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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 12/9/17; Politics has been the most useless use energy since Abbott became opposition leader; Bolt and Equality in Australia; Bolt would never stop to do this; Bolt admires Scientology; AGL and Corporate Decision making;

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New convert Malcolm Turnbull yesterday: "We don’t want to have a repeat of the Hazelwood situation where a big power station is shut down and then there is nothing to put in its place." Turnbull in March: "There is more than adequate unused capacity in our electricity-generation system ... to make up for the loss of the generation from Hazelwood."
12 Sep Yes, but News Corp is a parasite on the backs of our government a melanoma that can't be got rid of. Death is the only solution and it presents in the form of Tony Abbott. How on earth can anybody expect Mr. Nope to run this country? As a Bill passer, he ran next to last to John Gorton. back in the 70s of the last century. He's a documented liar prepared to lie to his patrons, the public, and even his own team members when the going gets tough. He is Incubus that haunts Australian women and a puppet in the hands of Murdoch and the IPA. He is the only tool in their kit promising to rid them of the ABC but just another lie.
As for fossil fuels being the only solution to today's energy problem tell that to Texas and Florida the lights are out for 4.5 million homes because Irma and Harvey screwed their infrastructure. Two states that laughed at wind and solar energy. The problem isn't that Abbott's for coal the problem is he's against green power and climate change. He's against the banks and the energy producers against the experts and against the investors which amount to being against pragmatic solutions to move the country forward for the sake of a political tactic that translates into another zombie bill which he's a front runner producing.

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Liberal MP Tim Wilson said opponents of same-sex marriage should still vote yes because only the Liberals would then protect their freedoms of speech and religion. But now: "Finance Minister Mathias Corman ... said the government would hand responsibility over the final shape of any bill to the parliament." 
12 Sep So Bolt panhandling paranoia is spelling out clearly what it is he believes in Inequality. Inequality is the road to ultra -conservative notion of freedoms. Go back to colonial times and you will find that's the ideology of the brutish British when equality was a privilege for them alone. Ask how many Aborigines were hanged for violence towards whites and compare that figure with the number of whites prosecuted for killing blacks, homosexuals, women or even transportees.  However, isn't that the equality what exists now? 
No The AHRC is in the way and protects us against hate-speech, no Australia isn't as yet a Christian state and religious freedoms are guaranteed under our Constitution. No Australia isn't as yet a mono culture the desire of Bolt and his ilk that needs to sort out the wheat from the chaff in Australian Culture. 
When a marriage exists between the major corporations and government and a uniformity in culture is attained will Bolt acquiesce to being the perfect nation. Parliament can't be trusted to accomplish this task according to Bolt. Mussolini defined Bolt's perfect nation as the ideal and holy  Fascist State. Abbott was the only leader that knew the power of flags, anthems the honors of knights and dames and the power of monuments and uniforms and wanted to take us in that direction.


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Another green scheme that will cost plenty without saving the planet: "Solar customers will be able to trade power collected from their Victorian homes for VIP experiences at the [MCG]... Energy generated on the rooftops of Victorian homes could help power everything from the iconic light towers to giant scoreboard screens at the people’s ground."
12 Sep Bolt's philosophy is if you're not Jesus don't bother.  Yet he believes God is the property of the AFL. Well, he seems to underestimate the power of change comes not from a super hero it comes from the unity of a team. Change is driven by the masses and each member realizing the common sense of what needs to be done and the awareness that the opposite is not progress. Bolt can't turn back the clock on clean energy.
 Common sense Bolt is the realization that without clean energy the planet can't be saved and the realization that technology can be shifted from corporate control of power to the hands of the consumer is a massive shift to clean power. The cars running on fossil fuels in Texas and Florida are stationary those running on green power are running there is no pretense in that. Jesus didn't start a corporation to control he wasn't a Scientologist. He was, however, an existentialist putting the power of choice in the hands of the individual. Cynicism runs from those fast losing the trust of the ordinary man. 

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What is his "win" here?: "Malcolm Turnbull has struck a deal with power giant AGL to prevent a looming energy shortage by extending the life of a vital coal-fired power station for five years, unless the company drafts a plan ... to install new generators to take its place." No, there is no deal, and AGL says its plan includes just cutting demand.
There is a trick here and yes you guessed it's a PAYWALL  to both Matt Chambers and Judith Sloan both writers for Murdoch's Australian and Sloan can be found writing for the IPA as well directed to you by an instruction from Peter BH who Andrew Bolt likes to pretend is just a passing reader of his blog. Peter BH is far more dangerous than Bolt because he's not just a pretty face and a motor mouth he's more often the brains behind the gravitas of Bolt's Blog. Bolt nevertheless attributes Peter BH's efforts to himself suggesting he's just another loving fan.
" “In this environment, we just don’t see new development of coal as economically rational, even before factoring in a carbon cost.”” AGL
When the experts in business and technology agree coal is not the future do any of these CEO's who want to be ahead of the game seriously want to shoot themselves in the foot for the sake of a political donation to keep favor with the Liberal Party whether  Turnbull or Abbott are leaders? Do morons like Bolt think for a moment this was a spur of the moment decision by AGL to transition away from coal? Bolt suggested it's because they employed an adviser who once had connections with Get Up and she has turned the company's decisions around. But then Bolt's a performing idiot a side show demonstrating he knows nothing about business and corporate decision making. 

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