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Trump wants Farage as Ambassador. Media chokes

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 Donald Trump wants the UK to make Nigel Farage its ambassador to Washington. If I were the UK Government, I'd sure be tempted to send a man guaranteed to get a sympathetic hearing. 
  Surround yourself by self interested 'yes men' and your time in office will be like Hanson's was 20 years ago short. Since when have countries other than your own dictated who is to be their representatives. What happened to the hard fought Sovereignty Bolt demands that defines who we are? What if Trump demanded we sack Hockey and had Wayne Swann replace him? If he said jump Bolt it seems would say "how high". After all  Swann saved us from the ravages of the GFC. 
 Is Bolt for real. "If I were the British Government, I'd love to have an ambassador who the US president would love to hear from. What better way to get the ear of the president? "  What a posturing lying prick Andrew Bolt is, a true suck, a 2 bob hooker  who not too long ago described Trump in worse terms than most other media declaring he'd never be President. Today he's  a sycophant a leech  a gerbil defending him  as if he'd always been his best Aussie media mate. Andrew Bolt truly represents the worst of the Australian character, the cringe. No he's worse than the worst because he's trying so hard to be Murdoch's media puppet ingratiating himself with Trump at all costs. When Murdoch disliked Trump Bolt did too but more so. When Murdoch and Trump agreed on US economic Policy Bolt was right there going yes yes yes. When Hannity became Trumps media buddy Bolt began mimicking  him down under. Soon you'll see Bolt grabbing pussy doing whatever it takes . Bolt in action. Watch the hypocrite at work here.

THE question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world. It’s why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power." Bolt
— Herald Sun, 12 October, 2016

Rinehart right: Turnbull must learn from Trump

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No minister of this Turnbull Government  has welcomed the election of Donald Trump. But  Gina Rinehart, the iron ore and cattle baroness, is surely right to say  Trump has plenty to teach the Government - and it must follow him to save us from turning into another Greece.  
23 Nov
Bolt would choke rather than say the unemployed and the under employed need to vote Labor. They did that with Trump because he made left wing promises. The Democrats simply turned their backs on Bernie Sanders leaving Trump the salesman to promise Labor economic policies rather than Conservative or Republican ones. It sure as hell scared the bejeezuz out of the Republicans who don't see Trump as one of them. Here is Bolt now saying  Turnbull has a lot to learn not Abbott , Bernardi ,Abetz etal  from Trump. Rinehart who wants to deregulate is saying it too. The problem however is that Trump's Protectionism will require more not less regulation in the market place. How can he  keep hi promise to those that voted for him by simply expanding Corporate welfare which is no gurantee of jobs unless regulated.  What is this extreme Conservative right winger Rhinehart saying really jump to the Left?  What is Bolt saying, unionize? Telling us learn from Trump is telling us just that because how else does Trump intend fulfilling the promises he made? Rhinehart isn't in the business of creating jobs she is in the business of reducing them and improving her technology.  She is in the business of cutting costs not increasing them.

Bolt looking like the  court jester the apologist for stupidity because what Trump needs to do is in fact the reverse of what Bolt believes that's stop spending. Whereas Trump intends to spend it. Trump has never been debt averse he loves it. Can you believe Bolt the Conservative is advocating  1)  A protectionist market. 2) A more regulated one to ensure job creation 3) Increased government spending to stimulate the economy via Corporate Welfare via infrastructure spending . 
 These economic policies that Bolt is applauding are not conservative but a jump to the traditional Labor Left. How will it be disguised? By a veneer of urgency Identity Politics intended to create and engender traditional conservative fears.   There is nothing and I mean nothing genuine about Andrew Bolt he too is just a tactical veneer. So yes Malcolm jump to the left economically and start spending .  Because that's the Trump way the Rhinehart way and now the Bolt way. However be assured if you do  Bolt will cut you down for being Trump. Either way it seems Trump is now right because Turnbull can't be seen to win.

Culleton shames One Nation

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson made a huge mistake by choosing Rod Culleton as her candidate in Western Australia - and she knows it. Not only does he face being thrown out of Parliament for his conviction for larcency, but his letter to a magistrate, trying to influence his decision in another case, is not only grossly improper but plain loopy.

23 Nov As if One Nation didn't embarrass itself enough. Pauline Hanson has a history opicking people who initially she believes she can control only to discover their self interest. She's been crossed more times than a zebra crossing and Andrew Bolt is saying poor poor Pauline. Bolt is typical of those men hand out ready to help with the other hand behind his back ready to cut her down. Hanson not only has short term fair weather friends and is a poor judge of character. It's because she runs short term knee jerk policies seen before in the history of the country none of which lasted. Anti Asians seen in the days of the gold fields, Anti Kanakas seen in the days of sugar wars, the white Australian policy. One Nation shames itself and us. Culleton is just a camp follower as is Andrew Bolt . Dogs feeding off scraps ready to turn at the drop of a hat.

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Why blame us if you won't take lessons?

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Fairfax columnist Ruby Hamad rages that racist Australia has robbed her of her heritage: "I stopped reading, writing, and speaking Arabic; this poetic gift of my ancestors is now largely lost to me and I grieve it every day." But there's a very strange thing  about her claim.
23 Nov" If there appears to be a link between criminality and the migration experience, it's worth examining to see what might be done to mitigate the risk." This is the last line of Bolt's Blog and it's a question.
 However Peter Dutton and Bolt don't ask questions they make public statements that are far from conversations. Nobody sees it and expresses it more clearly than Noel Pearson who has pointed out at it's worst as far as Indigenous Australia is concerned it's fully blown racist and even in it's silence  it's still racist but soft racism. There is never any  real commentary or long lasting conversation about the positive side of Indigenous Australia or Lebanese Australia and it's diversity.  There is just a lot of negative stereotyping.
 1 ) Lebanese Muslims should never have been let in According to Dutton and he's got 22 cases to prove it. Shit imagine if he'd checked out Italian crime NZ crime or even UK. Money was sent and donated th support the IRA Should Irish Catholics be banned?  2) Bolt is equally definitive when he says "Who let them in? " He fastidiously keeps a little black book of suspected transgressions not even proven. Often  referring to just  black Africans. He's not shy in his racism and he'll be more specific and say the South Sudanese. 3 ) He and Dutton even suggest these ethnic groups  are a problem Australia wide. 
One needs to ask why Dutton and Bolt have singled out Blacks, Muslims ,Lebanese and South Sudanese when the largest organized ethnic crime gangs  are in fact Italian, Chinese  and New Zealanders.  Logic dictates they really don't care about the crime. Given the fact that the numbers involved aren't represented Australia wide as is Italian and Chinese. So what is it that's driving them to stereotype whole communities rather than just the individuals involved. Is it simply their bigotry racism and their single minded assimilationist beliefs where they demand the right to be judge and define and reshape our multicultural the world purely in their terms. 
The problem is only 22 out of 33 people declared terrorists who are in jail wouldn't be there without the help of the Australian Lebanese Community. The South Sudanese have also helped to bring their kids to rule.  Do Bolt and Dutton believe it's down to only great Anglo Saxon Christian policing no. Their racism their ethnic focus their stirring up of animosity is simply formulaic identity politics. Attention grabbing politics a veneer to retain support for or garner support for the extreme  right wing and in particular the swinging  conservatives in the public. The positive side of Africans living here remains hidden just as Pearson says it does for Aborigines . Imagine living in  the Dutton household or the Bolt's for that matter if their attitudes represented how they lived their and what they taught their kids.  I wouldn't hesitate to say that what's going on is regarded as little more than a clever on going campaign tactic. Which makes them even more ugly and dangerous  for this country

Turnbull defends Dutton: Or, um, I, aah, maybe, or, or not

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Want evidence that Malcolm Turnbull can't communicate? Can't speak frankly about immigration? Had not even prepared an answer  to yesterday's obvious question: did he back his Immigration Minister? Read this astonishing passage from the transcript - with all Turnbull's ums, aahs and stumbles replaced.
  The fact is Turnbull if a fool for backing Dutton . To tar 200,000 Lebanese Muslims with one brush is what Hitler did to the Jews. The logical result of exclusion was recruitment and push back and an underground movement of Germans not only Jews against. him. I'm not about to normalize Dutton nor normalize the politics of fear used to generate votes recruit votes for Liberals in the next Qld election to steal votes from One Nation who use the same tactics. Dutton was a Qld cop working under corrupt cops headed by Commissioner Lewis who if I recall was jailed. Using Dutton's logic he too should have been treated the same way.
However while fear and animosity can generate votes it also has potential of creating push back the possibility of instigating a self fulfilling prophecy recruiting  people angry enough to do what it is you want because it might just get you more votes. Put Dutton and Bolt together and you have the makings of a terrorist recruiting team who believe they are untouchable one a politician and the other Lugenpresse the German for the lying press. Conservatives will sacrifice swathes of Australians for a vote  rather than have anything to do with any notion of  a 'fair go' The essence of Australian pride. Dutton has chosen Lebanese he may as well have taken on Italians. But no the Qld election and One Nation dictate it's to be Lebanese  because they are Muslim and the majority don't live in Qld but NSW so votes won't be lost by any push back.

ABC crazed with anti-Trump hate

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The ABC is crazed with hatred for Donald Trump. In an astonishing news roundup today for activist Fran Kelly's Radio National Breakfast show we're asked to believe a meeting of fewer than 200 white racists represents Trump. Then the sneering really begins. 

Dutton is defended for singling out 250,000 Lebanese Muslims declaring 3 generations should never have been allowed into the country. Catholic priests have been a scourge on our children but no such stereotypical claims are made  of the priesthood or that it's a cultural problem. Donald Trump didn't condemn the KKK . Trump's supporters are  extreme American Nazi's. Bolt hides that fact other media actually point out the extremes that make up his support. Trump has never denied or rejected them. Bolt  simply uses the exception defense" there's only 200 at the meeting".  He doesn't allow the same to be said of the piddling list  he collects and calls a sigificant number of crimes. 
I suggest Bolt show some backbone and stand up for his principles rather than simply playing  flipping . Flipping shows no substance no logic  just a jellyfish who has access to the technology to the ability to broadcast but has no principles just a side  to back no matter the contradictions involved.

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