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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 16/3/17; Tip: Andrew Bolt isn't Australian or Dutch; Wilders defeated and the Greens surge in the Netherlands; Taboo private vs public; EU. Turkey and political posturing. ACTU bad laws; Using Richo in the bull ring;


Andrew Bolt's definitely not Australian but nor is he Dutch. On every of his predictions on every countof his description of who we are  Australians and Dutch have deserted him and declared him persona non gratis however we haven't put a ban on him.
Dutch election 
Bolt's right the greens said no to Gilders dumb taboos as did the the moderate and tolerant Dutch

Historic night for GreenLeft

One of the biggest winners of the night was the GreenLeft, which is now the largest party of the Dutch left for the first time. Led by 30-year-old Jesse Klaver, a charismatic leader who has been likened to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the party quadrupled its MPs from four to 16 . 
“This is a fantastic result for us, a historic victory,” said the party chairwoman, Marjolein Meijer.
The result showed there was “very fertile ground in the Netherlands for change and a positive and hopeful story”, she said. “For us this is just the beginning.”
Watch Bolt shift from WA to the Netherlands next will be France then to Germany. Is he chasing his tail?




A great atheist once said taboos stood in the way of progress but they were underpinned by the contradictory interests of owners of the the tools of production and  workers. That the myth of the 'free market' would with stand the revolution of the common good. That battle is now playing out in front of us. The privatization of our resources has allowed us to to get less revenue than Japan for our product and has made Japan the best and cheapest source of our own product cheaper in fact than searching and looking for more. As long as free market economics is involved we will be paying more and not less for gas. Turnbull has asked for a promise of good will from privateers to set aside profit in the interests of the nation. Bolt however rather than face the issue of state owned control wants to simply continue as we once did and let the privateers have their way and that is his idea of rationality. Why would the price go down if the international demand is high. Why wouldn't the privateers buy the gas off the Japanese if they could turn a profit more easily that way? The whole market needs rationalization not just parts of it for a short time.

It's the very reason the major energy producers are calling for an ETS yes a tax on carbon the very opposite of what Bolt is talking about a taboo on dirty energy to actually help transition to clean. They know where the futures lie and it's not in the the direction Bolt insists.



Turkey's president - fast becoming a dictator - is terrifying Europe by sending his officials to whip up the huge Turkish minorities in Germany and Holland. What's frightening is the question he's raising: how loyal are the people brought in by mass immigration?    
"This meddling and his threats — particularly against Holland — raise serious questions about the danger of mass immigration." Bolt
Bolt as usual is conflating issues of what it means to be a member of the EU, what it means to have free border crossings, what that does to sovereign rights and refugees. These issues aren't all the same. Yes Europe has "imported cheap labour" from Turkey and continues to do so.  They were once called 'guest workers'. They didn't invade  Europe they were invited and they weren't 'mobs'. They were welcome well before the EU was formed. 
However the worm seems to have turned as politics has come into the mix and Turks have become 'mobs' along with refugees no doubt because they are Muslim.   Turkey is an associate member of the EU and wants it's politicians to be able to politically campaign within the borders of EU states for votes and mainly in Germany and the Netherlands which have refused for reasons of their own security and their own politics. Turkey however believes as an associate it has the member rights of free movement which the Dutch have denied them as have the Germans. The question being addressed is what are EU members rights and how do they reflect on the domestic politics of each country. It's not "Mass Migration" or  to do with the arrival of refugees. It's to do with the fact can Turkish politicians conduct political rallies in the Netherlands or in any other EU country.  Turkey can open the gates and allow refugees into the EU will they? Is Erdrogan just posturing performing for his electorate as we saw him do with Russia? The problem being the EU hasn't a refugee solution without Turkey's help and nor has Bolt's problem of 'mass migration then'. The question of "mass invasion" is merely a moral and political one within the EU and reflects the current state of it's politics which on the right is anti-EU and anti- migration vs pro EU and pro refugee aid.
 Without "guest workers" and cheap labour nation states in Europe couldn't survive. "Whipping up mobs" is Bolt's description as is his description of 'mass rape in Sweden' both are  fake facts and false and simply right wing motivated. I believe Gert Wilders his hero has had a substantial slip in the Dutch polls recently like Hanson something you won't hear from Bolt. The Greens were the biggest winners another thing you won't hear.
 Dutch election exit polls show Prime Minister's VVD Party on track to ...




New ACTU secretary Sally McManus says the unions won't be bound by the law:  “I believe in the rule of law where the law is fair and the law is right. But when it’s unjust I don’t think there’s a problem with breaking it.” I'd like her to nominate all the laws - from tax laws to laws against assault - that she thinks the unions may break.
  It seems Corporations don't have any concern breaking laws when it comes wages and benefits why is Bolt so fussed when it comes to unions. The costs involved seem to be far greater when corporations are involved than when unions are. On top of that corporate bosses and executives are rarely charged and never jailed. The ACTU isn't the first to declare laws bad Abbott did it and Bolt nodded.

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