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Andrew Bolt's Blog,10/9/17; Yes is for Australia and beyond; Melbourne threatened by IRMA That's Melbourne Florida,

Yes for equality, yes for love| 

Yes unites us, No divides. 

Yes is for the Nation, No is simply a tactical Political move for short term gain.


More than 20,000 people took to the streets in Melbourne for the Equal Love rally last month.
Even though you don’t have to vote, you need to make the effort to be counted.
"Some behind the no campaign have conflated a yes vote with all manner of societal decay. It will impact negatively on the nation, the family, children, religion, freedom of speech and businesses."

 Yes for equality, yes for love


 Melbourne threatened by IRMA  That's Melbourne Florida

By the time Irma gets to Tampa, the storm surge is forecast to be five to eight feet, pushing a wall of water into a city built around waterways.

 As Hurricane Irma approaches, the realisation of danger takes hold for Florida


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Janet Albrechtsen sums up the crass politicking of Subway over same-sex marriage: "Who wants a sandwich to tell them how to vote?"
10 Sep 
Crass, you can't get crasser than Bolt using PAYWALLS  and News Corp not to just to finance the "no" vote but to make money doing it from the waste of taxpayer and citizen money fighting over tie issue.
He's the man that is prepared to scare little children tell them their parents are no good for them and they really need to be stolen away for their own good. He's the man that spends so much time, however, telling us what the symbols and the laws of love are while also telling us he has few friends stays out of the public gaze as much as possible and always speaks of his own family in third person terms. There is a lot of self indulgent "me" in Andrew Bolt and very little "we"unless of course he's using the term "Crass". We are "Crass" and he's not. He's indigenous and they are not he's the head of the family and they are not. The more you consider it Andrew Bolt is the least intelligent but most foolish of public commentators in the News Corp stable.

adjective: crass; comparative adjective: crasser; superlative adjective: crassest
  1. showing no intelligence or sensitivity.

    "the crass assumptions that men make about women"

    synonyms:stupid, insensitive, blundering, dense, thick, vacuous, mindless, witless, doltish, oafish, boorish, asinine, bovine, coarse, gross; More

    "the crass assumptions that men make about women"
    gross, utter, sheer, downright, total, out-and-out, outright, very great, complete, absolute, thorough, perfect, blatant, unmitigated, unqualified, glaring, undisguised, naked

    "you committed an act of crass stupidity"



Channel 7's Mark Riley likens burning coal to pedophilia: "Try to sell that to the average voter. Clean coal is like nice pedophile. It just doesn't exist in their mind." Riley works in an industry that relies on coal-fired electricity to broadcast its product and have it consumed. So what do we call people who profit from pedophilia?
10 Sep Oh child Andrew in the media playground get his bully act on. Nobody can tell the truth on clean coal. The truth it's cleaner coal not clean coal and it's now more expensive than dirty coal his first choice. It won't be long before Bolt will be running on Clean Power because whether he likes it or not.



Labor will pay a gay gestapo to hound you once it's made gay marriage law, whatever the result of next month's plebiscite: "Labor will spend $1.4 million to appoint a watchdog for gay and lesbian rights... The Opposition has already promised to introduce marriage equality legislation into the Parliament within the first 100 days of the next term.
10 Sep 
Anyone notice Bolt hasn't mentioned the 10,000 plus gay activist "bullies" having a public love fest in Sydney today.  His anti-Equality brigade didn't turn up for the celebration. Where was the ACL to shy to try to put their point of view across? They were invited but they seem unconvinced of their own beliefs. 
The Gestapo tried the working on preventing equality they certainly weren't shy Bolt and there was nothing gay when killed my uncle a Jew and a pharmacist on the streets in Munich. They kicked him to death. If I recall that's what the "no" voters of Adelaide used to do in the 70s. Bolt's home town is notorious for Gestapo like behavior.  Guess Bolt would say my uncle deserved what he got because he provoked those "patriots". No Bolt would apply favorite word today. The Jew  "bullied" them because he existed. 
There isn't a single value Bolt claims to uphold that isn't divisive. There aren't any principles being espoused here only tactics to prevent a principle that being we are all equal.
This vote is the most unnecessary humiliating event and shames our country as much as our treatment of Aboriginal Australians does.



All major polls - Newspoll, Essential and now Ipsos - agree: "Labor has maintained the 53 per cent to 47 per cent lead." Labor's leader may reckon the price he's paying in popularity is worth it, but it's high: "Mr Turnbull's standing as preferred prime minister ... rose ... to 48 per cent, while Mr Shorten fell ... to 31 per cent."
Really is this all you've got Bolt. Surely you should be back telling us Hurricanes are normal.

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