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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 25/2/19; Andrew Bolt's Blog is being turned into a PAYWALL; Bolt was clutching at straws celebrating IPSOS; Failed male meritocracy is still hia agenda; Bash Georgina not if she was George;

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News Corp has made Bolt the PAYWALL a Billboard.

"I have provided a free service for a decade, much in my own time, but now we must ask you to help fund it." Bolt
Why does Bolt lie is it just his "nature" or "nurture" He's never worked for "free", and the few times he tried he failed. He's never worked an 80 hour week as he maintained was his regular practice. A simpleton at math could prove that. He's advertised, run paywalls and cross-advertising all under the false banner of "free" rather than the opposite "paid for" opinions not of one man but the Herald-Sun's and News Corp's. With the safety net of their lawyers and insurance company advertisers, sponsors and audience all dictating what he can and can't write in safety and as an unaccounted for donation to the LNP. It would seem Bolt's been losing punters and will now continue to lose more. Odd isn't it given there's an election coming up what does that suggest?
Sonia Kruger can openly tell everyone she was enabled, encouraged to be a vilifier of Indigenous Australians by Racist Andrew Bolt in her defence before the UNHRC Tribunal that found her guilty under Section 22 of our RDA and Bolt was not brought to task nor did he make any effort to publicly defend her? That's the nature of his fake dignity.
Bolt's not a great man he holds a privileged position of a cog in a Corporation made by Murdoch's mega-News Corp which rather than the reverse. When Bolt's gone there will be another doppelganger selling the same ideas trained to take his place, and he certainly won't be free either. No doubt will also try to deny he's merely a paid for talking head for a billionaire and his advertisers providing PR for the wealthy 1% of the Australian social system also screaming that our education system the ABC and real thinkers are anti- Aussie activists.
I for one indeed don't "value" Bolt he merely sets the standard of thinking for everything un-Australian in the meaning of "fair go" devaluing the very notion of data and research-based critical thinking that informs individuals who vote in our democracy. Since Murdoch adopted his business model to be the influencer for the 1% and not the 90 Australia has slid down the ladder of nations regarded as Democracies and has done so since 2013 heading in the direction of the USA which today is a seriously failed one.
I repeat Bolt was never "valued" he was, however, a useful tool that reflected the lack of logic in the conservative approach to just about everything establishing him as the very image of false consciousness, misrepresentation and the deluded self. I for one won't be subscribing to anything News Corp let alone Bolt. Warning no post on any day will ever be "free" and given the need for paywalls reflects merely the failure of News Corp and those like Bolt to attract advertisers wanting to share their space. Let's face it seems the LNP have looked at Bolt's track record in elections and feel he's past his use-by date if he was ever useful given how often he was wrong. If you want to continue to know what Bolt has to say listen to the ABC and flip it.


HMAS Chum Bucket almost scuppered in a week…

Loose lips sink ships. "Hockey owes me", a brief indiscretion over a…

Oh what a night what a night it was the LNP and The Australian set out to reboot the LNP stocks with bullshit and Bolt cheered when the IPSOS poll showed 49/51 he didn't call it a push-Poll like he did GetUp's that declared 60% of voters actually supported the Medivac Bill that for Bolt was the push-Poll.
Here's Bolt telling us he warned us all along that the "boats" weren't as politically potent as they once were what a bullshit artist he is and is it any wonder advertisers don't want to share this space and PAYWALLS have now become his only justification for his blog, a crossover paperboy, is his lot in life.
Still buried here in the subtext is Bolt suggesting the leaky boats. If only Dutton can reveal the return of the boat and drowning child things could change, it just could be the best conservative strategy. Forget the could be it will be because they are legless have no dignity, and it's Abbott's way.
However, Bolt's now folded like a cheap suit collapsed like a deck of cards his blog, and BS that went with it about "free" speech revealed for what it is. Cheap advertising in the digital space paid for Murdoch's print media and Sky News after dark, and as far as Bolt is concerned, it's still all about him. I, I, I, I does that song ever stop?
"The Liberals' best chance to minimise the scale of the defeat has probably now gone. I suggested an immediate calling of an election. Instead, the Government limped on and got the horror week described above. It will be slow death now until the election."Bolt
Andrew Bolt to has become as welcome as a fart in a crowded elevator reduced to a poster blog a tawdry rusted signpost pointing elsewhere no longer a destination.


No, activists who demand “social justice” don’t want justice at all. See them now piling onto Vince Connelly for being the best — but a bloke. Connelly’s crime was to beat four women to win the Liberal preselection to stand for the seat of Stirling in the federal election. Too bad if he was just the most qualified.
Bolt's desperately throwing junk in the men's lane and yelling "Go Meritocracy". He yelling the race wasn't "fixed".

Georgina Downer hands over our cheque


"I like Georgina Downer, but this is a mistake. The cheque for 127,373 to a local bowling club is not from her but from taxpayers. She is not even in Parliament. "Bolt

Bolt bashes women even if they are only appointed messengers. How paternally misogynistic of him he so wishes she was George. No doubt Cory Bernardi would have done a better job and not got the tongue lashing. Georgina Downer likes Murdoch and News Corp but thinks Bolt is a real prick.

Pope Francis

What the Pope didn’t say when he blamed the devil for child sex abuse

The Pope hasn't faced up to the facts about the crimes priests committed.
Andrew Bolt doesn't record them when focusing on Indigenous Australians. Crimes that have been hidden from sight for centuries in White Western Culture but very much an accepted and protected part of White Western Christian culture and a central core of it's highest institutions. That can't be said of Indigenous custom.

Bolt's English is less than impressive for someone who declares themselves to be a professional writer of excellence. He's atrocious. 
Bolt has focused on Smollet for his dislike of Trump he's black, gay, an actor, a member of the Arts and not John Wayne. Smollet who in the worst scenario if guilty did little more than playing a prank due to his dislike of Trump. Andrew Bolt has treated this as akin to an act of terrorism. If we go back to 12/10/16, we can find Bolt disparaging and revealing his dislike for the current President.
Andrew Bolt professional news opinionator entirely ignores the actions of White Supremecist Nationalist  Christian supporter of neo-Nazis and the KKK Christopher Paul Hasson. It's as if Hasson doesn't exist in Bolt's world or that he was armed to commit the mass murder of Democrats and journalists for Donald Trump. Smollet's transgression minor in comparison but Bolt ignores Hasson altogether.
"For two years it pushed an improbable story that Trump conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election, using emails stolen from the Democrat campaign."
Andrew Bolt is little more than one of Rupert Murdoch's sock puppets. 1) The Muller Inquiry and Report was an investigation into Trump's activity to collude illegally in the 2016 election. 2)  It wasn't specific or only in reference to "emails stolen from the Democrat campaign.". Bolt it appears is trying to narrow the parameters of this enquiry before the report has even been released. Manaforte and Cohen seems to have no place in Muller's investigation. Bolt's opinion isn't his, it's a company response by a man who little over 2 years ago publicly believed and insisted Donald Trump was little more than a huckster. Now he histories greatest. Why is there so much frantic misdirection necessary?

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