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Andrew bolt's Blog,18/6/18; Mr Nope just keeps doing what he has since he was 18; Abbott is Gandhi's best joke; Mitch Fifield yet again an LNP failure;

Abbott single-handedly destroys Ramsay Centre for Cheering On White People

In a remarkable achievement, it took just a single article in an obscure publication for Tony Abbott to destroy the aspirations of the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation. What a tremendous wrecker he is! 
In a remarkable achievement, it took just a single article in an obscure publication for Tony Abbott to completely destroy the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilis [...] 

IPA puppet MP Fifield won't be going to the election with his current posturing. All attitude he can't deny his stance will be acknowledged as a disservice to Australia why? This is coupled with his defence of the Tony Abbott's biggest failure the NBN. (ODT)

One reason why they line up is they actually know the public regards it as a trusted and credible media outlet.
The Australia Institute at the weekend released an ABC question taken from its earlier ReachTEL poll in Mayo that showed crossbencher Rebecca Sharkie leading Liberal Georgina Downer 58-42% in two-party terms. The June 5 poll asked: “In the budget, the government cut the ABC’s funding by A$83.7 million. Do you think funding for the ABC should be reduced, increased, or stay the same?” Nearly three quarters said funding should be increased (40.5%) or stay the same (33.5%), with only 23% saying it should be decreased.
Last week Shorten promised a Labor government would restore that funding. The Liberal council motion has played into his hands.

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 The internet is Speakers Corner the only space individuals have to express their views. Bolt's complaint is that he can't any longer or never could dominate it as he could when we got our news in print. He can't be overheard above the din as he once could when the internet didn't exist. Murdoch's power of influence has been diminished and that was the core of his business model. He hasn't the grip in Australia that he has with Fox News in America.
 Who owns the largest print media space here News Corp 66%. However, it no longer dominates as it once did either and its flagship The Australian is haemorrhaging money and has to be supported by offshore funds. They also own Foxtel but it's Australian Fox equivalent Sky No News hasn't gained traction. Bolt loves to say he is "highly rated off a small base" Digitally Murdoch's variety of websites and the sites of his conservative friends such as the IPA don't seem to have been able to capture the space against the freedom the internet provides. So what we see here is a great corporate whinge calling "freedom" the "Intelectual Dark Web" The debate "Fake" and it's supported by our current LNP MPs with their direct attack on the ABC Fifield and Guy working quid pro quo for News Corp.
Currently, what Bolt calls the voice of individual Australians relishing the freedom to be heard as the Dark Web when it's Speakers Corner, Freedom Park a space Murdochians want but can't control without taking down the ABC Australia's most trusted public media source which has found a foothold. The LNP have tried to shackle it financially by ensuring it funds have remained the equivalent of what they were in 1985 and saying their not cuts but efficiency measures but even that hasn't satisfied them.
Tony Abbott succeeded in 2013 getting rid of Radio Australia with his $200mill efficiency measure election lie that has resulted in a freebie to China. He demolished Radio Australia the heartbeat of the Pacific for 75 years coupled with his foreign aid cuts he opened the gate to China which the LNP are at a loss to explain or admit is now their problem. Abbott once called the Pivot of the Pacific turned out to be the Pillock instead. The Europhile focussing on the Ukraine and Putin and wanting to be an honorary member of NATO.
So basically the ultra-conservatives, the IPA, and Murdoch are now crying for the sale of the "good bits" the commercially viable bits of the ABC leaving us the taxpayers holding the bag to pay for all the other services. Which MP will take that to the people in the next election it won't be Matthew Guy or Fifield, will it? It only leaves the likes of Bolt and other Murdoch lackey's baying at the moon the IPA, Quadrant, The Spectator, and the Ramsay Foundation et al crying it's the Dark Web a myth of their making. Footage from Liberal Party meeting reveals who voted to sell the ABC

 Bolt's ego can't get much bigger when he claims "I didn't rate Swan as a Treasurer" when the world of economic experts voted him the best. Bolt then also claimed to be a world expert on climate because he had an article in the IPA published deniers manual put out by Alan Moran on that subject as well. How does somebody that has had 7 weeks time off know so much about everything?
Given that it was Pauline that clearly wanted Burston to leave and follow the pattern of lost souls she set for One Nation years ago it seems she "pushed" BB into Palmer's corner. Mind you it didn't help to have that breakdown on Sky News either. The Bolt Report seemed to relish the event for rating sake.
The"test": Asking questions is the journalist's duty Corman's responses to answer his duty as an MP working for us something you won't see happen on the Bolt report. "Bias" is rather not asking questions and simply allowing Corman to have a platform for his position alone. "Bias" is Bolt's opinion the platform he has and nobody available to question him. So to answer Bolt's question  No McDonald isn't biased he's doing the job of a journalist.

So should we be surprised that Andrew Bolt aka Dorian Gray turns to porn attacking an individual to gain attention for himself so he can bounce on the trampoline of self-righteousness like some priests did to hide their proclivities and dirty doings. What has Bolt in his closet?
 Dorothy Hewett is dead would Bolt have had the same guts to say that to her pre-2002 he didn't then did he? So we can only assume as a commentator he only feels safe to do so now in 2018 robbing and dancing on graves and stealing history like Rumpelstiltskin. One should ask why he spends so much time defending priests and the institutions like the Catholic church that institutionally allowed worse to go on. than Hewett. Bolt defended the molestation and treatment of Aboriginal in the hands of religious do-gooders. Children too powerless to do anything about the treatment by the kind-hearted priests and nuns they were given to. They were institutionally scarred were Hewett's children?
"I am not surprised to hear that famed Australian playwright Dorothy Hewett virtually pimped out her underage daughters.
Hewett, a long-time communist, was part of a push to destroy all sexual taboos, and even today our arts community sends dangerously mixed messages about sex with children."Bolt

Bolt Repeats yesterdays blog attacking an MP because she's black even though a conservative for doing the same as Tony Abbott who he left alone.

Gandhi seems to have said it all far better than even Phillips. Indigenous Australians would agree. Mathew Corman is about to allow the whole country to be raped by allowing short-term vending machines on every corner with 20% initial charge and 40% annual interest in order to "help the poor". Wasn't usury a crime central to what Bolt calls Western Civilisation. The Ramsay Centre a charitable Foundation uses it's $$ as a bribe to take control of part of the ANU that is akin to the methods the Mafia used to take over businesses they wanted like brothels pubs and restaurants but I don't think they charged 60% interest.
Bolt says the ABC should be sold because the political parties are scared of it? The ABC does demand transparency on behalf of Australia being scared suggests Political Parties are frightened of that which makes a democracy function openness. Why is our current PM the highest paid in the world? On what basis do we deserve the most expensive political system. Guess the LNP are scared of those questions. How many bills did Tony Abbott get passed compared to Julia and at what speed? In other words who was doing the job? 
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It's three years since Donald Trump announced he was running for President. Watch how the media laughed. How hard they've worked since to destroy the man who exposed their ignorance and arrogance.

No Bolt I think you missed the mark and the point. The Pew Poll in America has shown Trump to be every bit as bad as CNN said three years ago. He remains the most hated President to date and the majority of the country disagree with him not on just one issue but every issue. So I suggest you go back and check the meaning of Clown.
Bolt supports a President who actually admits to being a clown with his "locker room banter", that pays hookers to maintain their silence, that says if he was single would love to date his own daughter and has sent the White house administration into a tailspin. Why is Bolt doing this because Rupert Murdoch has become the voice of the American administration and Fox News have become Trump's paid town criers and jesters? It is the paid for Trump News Free zone.

Bolt ignorance. Why is Trump so determined to start a war with Iran? 1) They don't have nuclear weapons. 2) They aren't as openly belligerent as Nth Korea 3) They aren't supporting terrorists in Syria. Why has Trump turned his back on human rights and why is he treating Nth Korea as if it were the new Israel? Is he about to move the US embassy to Pyongyang?
There is no agreement signed that hasn't been signed before and what has been signed is weaker than what was signed by Clinton before. The Americans are laughing because a boy asked Trump to bend over and grab hold of his ankles and he has.
 Steve Bell 130618
 Yes, Turnbull took over a losing poll and the people voted him in who does Bolt suggest do the same now that he seems to come to the conclusion that the people don't want Abbott. Bolt has refused to admit that time and again and yet he will as sure as the sun rises he will try to tell us at some time that Abbott is the greatest leader Australia has ever had.

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