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Andrew Bolt's Blog,23/6/16; They say you can't judge a book by it's cover. This one you sure can; Being serviced by NBN Co; Bolt selling Lassiter's Reef; I love to watch amateurs at work more than pros; Bolt shoots himself in the foot and Tony Abbott PM's legacy to us down. While Waleed is living life Bolt's something else; The minder for a belly dancer is a misogynist; The John Stone vengence vote; Abbott rising like a souffle;


Tips for Friday, June 24

How to buy Bolt's Book


If Bolt wants to sell his book maybe he should have book signings on the street in front of of the book stores. Again so his ideological sensitivities aren't offended by the staff forced to sell his book. Basically I heard the staff weren't ideologically offended but they felt responsible for selling something of value and not just rehashed stale ideas. They actually want clients to come back. So given the book is being heavily discounted already to IPA members and other peoples Andrew Bolt actually knows the price offered to the public validates the feeling of a scam. Bolt's right you will need a brown paper bag to be worn as burka to read it.




NBN: Labor gives in.  Now to the real debate: how to make it work best

NBN Co Is it a horse or dog?


The real message McCrann is putting out is the Abbott NBN is a dud $50 billion plus spent on something that looks like Frankensteins monster called  a MTM or Multi Technology Mix.  It's going  not going to be of much use other than what Abbott said it would be a faster entertainment system. It's not going to solve the problems for rural Australia's better health and education services and it's going to do sweet FA for business. Labor has said it's not going to pull it apart and start again for obvious reasons. The taxpayers have already forked out 50 billion for a patch work quilt that in the short term 25 years will need total replacement again. McCrann doesn't mention the copper wire to the node already fucked and will need replacing with every household that complains. This totally the propaganda Murdoch media will put out until the election is over. It's not news it's distortion. But the truth is " How to make this second rate system work best" Labor hasn't capitulated McCrann is trying to give punters continued hope in the three legged race horse he or should I say Tony Abbott has sold them. A dud is a dud a lemon a lemon youve been serviced. It's not after sales service your being offered but continued servicing until pregnant but from a stallion shooting blanks.

Serviced by Abbott's NBN  Co





Maybe 10 seats - Shorten close but not close enough


This is an advertorial basically saying James Massola "stole my ideas". It's not direct it's put there by Bolt's Troll Peter BH to suggest if you buy Bolt's book of stale ideas you will get Bolt's bulletin free. It's  not really a bulletin a scoop or anything exclusive to Andrew Bolt. How many times have you heard Bolt say I have a scoop I can't tell you about but I will soon.

 He's just a panhandler promising to sell you the map to Lassiter's reef and and a pot of gold. He is the punters conman  emailing  you the sure thing in every race for free. Sent to a  thousand punters all  tips covering every horse as  a winner if they promise 10% of their winning booty. Yes he will have picked a winner in each race but he's the only one to collect money on every race. 




A scene from the union takeover of the CFA


The front page of the Herald Sun goes to prove that Australian Print media is a disgrace . It's the example of the union of Corporate power in the form of the IPA uniting with the media in this case to misinform the public and influence an election. Murdoch print media control 66% of the no news in Australia. The whole notion of government professionalized services is an anathema to these people. All services should be privatized or where there is no profit to suck left to volunteers  like the CFA. Professionalizing services only leads to unions and associations that point to faults that need improvement in the system. Heaven help us if the CFA was improved and it started less fires that it was a real force to contend with rather than an ill and under-equipped one. The problem when professional associations raise their voice they tend to be critical of governments. The LNP would prefer St Johns Ambulance service to a state run professional service why because of the union of experts. They'd prefer the AMA to fade away because they are yes a union of experts. These conservatives would prefer an army of volunteer doctors and paramedics than anything close to an efficient operating force. The LNP is far too frightened of the AMA to push their barrow in face of an election. So they have chosen the CFA to say we don't need dad's army to be improved.




Column - Eddie’s haters avoid the real sexist

Why Bolt is a true idiot. The military stratagist who wants to destroy Tony Abbott's legacy the alliance with the UAE


Bolt is extraordinarily stupid self referencing answering his own blog with  his own blogs dating back to 2011 Mirror missing.

Australia is a broad landscape of cultures but Andrew Bolt makes it look so small with his fanatical concentration on 3% of the population he makes them sound as if they are in fact the cultural majority of the country.  They seem even larger than the 3% of scientists who Bolt tries to make out to be the real representatives of all  global science. Those that reject that minority he calls climate alarmists warmists.The man operates in cloud cuckoo land. These 3% are two groups bigger than his ratings which he imagines dominate our landscape. One is a natural enemy the other our saviors nobody listens to. The rest of Australia well we aren't worth worrying about to Bolt as we  will be well and truly silenced when  he helps bring Tony Abbott is back. He has learnt a lot in recent times from Israel about national security and Administrative detention. Simply having people disappear..

  So Islamic leaders ,no Australians have taken $10mill in gov grants, given to them by Abbott's Party no doubt, to promote Social Cohesion that very thing Bolt is trying to destroy. Not as good though as Chris Jermyn conservative MP who got a $10 mill grant for a TV show that quickly went into administration  and made it disappear like David Copperfield.  Where is the money that's the reality show Bolt should address . That's worth talking about not some local Muslim youth group trying to undo  the job of repairing the fabric of cohesion Bolt has set about tearing apart.

Andrew Bolt certainly forgot his hate mirror in declaring the UAE Abbott's legacy  and ally the enemy of mankind. The UAE is where Tony parked our troops. It's where they are deployed in the land Bolt calls murdering homophobics.  Bolt wants their ambassador kicked out of Australia.  What does he expect would happen to our troops or  the RAF parked there defending us from ISIS. Screw loose Bolt the strategist wants nothing to do with Emirates or the diplomats here in the ACT.  But he  expects to maintain a friendly relationship in the UAE. By the way it gets worse because Bolt  doesn't mention  that not one gay person has suffered the death penalty in the UAE under that law that Andrew Bolt refers us to.

 Bolt's the man who loudly claims we aren't  the worlds leading bigoted and racist country yet we hold the world record for the incarceration of our indigenous Australian youth.  Do the crime serve the time and take your punishment is Andrew Bolt's  mantra. However it's just unfair  how white middle class kids drink brawl take drugs in public and do the same but just can't no matter how they try get put in jail.  They get just get sent home to mum and dad.Yep Bolt's Mirror missing.

  As for Eddie Maguire Bolt's just an apologist for mysogynists like himself an Tim Blair who do what Eddie does but only seemingly jocular when in fact they aren't at all when deriding the fright bats. Eddie simply a deflection to target what he hates most Islam. He hates it so much he forgot to tell us the UAE is Australia's and Tony Abbott's closest ally making Tony Abbott as incompetant as Eddie in Bolt's eyes.




Column - Where’s Waleed?


The cry and pain of a wounded man trying to force himself to be heard for a dollar is truly disturbing

Bolt shows this enormous jealousy of Walled Aly.  Genuine intelligence brought about by a good education. Emotional intelligence brought about by the ability not only to think but rather to be able to engage with people. It show in his sense of humor to be able to don on a cartoon tiger and be the Tiger's mascot. Waleed an Andrew two kids of migrant parents. One incapable of imagination incapable of letting go and lashing out with wit and humor One stilted  constantly holding on to the ried and true old conservative mantras and present them as if polished new and refreshed ideas just thought of. However ideas that simply stretch back in time and were needed to be forced on people rather than shared. Waleed Aly is everywhere he's the Australian you just can't effen see Andrew Bolt.

Has anybody ever seen Bolt and his wife in a photo together? His pride as a couple and family seems just talk. Talk because Bolt comes from the shadows. Yes he tries to convince us with things. A desk with a Tiffany Lamp paintings and opera but not his family. The man lives in a bubble the Golum in our lives.



Buy Bill glasses

Shorten isn't a moral jackass like Bolt. What would Bolt have said is Shorten had walked into a gay bar? It does go to show how much Butthead Bolt is titillated by strippers they are women but women to play with not respect. Yes he's a true blue misogynist and can't help himself. Remember when he was a minder for a belly dancer. Goes to show just the sort of person Andrew Bolt really is.



LNP pays back Turnbull in kind

 "It’s exactly Malcolm Turnbull’s problem made manifest: he takes the ideological base for granted, and then complains when the lack of loyalty is returned. " I guess the the John Stone revenge strategy to shake Turnbull up isn't quite working the way it should. The so called "ideological base" that keeps alluding to forming a party of their own can't They will maybe try to takeover the SS LNP and re-brand it. They just keep lying don't they. Look below and see just how friendly and loyal Bolt makes Abbott to be while still calling Turnbull Captain Queeg of the Caine Mutiny or is he Captain Bligh. Abbott unfortunately can never be the blue eyed blonde golden boy. Turnbull's prefered leader Poll against Abbott is too wide.




Abbott rising

Here we have Bolt blatantly telling us he's the king maker the chef the one that's making  Abbott rise again like a souffle prick him and h'ell collapse."Tony Abbott’s reputation seems to me to be improving with time. There’s a lot of love for him on his Facebook page after his interview with me last night." In the same breathe Bolt tells us there is no truth in what Abbott says. ""It’s exactly Malcolm Turnbull’s problem made manifest: he takes the ideological base for granted, and then complains when the lack of loyalty is returned. " that it's all just show.

Andrew Bolt is little more than a self proclaiming egoist. No other right wing media twat matches him not even those he says he" admires." Remember he almost sucked Paul Murry's face once cosying up to him who and where is he now?

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