap is the most dangerous thing happening to the American economy now. Basically a broad middle class is  the motor of the economy.

 Nick Hanauer: Tax the Rich for a better Economy

Since Abbott said the economy was fixed after his first budget we no longer believed anything he had to say. He lied his way into government and lied his way out of the PM's job.  We were expected to believe him the deficit has done nothing but blow out  to the conservative cries that  it's Labor's fault. That's not leadership. All Abbott was a master at was sledging. Nobody believed him and Joe Hockey was awarded Australia's worst Treasurer. However it took two to tango and Abbott was definitely his incapable leader.



Jewish Extremist Tries To Stab Rabbi Helping Palestinian Farmers Harvest Their Olives [VIDEO] AnonHQ   Posted on




Big news to Greens and Twitter trolls don’t like Abbott. Repeat news daily

" It is embarrassing that this activist trash is published by a serious news organisation."

So there is a civil war at News Corp. Bolt  is demanding the news should be edited and what is  actually happening not be reported. He's running the Abbott line of "whose side are you on"

The source for the claim that the Tories winced at Abbott's fascist speech was simply the lack of over all applause which at best was reported as luke warm. The source was as valid as any Bolt provides when he claims that  their is a conservative backlash dividing the Turnbull government at the moment naming a conservative back bencher as his evidence.

Amazing how Bolt turns to journalism when he needs to criticize what it is he practices himself. Bolt turns to The Spectator not the wide spread of media in the UK but his selectively chosen conservative magazine to deliver his truth. he doesn't let the truth reveal itself from the evidence. To repeat what Abbott said is not a commentary but simply a paraphrasing and not a complete one at that. Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news

Is Andrew Bolt Australia's Jonathan Pie without the humour? Unfortunately not!





Column - Abbott warns Europe to fight or lose

It's unfortunate for Bolt and for Tony Abbott that Bolt presents a photo of Abbott addressing his audience with an almost Hitleresque salute. It's appropriate given the fascist sentiments he delivered. The stupidity of what Abbott had to deliver was firstly expressing the sentiments  of UKIP, Firstly extreme right exaggeration about the numbers and length of time that will constitute this invasion. Secondly the lack of logic in any advice on how to stop it. Europe is not Australia.

 Abbott was like  Bolt just yelling from the bleachers ready  to escalate a war but offering no real advice on how that war was to proceed. The logistics Abbott applied  in Australia have absolutely no application in Europe. So his speech was little more than a juvenile sentiment that paid homage to extreme right wing bigotry. Should the UK invade Germany and arrest all the 600,000 refugees there?

There is logic in the abuse  Abbott has had in return.When some ignorant comes along and simply tells you what it is you need to do without offering any advice on how to do it you get pissed off with the smart arse and don't thank him for pointing out there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It's generally regarded as Clayton's advice which generally offends more people than it helps.

“The imperative to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself” is at the heart of every Western polity”, Abbott acknowledged in his lecture.

“But — right now — this wholesome instinct is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error … 

So there is no Christian or Western principles to be applied here. The reality of action is  determined by whose  side your on and which has the most power. Right and wrong are merely relative and political concepts. So according to  this ex seminarian even the ten commandments have no permanent bearing on the situation only ones interests.

" Europe would “require some force” to stop the arrivals, with “tens — perhaps hundreds — of millions of people” eager to come, too."

This in itself is a lie. Any wonder we as Australians feel ashamed





Morrison reassures, but Islamic Council does not

Why on earth should we believe what Scott Morrison says to be gospel?

" “This was just pathetic. For goodness sake, we are all Australians, we all love our national ­anthem,’’ Mr Morrison told 3AW."

Hands up who knows the words to the anthem? The majority of Australians would find it hard to sing. I'll bet not all of Bolt's extended family knows the words of the national anthem. I'll be most Indigenous Australians don't know the words to our national anthem. Scott and Bolt's disrespect and the suggestion that Muslim Australians don't want to be involved is such a distortion of the truth. It's a divisive distortion which they see fit to amplify so they can point  their fingers at them. all Muslims.

" Mr Seyit said the students had been observing the month of ­Muharram, which for Shi’ites marks the death of the prophet Mohammed’s grandson, Huseein ibn Ali. “They’re in a state of mourning during which they’re not allowed to sing or dance,” Mr Seyit said. “It’s unfortunate that this has been mixed up with the issue of the ­national anthem.”






Column - Turnbull gives science prize to a man with good news on the warming scare

Gee Bolt is someone who can only think in one dimensional terms. Either global warming true or it's not, or it's bad or it's good. However science i's never complex for Bolt it's either right or wrong. Science  also must have a consevative morality and it must be simple and not complex. There are obviously no grey areas in Bolt's life that will accept grey areas. He isn't an anti vaxxer I'm sure  but he talks like one. Where we inject a little bad into our children to produce a good medical outcome. So according to the law of Bolt however to find anything good to come out of  global warming is to deny anything bad that the science reveals.

 Graham Farquhar himself would be the first to stand up and deny Bolt's logic that because what he found to be a positive shows that if warming is true it's all positive..







Why is Amnesty International trying to crack our borders?

" So many worthy organisations seem to get captured by the Left and turned into ideological war machines."

Bolt sounds exactly like a fascist fighting  in a sea of dissent. As if he is part of some elite minority who sees the light and is born to rule. All our once honorable institutions have been taken over by left wing dissenters and by implication are leading a dumb arse population by the nose. 

Bolt claims his world currently is under threat  by illegal immigrants who need to be kept safe. The truth however recognized by the rest of the world is they are legal asylum seekers not welcomed in Australia by extreme conservatives  and current government who have only one concern to make sure they don't get in and remain a political football. It's even fine to become people smugglers ourselves in order to ensure no entry is achieved by these refugees.

 Bolt  would  like  Australian citizens declared illegals as well and have them deported if that were at all possible. Australians need to be better defined not just asked how they feel. However that bottom line is a bit too extreme. So Bolt leaves those sentiments with patriots that have newly established themselves here. The hate mongers like the newly formed ALA, UPF, and RA are his team.

"But for Amnesty International, paying money to return people back to their safe destination and prevent them from either drowning or entering a country illegally is actually a crime:"

The fact is it is a crime and is recognized as such by the rest of the world. It's why Tony Abbott wants the rest of the world to jump on his illegal legacy. In the eyes of the rest of the world what we are doing is illegal and Bolt is a media apologist for these actions.
"the invasion that has so far brought 1 million illegal immigrants to Europe in just two years?" 

Firstly the truth of Bolt's illusion of an invasion is in his figures if the population of Europe is 500 mill in fact it's more.  Bolt's invasion amounts to 1% of the pop arriving per annum. Further he calls them immigrants when they aren't. Many will return home when it's safe to do so which Bolt never mentions. So his invasion is an alarmist exaggeration. Secondly they aren't illegal and according to convention should be  treated as such.  Scaremongering is simply an excuse to justify Australia's illegal actions under international law.  Bolt is merely the Goebbles of our immigration policy you will never find Andrew Bolt on the frontline standing next to those whose ideas he supports.






 Europe’s illegal immigrant crisis in one graphic

Bolt's use of images and numbers are used in a way to produce fear. If one did a graphic of the number of tourists invading Europe in one year the animation would seem even more graphic and frightening. The fact is the %s do not reflect the fear Bolt wants to produce. Nor do they reflect the truth.  Switzerland's "invasion" actually constitutes 1.9% of it's population. The only major growth that Bolt and Abbott promote is the rise of right wing fascism and the rise if neo-nazi parties with which they threaten a viscious backlash against traumatized asylum seekers. 

Bolt and Abbott are happy to promote military invasions by the West and even promote colonial support of puppet governments of their choosing but humanitarian aid doesn't figure into their analysis. As far as these armholes are concerned the refugee camps are the placed for millions of displaced to sit while they play war.

 Big news to Greens and Twitter trolls don’t like Abbott. Repeat news daily

" It is embarrassing that this activist trash is published by a serious news organisation."

Bolt's ratings within his own organization News Corp are so low he is simply not heard but is seriously ignored. 





Column - Abbott warns Europe to fight or lose

When a Christian no a Catholic ex seminarian selectively  quotes  from the bible to justify a call to war and the unjust treatment of refugees and when he put's himself above the elders of his church he presumes a Christ like position. Christ the Jew admonished the rabbis judged wiser than him. Tony Abbott applauded by Andrew Bolt is doing the same. However do the two intend to lead by example? Not on your life. Is Bolt offering his sons to do the job?Not on your life. If those that they command to go don't have the same beliefs will they be allowed to have a conscience vote? Not on your life. These are men who claim to have the wisdom to lead. Christians who deem not to be sinners themselves and are allowed to stand in judgement of those who read the Koran. It's just a bit fucking rich for anybody to swallow."
“No country or continent can open its borders to all comers without fundamentally weakening itself." We did it to Aboriginal Australia and what does Bolt say to that I'm not responsible

By the way News Corp invited critics to savage Tony Abbott not just Fairfax and the ABC. Europe didn't cheer either.


Penny drops at the ABC: maybe Islam really does need reform. Maybe there really is a “death cult”

" As the West struggles to contain the home-grown threat of jihadists, some provocateurs argue that Islam itself is to blame."

Bolt's blasphemy attempts to raise Tony Abbott to the status of a prophet. Bolt  mocks the very notion that Tony Abbott when chastised by two Catholic priests because he uses Bible texts to justify the inhumane treatment of refugees globally might be wrong. Couple that with Abbott's Christian obligation to escalate the bombing and the need to  put troops on the ground  to kill Muslims in Syria and Iraq who we even have difficulty identifying as the enemy and I believe you have something that nears a death cult.  Because all Muslims follow the Koran  the Abbott's and Bolt's of this world find that sufficient  reason for them to regard all as the enemy. The hypocrisy extends itself to the fact that Christians regard themselves as sinners and therefore are inherently evil that alone justifies them not committing these actions which amount to killing others. However not according to Bolt or Abbott who claim they are justified in sending others to do the dirty deeds they wont do themselves.

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