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Andrew Bolt's Blog.8/4/18; Insider Trading a case of Poll manipulation by Media since Abbott; Government by media and the tail wagging the dog; Who gets punished for wage or superannuation theft?;

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 The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth consists of 53 nations 25% which are multiracial multiethnic and multireligious. 40% of young people and 30% of the world's population with 78% control of the world's oceans. One needs to ask why Peter Dutton fails to recognize most of those nations yet remains a monarchist. Why most of the athletes competing in the games on the Gold Coast would be rejected if they sought asylum here. Yet the Commonwealth Games represents something significantly different than the Olympic Games. Somehow winning is less important than participating. It's a bit like a platypus really hard to describe but recognizable when you see it. Why can't the ultra-Conservatives in Australia recognize the spirit of Commonwealth?

Tony Abbott asks why he was treated so unfairly when  News Corp supported him but Newspoll didn't. He took to manipulating the polls with the aid of Newspoll, News Corp and the largest media group in the country and it's continued since he was rolled in order to ask that question. The answer might well be provided by poll expert John Stirton below. A question best not asked given the reply.

  Changes to Newspoll might make it hard for Turnbull to break out, pollster says

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 “The headline has become the fact that it’s not changing," and News  Corp controls the headline.  Government by media has become commonplace staid and do nothing thanks to the assistance of commentators like Andrew Bolt Newspoll their tool. If it were the stock exchange there'd be a valid case for insider trading
 He added: “If the Newspoll is saying, again and again, you’re failing rather than that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, it becomes self-fulfilling ... The party says things still aren't working.
“That makes Turnbull’s job much more difficult. He won’t get any credit for having a good week."
When polls were better, a leader felt more able to take risks, he said.
“The lesson is to forget about the polls and get on with it. Which is absolutely what the electorate would like to see.”
Mr Stirton said a broad interpretation of all polls indicated voters would like “to have Turnbull but not his party and would like to have Labor but not its leader”.
Mr Stirton said the right wing of the Liberal Party - and in particular, the division being created by its open tussles with Mr Turnbull - were turning people off the party as a whole. Stirton polling expert

Push to jail employers for up to 10 years for 'wage theft'

Unions will campaign ahead of this year's state election for the Andrews government to make ‘wage theft’ a crime and punishable by up to 10 years in jail.
The move by the Victorian Trades Hall Council and its Young Workers Centre is part of a growing legislative push in Australia to try to turn the deliberate underpayment of wages into a criminal offence.
They did it for 230 years to Indigenous Australia, women, our youth, newly arrived immigrants tourists the handicapped and the unemployed. Billions of dollars and there for the take. The worst that could happen was a slap on the wrist. If an Aboriginal kid took a Mars bar it was jail time in Dondale and Andrew Bolt praised the justice done.

 The driver who ploughed into Muenster café was mentally disturbed – reports

Driver who plowed into Muenster café was mentally disturbed – reports

The driver who ploughed into Muenster café was mentally disturbed – reports
The suspect who allegedly ploughed a minivan into an outdoor dining area of a café in the German city of Muenster reportedly had mental-health issues. He had no criminal record or any terrorist connections, German media report.
Apr 7, 2018, 19:59

Bolt's single case application to fit all. It's all that Bolt does find a tree and explain a Forrest. Whereas statistics examine a major number of trees conceive of a Forrest to explain the exception or not of the tree. Totally the opposite of Andrew Bolt's approach to everything. He's the tree that explains Australia rather than Australia explaining why you can always find a Bolt in its midst and no Bolt isn't typical he's very much a fringe dweller and paid assassin. Much the same as IDF Israeli snipers are except he's doing it from within our borders.
 Children are fine but when adults become culturally atrophied like Bolt then there might be cause for concern.

Nazism for hipsters': Man behind Austrian far-right

Martin Sellner,  the man behind  Peter Dutton's South African Farmers.

“Nazism for hipsters”.
Peter Dutton, Andrew Bolt Tony Abbott and News Corp Australia's Most Unoriginal Thinkers. Plagiarize the far right in the birthplace of Hitler
“When you don’t control the national borders, in the end, you will be just like these South African townships and farms, you will be forced to defend your life and your family at ... your fences.
“That’s what could happen if you are creating these multiculturalist societies where diversity reaches a point and a level where it becomes toxic, violent and dangerous.”
Within months of the issue going on high rotation in the alt-right-o-sphere, Australian politicians spoke up.
“Just imagine the reaction here in Australia if a comparable number of farmers had been brutally murdered by squatters intent on driving them off their land ... we would say this is a national crisis,” said former prime minister Tony Abbott.
He was following trailblazer Peter Dutton: last month the Home Affairs Minister told The Daily Telegraph that white South African farmers deserved “special attention” such as fast-tracked visas because of their “horrific circumstances”.
Dutton, in turn, was apparently reacting to a news report and strident columns in News Corp newspapers.
And for this, Sellner claims credit.

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