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Andrew Bolt's Blog,11,4/18/ ; The Bolt Report a lair for a liar; Bolt actually encourages his son to become a bigot on the IPA PodCast; Bevis Blair and Butthead Bolt can't read ;

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It seems Andrew Bolt can't boost Abbott because he's so on the Liberal nose. Firstly Bolt puts up the smoke screen and pulls a swifty with a collection of cut and paste video takeouts suggesting Cabinet MP's with ambition are lining up against Turnbull. These Cut and paste bytes are meant to have us believe a fake reality. Too obvious Mr Bolt just too obvious. 
 Bolt is doing the Trump the liar is calling everyone liars but it's plain to see the illusion is so poorly constructed it's intended spin is lost in the clumsy theatrics of it. Even Peter Dutton says he's only interested "if the opportunity came his way" and gives no hint or suggestion that he's proactively constructing that opportunity. It shows Bolt off as the Gollum he is.
So Bolt forever the spin doctor with two left feet is pretending to be reporting what Dutton is proposing while all along telling us Dutton is really Tony Abbott's sock puppet supporting Abbott's ideas. His editorial has nothing to do with promoting Peter Dutton it's all to do with boosting Tony Abbott while lying in the same breath.

Bolt's obsession with Waleed Ali and Yassmin is so obvious, why? They are popular Australians who get attention while Bolt the News Corp paperboy come sales exec needs attention to do his job of selling subscriptions. I'm not saying he doesn't personally hate them but he doe because they are liked and are able to connect and distribute the Australian ethos the opposite to Andrew Bolt's and his allies ultra-extremists who like himself want to divide this united and moderate democracy where a 'fair go' really means something.
Bolt is an agnostic but a fervent advocate for the Colonisation of multicultural Australia by Christians. In other words, he wants to change our Constitution so Australia is declared a Christian State.It's the same as the Isil Caliphate and Israel's want for an exclusively Jewish State. Bugger the separation of powers and the freedom of religion. Christianity should be entrenched in all our Institutions. What Bolt fails to mention is that currently, less than 25% of Australians are practising Christians and not all of that practice the same form of Christianity. Furthermore, not all are white and not all are culturally the same making Bolt an intolerant bigot.
 Bolt's tool is stereotyping to negatively attack and disrespect Yassmin Abdel - Magied and the ABC for celebrating aspects of Muslim Culture and "our" cultural differences. Bolt a stalker he keeps a record more finely detailed than FaceBook. He collects the microdata on this bright young productive Australian woman's life sorts it and then only prints what he regards are the "dirty" bits. The bits that are only in his mind stereotypical negatives. Bits to harm and disrespect with which tar Australians what he regards is the toxic world of Muslim women. Not the bit's that show Yassmin is more educated, exceptionally creative widely more talented and productive than even Bolt is. She threatens his privilege and what he regards as his cultural capital not earned shmoozed.
You see I heard Bolt along with his son James mock the idea of a South Sudanese Beauty Pageant. two of them did it on an IPA  PodCast. I wish I could play it here now to show just what a racist bigot Bolt and now his family is. There they were getting his jollies, their rocks off as if the notion of beauty and Sudanese women was an oxymoron. What makes it worse they made it seem part of the culture of News Corp and the IPA and not just a coincidence but normal practice. Where anything Muslim, African, Black or even tanned whether Christian or not is mocked.



Law academic Victoria Brooks says sex dolls may need the legal right to say no: 

"Wow. We've sure settled the big issues when we're down to worrying about the rights of robots." Bolt
Wow, when Bolt wants to suck the humour out of humanity and stop the pushing of ideas to the limit he's full tilt boogie. He's closer to an Isil Commander protecting his notion of the Caliphate than he admits.  He hates "The innovative philosophers and scientists" and academics we know that and tertiary institutions in general because he doesn't understand them so off with their heads he cries. Philosophy of Law, Science etc etc are all dangerous to Mr Bolt and his blinkered thought. His irony generally lands on deaf ears as such that it is. Sometimes he does really wish he had the sword. He's the vampire of wit sucking it from our marrow. By the way, Property Rights do exist is Bolt wanting to rid us of them and call them nonsense?

Quoting and believing the Rasmussen is an accomplishment far greater than Baum's achievement.
Here are Yesterday's polls Rasmussen included. Not a single poll shows approval for Trump including Rasmussen. Seems a bit of selective poll dancing is being done by Bevis Blair with Butthead Bolt's approval.

 Typically Andrew Bolt it the association makes no sense
Who was that Politician in his early years has a trail of sexual harassment accusations behind him? Tony Abbott. How many times has he been recorded bullying persons in and outside his Party? I doubt Bolt has an argument when it comes to the harassment of either sex. Pauline Hanson has after 20 years forgiven him I doubt if Peter Slipper has and they are just two that are around we know of.

 "And, of course, she hates Donald Trump. Minds like that would". Bolt  Coming from the well known fiction writer Andrew Bolt this almost sounds like sour grapes. Bolt never gets interviewed because of his authorship does he?
Bolt certainly knows what symbolic hate is and he spreads it around like a farmer does fertilizer. On Podcasts with his son laughing at the very idea of a Sudanese Beauty Pageant like to fat arsed schoolboy bullies. Periodically obessessing over and attacking Yassmin and Waleed's wife Dr Susan Carland simply because they ignore him. Hate yes he even hates Christians prodding them for nou having the guts to stand up and fight like he did against a couple of pranksters he blew up to be Goliaths of the left. Bolt certainly knows about hate.
Bolt practices ingnoring research and the resukts of ingnorant countries like Switzerland, Portugal, France, Canada, Denmark, UK, The Netherlands all who see addiction as an illness and not a crime. Bolt prefers to be an enabler of crime incarceration and punishment. Turn on the lights.
1) It's not Peter Dutton's plan as Bolt said in his editorial. It's the one he adopted from Tony Abbott
 But here's Bolt creating darkness where there's light.
"Given this, Turnbull's response yesterday is astonishing. A very disturbing insight."Bolt
 What's disturbing is the blaming of Immigration the adoption of Trumpism and the lack of originality when the fault of overcrowding is actually the accumulated impact of the Abbott Government's do-nothing politics formulating policies that were always bound to fail. The lack of any progress in infrastructure has gone on for a decade and continues. The collapse of services was never Immigration it's the Abbott style politics that has caused invest ment to bomb. MXT is a perfect example of Abbott's legacy of progress it's taken us from 30th to over 50th in the world for internet speed and the Liberals are still using the Abbott line that it's the best we can afford. Hardly the model of a progressive country. Currently, all the OECD nations are moving forward since 2013 we have been sliding down the comparative ladder and are now close to the bottom

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