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Andrew Bolt's Blog,26/2/17; Fake Fox News Trump Used; Trump Newspoll research shows he's the least trusted 52-37% in the US; Abbott savig is the destruction of the Liberal Party; Boosting Bolt is Bolt

Trump national security adviser wants to avoid term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, sources say | US news | The Guardian

HR McMaster felt phrase castigates ‘an entire religion’ and indicated ‘he’s not on board’ – a contrast with the president and many key staff members
You won't hear this from Bolt

Fake Fox News

The photographer who filmed the documentary Donald Trump watched on Sweden says it was edited 'unethically'


Donald Trump received criticism from a number of news organisations as well as Swedes for his apparently 'off script' comments about terrorism and crime in the country. 

The President later clarified that he sourced the information from a Fox News segment, in which a documentary filmmaker, Ami Horowitz was interviewed about his experiences in the country.
Horowitz portrayed Sweden in harsh terms, saying that Swedes are making excuses for what he sees as an increase in violence and rape as a result of immigration.
The validity of his documentary has been questioned by political scientists and newspapers, who called his claims an “exaggeration”.
Now, one particular part of his documentary is receiving even more scrutiny - specifically a video clip featuring two Stockholm-based police officers being interviewed.
The police officers spoke about crime rates in Sweden and the availability of weapons.
When the documentary was published on YouTube, and later used on Fox News, the officers claimed that their quotes were taken out of context.
One of the officers, Anders Göranzon told Dagens Nyheter (DN), a Swedish newspaper:
I don't understand why we are part of the segment. The interview was about something completely different to what Fox News and Horowitz were talking about. It was supposed to be about crime in high risk areas. Areas with high crime rates. There wasn't any focus on migration or immigration.
Photographer Emil Marczak, who filmed the interview, agrees that the police officers were misrepresented.
He told DN:
To double check that my recollection is correct I went through the raw footage, and it confirms how the police have portrayed events.
They said repeatedly that they had no information which could substantiate this kind of statement
In fact, had he known how “unethically” the material was going to be put together, he claims he would not have taken the job in the first place.
Ami Horowitz did not immediately return a request for comment.


Fairfax fake news: Trump wrong but right

Fairfax fake news: Trump wrong but right

The Sydney Morning Herald's anti-Trump malice is farcically exposed by the way it's presented the news that Donald Trump is STUPID to claim Sweden has a problem with immigrants and crime because look at the evidence buried deep in the story which ... oh dear .. proves him absolutely right.
No the Banner should read Fox Fake News: Is Trump's News Fake News? Only 37% of Americans believe him. Bill O'Reilly just hosted a fake Swedish 'advisor' to scaremonger about refugees

The photographer who filmed the documentary Donald Trump watched on Sweden says it was edited 'unethically' Topic No 61

" What an idiot." Bolt Is he referring to Nick Miller or the Swedish officials? You can never really tell when Bolt's putting his fingers to the keyboard. However generally he's telling us the experts are wrong and Fox News is right so Trump is too.

Trump's information came from Fox News and not from his advisors which is not just wrong but bullshit " he'd watched an interview on Fox with the creator of a two-month-old, 10-minute YouTube documentary called Stockholm Syndrome, in which filmmaker Ami Horowitz claimed Sweden had become "the rape capital of Europe" due to its migrant intake." This was proven wrong even before Trump's inauguration and even Trump excused himself for the error. He never used it again did he. " Professor Jerry Sarnecki is a leading criminologist from Stockholm University. "The increasing number of immigrants has not led to an increasing number of crimes in this country" All this is totally ignored by Andrew Bolt because he's defending News Corp and not Trump. Experts tend to be the conspirators as far as Bolt and Fox News are concerned in science, policing, the secret service you name it Fox is the only trustable  and verified source of news in the Anglosphere and therefore Trump must be right. It's strange  in a recent poll taken by Newspoll Murdoch and Bolt's favored pollster Trump and his sources are only trusted by 37% of the nation and regarded  fake by 52%  Yet Bolt claims he's "right" !! Trump is losing his war with the media, new poll shows 

Sarnecki also says " "Sweden has more or less stable or even decreasing number of crimes", he says - at the same time that Sweden's migrant population dramatically increased." again you won't find that in Bolt's cherry picked piece. "But over the last few years most of the crime increase "has nothing to do with this influx of people from Syria and other countries"Sarnecki

 "Our level of blatant violence is still much lower than other countries – the US or even Finland," "it is "total nonsense" to call Sweden the rape capital of Europe. Statistics are being used misleadingly to attack immigrants, he says." "Most Swedes recognise immigration is necessary to sustain economic growth, and the recent immigration has been a boon for the economy over the last 10 years."

On it goes Bolt simply takes a verified article  well written and based on the fact that the stats prove Sweden hasn't an immigration problem and he simply cherry picks the crap out of it to prove a wanted conclusion that Fox was right. However what is proved if read is Nick Millar's report  that News Corp, Trump and Bolt were wrong and can't be trusted. Unresearched and opinion passed off as news hasn't the power it once had. In fact currently Trump is losing the  war on the media  it's evident in his lockout of America's most trusted sources of news and his choice of the nations least trusted as his allies. Andrew Bolt does the same work in Australia as Fox in the US running a PR campaign to Trump who until he won the election Bolt was busy smearing with a vengence. 

No mention of  the White Terrorist slaying of two American nationals. Slaying recently inspired by Trump's  amplification of the fake threat to America one that hasn't been realized in 40 years. Andrew Bolt doesn't cherry pick that news to report that the fake news put out by Trump actually kills Americans. Unless of course Bolt wants to blame US immigration policy that allowed these two young men from India into the country in the first place. Let's forget that multiculturalism is America and has been it's heart throughout history.



Bill O’Reilly just hosted a fake Swedish ‘advisor’ to scaremonger about refugees

Bill O’Reilly, one of Fox News’ main personalities, just deliberately misled millions of viewers.
In a February 23 appearance on the O’Reilly Factor, a man named “Nils Bildt,” who was listed as a “Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor” did a segment with O’Reilly about supposedly unsafe conditions in Sweden allegedly caused by Middle Eastern refugees.
“There is a problem with socially deviant activity, there is a problem with crime, [and] there is a problem with areas or hotspots of crime,” Bildt said, after saying refugees were unable to “socially integrate” with society.
“If you don’t agree with the liberal, shall we say, common agenda, then you are viewed as an outsider or not even taken seriously,” Bildt added.
However, when Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten started digging on Bildt’s background, they revealed Bildt’s actual surname was Tolling (which is a little less deliberately Swedish-sounding) and that he hasn’t lived in Sweden since 1994. They also learned that Swedish national security agencies have no idea who he is.
“We have no spokesman by that name,” said Marie Pisäter, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Defense Ministry, who also confirmed that he didn’t work in Sweden’s foreign office. “We do not know who he is.”
In addition to his lack of credentials, Bildt was also convicted of assaulting a police officer in the U.S. in 1994, for which he served one year in jail. The altercation with the police officer happened while Bildt was intoxicated, according to court documents filed in Arlington, Virginia.
Bildt was also found to have owned several security companies in the U.S. and has a residence in Tokyo.
O’Reilly’s interview with Bildt comes on the heels of President Trump remarking on a supposed act of terrorism that happened in Sweden last Friday night, which actually didn’t happen unless you count a neo-Nazi group bombing a refugee center in January. After his Sweden comment was debunked, Trump deflected the claim onto Fox News, saying he heard about it from one of their programs.
Watch the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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Credlin: Abbott wants to save Libs; Turnbull to save himself

Peta Credlin says Tony Abbott has every right to speak out, especially when Malcolm Turnbull won't heed  private advice: "It comes down to this; Malcolm Turnbull is desperate to hold on to power and Tony Abbott is desperate to hold the Liberal Party together. It’s not necessarily the same thing."  
  They don't want to save the Liberal party they want to change it. If they wanted to do the Party a favour they'd leave and start their own party. Remember when Bolt said he could start a Conservative Party and win. All talk and no action. Abbott's always been a destroyer his history has been a trail of division not salvation. He's using the the excuse that the Liberal Party is a broad church to accommodate him and destroy it in plain sight.



Don't bite, Malcolm. My advice to you was sound

Really, is that the thanks I get for suggesting Malcolm Turnbull could save himself by moving  to the Right?: "Turnbull stared at Bolt just a little longer than absolutely necessary. He looked cross. 'That man is so full of poison,' Turnbull said. 'If he bit himself, he would die.'” Unfortunately for Turnbull, it's  not me I'm biting.
 The reason people actually think so badly of Bolt is everything is about himself. What thanks does he get for being ego driven none. What he says on a keyboard is more revealing than what he says on the Bolt Report. He performs two faced in the use of the two media. All ego and bullshit in print. mannered and polite on air. Himself in print produced on air the total opposite of Waleed Aly, and the ABC presenters who are genuine unlike Bolt.
Bolt always hunts out the articles in which he gets a mention why to boost himself " He hates the very people he most needs to reach his own base." Bolt why?  Because there isn't anyone else around to do it and it's a business after all, out of sight out of mind.

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Pet immigrant has assets frozen: "unexplained wealth"

Comments can't be left because there is no moderator and Bolt is an advocate of 'free speech'
Does Bolt only get his news from the SMH and the ABC? Bolt's banner  and comment "She sure was a popular pet for professional multiculturalists:" says more about this advocate of manners than it does about the the woman held on "suspicion". Had she been Dutch and not Egyptian Bolt would have remained silent. Suspicion exists that Bolt's heritage and history which places him in among a nest of Nazi's, Jew haters and hunters from Aalsmeer Holland  who had a record for the deaths of innocent people. So he certainly knows what suspicion means. Given his background is multicultural what is his reason other than bigotry to focus on this woman? Is he about to do a Trump and say did you hear about the Egyptian in Australia this morning? Yes Bolt we are a multicultural nation and even suspicion is multicultural as is crime and as are pricks. That is Australia a settler nation much admired by all but apparently yourself. Did you know Ned Kelly was of Irish extraction as was Ronald Ryan and Tony Abbott is an Immigrant.
The Taxation Dept might well do a betterment check on Bolt for income undeclared , taxes not paid or claims incorrectly made.

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