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Fighting Fake News;9/6/19; W.A Economy under Labor; Was Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged Right? Heroes or Criminals? Whose Rules?

Mark McGowan and Ben Wyatt smile while holding the 2018 budget, in front of the Australian flag.

 WA credit rating boost to AA1 sees Labor laughing all the way to the bank, and the next election - Analysis & Opinion - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Labor does what the LNP can't in 6 years of trying. Australia had the World's best Treasurer until the LNP came along.(ODT)

 Individuals For or Against the Real or Fake  Public Good: 2 cases are these Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugging off unnecessary chains?

When does a national security mindset become an abuse of power?

'My duty was to stand and be counted': Why I leaked to the ABC

My father blew the whistle on thalidomide and reached the top of his profession, now I am facing court for releasing classified documents
Martin Luther King said “sometimes silence is the greatest betrayal of all’, or as General David Morrison put it “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.
A judge will decide my fate, and as a "true believer" in the rule of law, I willingly submit myself to that fate. How could I not, as it is the very same rule of law from which I claim my unenviable but inevitable duty. Whatever they decide, I believe that I did my duty.
David McBride is a former military lawyer and captain in Britain's elite Special Air Service and the whistleblower at the centre of Australian Federal Police raids on the ABC's Sydney headquarters on Wednesday. He was charged in September last year with theft of Commonwealth property, namely war crimes investigation files, and three counts of breaching the Defence Act. He was also charged under old secrecy provisions in the Commonwealth Crimes Act. He is due to face court on June 13.
 Brain surgeon Charlie Teo in Canberra on Saturday.

  1. Keneally questions decision not to investigate medevac bill leak in wake of AFP media raids

    The Federal Opposition calls the decision not to investigate the leaking of information about the so-called medevac bill "breathtaking" in light of recent raids on media outlets.


'They will eventually get me': Surgeon Charlie Teo threatens to quit

The embattled celebrity brain surgeon has accused the medical establishment of trying "purge" him from the profession. 
 The Australian Medical Association and the College of Surgeons have been contacted for comment.$zoom_0.265%2C$multiply_1%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_73/t_crop_custom/w_800/q_86%2Cf_auto/750b4dc829ae85d247b195c5ae4d9c46e0730143

Republicans give up on free trade as Russia, China claim the mantle

Republican lawmakers usually don't like tariffs. They're viewed as a tax on consumers and unwanted government intervention in free trade. But many Republicans, unwilling to buck Trump, were prepared to follow the president's lead and support 5 per cent tariffs on Mexico in his dispute over illegal immigration.

Plenty of Republicans, though, are resisting Trump's transformation. Those from agricultural, manufacturing and border states are particularly opposed to the tariffs on Mexico. Kansas Senator Pat Roberts called tariffs "a really awkward thing.
"And tariffs are like shattered glass. You never know where it's going to end."

Trump has backed down but wishes he had the power of the above Socialists. Mexico has stood up to Trump won't contribute to either his wall or support his inhumanity in the treatment of Asylum Seekers. In the meantime, Trump is on a slippery slide as he realises but denies he's the one punishing all American citizens apart from a very minority.
 President Donald Trump responds to a question from the media as he walks into the White House on Friday, local time.

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