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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 5/12/16 Abbott the permanent pessimist; Bolt thinks like a crook; Bolt was silent on Roger Ailes; Bolt prefers abstract arguments; Work for the dole is an abject failure; Bolt geta a charge out of no power;

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Abbott attacks as Turnbull lurches Left

Tony Abbott says he's "dismayed" by the Turnbull Government axing a Coalition scheme (the Green Army) to pay for a Greens one (more money for Landcare). "It's a bad principle to axe your own policy for the Greens policy because it means that their priorities are more important than ours." 

  The Austrians didn't turn right did they Andrew Bolt!! Austria rejects far-right, elects independent But Abbott the Liberal Loyalist is there having a go for a comeback. It's history he's been doing the opposition waltz  since he was 18.  "As Turnbull now considering bringing back a kind of carbon tax. I suspect Abbott's views are unprintable." Bolt
Is Bolt qualifying free speech when and where it's appropriate yet again? Free speech seems to be tactically reigned in at times even in public place and is not always defended by Bolt unless it's what he's delivering.
There is no mention that work for the dole, Abbott's land care program, has been found to be a catastrophe in remote Indigenous communities where Abbott wants to be minister. Neither  has it been a success anywhere else as far as we know. Nevertheless Andrew Bolt will always back the talk and avoid  the reality. "Not only has it been good for grass roots conservation but it got unemployed people working too." is Abbott's claim. When the results in Aboriginal communities show quite the opposite is true. 
 When things fail don't call for a review is Bolt's motto reviews only highlight mistakes it's better to stick to your guns that's the conservative way. Never mention your mistakes only the mistakes of others never mention their successes only your own. Never negotiate it will always be seen as a weakness. Abbott's CV and application for a job is well reviewed by Kay Lee below.


Tony’s job application

Kay Lee


"Tony Abbott is insisting he be given a title again.  He has previously asked to be judged by his deeds so it would be timely to examine just what Abbott achieved when given the opportunity to lead the nation.

Tony Abbott is insisting he be given a title again.  He has…"


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Sexual harassment panic: biter bit

The Age has a curious contrast in articles today: one story on the resignation of its editor-in-chief for alleged sexual harassment, and another trawling for horror anecdotes from readers about workplace sexual harassment.

Here is a post by Andrew Bolt who works for News Corp the internationally famous center for sexual predation in the work place. Equally famous for it's refusal to talk about Fox News Culture in public. Ask yourself did Andrew Bolt ever dicuss the resignation of Roger Ailes his hero from Fox News? I have no recollection that he did. It seems though here he is suggesting the whole episode was a George Pell beat up on Ailes and at worst he was merely rude. 
The Age he suggests has been caught up in just such case but Bolt's ready tell all  from the perspective of an outsider " I don't know what Mark Forbes is alleged to have done. But I do know The Age, the paper he edited, helped  cause a moral panic about "sexual harassment" that in some cases elevated the merely rude to a heinous crime." Bolt Well Bolt does know the Culture at News Corp and on that  he's stayed shtum. It was a hell of a lot worse there because they did and Bolt supports the fact that they did at first just try to make Roger Ailes appear merely rude. That the women who complained were doing it for alternative purposes. What does Bolt's silence on such big news tell us about him? Does he believe " merely rude" is a euphemism for sexual harassment in the work place? 
The one thing you can be assured of Captain Trawl Andrew Bolt with his list of crimes Muslims , Blacks and Ethnic refugees commit is smaller than the workplace sexual harassment tales that Bolt reduces to just being rude. His respect for women it seems is about as equivalent as it is for the Africans in his book he simply doesn't understand them. His daughter must feel safe or has learnt to grin and bear it or is that grin and bare it ..... that's merely rude.
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Liberals move to cave in to emissions trading

This would be a serious political and financial mistake, and so typical of Malcolm Turnbull: "The Turnbull government will consider the use of international permits to attempt to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions." Just as Kevin Rudd always wanted.

Josh Frydenberg announces the terms of reference for a review. Areview that won't be completed until the end of next year. Bolt's announced the conclusions to that review today. Bolt even admits the government isn't doing what he says it is.  " True, the Government claims it is against emissions trading," Bolt. So apparently the word Climate will be an indication that you've double crossed the ideals Abbott laid down. Primarily "climate science is crap"Abbott.
Bolt is in a froth that a review might even think or consider alternatives. How frightening is that for a conservative?
  I feel sorry for conservatives - » The Australian Independent Media Network


  Parliament is a public place. Protest in public places is acceptable except it seems only by the likes of Reclaim Australia and the UPF. Bolt now is telling us when, where and in which public spaces protests are acceptable. In fact he's hinting at the fact that the only protest allowed is really at the ballot box. If that were the case why doesn't he accept our current PM as being the country's legitimate leaders. Unless the gallery becomes designated otherwise Bolt's qualifications are just that qualifications.
 However yesterday he took time out smear Julia Baird who by the way isn't in the best of health it's been reported but that never gets in the the way of Bolt. Even what she wrote though beyond Bolt's grasp didn't stop him mouthing off.
 Today like a slow train he's turned his attention to Kathrine Murphy and Waleed Aly in the 24/7 news cycle Bolt's become a coal fired steam train finding catching up difficult. He calls himself Steve Prices Co-host. Why if that's the case is it called the Steve Price Show? Bolt often calls it "his" show with Steve Price. It seems Bolt will climb on anybody's back for attention.
" “You’re a lover of free speech, I can only assume you’re entirely on these guys’ side?” Aly 
So Bolt now your the qualifier of "public space" and "free speech" isn't that what Section 18C is about ? 
No mention was made as to what the complaint and protest was about Lives Torture and Secrecy no concern for Bolt. It's better to argue about abstracts




Seeming not doing: Greens win $100m, lose $350m

The Greens last week boasted they had forced the Turnbull Government to pay $100 million more for a green project - Landcare. To pay for it the Government will now scrap another $350 million green project - the Green Army. Laughter all round.
 Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion speaks to RJCP workers
  Bolt obviously hasn't been reading the papers recently when when after 18 monthe the work for the dole scheme proposed by Abbott has been deemed a disaster in management. Remote work-for-the-dole scheme 'devastating Indigenous communities' 
But who cares it's success or failure in practice has nothing to do with Bolt's argument.


Electricity crisis looms with blackouts and soaring bills

LAST week gave us two huge wake-up calls: Australia is on the brink of an electricity disaster thanks to its global warming madness. Blackouts in wind-powered South Australia and big price rises in Victoria, caused by the announced closure of its biggest coal-fired generator, are just the start of huge trouble.

This is the man behind the the message and the suit. He is a serial offender of delivering falsehood and judged as such by our courts.
I don't read Bolt's columns because the Herald Sun is the least trusted media source in the country. It's the leader in factless news. 
" But unless we all wake up to this global warming cult, the price will become horrendous." Bolt
Bolt's litany of fear here is delivered by a true believer a tent preacher throwing coal on the fire of fear . Is Bolt a Climate change denier as was Tony Abbott  who said it was all crap? Is Bolt a believer but an advocate of the fact that the science is simply the weakest link a continuous error in calculation and therefore an uncertain method to knowledge ? Or is Bolt just another advocate of big business that puts profits and the interests of some before all the people on the planet?
From one day to the next Andrew Bolt is anyone of these a denier, scientist and economist. He believes science to be little more than a religion a cult with no basis in fact. That therefore economics and business are the best method on which to base social policy more reliable than scientific method and that thinkers like Dr Bjorn Lomborg sponsored by the Koch Bros the best brains to deliver the message.
Bolt has warned Victoria and South Australia of an Economic Armageddon if they continue on the path of clean energy. Are you prepared to invest 0.36cents a day for cleaner air, better health, and less enviromental destruction a better outcome to achieve targets in 15 years? That's the cost estimated to achieve cleaner air targets by 2030. That's without considering the diminishing costs   by the simple increased focus on renewable technologies.
Our infra structure fund is about to loan Adani $1 bill for the price of a dirty railroad to carry dirty coal to the dirty port on the already endangered Great Barrier Reef and risk it even more for dirty lucre. It's been called a "loan" the terms of which we know nothing. Is it to be repaid by Adani or is it just a subsidy?  We know it's a benefit to Adani but we don't know it's a benefit to us. Unlike Norway Australians haven't gained much in the way of royalties from these grandiose schemes that have pock-marked the country closed and left for us to clean up. A cost never accounted for in Bolt's economic calculations. So many costs in fact have been excluded such as health etc. However don't let it be said that every cent is calculated when costing investment in renewables even outages.
In Bolt's Litany there is 1) One warning of  Climate change being a religion. 2) One that we are on the brink  of no return.3) 4 repetitious warnings about the same 2 blackout events  4) One about unemployment which has not been due to the stopping of mining as much as new cost efficiency measures put in place by miners. New technology cutting wages and 457 visas and 5)  4 warnings are about the loss of profits the loss of profits the loss of profits. So all in all what we have here is a litany of fear for short term interest sake only. All sin and suffering and not a single word about the what the benefits of a  clean energy future might bring. 
When someone is so one-eyed and single minded one suspects we are facing a sales campaign from a snake oil salesman the likes of Donald Trump rather than someone with a reasoned argument.  The con is on and predictable it's being delivered by the world's largest fraudsters on the planet that also have one other thing in common suits. The biggest losses ever inflicted on the population of this planet has been by men in suits they are also the least arrested.

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