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Fighting Fake News with Real,19/7/19; The Murdochain world of Trump, Morrison and Boris Johnson; Jacinda Adair is talking directly to Murdoch Media and the Alt-Right;

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Trump's racist tweets have parallels to abuse of Goodes

Here's looking at you Sam Newman Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones all broadcasters that insist on maintaining the division or only change on your terms all with tin ears How often have we heard them say this and get rewarded.   Petrol station clerk fired after telling Hispanic customers to 'go back to their country'

It’s worth analysing this latest instance of presidential racism because there’s a revealing logic to it that’s important.
  An Indigenous man who would call out racial abuse directed his way, but ask that we treat the person who did it with understanding and mercy; who was big enough to describe Australia Day as “a great day for Australia”, which allows us to “celebrate the positives” including the survival of Indigenous culture; who accepted that European settlement is “who we are right now”, but who also acknowledged the Indigenous pain it caused, and that feeling that pain was “OK as well”; an instinctive unifier torn down not by his divisiveness, but by our determined divisions. That’s an irony that only makes sense when we grasp that such stories are usually about the abuser, not the abused.

NZ PM Jacinda Ardern meeting with Victorian premier Daniel Andrews on Thursday.

'Corrosive effect on our relationship': Jacinda Ardern criticises Australian laws

She's talking to you Peter Dutton and the Party you represent
"We have seen cases where there is also almost no connection of an individual to New Zealand who have been deported," she said.
"I consider that to be a corrosive part of that policy. And it's having a corrosive effect on our relationship."
 Australia has deported more than 1500 New Zealand citizens since changes were made to Australia’s Migration Act in 2014. Mr Morrison was immigration minister at the time the policy was introduced.
 A close shot of a woman's head as she speaks at a press conference

Dutton dismisses Ardern demands to stop deporting New Zealanders

 Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says Australia will not be changing its policy on New Zealand criminals despite repeated calls from Jacinda Ardern, who has dubbed the policy "corrosive".
 Jacinda Ardern wearing a purple top speaking at a lectern.

'Fear and blame is an easy political out': Ardern urges governments to inspire hope

 Who is she speaking to? Andrew Bolt it wouldn't happen to be you would it? A single-minded, racial ethnocentric bigoted commentator who makes out that minorities don't know their place in this country. That their place is to behave themselves when he says so. Adam Goodes, Sudanese Muslims are just some examples. Bolt never spends a moment listening only dictating. Yes, Bolt sells "fear and blame", and he does it intentionally. He intends to stir things up enables division and encourages violence. Bolt like the voice of ISIS is a recruiter, and he uses that reality to profit, gain ratings and a reputation from fear and blaming Australian minorities while encouraging the alt-Right from out of the shadows.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she still has hope for humanity in the wake of the Christchurch shootings that killed 51 people.
 Division has always been a primary motive of the right-wing because it distracts from the fundamental economic failures of Capitalism to benefit the whole country. It has failed to do so for generations and continues to do so today. It distracts the labour class from recognising just how screwed they have been. How their material and social position, whether white black or brindle Christian or Muslim hasn't improved relative to the work put in for the past 40 years. They should unionise to claw back the opportunities lost. They deserve the actual value of their labour lost.
Fear and blame are designed to prevent just that and create confusion instead. More so violence from an extreme right-wing that refuses to yield to any change or bi-partisan approach to politics.  So yes PM Jacinda Adern is addressing, Murdoch Media, the LNP the IPA and the ultra-conservative bigots like Andrew Bolt who foment and fuel division. Of course, she is. She's asking them to listen,


"Action is urgently needed at the world, federal, state, and local levels to rapidly cut fossil fuel pollution and to protect and rebuild naturally stored carbon."

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