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Andrew Bolt's Blog,6/3/18; Newspoll28 informed comment; Italy and the Power of Media; Berlusconi is the Murdoch of Italian Media; Thank God for the ABC; Science is just Religion according to the head of the EPA;

For a person that's portrayed as 'driving' the news cycle Andrew Bolt has been so far behind in 2018 as to be irrelevant. Today his blog is a perfect example of Andrew who?

Day to Day Politics: Nats lose leader, Cash…


My thought for the day.
“In the information age, those who control the dissemination of news have more power than government”John Lord

 In Italy, fake news helps populists and far-right triumph

A 6 point lead without any damage from the shenanigans of the past two weeks and the aforementioned condemnation of performance seems to me implausible. And to conclude that the National Party after losing its leader, the Deputy Prime Minister, in the middle of a major scandal followed by a Cash mind implosion, suffered not a scintilla of disapproval from the electorate, borders into dodgy figures territory.

 There is no audience for Boris Epshteyn's pro-Trump propaganda, so Sinclair forces it on people

 How the Media is building Trumpland USA. Thank god for the ABC in Australia

 Sinclair is a corporate giant that owns or operates around 190 local TV news stations across the country, and it’s been quietly forcing its stations to air nationally produced right-wing spin for years. But when it hired Epshteyn, fresh from a stint in the Trump administration, to serve as its “chief political analyst,” it was only a matter of time before everyone was paying attention. Numerous media and business reporters highlighted Sinclair’s twofold plan for growing local right-wing news: using the company’s still-pending acquisition of Tribune Media stations to further expand its reach across the country (with its potentially unethical relationship with the Trump administration and its appointees paving the way), and hiring Epshteyn as a new, Trump-aligned star for “must-run” national segments. 

  EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Seems To Reject The Theory Of Evolution | IFLScience

When people like Trump Pruitt and media call science just another Religion they declare there is no basis other than Philosophy on which to construct.  The foundation on which Social Policy stands is simply personal interest and power. One might well ask Andrew Bolt he attends his local Philosopher when his children fall ill.

 Here are some Scientific facts denied by Coal enthusiasts on Trumps revovery
The company, which plunged the most in 15 months on Friday, extracts all of its coal from the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana. Unlike some rivals, it sells exclusively to electricity generators. And despite White House efforts to roll back regulations to boost the industry, Cloud Peak faces the daunting task of keeping enough power-plant customers amid the onslaught of competition from cheap natural gas and the growth of wind and solar power.
Source: This Coal Miner Shows Limits of Trump's Bid to Rescue Industry - Bloomberg

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