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Andrew Bolt's Blog,15/9/17; The Right to Fight Bolt's call; Vote Yes against Fascism; Preaching Satan; Preaching a Wagnerian Salvation; All Me Not We when it comes to Human rights John howard;

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 "But the Herald Sun can reveal each asylum seeker costs taxpayers about $110,000 a year in food, housing, and healthcare benefits."Bolt
  Like ISIS if a Kufar has his hand out asking for help "cut it off" We spent $50 mill to send 7  asylum seekers to Cambodia. Only 4 are there now and Andrew Bolt begrudges Victorians spending  0.02 cents a year feeding a desperate person. The coinage doesn't even exist and he bawlks at less than 0,02 cents an effen YEAR.
 He wants an even harsher government. Bolt proves what going Dutch means. Don't worry Andrew I'll pay your 0.02 cents for you and justify holding a grudge as my reward.  Bolt believes in individual Human Rights his but not Universal Human Rights the very anchor of Democracy. that's why we need to vote "yes" to marriage equality it's a vote against Fascism.

"The postal vote has been criticised for exposing children to hatred, with Labor senator Penny Wong labelling it as a damaging and expensive stunt to avoid having Parliament make a decision. "

Bolt called to fight just like Cronulla

What Bolt has been enabling? When freedom of Speech turns to Freedom of Action. He called Islamic Terrorists brave and White Christians cowards. They should be doing more  and stop being persecuted by Gays, Feminists, Blacks, Muslims, Lefties, just like he did in Carlton when gay pranksters glittered him

 Man charged with punching Kevin Rudd's godson in same-sex marriage row - 


The vitriolic abuse people experience for holding views in opposition to the legalisation of same-sex marriage is phenomenal. A culture has developed whereby it's acceptable to vilify, mock, abuse and shame anyone who stands in the way or even raise questions about whether we should legalise same-sex marriage. 

Rather than considering herself it's hard to believe the woman doesn't understand what it is Gays have had to endure for years. Why they suffer a real illness hetero-phobia. For one minute this lady ought to bring to mind what "equality" really means. What being in the closet really means and your family and kids are faced with daily hetero-phobia. Get over your shock you suffered a bump that will pass but your doesn't offer same sex couples the occasional verbal they are culturally, socially and institutionally surrounded by your not one of us attitudes developed over hundreds of years and happily amplified by the Andrew Bolt's of this world. By the way Christ did not rail against homosexuality.

 Same-sex marriage debate: 'I'm no homophobe but I fear for

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North Korea has fired another missile over Japan: "North Korea has launched an unidentified missile from its capital city, Pyongyang... Japanese authorities put out an emergency alert saying the missile flew over Hokkaido just after 8am AEST."
Obviously Bolt knows nothing about rocketry or flight paths. How is it the experts aren't worried and he's being what he has been all along Chicken Little. The underlying subtext of Bolt's need for heightened fear is pumping for war why? History shows if there is a  reason for war near an election the likelihood of conservatives to be in a winning position is greater. Further the likelihood of a ultra conservative leader to make that decision it's greater. Ask yourself who in a survey would win if war was boosted as the best course of action Turnbull, Shorten or Abbott? How desperate are these assholes Bolt is actually mirroring ISIS, Kim Jong-un, calling them brave and us cowards. Isn't that the voice calling for a fight?


Too true.
  How strange Bolt's comment "Too True" is just what he does every day of the week call us cowards and wave the flags sing anthems and dream of uniforms. He loves Wagner, appreciates statues, prefers training of children over teaching them to learn and devoted to symbols the cross over the crescent, clogs , tulips and hierarchy.




Tony Abbott: "We’ve got the absurd situation where we subsidise wind, allegedly to save the planet, and now we’re looking at subsidising coal to keep the lights on.” Then Malcolm Turnbull: "The Australian understands the government will not seek to amend the [Renewable Energy Target and] is yet to ­decide whether to adopt a clean energy target." 


And yes this over worked post is by casual reader and fan Peter BH.

 We are forced to believe the following.
1)Tony Abbott has turned 180 degrees from his policies on Climate.
2) Coal that's a public resource has been privatized and given to mining companies by which to profit  not us isn't that a subsidy? So sales to power generators is a value addition. They wholesale it on to middle men to sell to us for a profit and that's value addition. Why do they need to do it in such sneaky ways that consumers find it difficult to know what they are paying?
3) Now that's cheaper than either "free" wind, air, tides clean resources that have no cost to either the environment or to health. 
4)Building new Generators for coal over what period of time compared with Wind  Solar and tidal farms will cost what to the environment and health ? Once the infrastructure is amortized air wind and tide are free clean healthy resources add those criteria and what have you got an FC Holden whose wheels are rusting off looking for fossil fuels to run or a Tesla fueled by a clean power source.

EVs today are running while petrol has stopped flowing in Texas and Florida. Green powered houses  and businesses operating and the lights are on the fossil fuel alternativesare dead. Bolt's BS "cheaper" power is off stationary at a standstill "nada" .How much is that costing of the $100 billion ++ of emergency funds? The loss to Industry and the states?

Why does Abbott thing the Corporate generators like AGL and their Financiers, investors and banks don't want to invest in coal even in a free market. They want an ETS to help transition to a foregone conclusion and future clean power.


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Can someone please send Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson three things: a hanky, a Bex and a very long stick to test the depth of the water in Sydney's Warrangamba dam?
Bolt's Link ex Senior Fellow from the IPA J Marhasy: Deniers demand that Climate Science needs to be perfect if it's to be regarded as a science at all. The deniers are the true skeptics because they simply deny the whatever statistical trend probability or hypothesis science develops from data. People like Bolt have never stopped being cynics not skeptics and fail to recognize what science has delivered us over the past 100 years. If this was even a two horse race who would you put you bet on Bolt's Biologist or 97% of Climate experts? Nobody is laughing at Wilson This is the conclusion of idiots "How can this review possibly conclude that there are no problems with the other 693 automatic weather stations – and there has been no impact on official temperature records from the limits it now acknowledges were placed on recordings from Thredbo and Goulburn?"
Guess they want cars to stop on the roads if one has a blowout 


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Former Prime Minister John Howard opens fire: "Howard has called on Malcolm Turnbull to explain what steps will be taken to protect parental rights, freedom of speech and religious freedom in the event of same-sex marriage becoming law... Thus far, the government’s response has been to wash its hands of any responsibility." This is serious.
Link Peter BH casual reader.  Bolt's work pushing the post button 
How elitist are these Liberal Conservatives when they preach equality threatens freedom of speech and Religion and therefore Democracy. Democracy apparently can only exist on a mono cultural hierarchiacal enviroment. Basically what Howard and Bolt are saying is that people in the states of America Calafornia and Massachusetts are less free speechwise and religion wise  than those in Florida or Texas. Further that Canada, UK Norwa and Sweden are less Democratic than Australia Just how ego driven are these people to try to sell us the concept that Equality will be a threat to to their privileged freedoms. How me and not we is theirview of the Australian human right. Totally individual without any notion of universality.
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Compare Tony Abbott's big achievements in two years as Prime Minister with Malcolm Turnbull's list on the second anniversary of his taking Abbott's job. It tells a tale:

 I apologize I started this but when Bolt declared he was providing the official list to find he'd provided his edited list I just stopped. Crap is Crap.
Abbott's daughter Frances apparently doesn't agree with her father and is voting yes to Marriage Equality. Andrew Bolt's ignoring that and not buying into this argument. He prefers an urgent push to boost his mate Tony is in order. So he's trying to polish the turd again.
Is there an obvious bias to Bolt's compare and contrast list as put out by the government?
1) links to the Liberal "Official List" seem somewhat changed so hardly fair to call it an "Official List"
2) Bolt has added elaborations and as he says rebadged Turnbull's list
3) The NBN has been declared a success. We know it's been a major failure but not for Bolt
4) Abbott's science agenda was cuts all round we heard the number sacked from the CSIRO alone.
5) Carbon Tax. The Generators of power are begging for an ETS and have declared the curren state a disaster.
6) Mining has been divesting in jobs and going robotic W.A is crippled. Labor's mining tax was only based on super profits bein achieved Abbott removed nothing.
7) The trade Agreements were on the back of Labor and simply needed signitures. To date they seem to have achieved nothing
8) Infrastructure promises are easy but what is in fact happening other than Abbott blackmailed Victoria what has been achieved?
9) Task of budget repair? Zombie policies and making Hockey appear to be the worlds worst Treasurer.
10) Abbott took a record number of freedoms away from Australians and shut the doors of government transparancy. He closed his own PMO and went into lock down mode passing a record low rate of bills that country hasn't seen for 50 years
  • Legislating four tranches of national security legislation, to keep Australians safe;
  • Providing more resources for our security and law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism;
  • Establishing counter-terrorism units at all international airports; 


From my chat on The Bolt Report with Milo Yiannopoulos (to be replayed in part on Sky News Live on Sunday):
15  Milo no doubt wishes pedophelia to be called something else as well. He lost so much except his willingness to be used. Andrew Bolt certainly took him up and used him. So which studios did Bolt use Fox's to tramp over such old ground pretending to have discovered enlightenment for us all?
 Nobody is even considering interfering with the churches who after all in the last census only represented 25% of the Australian Community. 75% seem to have no religion or at least not Christian but hold values that are pretty much common. Milo doesn't want to be restricted in any way either. See how attentive and in awe Bolt is of him. The alt- Right however Bolt's team will have nothing to do with him it doesn't however make Bolt tolerant nor any less a poofter basher.
The only reason Andrew Bolt got married was he is and always has been a status climber and Marriage was his path. As soon as he married his stocks jumped.His wife on the other hand gained nothing other than to be called a dependant by Bolt publicly. Andrew Bolts dream time Ken is a troll doll.
Milo Yiannopoulos to launch Milo Inc., 'dedicated to the destruction of political correctness' - LA Times



The BBC reports: "An explosion on a Tube train in south-west London is being treated as terrorism, Scotland Yard has said...  Pictures show a white bucket on fire inside a supermarket bag... The Metropolitan Police said it was too early to confirm the cause of the fire... Witnesses have described seeing at least one passenger with facial injuries."
15 Sep
How many murders have we seen in the weeks since Bolt posted his last "suspected" or "alleged" terrorist act in some other part of the world. The Melbourne  Murders of no consequence to Bolt. How many murders  has Bolt left un posted such as the mass murder of 8 in America reported today. Of no interest to Bolt. He is only interested in blowing up the ones he feels  he can say are "suspected" acts of terrorism all in the purpose of amplifying his agenda to vilify Muslims and Islam his personal Christian Jihad. They along the majority of Australians don't deserve to be citizens of this country because aren't reasonable and don't accept his caultural stance which is so more superior and less misdirected. They truely are mutants in his weltenschung world view. 

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