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Andrew Bolt's Blog,15/6/16; Unrepresentative Minority is Bolt to a tee; Bolt like Omar loves Batman and Dexter; Del-Con seeking revenge; Help ring Dad's army I'm on fire;





Apart from Highlights Andrew Bolt has stolen Tim Bevis Blair's template for blog design. It goes to show and emphasize Bolt's lack  of originality 


My editorial for the last The Bolt Report on who we should really through out to send a message on homophobia:" Bolt

Bolt really has problems with English when his Troll's aren't about to do the work for him. What on earth does the above mean? It's all Dutch to me.





Yet another from this tiny, unrepresentative minority? Or something else?

Andrew Bolt Guilty under under Section 18C




Image result for Images of a media a tool of hatred

A quote above is from one of Andrew Bolt's most favored Ezines Breitbart. This is the mentality of this representative  literate  conservative minority Andrew Bolt seems attracted to and the free speech he supports? Pat Dollard supports Donald Trump The Tea Party and extreme Conservatism wherever it can be found. They may not be wearing KKK hoods today but they simply believe they have the right to rule and say whatever they want.  How is it Bolt the free speech advocate is not defending the boy's right to post his beliefs on Face Book?What's more he still takes advantage of the situation despite the fact the boy is Greek not religious and not Muslim which he only mentions as an aside after he's said what he wanted.

 What makes Bolt believe this 17 year old in Sydney is part of an unrepresentative minority even if he can't vote and is Australian he's as represented in this country as Bolt is. More so infact given Sydney is the 4th largest Greek City in the world. If anybody is to be regarded as a minority due to their heritage it's Bolt. However to immediately assume the boy is an Islamist is to simply wave his bigots flag, use his access to media and politicize the incident against a religious group. Bolt is more insidious in 2016 than his most favored WASPS were in their anti-Semitic bigotry  against the Jews in the 50s and 60s. Back then their bigotry was silent. Bolt's has taken up where they left off but with the support of News Corp.

In a country like France that supports it's multiracial and multi-ethnic character  Andrew Bolt seems to not comprehend crime is  multiracial and multi-ethnic too It's not exclusive to just one group. If a resource like national multimedia  is handed to Goebellian propagandists like Bolt then it's not surprising a backlash will occur. Unfortunately people like Bolt not only incite anger but hope that a backlash occurs. That then becomes a political tool with which to create even more anger and division in 97% of population. The Politics of fear and division is what ultra -conservatives rely on.

"A new Pew Research Center survey finds that 76% in France say they have a favorable view of Muslims living in their country, similar to the 72% registered in 2014. Meanwhile, the percentage with a very favorable opinion of Muslims has increased significantly, rising from 14% last year to 25% today. Attitudes toward Muslims tend to be more positive on the political left in France, but ratings improved across the ideological spectrum."

Real Australian Terror ... You won't hear from Bolt

 Former detectives found guilty of murdering Sydney student







So not quite a lone wolf

So can Bolt's whole family be blamed and attacked for his insanity? It seems Andrew Bolt thinks so.


Bolt is not a commentator and he's worse than a vigilante simply vigilante's are more private in their bigoted and directed attacks. They prefer anonymity. Bolt  will never admit to being off the mark in his attack on Islam because of Man Haron Monis. Currently in a coroners hearing what's coming to light is the fact that Monis was psychiatrically ill and simply wanted fame. He wasn't the ISIS driven terrorist nor extreme Muslim Andrew Bolt made him out to be. In fact Bolt's constant publicizing of anti- Islam rhetoric draws attention to those wanting to make personal statements with little or no knowledge of what they are claiming to be. Haron Man Monis wasn't even carrying the correct ISIS flag. Bolt however used him and you will never hear an admission that he was wrong.

The same tactic of this anti -Islam propagandist is now being applied to Omar Mateen. Mateen had been attending Pulse for 3 years Bolt claims he was "scouting" the club out. He didn't need to "scout it out. He was a frequent user of gay dating apps and everyone that knew him saw him as a very conflicted person with serious issues of anger management and self identity. Bolt knows that it's in his paper the Herald Sun. However like Man Haron Monis none of this suits Bolt's political and anti-Islam agenda. Bolt the propagandist and would be vigilante chooses to ignore 90% of the evidence that points to Mateen being a very disturbed loner and self hating gay and once again pushes his Islamophobic rhetoric simply for political advantage.  Mateen wasn't religious he was violent and yes he ran off at the mouth. The FBI regarded as the gold standard of policing in the US saw him as little more than Man Haron Monis. Bolt in fact promotes and encourages the violent, mentally disturbed and suicidal to perform death by cop. He is a champion of an uncivilized world.Orlando shooting: Was gunman Omar Mateen a political extremist or repressed gay man?

Why Bolt misses the point by a country mile

 Top 7 ways to tell if Someone is lying about being a ‘Salafi Jihadi’

What Bolt ignores is Mass shootings in the US in the last 2-5 years


Pulse Nightclub Massacre Marks Nearly 1,000 Mass Shootings since Sandy Hook




Labor looking stronger in WA than it did when Abbott was PM


Bolt's Conservative vigilante revenge carries with it the mental obsession found in Omar Mateen. Someone who has access to words rather than bullets. Bolt's not a journalist he's far too biased for that. Nor is he a commentator as he simply has a single minded agenda. Shit would you bother listening to him if the LNP and ALP were football teams?  He could be a propagandist but he seems far too personally involved to be a ad man. No Bolt is Dexter with words much closer to Man Haron Monis and Omar Mateen but with a symbolic gun. You won't find Bolt walking the streets in this city.


Daniel Andrews’ most shabby and costly union deal


Bolt the lazy blogger and commentator simply steals Jeff Kennet's words from yes the Herald Sun. Dan Andrews has not intention or desire to replace the CFA with paid workers. This is a case of verbal bullshit 




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