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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 10/2/17; Bolt states the obvious why Trump is the biggest liar in a Capitalist ecosystem and gets away with it. Bolt doesn't mention if it's right;

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Poll: Media a bigger liar than Trump

A poll shows voters think Donald Trump is more "truthful" than the media - 49 per cent to 39. Voters are smart.
 Bolt's a legend in his ignorance simplicity omissions pulling information like this out of his rear end without fuller explanation.
 " So the burgeoning media hype about “lefty” fake news is being oversold, and it’s glossing over the reality of the multifaceted conservative media ecosystem at large, which is unique and unmatched in the way it encourages and rewards right-wing fake news. Myopic, one-to-one comparisons of left- and right-wing fake news stories are leading us to miss the forest for the trees." Media Matters
This is the narrative war that the right demands that facts don't matter any more. Bolt applies this in everything he approaches claiming opinion over everything he does is justified. He applies it to Climate Change, Muslims in Australia, To African refugees The Media, and then he turns to this Poll  as some sort of justification for his flip of justifying no news. In a world of media chaos the only truth is power in who can control the narrative. When there is no control of facts and the electorate remains uninformed the conservatives are then satisfied why? They have done their job simply by bringing information to a standstill by disrupting agreed fact and therefore progress by not allowing the electorate to focus on any real problems or solutions.

1) The Right-Wing media infrastructure or Murdoch's power is and has been in place for years. It enables conservative fake news in a way the left doesn’t.Bolt operates without reference to history, context or money opinion only is acceptable. He has been bellowing out the same repetitive messages for years. The network of conservative media ownership has been a unified source of interconnected support of misinformation for years. Cattalaxy Files, Quadrant, The Spectator  domestically and Fox Breitbart, Powerline etc more broadly.  The left  simply does not have a similar set of complex and coordinated pathways. Thus, when a dozen right-wing sites are reporting the same lie, its chance of going viral, piercing the mainstream, and being noticed by public figures grows. It would be misguided to suggest that the left have created a similar ecosystem at all, let alone in the last three months in the US.
 Climate change is an obvious example 97% of reasoned scientific thinking has developed a consensus among experts who have less time and money invested than the  3% denialists  who use the media over proportionately to deny that expertise. Like the Poll above polls merely reflect the power of the narrative over the facts.
2) Conservative audiences believe -- and right-wing giants validate -- fake news in a way that the left and center do not. Trump is the example an outrageous creator, user of spin and he has the availability of a media network on hand a coalition of extreme right-wing websites like Infowars, Drudge Report, The Gateway Pundit, LifeZette, and Breitbart who serve as bridges between the radical fringes of the internet and the conservative mainstream media like Fox News. They are long- and well-established, and  consequently help facilitate the spread of fake news. This far-reaching, enduring infrastructure  both creates and boosts conservative fake news.
 It took years to build and has credibility in the eyes of millions because it has been taken for granted in the media enviroment. It would be misguided to suggest that the left have created a similar ecosystem at all, let alone recently either in the USA or here. By repeatedly attacking credible news outlets as “fake news,” Trump is attempting to redefine “fake news” in his own terms. Andrew Bolt does it targeting the ABC and opposition by conflating honest mistakes in reporting with fake news helps the right degrade the Fourth Estate,  Trump’s appropriation of the term “fake news” also effectively validates the worst fake news purveyors out there -- because if The New York Times is fake news, then who isn’t?
 So, when the person carrying the mantle of the Republican Party  unabashedly spouts nonsense and bullshit, the idea that “both sides do it” becomes moot. Psychologists have found that the left are more predisposed to think critically than conservatives, and have found that individuals who identified as more conservative were more likely to be duped by nonsense than the left. " “Nobody fact-checks anything anymore"
Can any greater evidence be found for the conservative network than the advertizing of it to be found here for the calling to war against our government. The amusing thing is it's preaching to the converted when in fact it needs to convince the middle electorate that voted for Turnbull so to do that you can expect these conservatives to be as dogmatic and unreasoned as the extreme Left
So Bolt here's a reply to your truthful Trump it's significantly more truthful than he or you are!! This Woman Fact-Checked A Donald Trump Tweet And It Was Brilliant - BuzzFeed News

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Liberals can't rely any more on being the lesser evil

When we had just two choices -Labor or Liberal - it was fine for each party to simply argue that they weren't as bad as the other. But now we've got other options and this "lesser evil" strategy doesn't work. Example: the Liberals arguing that at least  their useless wind power policies aren't as bad as Labor's.

  Bolt simply reduces his world to his backyard and if the neighborhood was burning why bother trying to save the neighbors why pay taxes he sees no need for community responsibility. If he does he can't define where it begins or ends. It's why "Frydenberg could not deny any of what I said and, to his credit, did not try,"  Bolt simply reduces what he calls an argument to a moot point. It's Bolt  saying he's Indigenous. He's totally divorced from context history and the how the social facts  we have arrived at today are connected to the past and the problems we face today and what we do impact on the future. "although what's so extreme about defending free speech and rejecting nonsense policies that just made electricity too expensive for the poor?" Bolt Bolt simply defies logic and reason for the benefit of those with the loudest voices to be able to dominate and be free to do so even if what they are saying is nonsense. to repeat the point made above So, when the person carrying the mantle of the Conservative Capitalist Party  unabashedly spouts nonsense and bullshit, the idea that “both sides do it” becomes moot. Psychologists have found that the left are more predisposed to think critically than conservatives, and have found that individuals who identified as more conservative were more likely to be duped by nonsense than the left. " “Nobody fact-checks anything anymore" This then denies inequality of speech to prevail which Bolt simply ignores in his free world. Do we hear Bolt being the defender of science when the results are  silenced as they have been of the EPA  by Trump . No Bolt merely praises him by amplifying the idiocy of Polls that declare him more than the media suggesting that's believable.

How contradictory can Andrew Bolt get. 1) He's denies all current day anthropology that  teaches theories of Cultural Relativity. He holds dear the theories of the  Cultural Supremacy of Christianity and those socio-biological theories that contain the justification of racial superiority. 2) However he denies the superiority of the scientific method  over any other methods for obtaining knowledge. Why because it was inherited from the Arabs and Islamic cultures? In other words he believes in Epistemological relativity. If that were the case why does emphasize the paucity of Aboriginal culture? If the knowledge Creationists have of the world is as valid as Science as he often says it is by telling us it's just another religion then to can't the same be said of the Aborigine beliefs? He is currently pushing the notion of factual relativity. Why to neutralize the notion the left thinking is anymore reasoned considered or rational than right that accepts narratives of alternative facts as valid.  That's free speech and balanced in the free market of ideas. What hog wash





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Richo on Turnbull's spray: born to rule?

Graham Richardson on Malcolm Turnbull's sledging of Bill Shorten as a "sycophant" to billionaires: "The PM will have tucked his knees under many more billionaires’ tables. Obviously, Turnbull believes he is entitled to be there but Shorten is an unworthy impostor. Such is the view of those born to rule."

However Bolt does believe in the inequality of speech in a capitalist society doesn't he when he becomes a lefty for the day because it's an opportunity to hate Turnbull. Turnbull is rich therefore unfair and lower for attacking the poor left Shorten. It's not however the case for Andrew Bolt and News Corp is it. Their media wealth and power is used to run the "good fight " for the poor. Universal Health, Housing, Education and Welfare are insidious plots to weaken them. As would be  auniversal Clean energy Nation.  The word evolution and transition are lost if the good oil and coal are left in the ground.

Labor Unveils Election Strategy & Bolt Promotes the book to help. The book that Abbott didn't write.

labor strategy
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten today unveiled the key policy platform that he believes can lead Labor to victory at the upcoming election.
At a packed conference for party faithful, Mr Shorten built anticipation to fever pitch before pulling back a curtain to reveal former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Struggling to be heard over clapping and cheering, Mr Shorten declared, “This is the man who can lead us to victory in 2016!”.
As chants of ‘Tony, Tony’ filled the room, the Opposition Leader said Mr Abbott had so much to offer his electorate, his country, and the Labor Party. “He has the rare ability to bind everyone together in agreement. I want to have a Tony Abbott on every TV screen, on every newspaper, in every electorate in the country!”
One Labor back-bencher at the conference said he had absolute trust in Mr Abbott. “A few months ago I looked like I was going to lose my seat. But with Abbott on the team, I actually think we can win this thing,”.

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