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Fighting Fake News with REAL,10/9/19; Peter Dutton is normal according to those that see an LNP Australia as a "normal" country; We are far from "normal" and the quality of our media proves it;

MUNGO MACCALLUM: Peter Dutton — crushing people because he can

MUNGO MACCALLUM: Peter Dutton — crushing people because he can

As the Greeks used to say, the system of tyranny is only as good as the worst man who can become a tyrant — and Peter Dutton is well on track. 

What the Home Affairs Minister really enjoys is power — what George Orwell once described as the image of a boot crashing down on a human face. He exults in trampling his opponents, leaving them defeated and demoralised. He gets his kicks not so much from tormenting them, but from crushing them into impotent misery.
Thus the brutality of his treatment of the Sri Lankan asylum seekers is almost incidental. What matters is his demonstration of supremacy — his ability to override all the normal standards of decent behaviour just because he can

  "We're going to get some very extreme events that really may start pushing people ... over a threshold": study author Thomas Longden, a senior researcher at UTS.

Extreme heat a far greater threat for most Australians than extreme cold weather, study finds

 You won't hear this from Climate Change deniers

Research published on Tuesday in the Climatic Change journal examined the deaths of 1.717 million Australians between 2006-2017
 Research published on Tuesday in the Climatic Change journal examined the deaths of 1.717 million Australians between 2006-2017. It found about 2 per cent were attributable to heat, while "close to zero" was caused by cold days, said Thomas Longden, a senior researcher at the University of Technology, Sydney, and author of the paper.

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Australian ADF is in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Is now sending troops and ships to Iran. Tony Abbott was eager to send troops to Ukraine all acts in contravention to international laws. China has only one military presence outside of its borders, yet Andrew Bolt is here blatantly trying to convince us it's China that's an abnormal nation behaving irresponsibly.
Bolt claims there are no "stolen children" they cant be found or seen; however, there is a war going on, but we have trouble seeing it. The man is a clear example of what Donald Trump calls REAL NEWS which is simply factless propaganda and FAKE as opposed to what he calls FAKE NEWS which is real and has some relationship the facts as we can all see and agree on. 
If Australia under successive LNP governments is a shining light of how "normal " nations ought to behave then Bolt is telling the world to invade bug and spy whoever you want but don't act like China which has done any of that. 






Sally McManus was celebrated as the first woman to head the ACTU. But performance matters: "The latest figures show union members as a proportion of the workforce falling to a pitiful 14.6 per cent... More than $15m of union members’ money was wasted by McManus’s Change the Rules campaign designed to help Labor win the federal election."   

I don't think so. When workers rely on every cent to get by from week to week and are the worlds most indebted public paying up to and sometimes over 30% interest on payday loans and buy now and pay later scams, there is very little left for union dues. That's not Sally's disaster that's her fight, and every worker's fight against the disaster that's been created and allowed to continue by this  LNP government for the past 6 years.
Bolt's just blowing smoke in the face of what really matters. We saw a Royal Commission into unions that found nothing, and we have however seen the elite corporates ripping workers off to the tune of billions of dollars in wages and benefits with LNP assistance like we have never encountered before. Bolt ignores that corruption revealed in the Paradise Papers of which unions or unionists weren't a party to. The bank Royal Commission, Penalty rates, casualisation of labour, Superannuation theft, Wage underpayment combined with the attack on any association of workers created the disaster.  When examined Unions were found to be the best organizations in the country. Industry Super Funds are proof of what unions actually do for Australia's workers that nobody else does better. Union Credit the best money lenders all organisations, private corporations and the LNP are eyeing off with greed.

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