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Turnbull caves to people smugglers. And admits it

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" Malcolm Turnbull has caved to the boat people who have outwaited him on Manus Island and Nauru. He today announces a deal to send some to the United States, and even admits people smugglers will use this as a "marketing opportunity". Andrew Bolt

Bolt still maintains cruelty to asylum seeking  families with children is the most effective way to stop profiteering by some persistent  people smugglers rather than a regional arrangement to have them arrested. It seems very much a contradiction in terms of a free marketeer who believes governments are just menaces when it comes to free trade because profit and self interest is a natural state of man. So any attempt at showing human welfare even to some 1000  people is a sign of failure. If Bolt had his way all asylum seekers need to be isolated  removed and rejected any legal immigrant should be sifted sorted and denied if found to have less than 5 degrees of separation from Andrew Bolts categories of acceptance. It simply sounds so much like what Hitler had done to the Jews that didn't have DNA technology but did accept historic record dated back 3 generations to define who is or who is not Jewish or Roma. No matter how much Bolt denies it  his criticism of Malcolm Turnbull's hoped for arrangement to rid Australia of it's past 16 years stigma of being the most inhumane of the worlds wealthiest nations is defined as "a cave in to an army people smugglers" which in every other context he regards as regulations that stop free enterprise. Is this man for real?

But will Turnbull's weak deal be Trumped?

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  I think Bolt needs think his hero through. Donald Trump is now denying he ever said that he'd put a moratorium on all asylum seekers particularly all Muslims unless fully "vetted".  Bolt's insinuation of "So what does Trump say?" is as weak as in the circumstance of Trump's step back and denials. In the context of that reality  Bolt's smearing of Turnbull " To seem tough just when it was about signal weakness. Nothing more than that." Bolt is tripping and tipping the bucket of smear on himself. Australia's reputation has a potential of being enhanced by ending the use  torturous  treatment of desperate people as an example without removing the warning sign of "beware" Bolt however prefers to maintain the sign " Beware we are all vicious dogs inside" as the Nazis did Jews.

Who let them in? Another carjacking in Melbourne

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  Bertrand Russell is often quoted by Andrew Bolt who shows he is intellectually challenged and has a tin ear.
Bolt continues to use Identity Politics and fear in stereotyping minorities by selecting and listing crimes of individuals in order to divide Australia a multicultural nation. "Who let them in? Yet another carjacking attempt  in Melbourne by men of African appearance - almost certainly from families brought here under our refugee program. " Bolt. He  succeeds in promoting prejudice, fear, by never really declaring the facts that crime exists and is multicultural in an immigrant nation and that the statistics show that it is more common among long term Australians than it is among Immigrants and refugees. He never tells you of his mistakes on his list that the crimes he's referring to were committed by NZers or Pacific Islanders. He never lists  Deng Adut named NSW Australian of the Year Bolt has an agenda to sell us a poisonous product not a principle it's snake oil it's his form of weed killer that claims it's safe to drink but really is designed to kill everything. The history of Australia is filled with immigrant crime gangs. What a surprise but neither nationality nor length of arrival was ever correlated as the reason for their crime gangs. Media attitude stereotyping economic division  the alienation by people like Andrew Bolt today were the cultural fire starters 
 Andrew Bolt broadcasts his written list  but ask him to swallow or announce his poison on TV or radio and like Trump the message suddenly changes I never said that! I never meant that!  Not all Africans are bad and not all Muslims are bad.  However read his writing and believe me he is the man he appears to be in his blog and it is not just a turd in a suit that smells it's far worse.
Who let them in to show us something different? Andrew Bolt

The Trump effect smashes the Nats in Orange

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Bolt seems gobsmacked? He really has  little to say the "Establishment" is a description of gridlock the comfort of procedure over purpose that lives on both sides of the fence so long it no longer recognizes it's on the fence getting paid doing no work and needs a shake up not down and that's what happened with Trump in Orange. Everybody seems to be celebrating the Trump effect. But fails to see the dialectic that Donald Trump is now a cause celebre for White Labor and Andrew Bolt is celebrating along with Russia and the Nth Koreans WTF

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New York Times admits anti-Trump bias

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 The Great American Sting

Coming from the mouth of a commentator and employee of Newscorp Andrew Bolt shows just what a mentally challenged commentator he really is when declaring the above as a reason to smear the NYT. What Bolt is really trying to do is Fox News as not biased but the authentic media in the USA with Sean Hannity being the most honest. 

 What a joke coming from Andrew Bolt who said himself that he didn't like Trump and expected him to lose despite being the candidate for his side the Republicans who also hated Trump.  Biased, well Bolt is far more than biased, his inability to reflect on anything he once said and was wrong or only admit to faults that are really attempts to endear himself with his fans like "I'm really shy at heart" show him to be worse than just biased.  Andrew Bolt is a bullshitter. Unlike Hannity or the NYT Bolt leaves no space for self reflection admitting he was wrong because truth and lies carry the same weight they are merely tools  to  be used to achieve an outcome. They are the devices of an amoral character and are reflected simply in the deal. Whatever the outcome the deal is done for Bolt he's proud to be Donald Trump. However like Tony Abbott and his refusal to be interviewed by the ABC because he couldn't handle the heat Trump would only go with Hannity who let him know clearly the qestions he was going to be asked.  In Trumps words "PR is such a good thing , such a good thing and it works both ways. I build the ratings for Sean and put money in his pocket and he does the same for me. That's such a good thing such a good thing" You really have to realize that both Trump and Bolt could both be knfe salesmen but only one of them would be successful but both would nevertheless be bullshitters.  Trump turned Labor to him not to the Republicans but he now has to stand up and deliver.


Gays smear Turnbull, undermine cause

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 Should anyone be surprised that Bolt declaring he's not Homophobic but Gays are Hetrophobic. This great debater doesn't ever deal in anything of  substance  he simply avoids the debate by doing the debaters flip. The man is as hollow as an Easter Egg. Climate Science it's the Religion the cult. Unlike the Delai Lama Bolt flips. Men are the victims of Feminists,  racism becomes reverse racism.  So it goes bigotry is  not inviting Malcolm to the Gay Mardi Gras malcolm it the victim. There is no substance to Bolt no interest in history or social reality he reduces argument to little more than rhetoric and calls it free speech when in reality this sort of avoidance of substance is a social cost. It's only and investment in the avoidance of change.


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