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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 28/1/17; What Bolt did on Australia Day; Bolt employs old tactics used by smarter lobbiests that went before him; Self promoting Bolt; That elephant is still there


Leftists block multicultural march for Australia

Leftists block multicultural march for Australia

Why is the Left the natural home of the thug? In Adelaide, protesters for Aboriginal causes have physically blocked a much bigger multicultural march for Australia - and police, of course, let them. In Sydney, a former Greens employee is charged with assault at a protest.

Bolt gloating over the fact that 2 demonstrations coincided 2 demonstrations both of which oppose what it is he represents. Multiculturalism and Recognition of Australia's first peoples. Nobody was arrested the only thing some may have differed on was the inappropriateness of the 26/1/17 to be Australia day. Both groups I'm sure appreciate the significance of Invasion Day being called Australia day and no doubt if the dates were changed you'd most likely see these two groups marching together. What however is significant is that you wouldn't find Andrew Bolt marching or celebrating any day. What did Andrew Bolt do on Australia day other than think of and what to criticize this country for . To dream his nightmare about what we aren't rather than what we are, to mock and snigger and for some reason get paid for it by a News Corp team as equally negative and anti-Australian. Did these arseholes party together I somehow doubt it. Bolt hides where he went for holiday where his farm is he simply doesn't share anything with his followers but he does find time to brag nevertheless. i wonder whether his kids are proud of him as his wife is who freaks out if anything becomes public? It a strange life he leads not typically an Australian role model.

Theresa May shows Turnbull how to deal with Trump

Theresa May shows Turnbull how to deal with Trump

Malcolm Turnbull is slow to adjust to Donald Trump's win. But he should learn three things from this video of Trump's presser with British PM Theresa May. First, Trump can charm even the media. Second, he listens to his experts. Third, he's made a win-win deal with May on NATO, making her seem a moderating influence but getting support for reform.

What a wanker Bolt is . This seems more a rushed shot gun wedding of two opposites but not according to Bolt

1) Theresa May needs the USA for post Brexit trade more that America needs her. Remember Trump said any trade deals made America has to come first. 
2 May needs The USA for NATO. However remember what Trump said in it's current form it's obsolete and Europe needs to pay for US support
3) Trump needs the UK to make him appear a legitimate President given his ratings are the lowest ever of an incoming president.
Andrew Bolt is simply Murdoch's flag waver in Australia. His true nature shows in how he manages to smear Turnbull at the same time. Note the absence of any objective analysis here. How can he possibly get it so wrong?

President Donald Trump enters office facing low job approval ratings and skepticism from voters, according to a new Quinnipiac University a conservative regarded  poll released Thursday.
Source: Poll: 36% approve of Trump's job performance -

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Fake freak-out: another journalists gasps over Donald Trump

Donald Trump calls British Prime Minister Theresa May by her first name. An Al Jazeera journalist promptly freaks, forgetting to do one basic thing.

Andrew Bolt has reduced his blogging about Trump and America to this absolute trivia why? His agenda has been dictated for him and if you can't be serious be stupid. A  Trump hater 3 months ago he's now a born again Trump legitimator . To do that one needs to ignore the elephant Donald all together and criticize 90% of all other media. The media have become the new consensus body like scientists to be attacked. Trump idiocy is the new Climate Change, and using old tactics the media in opposition to him the body to be attacked.
By ignoring the elephant Donald  Bolt takes on the media like the 97% of Climate Change scientists  to find those he can mock and ridicule in order to have his audience believe Trump isn't a fool. However he avoids the issue of Trump altogether. World media consensus is that Trump's a fool, a loose canon and a danger to the planet. Murdoch is the martinet at News Corp to whose tune Bolt dances denying Climate Change, promoting coal, anti vaxing, GM products etc but not by addressing the issue head on but by attacking those in opposition in this case journalists.
Never mind that Donald Trump is a pathological liar, hasn't a diplomatic bone in his body, thinks that putting a 20% ta
riff on Mexican goods is making the Mexicans pay and not Americans. Never mind that he publicly figures he can solve Americas debt problem by invading Iraq again and stealing their oil never mind any of that. Ignore it and look for the trivial flaws anti-Trump media makes to show they are wrong. Forget Trump the elephant in the room. Is that all Bolt has in his armory? The same old tactics employed by Climate deniers, and Tobacco lobbiest?

Bishop can't deny refugee swap is dead. But Turnbull dreams on

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has talked to new US Vice President Mike Pence and now refuses to say whether or not the Turnbull Government's deal with former president Barack Obama to send out detained boat people to the US is dead. Which suggests it is. Of course.

1  Politeness isn't that Bolt's mantra. Politeness stands above all. Then when our Foreign Minister practices just that and very diplomatically Bolt tears politeness down. He lauds the pretense shown by Theresa and Trump for the press but refuses to do the same for Julie Bishop. No Bolt rather disparages her why? To promote himself of course.' I did warn at the time of the danger of Turnbull rushing through a deal with Barack Obama that Trump was almost certain to oppose - leading only to political embarrassment:You see Bolt seizes every opportunity to promote himself. You see he is his sole press pilot seeming to be the wise savant. He can't lose because if he's right we will hear much much more of it from him. If he's wrong all we will hear is silence. It's the luxury of press jock like Bolt has when flying solo if and when he crashes it's all in the past. 
This however was never about Julie Bishop it was merely an opportunity to smeer Turnbull and self promote.


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Kelly was for identity politics before he was against it

Here's a startling example of the effect of Donald Trump on public debate. Two years ago Paul Kelly urged my editors silence me to stop my "poison" - my opposition to identity politics in the form of a constitutional change to divide us by "race". But today Kelly actually joins Trump's "revolt against identity politics"
Proof of the above about avoiding the elephant in the room is Bolt's  attack on Paul Kelly rather than  addressing the issue of Trump the loose  cannon he turns on Kelly never mind that he works for the same organization. Does Bolt really believe he doesn't play identity politics?  Africans Muslims the indigenous are all racists and that he's not?
His distraction is that he has to go back to 2015 to make some vague anal and vengeful point based on what Kelly has written in 2017. In 2015  Kelly wrote  against Bolt's Reverse Racism claims "Bolt argues an extreme position: he says the referendum is racist and that it will divide the nation by race... It is hard to judge whether the political poison Bolt injects into this debate will gain traction. He may appeal to only rusted-on believers yet the risk should not be underestimated given the xenophobic potential on the populist Right..." Kelly 
This was said in reply to Bolt's insistence that vanquished and a demoralized indigenous people are  the 'racists' and that reverse racism exists. It's a vacuous argument  by those who deny the 200 years of discrimination that has existed. Those like Bolt who claim they are as indigenous as  much Australia's first peoples and will be victimized. In Bolt's case  he's more indigenous and in doing so throws the historical record out the window simply by reversing the definition of racist.
The fact however that Paul Kelly didn't address when talking about America in 2017 was that identity didn't lose the vote in Trump lost the popular vote by some 3 million votes because identity did vote against  and for him. He is only sitting as President because of what he himself calls the 'rigged system' of the Electoral College a gerrymander of sorts.
 Bolt for one isn't crowing and nor are the American people. The only ones crowing are white nationalist Americans. We are watching Trump squirm denying facts to say he did win the popular vote and that his inauguration had the greatest audience in history and that all of America is behind him when we just saw the greatest demonstration in the history of the country against him. "All" of America in fact translates to white rural unemployed and underemployed Americans who were once middle class and who now feel victimized. Isn't that identity politics at work and Trump appealed to it. Trump hasn't won the hearts and minds of Americans by a long shot he has done the opposite.
 So Bolt's jumped from the context of America trying to tell us Trumps a winner and is legitimate why, because Paul Kelly was writing about Bolt being wrong back in 2015 about recognition of indigenous.  Today in some convoluted way he's trying to say Trump's win justifies and proves he was right  that Andrew Bolt doesn't involve himself in identity politics? Bolt says we shouldn't when it comes to Recognition but says the opposite when it comes to Africans, Muslims LGBTQIs and the indigenous in every other circumstance. Bolt the assimilationist  is known for denying what the majority of us know him to be a bigot who uses ethnic, race, gender and faith identifiers to group people and he is as big a bigot as this country has ever seen.  He expects an apology because he's calling Australia's indigenous out for being the racists.  So all we are witnessing is a vengeful anal egocentric man child schoolyard bully. Bolt claiming victimhood at the hands of a real journalist Paul Kelly discussing and offering different opinions in different contexts it's what Australians do and welcome.  Rather than Bolt claiming to be right and in his righteousness avoiding the elephant in the room Donald Trump

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