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Fighting Fake news with REAL; The Worst Economic Performance in the Developed World goes Unreported in Mainstream Media; Power Prices below Zero but not our bills; Proof MSM Media attention focus on trivial Cultural divisions

Australia’s financial report card: Worst performance in the developed world

Australia’s financial report card: Worst performance in the developed world

Policies not working for the majority

Clearly, this Coalition Government is serving the big, foreign corporations first and foremost, careless of the welfare of most Australians.
Now, what are the scores again in the cricket?


As power prices crash below zero, don't expect it to show up on your power bill

When power prices recently plunged as low as they can go, generators were hurting but households weren't enjoying it either. What is the market telling us about the state of electricity generation and its future?

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35m agoComing from a privileged media position, Andrew Bolt should know. He represents the minority voice of climate change media deniers who represent a minority of corporate global and Australian interests in this country. They spend billions globally to ensure themselves a higher media presence that serves a distinct minority fighting facts and scientific research for policy sake only. We saw the difference at the last election when Tony Abbott was thrown out of Warringah by a knowledgable elite when economics and immediate material concerns such as jobs didn't hold precedence over a broader global problem. The fact that the LNP won the election certainly didn't indicate Australians don't believe in Climate Change, but immediate economic concerns took precedence.
 We are victims of generous servings of mainstream corporate News and Information whose business models are dependant on their existence for money and have turned into selling the opinions of those who can pay along with and in partnership with politicians who attend to policies that will favour the interests of their donors.
 It's not to say economics has become the primary concern of corporate media, but it is to say attention scientific facts that challenge the economic interests to become secondary concerns or are openly denied. Race, religion and Culture become the distraction and smokescreen differences the diversion and are given far greater attention than they deserve than issues that concern us all now and into the future. Focus on the common good remains hidden. We need more now than ever the ABC to be saved and return to become the questioning and critical eye on demanding accountability from our leadership rather than just PR firms for the venal interests of 1%.


A sad indictment of our intellectual climate, when a myth cannot be challenged: "A volunteer was stood down for questioning the Stolen Generations in front of a year six class...  Four students lodged complaints." Don't consider the arguments. Complain instead. Don't allow a debate. Suspend him. Oh, and the teacher is accused of racism, naturally.
1h ago
 Yassmin Abdel Magied challenged a myth and did Andrew Bolt support her right to that challenge no he readily helped drive a young talented Australian Engineer that was a role model for other intelligent women out of the country. Yes, that was a "sad indictment when... ".  However, what we have is a recognized history that is false that the word stolen is, in fact, more descriptive of what happened than is the history recorded as "welfare".
However, what's more to the point is Andrew Bolt is intent on selling subscriptions than he is debating any truths uncovered in the mistreatment of indigenous Australians. His banner is sensationalist and intended to attract and rest assured it doesn't offer any information to enlighten readers rather than to hook them. As for Andrew Bolt his hypocrisy is all that stands out.


COLUMN Watch the Left torch our freedoms. Now Coffs Harbour City Council tells an Aboriginal woman to “seek permission” before she’s allowed to visit or speak there. Pardon? In what free country must a woman get permission to travel, or to say what she thinks? But Jacinta Price is threatening the business model of the Aboriginal industry.
25m ago

Efforts to change in fact destroy Indigenous Culture have existed white men got off a boat 200 years and can be said to have been entirely successful. The majority of indigenous Australians are Christians note Andrew Bolt never mention that. One might say they practice Christianity more than the majority of White Australians do.
 We know they have been introduced to the mainstream diet of processed foods, alcohol and drugs, another success and white man's history and until this century was never regarded as equal in any material sense. Australian whites felt no shame in their treatment.
Discrimination has been Indigenous history, and Australia's shame and conservatives like Andrew Bolt who simply can't sweep it under the carpet any longer is to deny that reality altogether and blame Indigenous Australians and their Culture for their circumstance today.
 Conservatives create overt and superficial fake myths that hide the existence of what has occurred. They want it written out of our history and buried.  Bolt supports Jacinta Price simply because she voices and amplifies an old white colonial perspective that blames Aborigines for their position in Australia's social hierarchy today and says it's their fault.
 She might be of Aboriginal descent, but she certainly doesn't represent the Indigenous peoples of Coff's Harbour or Alice Springs. It seems the Coff's Harbour Council recognizes that fact. Andrew Bolt doesn't seem to acknowledge saying Jacinta Price is black an Aborigine, and so has some sort of entitlement in telling how they should act an be treated. She is black, but a white appointed racist.  Price hasn't been prevented from speaking. But where she can and the facilities she can use in Coff's is the Council's entitlement. The Council is the elected representatives of Coff's Harbour, and are entitled to make that decision. In this case, they have delegated that decision to the Indigenous residents of Coffs.

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