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Andrew Bolt's blog,3/5/18; Weltanschauung 19th Century or 21rst Bolt prefers the 19thC; Two faced Bolt is bank bashing ;his culture;


 Melbourne Museum could simply put up a sign: ‘Human bones on display: do not enter if you will be offended’.
Column The Melbourne Museum is meant to be a temple of Western science and culture — a collector and protector of knowledge.  So why has it banned you from seeing the bones of a Viking?  Why has it has given in to Aboriginal superstition and removed those bones from an exhibition sent to us by Sweden?

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Weltanschauung "a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity's relation to it." German for one's worldview and the Melbourne Museum accepts the scientific anthropological worldview that there are many such views and respects and Empathises with Indigenous beliefs and is entitled to pay them the respect they deserve. There is it seems no demands other than Bolt's heard claiming to be a victim of not being allowed to view the Viking Bones. Bolt's only doing this because he believes confiscated Indigenous skulls are the property of museums to do with what they will and make money if they wish.

 However what we see is Bolt a 19th Century man using the term "Aboriginal" in the same way white men, slave owners once used the term "Nigga". The Indigenous and first peoples here certainly didn't refer to themselves as "aboriginals" or "boongs", a synonym Bolt could well have used, and neither did African slaves transported to the Americas as property. 

Bolt has the Weltanschauung of a slave owner and slave trader who never considered his property as other than niggas. Indigenous peoples to have a worldview was at most considered little more than to have unwarranted "superstitions" Bolt's very language here and shows his 19thC colonial social psychology that of a racist. The worldview 21rstC  science and anthropology have recognized Bolt's perspective for what it is and where it's coming from but have moved on as the Museum today is a Democratic, Scientific and Universal Institution unlike News Corp and Bolt's strictly moderated and guarded blog that blocks opposing comments. That alone shows his not so hidden hypocrisy in the question. 

Empathy, Worldview, Weltanschauung, Democracy and Science Bolt are enough to see the unity in the diversity of multiculturalism on which settler nations pride themselves. Bolt and his son James, however, showed the reverse when they laughed at and insulted the South Sudanese Beauty Pageant held in Dandenong on that IPA podcast. 2 racists and a mike broadcasting too the world their bigoted humour son James like father how 19th Century of them. I wonder if the whole Bolt family were listening with pride?



Another banking black eye. Why didn't the bank warn customers their data was lost?: "Commonwealth Bank has lost historical account records for close to 20 million accounts after failing to track the hardware on which they were stored, but insists the customers’ data remains uncompromised."

Bolt's joined the other side and is now pretending to be a bank basher. Showing two faces in order to seem relevant wait for the "but". The man has no principles. Yesterday he was preaching the dangers of bank bashing and the dire consequences it will have to Superfunds because banks are ordinary Australians.
Bolt stealing from the ABC he's been watching Gruen again and laughing with the lefties. What would the IPA think? 
Banking isn't a business of product it's a business of 1) gathering and harvesting more and more clients to provide them with debt from money the bank doesn't have at rates of up to 22.5% plus fees and that's not SunCorp's Culture that's Capitalist Culture the debt trap. However, if everyone is in debt and the world is in circling buying and selling debt for a commission who do we owe it to? It's what caused the GFC and in the end, governments Insured that the banks wouldn't go broke and have to give all those commissions back and we would pay. 2) Wayne Swann made sure 'we' didn't but the Americans and the rest of the world did particularly Greece that's still paying.

There is a pattern in Bolt's worldview if you're not "with" him you're against and he runs with Abbott's attitudes if you're not "with" Team Australia you're against. That doesn't sound Democratic to me it sounds more like gangland. The Liberal Party claims and has always claimed it's broad church too broad for Bolt and Abbott it seems. As far as they are concerned the current nature of the Party is paranoia  that the Party has been captured by the ALP or a Deep State because the center of the Party as far as they are concerned lies firmly and so far right that 90% of Democratic Australia is on the wrong side of politics, in fact, Democracy is on the wrong side of politics.
 Bolt keeps repeating and repeating and repeating that mantra in the hope of a different outcome and as Einstein said if you expect a different outcome with that much repetition and don't get it you are by definition insane.
Abbott has been playing politics in exactly the same way for years pugilistic opposition. He did it when in power and was PM for a shorter time than Rudd and did nothing.  His tactics lacked principles no matter how contradictory their nature win at all cost meant nothing was ever done.
 These conservatives Liberal in name only are too frightened to stand alone in a Democracy and live their lives backs to the wall trying to hijack a party.
The fact is the Greens aren't trying to convince Liberals they are wrong the Liberals are turning Green for various reasons one being the companies in which they invest, their banks and Superfunds are and yes Abbott's permanent state of denial could cost them money. They are shrinking and really not worth worrying about.

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